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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Recent Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

Alberger v. White (Mo.) Fraudulent Conveyance-

Knowledge of Grantee-Instructions, R. D. 330.
Arizona Cattle Co. v. Huber (Arizona.) Foreign Execu.

tors-Capacity to Sue, R. D. 251.
Armstrong v. White (Ind.) Vendor and Vendee-False

Representations-Cavent Emptor, ann. case, 419.
Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Headland (Colo.) Car.

riers of Passengerg--Who are Passengers, R. D.

Itchison v. Lay (Mo.) Elections and Voters-Names

of Candidates on Ballots, R. D. 122.
Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Shean (Colo.) Carriers of

Passengers-Injury to Passenger-Alighting at Eat

ing Station, R. D. 103.
Attorney-General v. B. & S. R. R. Co. Constitution.

ality of Railroad-Interchangable Mileage Act, Ed.

Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co. v. Baugh (U. S. S. C.) Mas.

ter and servant - Injury - Negligence of Superior

Officer, Ed. 1.
Benn v. Kutzschan (Oreg.) Negotiable Instrument-

Note-Stipulation for Attorney's Fee, R. D. 2.
Benson v. Baltimore Traction Co. (Md.) Negligence-

Personal Injuries Permission to Examine Ma-

chinery-Licensee, apn. case, 216.
Birmingham Trust & Sav. Co. v. Louisiana Nat. Bank

(Ala.) Trust Company – Pledge of Stock - Loan-

Notice to Cashier, R. D. 164.
Bloyd v. St. Louis & S. F. Ry. Co. (Ark.) Master and

Servant-Nagligence of Vice Principal, R. D. 292.
Bohn Manuf. Co. v. Hallis (Minn.) Conspiracy-Covi-

bination of Wholesalers-Contract- Injunction, R.

D. 291
Boyson y. Thorn (Cal.) Malicious Interference with

Performance of Contract, Ed. 141.
Braceville Coal Co. v. People (III.) Constitutional

Law-Employer and Employee-Weekly Payment

of Wages, Ed. 409.
Brewer v. State (Tex.) Criminal Law- Forgery, R.

D. 3,
Brooks v. Cooper (N. J.) Contract-Validity--Public

Policy-Bidding for Public Printing, R. D. 313.
Burkev. Adone (Tex.) Courts--Jurisdictional Amount

- Fietitious Credits, R. D. 163.
Burney v. Ryle (Ga.) Contract for Personal Services,

Injunction, app. case, 361.
Byers v. McAuley (U. 8. $. c.) Federal Court-Ju-

risdiction-Administration of Estates, R. D. 82.
Cameron y. Gebhart (Tex.) Mechanic's Lien-Home-

stead, R. D. 251.

Cantini v. Tillman (U. S.C.C. 8. Car.) Constitutional

Law-Exclusive Sale of Intoxicating Liquors by

State, Ed. 21.
Carey Lombard Lumber Co. y. Thomas (Tenn.) For.

eign Corporations-Compliance with Statutory Reg.

ulations-Contracts, Ed. 269.
Cargill v. Kountze (Tex.) Bill of Discovery- When

Lies, ann. case, 170.
Carr v. State (Ind.) Criminal Law-Assault-Adminis.

tration of Poison, R. D. 230.
Casco Nat. Bank v. Clark (N. Y.) Negotiable Instru.

ment-Notice of Equities-Individual Liability, R.

D. 450.
Citizens' Electric Light & Power Co. v. Sands (Mich.)

Municipal Corporation-Electric Light-Use of Poles,

-Compensation, R. D. 84.
City of Pueblo v. Smith (Cal.) Municipal Corporation-

Obstructions in Street-Fast Driving-Ordinance-

Negligence, R. D. 311.
City of St. Joseph v. Union Ry. Co. (Mo.) Parties An.

swerable over-Estoppel - Judgment – Evidence,

ann. case, 9.
Colegrove v. Smith (Cal.) Negligence — Independent

Contractor-Municipal Corporation, R. D. 142.
Commercial Nat. Bank v. City of Portland (Oreg.)

Municipal Corporation Public Improvement -

Payment from Particular Fund, R. D. 263.
Comitis v. Parkerson (U. S. C. C. La.) Citizenship-

Married Woman, R. D. 22.
Commonwealth v. Trefethen (Mass.) Admission in Evi.

dence of Declarations to Prove Intention, Ed. 161.
Connell v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Mo.) Telegraph

Company-Mental Suffering as an Element of Dam.

age, Ed. 61.
Cooley v. Golden (Mo.) Water-Riparian Rights-Island .

Accretion, ann. case, 335.
Crawford v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law-Justifiable

Homicide-Robbery, R. D. 144.
Custy v. Donlan (Mass.) Limitations of Actions-AC.

knowledgment, R. D. 312.
Dickson v. Waldron (Ind.) Master and Servant-Lia.

bility for Assault by Servant, R. D. 270.
Dolph v. Hand (Penn.) Infant-Disaffirmance of Deed

-Equitable Estoppel, ann. case, 378.
Douglas v. Stetson (Mass.) Chattel Mortgage Payment-

Reissue--Validity, R. D. 231.
Dueber Watch Case Manuf. Co. v. E. Hward Watch

Co. (U. 8. C. C. N. Y.) Federal Offense-Combina-

tion in Restraint of Trade, R. D. 162.
Dutcher v. Buck (Mich.) Partnership-Evidence, apn.

case, 110.

Eaton v. Fairbury Waterworks Co. (Neb.) Water Com-

panies-Insufficient Supply of Water-Liability for

Fires, R. D. 392.
Eberhart v. State (Ind.) Criminal Law-Rape of Female

Child-Resistance-Evidence, ann. case, 318.
Ex parte Frederick (U. S. 8. C.) Habeas Corpus-Fed.

eral Courts-Conviction by State Courts, R. D. 102.
Ex parte Gould (Cal.) Contempt-Power to Compel Ac.

cused to Testify, R. D. 350.
Ex parte Neill (Tex.) Power of City Council to Suppress

Sale of Newspapers, Ed. 209.
Ex parte Whitwell (Cal.) Constitutional Law - Ordi.

nance--Regulating Business of Keeping Insane Asy.

lum, Ed. 21.
Falk v. Donaldson (U. S. C. C. N. Y.), Copyright of

Photograph, Ed. 189.
Farmer v. National Life Assoc. (N. Y.) Removal of

Causes-Admitting Jurisdiction of State Court, R.

D. 84.

Faris v. Hoberg (Ind.) Negligence--Injury-Licensee,

ann. case,


Filer v. Smith (Mich.) False Imprisonment-Arrest on

Suspicion-Justification-Probable Cause, ann. case,


Finlay Brewing Co. v. Bauer (Ohio) Evidence-Master

and Servant-Defective Machinery, R. D. 452.

First National Bank v. Miller (Neb.) Bank Check-Due

Diligence-Liability of Indorser-Custom of Banks,

ann. case,


Fogg v. Supreme Lodge, etc. v. Golden Lion (Mass.)

Rights of Members of Insolvent Mutual Benefit So.

ciety, R. D. 147.
French v. Ware (Vt.) Witness-Divorced Wife-Compe-

tency to Testify Against Former Husband, R. D. 290.
Furnald v. Glenn (U. S.C.C. Ga.) Railroad Company-

Fraudulent Issue of Bill of Lading, Ed. 369.
Gaines v. Bard (Ark.) Master and Servant-When Re.

lation Exists, R. D. 123.

Grider v. American Freehold Land and Mort. Co. (Ala.)

Deed Acknowledgment- Impeachment - Fraud,

R. D. 64.

Graves v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Criminal Law-

Homicide-Misconduct of Prosecutor, ann, case, 458.
Gordon v. Trevarthan (Mont.) New Trial-Misconduct

of Jury-Quotient Verdict, R. D. 390.

Green v. Sneed (Ala.) Chattel Mortgage Alteration-

Insertion by Mortgagee of Excessive Amount, R. D.


Hallem v. Post Publishing Co. (U. S. 0. C. Obio) Libel

-Intent-Candidate for Office-Privilege of Criticis.

ing Public Men, R. D. 210.

Hanson v. Globe Newspaper Co. (Mass.) Libel--Intent

-Mistake in Name, Ed. 189, ann. case, 196.

Haskings v. Thompson (Minn.) Negotiable Invest-

ment-- Promissory Note Payable with Exchange,

R. D. 371.

Hawking v. State (Fla.) Criminal Trial-Written In-

structions-Word "Guilty" on Margin, R. D. 250.
Hayes v. Jackson (Mass.) Frauds, Statute of-Land

Contracts, ann, case, 298.

Hausman v. City of Madison (Wis.) Municipal Corpora-

tion-Ice on Sidewalk-Injuries-Negligence, ann.

case, 70.

Health Department v. Rector of Trinity Church. Con.

stitutional Law-Ordinance--Providing Tenements

with Water, Ed. 22.

Hess v. White (Utah.) Constitutional Law-Jury Trial-

Jury of Less than Twelve, R. D. 104.

Holmes v. Gilman (N. Y.) Payment of Life Insurance

Premium with Misappropriated Funds, Ed. 121, ann.

case, 128

Hickey v. Mich. Cent. R. Co. (Mich.) Nuisance-Over-

hanging Trees-Abatement-Notice, R. D. 271.

Hogue v. Williamson (Tex.) Negotiable Instrument-

Promissory Note-What Constitutes, R. D. 124.

Hopson v. Fowlkes (Tenn.) Husband and Wife-Es-

tate by Entireties–Divorce, R. D. 372.

House v. Houston Water-works Co. (Tex.) Water

Companies-Privity of Contract-Rights of Third

Parties, R. D. 42.

Houston v. Palmer (Tex.) Landlord and Tenant-

Lease-Immoral Consideration, R. D. 394.

Howland v. Town of Maynard (Mass.) Action against

Town for Libel, Ed. 269.
Ilgenfritz v. Ilgenfritz (Mo.) Resulting Trust-Setting

aside Deed-False Representations, R. D. 211.

Inhabitants of Paris v. Norway Water Co. (Me.) Taxa-

ation-Realty-Pipes of Water Company, ann. case,


In re Garrabad (Wis.) Constitutional Law-City Ordi.

nance-Parade of Salvation Army, Ed. 21.
In re Leach (Ind.) Attorney--Admission of Women to

Practice, R. D. 250,
Jefferson v. Asch (Minn.) Principal and Surety-Prom-

ise for Benefit of Third Person, R. D. 142.
Jewett Publishing Co. v. Butler (Mass.) Contract-

Illegality-Author and Publisher, R. D. 470.
Jones v. Kellogg (Kan.) Assignment for Benefit of

Creditors-Mortgage-Preference, R. D. 390.

Keating v. Springer (III.) Landlord and Tenant-Ease.

ment-Lease, R. D. 411.

Kieden v. Winegar (Mich.) Negotiable Instrument-

Note signed by Agent--Parol Evidence, R. D. 2.

Kopp v. Reiter (11.) Statute of Frauds-Sale of Land-

demorandum-Deed, ann. case, 438.

Lewisville Natural Gas Co. v. State (Ind.) Municipal

(Corporation--Regulating Price of Natural Gas, R.

D. 352.

Lovergan v. Bulord (U.S.S. C.) Sale-Payment under

Duress--Written Contract--Parol Evidence, R. D.

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Loomis v. New York N. H. &H. R. Co. (Mass.) Evi.

dence- Declarations by Attorneys, ann. case, 150.

Louisville N. (. & T. Ry. Co. v. Patterson (Miss.)

Appellate Court Irony, Ed. 349.

Lucke v. Clothing Cutters and Trimmers Assembly

(Md.) Labor Organization-Procuring Discharge of

Non-union Laborers, R. D. 23.
Magee v. Pacific Improvement Co. (Cal.) Innkeepers

-Liability for Goods destroyed by Fire, R. D. 374.
Marsh v. McNider (Iowa.) Lease-Right to Ice, R. D. 144.
Martin v. Bowen (N. J.) Equitable Mortgage-Delivery

of Title Deed-Priority-Record, R. D. 162.
Masten v. City of Portland (Oreg.) Municipal Corpora.

tion-Imprisonment-Assessment, R. D. 354.
Mayor v. Davis (Ala.) Municipal Corporation-City

Council-Minutes of Meeting-Correction, R. D. 230.

Mawhinney v. Southern Ins. Co. (Cal.) Insurance-

Harvesting Machine, R. D. 3.

Metcalfe v. Bradshaw (III.) Law Partnership-Account:

ing-Acting as Executor, ann. case, 26.

Miller v. Wilson (III.) Conflict of Laws-Statute of

Frauds-Parol Contract-Sale of Land, R. D. 431.

Minneapolis Harvesting Works v. Smith (Neb.) Lim.

itations of Actions - Conflict of Laws - Pleading

Statutes, R. D. 4.

Mitchell v. Bradstreet Co. (Mo.) Libel--Privileged Pub).

lication-Mercantile Agency, R. D. 62.

Myer v. Butterbrodt (III.) Intoxicating Liquor-Civil

Damage Act, R. D. 23.

Norfolk & W. R. Co. v. Lipscomb (Va.) Carriers of

Passengers-Negligence of Employee-Damages, R.

D. 231.
North American Loan & Trust Co. v. Colonial & U.S.

Mortgage Co. (South Dak.) Removal of Causes-
Diverse Citizenship-Filing Petition and Bond, R.
D. 23.

Ogler v. McMurray (Ind.) Negotiable Instrument-In

dorser-Joint Maker, R. D. 471. Parish v. Williams (Iowa.) Negligence Directing

Verdict-Question for Jury, R. D. 66. Pauley v. State Loan and Trust Co. (U.S. C. C. Cal.)

Stock and Stockholders National Banks-Pledge,

R. D. 370. Pearce v. State (Tex.) Extradition- Habeas Corpus

Indictment-Validity, R. D. 292. People v. O'Sullivan (N. Y.) Mandamus by Student of

College to obtain Degree, R. D. 421. People v. Sheldon (N. Y.) Conspiracy-Combination

to fix price of Coal, R. D. 410. People v. Williams (III.) Mandamus to compel Ac.

ceptance of Public Office, Ed. 101. Phelps v. Simon (Mass.) Husband and Wife--Estate

by Entireties-Sale by Husband, ann. case, 259. Phillips v. Thomas Lumber Co. (Ky.) Deed or Will

Intent of Maker, R. D. 355. Portland Natural Gas & Oil Co. v.

(Ind.) Na toral Gas Companies--Duty to furnishi Gas-Manda

mus, R. D. 430. Rico V. Brandenstein (Cal.) Husband and Wife

Wife's Separate Property--Conveyance by Wife to

Husband, R. D. 330. Robey v. Smith (Ind.) Constitutional Law-Privileges

of Citizens of the Several States, R. D. 211. Sanborn v. Perry (Wis.) Foreign Judgment-Disal

lowance of claim by Probate Court, R. D. 413. Shelly v. Bristol Savings Bank (Conn.) Banks-Inter

est on Demand-Note--Payment in Advance, R. D.

State v. Hill (Neb.) Impeachment of Ex-State Officer,

Ed. 209. State v. Kelley (Vt.) Criminal Evidence- Larceny

Other Thefts, R. D. 373. State v. Loomis (Mo.) Constitutional Law-Employer

and Employees-Weekly Payment, Ed. 81. State v. Lewis (Ind.) Constitutional Law-Misdemeanor

---Seining Fish, Ed. 22. State v. McGahey (N. Dak.) Criminal Trial-Duty of

Prosecutor to Call all Witnesses, R. D. 190. State v. McGuire (Oreg.) Fish Laws-Close Season, R.

D. 310. State v. Otis (Ind.) Criminal Law-Seduction-Marriage

as Defense, R. D. 454. Stocks v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law-Mistrial-Former

Jeopardy, Ed. 81. Sullivan v. Clifton (N. J.) Chattel Mortgage Lien— Pri

ority as Against Agister, R. D. 254. Tompkins v. Compton (a.) Corporations-Consolida:

tion-Stock, Ed. 429. Union Freight R. Co. v. Winkley (Mass.) Carriers of

Goods-Freight Charges, ann, case, 90. United States v. World's Columbian Exposition (U. S.

C.C.) Opening World's Fair on Sunday, Ed. I. Upton v. Hume (Oreg.) Libel of Candidates for Office

Ed. 329. Viles v. City of Waltham (Mass.) Admission in Evi.

dence of Declarations to Prove Intention, Ed. 161. Weber v. Baessler (Colo.) Sale-Stoppage in Transitu

Delivery, R. D. 450. Western Union Telegraph Co. v. Wood (U. S. C. C.

Texas) Telegraph Company-Damages for Injury to

the Feelings, Ed. 449. Whipple v. Hill (Neb.) Holidays-Issuing Attachment,

R. D. 85. Whitwood Chemical Company v. Hardman (Eng.)

Negative Covenants in contracts for personal Serv.

ice, Ed. 122. Williams v. Vanderbilt (III.) Mechanics Lien-Landlord and Tenant-Forfeiture of Lease-Waiver, R. D.

310. Wilson v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Criminal Law

Accused as Witness-Covenants of Counsel, 42. Woolweaver v. State (Ohio.) Criminal Law-Homicide

Aider and Abetter, R. D. 211. Womack v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Tex.) Telegraph

Company-Mental Suffering as an Element of Dam.

age, Ed. 61. Wright v. Lee (S. Dak.) Foreign Corporation-Stat

utory Regulations, Compliance - Contracts, Ed.

269. Wright v. City of St. Cloud (Ind.) Municipal Corpora

tion-Defective Sidewalk-Injury to Traveler, R. D. 192.


Siebert v. People (Ill.) Admission in Evidence of Dec.

larations to prove Intention, Ed. 161. Simmons Medicine Co. v. Mansfield Drug Co. (Tenn.)

Trade-name-Infringement -- Deception by Owner,

BD, 350. Simong v. Johnson (Ala.) Principal and Agent--Au

thority of Agent--Custom-Notice, R. D. 272. Simpson v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law-Shooting at

Another-Venue-State Line, R. D. 332. Skinner v. Tirrell (Mass.) Husband and Wife-Sepa

ration-Loans to Wife-Necessaries, R. D. 351. South and North Ala. Ry. Co. v. Highland Ave. & B.

R. Co. (Ala.) Specitic Performance-- Easement

Railroad Company, R. D. 353. Spruck v. McRoberts (N. Y.) Mechanic's Lien-Con

tract with Trespasser, ann. case, 477. Staples v. Schmid (R. I.) Employer's Liability--Sales

man-Arrest, R. D, 3. State v. Benton (Neb.) Impeachment of ex State Offi

cer, Ed. 209. State v. Crafton (Iowa.) Criminal Practice- Murder

Change of Venue, R. D. 430. State v. Hastings (Neb.) Impeachment- State Officers

-Delinquency-Ex-Officers, Ed. 209.

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No. 1. Injunctions against Judgments of Other No. 13. Parol Trusts and the Statute of Frauds.

Courts, State and National. By R. R. Bige- By L. S. Metcalfe, Jr., 255. low, 4.

No. 14. Contempt of Court. By George C. No. 2. Signature of Purchaser to Contract for Worth, 273.

Sale of Land under Statute of Frauds. By No. 15. Contempt of Court (Continued). By W. M. Lile, 24.

C. Worth, 294. No. 3. Equalization of Stockholders of Insolv- No. 16. Actions by Foreign Receivers. By Will.

ent Building, Loan and Savings Associations. iam L. Murfree, 315. By W. W. Thornton, 43.

No. 17. "New rCiminall aw"_"Sabbath-breakNo. 4. What is Legal Cruelty. By James C. ing“ as a Nuisance. By James T. Ringgold. Courtney, 66.

333. No. 5. Amendment by Mutual Benefit Society No. 18. Property in Ice. By James M. Kerr,

of its Contract of Insurance. By William L. 357. Murfree, 86.

No. 19. Chattel Mortgage Lien-AgistmentNo. 6. Preferred Stock. By Seymour D. Thomp- Comity. By D. H. Pingrey, 375. son, 105.

No. 20. The Right to Examine Public Records. No. 7. Installment Sales. By George C. Worth, By Ardemus Stewart, 395. 125.

No. 21. False Pretense in the Purchase of MerNo. 8. Insolvency under Penal Statutes-Re- chandise-Rescission of the Contract of Sale.

ceiving Deposits by Insolvent Banks-Con- By Percy Edwards, 414. struction of Statutes. By Willis L. Hand,

No. 22. Rights and Remedies of Preferred 147.

Shareholders. By Seymour D. Thompson. No. 9. Boycotting. By Charles A. Dickson, 166. 133. No. 10. Installment Sales. By George C. Worth, No. 23. Fructus Industriales and Naturales 192.

By James M. Kerr, 454. No. 11. Stockhoider's Defense against a Corpo- No. 24. Are Bond Investment Companies Lotrate Creditor. By C. A. Bucknam, 212.

teries? By L. S. Metcalfe, Jr., 472, No. 12. Some Phases of the Law of Sub-con- No. 25. Privileged Comm tions in Evi

tractors' Liens. By Chas. E. De Land, 232. dence, 493.

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