The Fragments, The Spheres - Book One

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Freitag Publishing , Jul 28, 2022 - Fiction

Readers of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials will love Minu Freitag’s fast-paced contemporary fantasy adventure The Fragments, the first Book in The Spheres series.

“Run!” Easla Amrath is lost in a broken world, haunted by a single memory–a scream in the dark, telling her to run.

When 17-year-old Easla encounters the two years older Tayl Bergin in a strange forest, she has no idea who she is. Or where she is. Or why nothing makes any sense. Tormented by terrifying glimpses into a past she can no longer remember, Easla clings to one thought–she must go back and fix this. But to return to her life, she first must recover who she is and what she left behind. 

So Tayl and Easla embark on an increasingly perilous journey across the broken landscapes of the Fragments, where they discover how much of their past is entangled in an age-old conflict that threatens to destroy not only their future but the future of all worlds within the Spheres. 

The Fragments’ inventive take on alternate realities, arcane magic and dystopian futures is filled with unforgettable creatures and richly-imagined landscapes. The first book in this new, exciting series is a spellbinding, stay-up-all-night and tell-all-your-friends read.



About the book
Part One The Forest
Interlude 1
Interlude 2
Part Three The Sunken City
Chapter 16 The Anchor
Interlude 3
The Circle
Chapter 20 Separation
Interlude 4
Chapter 23 The Liaison

The Tower
Right and Wrong
Interlude 5

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About the author (2022)

Far from her German origins, Minu Freitag lives on a hill overlooking the Wellington Harbour in New Zealand and asks herself what she is doing here. She has no qualifications to write books, even fewer qualifications to write in English. Still, she asks her readers to bear with her and to follow her on a journey through a world that she knew existed ever since she saw the dark things hiding in the shadows under her bed and compared them with the darker shadows haunting the histories of more than one world. 

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