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* We passed the night in sorrow. The light of morning rose. Ishone in the arm of battle. The #. hero moved before. The sons of Selama convened around the sounding shield of Colla. But few were they in the plain, and their locks were gray. The youths had fallen with Truthil, in the battle of car-borne Cormac. .

, Companions of my youth, said Colla,

...? (1) The poet , to make the story of Dar-thula's arming herself for battle, more probable, makes her armour to be that of a very young man, otherwise it would shock all belief , that she , who was very young, should be able to carry it.

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(1) The poet avoids the description of the battle of Lona , as it would be improper in the mouth of a woman, and could have nothing new , after the numerous descriptions , of that kind , in his other poems. He , at the same time , gives an op

Portunity to Dar-thula to pass a fine compliment on her lover,


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We are in the land of the foe , and the winds have deceived us , Dar-thula : the strength of our friends is not near, nor the mountains of Etha. Where shall I find thy

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