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Is the wind on Fingal's shield Or is the voice of past times in my hall Sing

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fought , and Cairbar and Oscar fell by mutual wounds ; in the mean time Fingal arrived from Scotland with an army , defeated the friends of Cairbar, and re-established the family of Cormac in the possession of the kingdom.—The present poem concerns the death of Cuchullin. It is , in the original, called , Duan loch Leigo, i. e. The Poem of Lego's Lake, and is an episode introduced in a great poem, which celebrated the last expedition of Fingal into Ireland, The greatest part of the poem is lost , and nothing remains but some episode , which a few old people in the north of Scotland retain on memory. Cuchullin is the most famous champion in the Irish traditions and poems; in them he is always called the redoubtable Cuchullin ; and the fables concerning his strength. and valour are innumerable. Ossian thought his expedition against the Fir-bolg , or Belgae of Britain, a subjećt fit for an epic poem ; which was extant till of late , and was called Tora-na-tana, or a Dispute about Possessions , as the war which was the foundation of it, was commenced by the British Belgae , who inhabited Ireland , in order to extend their territories, The fragments that . remain of this poem are animated with the genuine spirit of Ossian ; so that there can be no doubt that it was of his couposition.

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: (1) Togorma , , i. e. The island of blue waves, one of the Hebrides , was subject to Connal, the fon of Caithbat , Cuchullin's friend. He is Mometimes called the son of Colgar, from one of that name who was the founder of the family. Connal, a few days before the news of Torlath's revolt came to Temora, had sailed to Togorma his native isle , where he was detained by contrary winds during the war in wich Cuchullin was killed.

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