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BOHN'S VARIOUS LIBRARIES. Cape and the Kaffirs. A Diary of Irving's Abbotsford and Newstead. 1s. Five Years' Residence. With a Chapter

- Salmagundi. 1s. 6d. of Advice to Emigrants. By H. WARD. 28.

Bracebridge Hall. 18. 6d. Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Physiology

Astoria. 2s. of Temperance and Total Abstinence. On

Wolfert's Roost, and other the Effects of Alcoholic Liquors. 18.; or,

Tales. 1s.; fine paper, 1s. 6d. on fine paper, cloth, 2s. 6d.

- Life of Washington. AuthoCinq-Mars; or a Conspiracy under

rized Edition (uniform with the Works). Louis XII. An Historical Romance by

Fine Portrait, dc. 5 parts, with General Count Alfred de Vigny. Translated by

Index. 28. 6d, each. W. HAZLITT. 28.

- Life and Letters. By his Dibdin's Sea Songs (Admiralty Edi

Nephew, PIERRE E. IRVING. Portrait. In tion). Illustrations by Cruikshank.

4 parts. 28. each. 28. 6d.

** For Washington Irving's Collected Emerson's Orations and Lectures. 1s.

Works, see p. 4.

Lamartine's Genevieve; or, The - Representative Men. Com

History of a Servant Girl. Translated by plete. ls.

A. R. SCOBLE. 18. 6d. Franklin's (Benjamin) Genuine Au.

- Stonemason of Saintpoint. tobiography. From the Original Manu

A Village Tale. 1s. 6d. script. By JARED SPARKS. 18. Gervinus's Introduction to the His

- Three Months in Power. 2s. tory of the 19th Century. From the

Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in German. 18.

Algeria. By JULES GERARD, the “ Lion

Killer." 1s. 6d.

Twelve Engravings. 18. 6d. Guizot's Life of Monk.

London and its Environs. - Monk's Contemporaries. Stu


CYRUS REDDING. Numerous Illustrations. dies on the English Revolution of 1688.

2s. Portrait of Clarendon. 18. 6d.

Mayhew's Image of his Father. Hawthorne's (Nathaniel Twice Told

Twelve page Illustrations on Steel by Tales. 18.

" Phiz." 28.9 - the Same. Second Series. 1s. Modern Novelists of France. C'on-Snow Image & other Tales. 1s. taining Paul Huet, the Young Midship

man, and Kernock the Corsair, by Eugene - Scarlet Letter. 1s.

Sue; Physiology of the General Lover, - House with the Seven Gables. by Soulie; the Poacher, by Jules Janin ; A Romance. ls.

Jenny, and Husbands, by Paul de Kock.

28. Irving's (Washington) Life of Mo

Munchausen's (Baron) Life and Adhammed. Portrait. 18. 6d.

ventures. 1s. – Successors of Mohammed.

Preachers and Preaching. Includ1s. 60.

ing sketches of Robert Hall, Newman, Life of Goldsmith. 1s. 6d.

Chalmers, Irving, Melvill, Spurgeon, Bel- Sketch Book. Is. 6d.

lew, Dale, Cumming, &c. ls. 6d. Tales of a Traveller. 1s. 6d. Sandford and Merton. By THOMAS - Tour on the Prairies. 1s.

DAY. Eight fine Engravings by Anelay. 2s.

Taylor's El Dorado; or, Pictures of Conquests of Granada and

the Gold Region. 2 vols. 18. each. Spain. 2 vols. ls. 6d. each.

Willis's (N. Parker) People I have Life of Columbus. 2 vols.

Met; or, Pictures of Society, and People 18. 6d. each.

of Mark. 18. 6d. - Companions of Columbus.

- Convalescent; or, Rambles 1s. 6d.

and Adventures. 1s. 6d. - Adventures of Captain Bon - Life Here and There; cr, neville. ls. tid.

Sketches of Society and Adventure. Is. 6d. - Knickerbocker's New York.

- Hurry-graphs; or, Sketches 18. 6d.

of Scenery, Celebrities, and Society. 18.6d. Tales of the Alhambra. 1s. 6d.

- Pencillings by ille Way. Conquest of Florida. 1s.6d Four fine plates. 28. 6d.'

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