The Family Memoirs of the Rev. William Stukeley, M.D. and the Antiquarian and Other Correspondence of William Stukeley, Roger & Samuel Gale, Etc

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Page 415 - But now he is dead; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.
Page 232 - Pyrrha, sub antrof cui flavam religas comam, simplex munditiis? heu quoties fidem mutatosque deos flebit et aspera nigris aequora ventis emirabitur insolens, qui nunc te fruitur credulus aurea; qui semper vacuam, semper amabilem sperat nescius aurae fallacis. miseri, quibus intentata nites ! me tabula sacer votiva paries indicat uvida suspendisse potenti vestimenta maris deo.
Page 391 - The squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun.
Page 171 - Of all those writings given us by the learned Oxford antiquary, there is not one that is not a disgrace to letters ; most of them are so to common sense, and some even to human nature. Yet how set out ! how tricked ! how adorned ! how extolled !"* The whole tenor of Wood's life testifies, as he himself tells us, that " books and MSS. formed his Elysium, and he wished to be dead to the world.
Page 138 - May 1731, he married Lady Elizabeth Lee, daughter of the Earl of Lichfield, and widow of Colonel Lee.
Page 51 - his curiosity led him to be initiated into the mysterys of Masonry, suspecting it to be the remains of the mysterys of the...
Page 236 - I see he has helped off some of his errata in the Itinerarium, but has taken no notice of some ridiculous things he made me say, wherefore I have sent him a few corrections, if there be place for them in his Latin edition.
Page 331 - I have been very busy in ordering my study, & making an exact catalogue of the books, a drye, tedious piece of slavery, God wott, but I have now finished it alphabetically, so that I can call any of my old leathern coats down very readily whenever I please, & enjoy his company as my fancy directs.
Page 104 - Thesaurus Ling. Vet. Septen." Oxon. 1705, fol. He was soon after employed in arranging the valuable collections of Robert earl of Oxford, with the appointment of librarian to his lordship. In this employment he gave such particular satisfaction, that he was allowed a handsome pension by lord Harley, the earl's eldest son and successor in the title, who retained him as librarian till ,his death.

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