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Three days they mourned over Carthon ; on the fourth his father died. In the narrow plain of the rock they lie; and a dim ghost defends their tomb. #. lovely Moina is often seen ; when the sun-beam darts on the rock , and all around is dark. There she is seen , Malvina, but not like the daughters of the hill. Her robes are from the strangers land ; and she is still alone.

Fingal was sad for Carthon ; he desired his bards to mark the day, when shadow autumn returned, And often did they mar

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Such were the words of the bards, in the day of their mourning : I have accompanied their voice ; and added to their song. My soul has been mournful for Carthon; he fell in the days of his valour ; and thou , O Clessammor where is thy dwelling in the air : + Has the youth forgot his wound And flies he , on the clouds, with thee —I feel the sun, O Malvina, leave me to my rest. Perhaps they may come to my dreams ; I think I hear a feeble voice.-The beam of heaven delights to shine on the grave of Carthon: I feel it warm around.

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address to the Sun , in the fourth book of Para

dise Lost.
O thou that with surpassing glory crown'd,
Looks from thy sole dominion like the god
Of this new world ; at whose sight all the stars
Hide their diminish’d heads ; to thee I call ,
But with no friendly voice 5 and add thy name;
O Sun .

is dark and unlovely ; it is like the glimmering light of the moon, when it shines through broken clouds, and the mist is on the hills; the blast of the north is on the plain , the traveller shrinks in the midst of his journey.


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