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(2) Cormac the young king of Ireland , who was murdered by Cairbar.

(3) That is, of the love of Cairbar.

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These are not the rocks of Nathos, he replied, nor the roar of his streams. No light comes from Etha's halls, for they are distant far. We are in the land of strangers, in the land of car-borne Cairbar. The winds have deceived us, Dar-thula. Ullin lifts here her green hills.-Go towards the north, Althos;

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He went. She sat alone, and heard the rolling of the wave. The big tear is in her eye; and she looks for the car-borne Nathos. —Her soul trembles at the blast. And she turns her ear towards the tread of his feet. —The tread of his feet is not heard. Where art thou, son of my love : The roar of the blast is around me. Dark is the cloudy night. —But Nathos does not return. What detains thee, chief of Etha —Have the foes met the hero in the strife of the night?—

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(1) The family of Colla preserved their loyalty to Cormac long after the death of Cuchullin.

(2) It is very common, in offian's poetry, to give the title of King to every chief that was remarkable for his valour.

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