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ORIGINAL Preface to Clifton Grove.
To my Lyre .

9 Clifton Grove

11 Gondoline, a Ballad

31 Written on a Survey of the Heavens, in the Morning

before Day-break Lines supposed to be spoken by a Lover at the Grave of his Mistress

46 My Study

48 To an Early Primrose

52 Sonnet 1. To the Trent

53 2. Give me a Cottage on some Cambrian Wild 53

3. Supposed to have been addressed by a Female Lunatic to a Lady ..

54 4. In the Character of Dermody

55 5. The Winter Traveller

56 6. By Capel Lofft, Esq.

57 7. Recantatory in reply

58 8. On hearing an Æolian Harp

58 9. “ What art thou, Mighty ONE" “ Be hush'd, be hush’d, ye bitter Winds”

60 The Lullaby of a Female Convict to her Child



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Christmas Day
Nelsoni Mors
Hymn. “Awake, sweet Harp of Judah, wake"
Hymn for Family Worship
The Star of Bethlehem
Hymn. O Lord, my God, in Mercy turn”
Melody. Yes, once more that dying Strain"
Song, by Waller, with an additional Stanza
“ I am pleas'd, and yet I'm sad”
56 If far from me the Fates remove"

Fanny, upon thy Breast I may not lie”

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I. “ Saws't thou that Light?"

137 II. “ The pious Man, in this bad World”

138 III. « Lo! on the eastern Summit”

138 IV. “ There was a little Bird upon that Pile"

139 V. “O pale art thou, my Lamp"

139 VI.“ O give me Music"

140 VII.“ Ah, who can say, however fair his View" 141 VIII. “ And must thou go o ?”

142 IX. “ When I sit musing on the chequer'd Past" . 142 X.“ When high Romance, o'er every Wood and Stream"

143 XI.“ Hush'd is the Lyre”.

143 XII.“ Once/ more, and yet once more"

144 TIME



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