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Of James McBride and 90 others, praying for a new Representative

district, 546.
By Mr. Woolnough:
Of Edward Pack and cther citizens of Calhoun county, praying for

the restoration of the death penalty for murder, 42.
of B. F. Graves, L. D. Dibble and others, of Calhoun county, pray

ing for a change of the militia law, 42.
Of Erastus Hussey and 140 others, citizens of Calhoun county, ask.

ing that the supervisor of each township be authorized to pur

chase one of N. Potter's patent rut scrapers, 73.
Memorial of the Board of Supervisors of Calhoun courty, praying

that an act be passed providing for the assessinent and collection

of taxes in the township of Marshall for the year 1856, 189.
Of Jobn C. Wilder, Asahel Beach, Walter Mott and 245 others, fi

the enactment of stringent usury laws, 189.
Remonstrance of F. H. Southworth and 835 other citizens of Calhoun

county, against the chartering of cities in said ca un'y, and there-

by changing the responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors, 546.
Of G. W. Allen, J. P. Ford, M. S. Searls and 30 others, of Cal-

hcun county, praying for a more stringent usury law, 721.
Of John Gray, Geo. Wood, Geo. Ball and 34 others, for the same,

By Mr. Wirson:

Of Wm. R. Nins an. 71 others, citizens of Sanilac, county, for å
of Isaac Green and 55 others, citizens of Sapilac county, asking for

the amendment of act 79 of the session laws of 1858, 232.
Of G, W. Smith, Wm. Spearin and 126 others, citizens of Huron

county, prayirg for a State road in the counties of Huron and
Of Jobo McAlpine and 36 others, citizens of Sanilac county, for an

amendment to act No. 21 of session laws of 1858, 438.
Memorial drawn by James Yakes, Democratic postmaster at Pt. San.

ilac, Michigan, and signed by him and divers other citizens of
Sanilaç county, praying for the release of Henry C. Fralick from

the State Prison, 595.
By the Speaker:
Memorial of 41 citizens of Eaton Rapids, Eaton county, remonstrat-

ing against the injustice of excluding young women from the ben.
efits of an education in the State University, 352,

registry law, 16.

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