The Coward Science: Our Answer to Prof. Owen

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Hatchards, 1882 - Physiology, Experimental - 285 pages

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Page 199 - that HE would not command them to go out into the deep. And there was an herd of many swine feeding on the mountain and they besought HIM that HE would suffer them to enter into them. And HE suffered
Page 199 - all the devils besought HIM saying ' Send us into the swine that we may enter into them.' And forthwith JESUS gave them leave."—
Page 47 - Suppose, instead of amputating the man's limb I were to cut down and tie the femoral artery at some distance from the diseased part so as to diminish the risk of haemorrhage such as attends the meddling with the unsound artery near the tumour ? It might stop the flow of blood into the aneurismal sac,
Page 165 - There the a priori argument for Vivisection is put in the familiar illustration that ' it would be more reasonable to hope to make out the machinery of a watch by looking at it, than to hope to understand the mechanism of a living animal by mere contemplation.
Page 247 - for the time being ' of the Royal College of Physicians of London and Royal College of Surgeons of England, and
Page 121 - without the recognition of any new principle of treatment being involved in it, it attracted little attention at the time and does not appear to have been repeated by any of the surgeons of his day.' Miller—commonly trustworthy enough in the matter of dates—places the operation in
Page 199 - If Thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.
Page 260 - of the members of the Congress two monkeys at King's College. Q. What two monkeys ? A. Two monkeys upon which an operation had been performed. Q. By whom ? A. By Professor Yeo. Lancet. " The interest attaching to the discussion was greatly enhanced by the fact that Professor Ferrier was willing to exhibit two monkeys which
Page 170 - The Influence of Vivisection on Human Surgery," by Mr. Sampson Gamgee, in which the proposition is set forth that without experiments on living animals "scientific surgery could not have been founded, and its present humane and safe practice would have been impossible." Mr. Gamgee supports this proposition by a series of instances
Page 170 - cases on record (collected by Dr. James Russell, British Medical Journal, 1865), and of these 44 recovered, the results being satisfactory in 39 of them. This paper of Dr. Russell's was published years before any of Ferrier's experiments were undertaken, and the results of trephining for epilepsy published since are not so good as those published by Dr. Russell.

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