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I Maddison. A.

Priore Coll. School.

Snoad, C. H.
Elm H.
Kingdon, J. H. Thanet Coll. School.

Harding, A.

Grove House, Folkstone. (English.) (Arithmetic and Al

Hoddinott, C. H. Great Ealing School. Walker, S. J. The Elms, Wolverhampton. gebra.)

Jackson, T.

The College, Brixton Hill. (Drawing.)

Kirk, H.
Woodville House.

Kendle, J. H. Priory School.
Western, E. Fulland's H.

(Arithmetic and Al.

Kirk, H.

Woodville House. (English.)


Knight, B. S. Dane Hill House. Williams, J. L. Grove School, Wrexham. Knight, B. s. Dane Hill House.

Maffei, L. V.

The College, New Brighton. (English.) (English and French

Mainprise, W. T. The College, Brixton Hill. Thanet Collegiate School.

Lambert. W. R.

fola Honse. Hungerford. Matthews, F. S. Wood, F.

Westheld hous

Thanet Coll. School. (Natural History and (Arithmetic & Alg.)

Ogilvie, T. B. Wondville House. Drawing.)

Lane, E. B. Amsterdam H., Christchurch. Rowntree, J. H. Priory School. Young, W. M.N. The College, Sydenham. (Arithmetic & Alg.)

Rudge, c.

Thanet Coll. School. (English.) McEvoy, W. " * The College, Sydenham.

Shield, F.

The College, Brixton Hill. (French & German.

Shuter, J.

Thanet Coll. School. Boxall, Miss R. Brighton and Hove Collegiate

Thanet Collegiate School. Skinner, A.

Fulland's House. (French, Natural Ladies' School. (French.)

Walker, S. J. The Elms, Wolverhampton. History, and Draw.

Maffei, L. V. The College, New Brighton. Williams, J. L. Grove School, Wrexham. ing.) | (French.)

Young, W. M. N. The College, Sydenham. Dollman, Miss A. J. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Mainprise, w. T. The College, Brixton Hill. (English, German, Ladies' School, T (Arithmetic & Alg.)

2. HIGHER COMMERCIAL. Miller, W. Natural History,and

Brighton Proprietary School.

Thanet Coll. School.

Allnutt, E. F.
(Latin & Arithmetic

Bailey, W. T. Elvin House.
Hall, Miss M.L. Brighton and Hove Collegiate
Brighton and Hove Collegiate and Algebra.)

Bartleet, R.

Thanet Coll. School. (French and Natu. Ladies' School. Mutimer, W. A. Fulland's House.

Beall, W. H.

The College, Sydenham. ral History.) (English.)

Brioges, J. H. Orsett School. Holding, Miss E. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Ody, R. H.

The College, Brixton Hill. i Catford, G. W.C. The College, Sydenham. (English and Natural Ladies' School. (Latin.)

Challingsworth, C. W. Fulland's House.
Ogilvie, T. B. Woodville House.

Clemeni, w. G. Avenue Place School.
B. Special.
(English, Latin, and

Collins, F.C.

Priory School.

Cook, J.

Grove House, Folkstone. Allnutt, E. F. Thanet Collegiate School.

Phillips, W. The College, Brixton Hill. Coulthurst, C. Grove School, Wrexham. (English and French.) (Latin and French.)

Cruickshank, J. C. Avenue Place School. Bartleet, R. Thanet Collegiate School.

Provis, E.

The College, Brixton Hill. Dumbleton, F. Thanet Coll. School. (English and French.) (Arithmetic & Alg.)

Farnfieldi, C.E. Thanet Coll. School. Baxter, w. Cowper's H. S., Huntingdon.

Pugh, T.

Grove School, Wrexham. Garnier, F. H. Priory School. (Arithmetic and Al (Arithmetic & Alg.)

Harris, W.

Fulland's House. gebra, and English.)

Reed, w.
Fulland's House.

Holder, J. H. Brighton Prop. School. Beall, W. H. The College, Sydenham.

(Latin & Drawing.)

Hooper, H.

Fulland's House. (English and Draw. Robilliard, w. s. Elvin H.

Hutchinson, C.J. B. Faringdon School. ing.) (Book-keeping.)

James, H.

Thanet Coll. School. Bennett, W. The College, Brixton Hill. Rogers, C. J. Amsterdam H.

Jay, W. T.

Elm House. (Drawing.) (Arithmetic and Al.

Kingdon, J. H. Thanet Coll. School. Boulden, A. W. Dane Hill H.


Kitching, F. J. Dane Hill House. (Natural History.) Rowntree, J. H. Priory School.

Lambert, W.R.

Westfield House.
Burt, J.
Dane Hill H.

Lomax, H.A.
(Arithmetic and Al.

Great Ealing School. (Natural History.)

Marshall, A. J.
Clement, W.G.

Fulland's House.
Avenue Place School.
Rowntree, w.G. Priory School.

Owen, D.

Grove School, Wrexham. (English) (Drawing.)

Pitwood, W.

Fulland's House.
Cobbett, M. R. Brighton Proprietary School.
Rudge, c. (Latin.) Thanet Coll, School.

Pugh, T.

Grove School, Wrexham. (French.)

Sharp, F. M. Brighton Prop. School. Punshon, J. W. V. Elm House. Collins, F. c. Priory School. (French, and Arith.

Rawlius, C.C. Grove School, Wrexham. (Drawing.)

metic & Algebra.) Coulthurst, c.

Robiiliard, W. S. Elvin H.
Grove School, Wrexham.

Skinner, A.
Fulland's H.

Rowntree, W. G. Priory School.
(English, and Arith-
(Geometry & Book.

Sharp, F.M. Brighton Proprietary School. metic and Algebra.)


Snood, C.H.

Elm H.
Coyne, E. S. **** Thanet Collegiate School.
Smallpage, J. T. Woodville H.

Swanston, W. R.

Great Ealing School. (Natural History and (English.)

Walker, E. C. Brighton Proprietary School. Drawing.) Snoad, C. H. Elm H.

Webber, R. H. Dane Hill H. Cruickshank, w, Avenue Place School. (Arithmetic and Al.

3. SECOND CLASS. (Drawing.)

Baxter, W.

Cowper's H. School. Garnier, F. H. Priory School. Sparks, J. (Drawing.) Avenue Place School.

Bennett, W.

The College, Brixton Hill. (English.)

Sutton, E. G. V. The College, Brixton Hill. Bentham, B. G. Elm House.
Gifford, H.
The College, Brixton Hill.

Bonnell, J. M. Woodville H.
Great Ealing School.
Swanston, W.R.

Boulden, A. W. Dane Hill H.
Halse, J.
Thanet Collegiate School.

Bourne, D.

Priory School. (Natural History.) Walker, E. C. Brighton Prop. School.

Broyson, S.

The College, New Brighton. Handley, H.J. The College, Sydenham. (English.)

Burt, J.

Dane Hill House. (Drawing.)

Weston, E.
Fulland's H.

Capon, R. J. F.

Brighton Proprietary School. Hanson, F. A. Woodville H. (Geometry.)

Chapman, F.

Dane Hill H. (English and ArithWhistler, W. Priory School.

Chapman, 0.D. The College, Brixton Hilt. metic and Algebra.) (Drawing.)

Chiene, B. S. The College, Brixton Hill. Harding, A. Grove H., Folkstone. White, W. H. The College, Sydenham. Cosens, F.

The College, Brixton Hill. (English and Arith(Drawing.)

Coyne, E. S.

Thanet Coll. School. metic and Algebra.) Wood, F. (French.) Thanet Coll. School.

Farwell, w.

Thanet Coll. School. Harris, W. (English.) Fulland's H.

Futcher, T.

Amsterdam H.
Holder, J.H.
Brighton Prop. School.
Boxall, Miss R. Brighton & Hove Coil. Lan. s.

Gifford, H.

The College, Brixton Hill. (English, Italian, &

Gilliland, D. J. The College, New Brighton. Hutchinson, C. J. B. Faringdon School.


Girlins, J. R. Brighton Proprietary School. (Drawing.) Brown, Miss L. Brighton & Hove Coll. Lad. S.

Grimmer, S.G. Great Ealing s. Jackson, R.'s. Elm House. (Englisb & Drawing.)

Halse, J.

Thanet Collegiate S. (Arithmetic and Al. Dollman, Miss A. J. Brighton & Hove Coll. Lad. S.

Hamilton, J.

Dunmow Diocesan School. gebra.) (Music.)

Handley, A. A. The College, Sydenham. Jackson, T. The College, Brixton Hill Hall, Miss M. L. Brighton & Hove Coll. Lad. S.

Handley, H. J. The College, Sydenham. (French.) (English, German &

Hanson, F. A. Woodville H.
James, H.
Thanet Coll. School.

Hedley, G. W. The College, Brixton Hill. (English, French, Holding, Miss E. Brighton & Hove Coll. Lad. S.

Hepworth, W. Woodville H. Arithmetic and (French, German, &

Jackson, R, S. Elm H. Algebra, and


Jennings, 9.C. Brighton Proprietary School. Drawing.) Mussell, Miss K. Brighton & Hove Coll. Lad. S.

Lane, E. B.

Amsterdam H.
Elm House.
(English, Natural H.,

Lord, T.

Thanet Collegiate School. (Arithmetic & Al.


M'Cutchan, H. Thanet Collegiate School. gebra.) Walden, Miss E. West Brompton Coll. Lad. S.

Nickinson, F.

The College, Brixton Hill. Jennings, F.C. Brighton Prop. School. (Drawing.)

Ody, R. H.

The College, Brixton Hill. (Arithmetic and Al

g. General.

Ogilvie, J. F. Woodville House. gebra & Drawing.)

Dane Hill Housc.

Ottley, O.

Thanet Collegiate School,
Barker, J. P.
Kendle, J. H. Priory Scbool.
(Latin & Drawing.)

The College, Brixton Hill.
Blaydes, F. A.

Woodville H.
Page, G. A.




Jay, W.T.

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prietary School.

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Phillips, w.
The College, Brixton Hill. | Cobbett, A. R. Great Ealing School.

Coleman, A.
The College, Brixton Hill.

Piercy, J.
The College, Brixton Hill.

Coleman, H. J.

The College, Brixton Hill.
Provis, E.
The College, Brixton Hill.
Collingride?, J. II. Dane Hill House

A Meeting of the Council was held on June
Reed; C.L.
Thanet Collegiate School, Cologan, W. .

Great Ealing School.

7en. Present : Mr. A. Hill, V.P., in the Chair. Richards, E.O. Amsterdam House.

Cooper, J. R.

Briziton Proprietary School.
Rogers, C. J.
Amsterdam House.

Cooper, E.
Thanet Coil. School.

Dr. Adams, Dr. Aldom, Mr. Bidlake, Mr. Isbister,
Self, F.
The College, Brixton Hill. Creswick, C. E.

Thanet Coll. School.

Rev. Dr. Jacob, Rev. W. T. Jones, Mr. Kimber,
Dale, G.

Amsterdam House.
Sheppard, W. R. Great Ealiog School.

Mr. Knightley, Mr. Long. Dr. Palmer, Mr. R.
Dewhirt, W.1. Woodville House.
Smallpage, J. T. Woodville House,

Drake, A.
Thanet Coll. School.

Palmer, Dr. Pearce, Dr. Pinches, Dr. Schaible,
Smallwood, 'T. H. Grove School, Wrexham. Duncum, W.

Great Ealing School.

Dr. W. Smith, Dr. White, and Dr. E. T. Wilson.
Sopp, S.J.
Amsterdam House.

Edwarils, c.
Dane Hill House,

A design for a new College seal was submitted
Sutton, E. G. V. The College, Brixton Hill. Embling, o.

Brighton Proprietary School.

to the Council by Dr. White and Mr. Bidlake, Waters, R.

Fenn, F.
Amsterdam House.

Stoke Hall School.
Finch, F.
Thanet Coll. School.

which was approved and adopted.
Waters, w.
Amsterdam House.

Foord, G.
Grove House, Folkstone,

The following gentlemen, whose seats in the
Young, H.
Amsterdam House.

Ford, H.
Amsterdain House.

Council bad been vacated by non-attendance,
Young, A. W. The College, Brixto: Ilill. Ford, S. P.

Tire Elms, Wolverhampton.
| Fowler, J.A.
Brighton Proprietary School.

were re-elected :--Rev. Dr. Collis, Dr. W. B. Brown, Miss L. Brighton and Hove Collegiate | Francis, C.

Brighton Proprietary School.

Hodgson, Rev. H. A. Holden, Rev. W. C. Izard,
Gardner, H.
Ladies' School.

Orsett School.

Rev. T. F. Lee, Rev. W. A. Osborne, Mr. J.
Gilbertson, A.

Thanet Coll. School.
Mussell, Miss K. Brighton and Hove Collegiate GO

Payne, Mr. J. Reynolds, Rev. Dr. Temple, and
Goddard, D.F.

Stoke Hall School.
Ladies' School.

Gould, F.II.
Great Ealing School.

Rev. J. S. Watson.
Walden, Miss E. West Brompton Collegiate Green, w."

The Elms, Wolverhampton.

The following gentlemen were elected Members
Ladies' School.

Griffiths, J.
The Elms, Wolverhampton.

of the College :--
Wilkinson, Miss E. West Brompton Collegiate Hamilton, E.

The College, Brixton liill.

Harrison, A.
Ladies' School.

Brighton Proprietary School.

Rev. J. A. Emerton, D.D., Hanwell.
Hart, R.
Orsett House.

Mr. C. G. K. Gillespie, Bath.
Wilson, Miss M. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Harve .

Great Ealing School.
Ladies' School.

Rev. W. F. Greenfield, M.A., Dulwich College.
Harwood, H.

Stoke Hall School.
Hawkins, C.
Amsterdam House.

Mr. D. Nasmith, Norland Square.
Hawkins, E. W. Elvin House.

Rev. W.J. Pickard, Culham College.
Head, s, E.

Brighton Proprietary School. Mr. T. B. Smith, Nottingham.
Ashton, W.
Cowper's H. School.

Herbert, P. H.

Brighton Proprietary School.
Bailey, F.
Amsterdam H.

Hill, J.
Brighton Proprietary School.

Mr. J. Thomas, Willenhall.
Banks, F.
Grove School, Wrexham,

Hoar, C. W.
The College, Brixton Hill,

A Meeting of the Council was held on June
Batts, F.

Hoare, T.

The College, Sydenham.
Bird, E.
Dane Hill House

Howard, E. T.
Fulland's House

21st. Present ;-Mr. A. Hill, V.P., in the Chair,
Blatch, T. G.
Avenue Place School.

Illingworth, W.
Woodville House.

Dr. Aldom, Mr. Ishister, Rev. Dr. Jacob, Rev.
Chettins, H.
Duninow Diocesan School. Jones, J.J.

Tuanet Collegiate School. W. T. Jones, Dir. Kimber, Mr. MI’Leod, Dr.
Comfort, F.
Thanet Collegiate School. Kelsey, 0. W.. Amsterdam House.

Pinches, Dr. Skerry, Dr. Templeton, and the
Corner, R. B.
Fulland's House.

Kuns, G. G.

Dumow Diocesan School.
Crabtree, W.
Woodville House.

Kirk, A.
Woodville House.

Rev. J. S. Watson.
Crook, T.
Elvin House.

Knight, A. W.
Brighton Proprietary School.

On the motion of Dr. Isbister, it was resolved
Cruickshank, W. Avenue Place School.

Lander, H.
Amsterdam House.

that steps should be taken to obtain the recognition
Deacon, H. J.
Elvin House.

Lockyer, T. F.

Elm House
Dodds, W.T.
Weston Grove School, Bath. Loveridge, G. A.

Thanet Collegiate School.

of the College Certificates as exempting their Farmer, J. The Elms, Wolverhampton. McEvoy, G.P.

The College, Sydenham.

holders from being required to pass the Prelimi. Fry, G. J. H. Avenue Place School.

dann, J. E.J.

Brighton Proprietary School. nary General Examination lately instituted for
Hallowell, C.
Woodville House.

Margerisen, J. G. Dane Hill House
Haughton, R.
The Collere, Sydenham.

Marten, H. J.
College House, Croydon.

young men intended for the legal profession,
Haydon, F.
Amsterdam House,

May, J. T.
Stoke Hall School.

The following gentlemen were elected Members
Heard, E. H.
Thanet Collegiate School.

Meadway, G.

Thanet Colleriate School, of the College :--
Holden, T. E.
Grove School, Wrexhain,

Medworth, H.

The Elms, Wolverhampton.
Hollier, W.
Grove School, Wrexham.

Moore, D. E.
Great Ealing School.

Mr. R. Lloyd, Westbury.
Hobbs, D.O.
Avenue Place School.

Norris, A. :
Thanet Collegiate School.

Mr. W. W. Pyne, Lancing.
Hook, A. H.
Brighton Proprietary School. Notley, F.C.

Thanet Collegiate School.

Mr. R. Watson, Walworth.
Hoyle, T.
Woodville House.

Oulton, C. A.

The College, New Brighton.
Hughes, T. W.

Mr. T. F. Wilkins, M.A., York.
Great Ealing School

Ozorio, L.

Amsterdain House.
I'Anson, C.
Thanet Collegiate School.

Patterson, C. S.
Fulland's House,

Jewell, G. H.
Priory School.

Payne, G.

Elm House.
Kite, G. H.
Fulland's House.

Payze, E.G.
Thanet Collegiate School.

Douations and Subscriptions lately received:-,
Lawther, W.J.
Avenue Place School.

lavze, P. C.

Thanet Collegiate School.
Lesiter, P.
Priory School.

£. s. d. ! Pearin, II.

Woodville House.
Lintott, G.
Elin House.

Tedd r, G. V.
Stoke Hall School.
Rev. W. T. Jones . . .

• 16 13 4
Mackie, ...
Priory School.

Terrott, C.D.
Thanet Collegiate School.
Mr. Isbister . .

. 500
Matthews, J.
Grove School, Wrexham.

Pheysey, E.
Thanet Colleviate School. T. J. Coleman .

. 0 10 6 Morice, B.

Pidcock, B.C.
Avenue Place School.

The Colere, Brixton ibill.
Morice, L.
Avenue Place School.

Pike, G.

Amsterilen House.
Nichols, J.
Cowper's House School,

Plumb, L.

Weston Grove school.
Parsons, J.
Fulland's House.

Pyle, J.
Fulland's House.

Alphabetical List of the Principal College and
Reeves, G. C.
Avenue Place School.

Randall, R.
Elm House.

School Books, and New Editions, published
Sellek, M.
Fulland's House.

Ray, W. H.

Stoka Hall School.
Smith, D.
Woodville House.

Reed, F.
Fulland's House.

during the Month ending June 30.
Smith, H.
Dunniow Diocesan School. Sampson, A.

The College, Brixton Hill.

Arithmetic (A Graduated). Book the First. F'cap. 8vo,
Smith, W. H.
Brighton Proprietary School. Sanderson, T.

Fulland's House.

cl. swd. 6d., cl, bds, 1is. A. Ireland and Co.
Smith, E.
Avenue Place School.

Shelley, J.

Brighton Proprietary School. Ferguson - The River Names of Europe. By Rober
Sparks, J.
Avenue Place School.

Sherrie, J.P.
The Collece, New Brighton,

Ferguson. Williams and Vorgate.
Thomas, R.
Grove School, Wrexham.

Shoesmith, J.S. Brighton Proprietary School. Galbraith- Manual of Mechanics. By Rev. J. A. Gal.
Vaillant, P.
Fulland's House.

Slipper, J.
Grove House, Folkestone.

braith and Rev. S. Haushton. Sixth edition, fcap. STO,
Whistler, V.
Priory School

Southgate, W.
Stoke Hall School.

sewed, 3s; cloth, 3s, od. Longnan and Co.
White, R. S.
Avenue Place School.

Stephens, J.
Dane Hill House.

Ilarris - Easy Exercisey in English Grammar and Cond-
White, W. H.
The College, Sydenham.

Stopher, W.
Dane Hil House.

position. By the Rev. James Harris, M.A. 18mo,
Wilkin, R. A.
Thanet Collegiate School.

Sutton, W.
Priory School.

cloth, ls, Whittaker and Co.
Young, J.
Priory School.

Sutton, C.
Fulland's House.

Hudson-Cambridge School and College Text Books;
Young, R.
Amsterdam House.

Tasker, F. N.
Brighton Proprietary School.

Elementary Trigonometry. By T. P. Iludson, M.A.
Tucker, L.
Amsterdam Hlouse.

1210, cloth, 3s. 60. Bell and Daldy.
Ewen, Miss E. West Brompton Coll, Ladies's. Turton, H.

Amsterdam House.

Latham - Elements of Comparative Philology. By R.6,
Vivian, W.
Dame Hill House.

Latham, M., Bro, cloth. 215. Walton and Maberly,
Welch, T. K.
Amsterdam House.

Le Brethon's French Exercises (Key to). New edition, 5. THIRD CLASS.

White, J. W.
Anistercian House.

Svo, cloth, is. Lckwood and Co.
White, H.
Great Ealing School.

Popular Educator (The). Vol. I. New edition, 4to, cloth
Adams, W. D.
Cheze loux, Croydon.

Winters, G. W. Brighton Proprietary School. 55. Cassell and Co.
Akehurst, 1. F.
Brighton Proprietary School. Withers, .1.

Great Ealing School.
Allen, W.
Stoke Hall School, Ipswicii.

Rontledge -- The landbook of Cricket. By Edmun
Woledge, A.

Brighton Proprietary School. Routledge. 18mo, boards, od. Routledge and Co.
Ashwell, W.
The College, Sydenham.

Wood, F. H.
College House, Croydon,

Sal:non-A Treatise on the Analytic Geometry on
Bantoft, .
Stoke Hall School.

Wright, II.
The College, Sydenham.

Dimensions. By Georce Salmon, D.D. Svo, cloth, Las.
Barnes, A. R.
Amsterdam House.

Yarnell, F.

Brighton Proprietary School, llodges, Smith, aud Co.
Besert, T.
Amsterdain House.

Sallust-Cambride Greek and Latin Texts. C.
Blackith, F. J. H. Dane Hill House.
Dollman, Miss K.

Crispi Catilina et Jugurtha. By George LODS, 11.2.
Elvin House.
Blake, J. H.

Brighton and Hove Coll. Ladies'

1. 18mo, cloth, 1s. 61. Bell and Daldy.

Blunden, H.D.

Brighton Proprietary School.
Bosisto, W. H.
Westfield House.
Hunter, Miss E. E. Brighton and Hove Coll. Ladies'

of Shorthand Writing. Edited by Taylors' System

Matthias Levy. Crown Sro, cloth, limp, 1s. bu.

Dane Hill House.
Bristow, c.
Reed, Jiss Rose

ner and Co.
Brighton Proprietary School.

Fuland's House.
Broad, J.
Orsett School.
Saunders. Miss 1. W. Brighton and Hove Call Ladies' | tuwin--Modern Geography. Descriptive,

Physical. By W.J. Unwin. First Part-Descriptive

Burton, J. K.
Woodville House.

smith rs, Miss S.
Brighton Proprietary School.

Foolscap 8vo, cloth Is. 6d. Longman and Co.

Bezliton and Hove Coll. Ladies'
Capon, J.

Xenophontis Anabasis. Recensuit J. F. 2

Stoke Hall School.
Clarke, C. J.


Tyrer, Miss J.J.
Clit, J.

Te E!m3, Wolverhampton.

Thanet Coll. School.

(Cambridire Greek and Latin Texts.)

cloth, 2s. 60. Bell and Daldy. Cobbatt, A. W. Brighton Proprietary School.

[Tris List has been greatly crailed for vant of space.

va sro, cloth, limp, 1s. 6d. Trüb

ecensuit J. F. Macmichael,




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Qualifications Required.

1018. Drawing, Fortification, and Painting. Visiting Master.
811. (i.) Mathematics with Chemistry or Drawing.

1042. French, German, English Subjects, Elements of Italian and Latin, ii) Classics and History, with Drawing or Chemistry. Salaries 601.

with Drawing. A Lady. Age 40. As non-resident governess, or for In Warwickshire.

private pupils. 815. To superintend the pupils in a Grammar School during the evenings,

1060. Classics, English Literature, Rhetoric, Logic and Mental Philosophy. and to give instruction to the Head Master's son for a few hours daily.

M.A. of Aberdeen. Visiting Master.
Moderate Classics and Mathematics required. Salary 601. In Essex.

1071. Classics, Mathematics, & general English. Visiting, or Private Pupils.

1074. Latin, French, Drawing, English, and Algebra. Age 31. Salary 421. 846. English subjects, with Junior Classics and Mathematics. Salary from

1118. German, French, Dutch, English, Drawing in all styles, and Fortifi. 451. In Town. 848. Writing, and Junior Mathematics. Near Town.

cation. Agc 40. As Visiting Master. 850. Junior Master, English subjects, Writing, Arithmetic, and Junior

1130. German. A Lady. As Visiting Teacher. Latin. Salary from 301. In Suffolk.

1133. Classics, French, Mathematics, and English. As non-resident or 851. Junior Mathematics and English. Salary from 201. to 30%. In Herts.

Visiting Master.

1173. French and German, Classics and Mathematics. LL.D. of the Univ. 853. (i.) A Tutor to prepare a Pupil for Eton during the Vacation. In Town.

of Paris. Age 37. Visiting, or private pupils. (i.) French or German, Classics, English, and Elementary Mathe

1187. Mathematics, Latin, French, English, and Practical Science. Visiting matics. In Kent.

Master. 854. Music, French, German, and English. Near Town.

1210. Drill Master. 856. English, Drawing, and Piano. In Sussex.

1212. French, German, Classics, and Moral Philosophy. Visiting Master. 857. Drawing, and to assist generally. Salary 301. In Yorkshire. 858. (i.) Classics: an Oxford or Cambridge Graduate. A Title for Holy

1213. Mathematics, Classics, French, Natural Science, and elementary

German, B.A. Lond. Salary 1001.
Orders may be obtained. Salary 801.
(ii.) Junior Classical and general Assistant. A Title for Holy Orders

1214. French, Fortification, Drawing, and Military Preparation. As

Visiting Master. may be obtained. Salary from 401. to 601.

1221. Classics, Mathematics, Surveying, Fortification, and French. As (ii.) Writing, Book-keeping, and Commercial subjects, with French

Visiting Master. thoroughly. Salary from 401. to 601. In Devonshire.

1222. Classics, Mathematics, English. M.A. Aberdeen. Age 23. Salary 501. 859. Middle Classics and Mathematics. Salary 501. In Devonshire.

1226. Mathematics, Junior Classics, and English subjects. Age 21. Salary 860. (i.) Classics, and moderate Mathematics. Salary 501.

701, resident, 901, pon-resident. (i.) Mathematics, and moderate Classics. Salary 501.

1227. French. A Lady. Salary from 301, to 401. (ii.) French, German, and I'iano. Salary 601.

1231. English thoroughly, Mathematics, Mechanics, Music, and Drawing. (iv.) Drawing, Junior French, Latin, Arithmetic. Salary 351. In Kent. 861. (i.) Assistant Classical Master in a University School in Ireland.

Age 25. Salary 801, resident; 1001. non-resident.

1235. Junior Classics, Mathematics, English, Land-surveying. Salary 1001. Salary 801. non-resident.

non-resident. (ii.) Mathematical Master. Salary 1001. non-resident. Both thiese

1238. Classics, and elementary Mathematics. Undergrad. Ch. Ch. Oxford. Masters must be Irishmen. 862. French and Drawing. Salary from 231. to 301. Near Tow?i.

Age 24. Salary 801.

1239. Piano and Singing. A Lady, formerly a student of R.A.M. Non863. Junior Latin and French, with English subjects. Salary 25l. In Derks.

resident. 861. (1.) English and French. Salary 261. (ii.) English, with Junior Latin. Salary 261.

1211. French, German, and Italian. Age 32. Salary 401. ; or non-resi

dent, 701. (ii.) Junior English Master. Salary 201. In Somerset.

1212. Mathematics and Junior Classics. M.A. Camb. Salary 601. 866. Classics, Mathematics, and English subjects. Salary 1201. In Australia.

1215. English, French, Music, and the rudiments of Latin. A Lady. Age 867. English, French, and Drawing. Salary about 301. In Town.

22. Salary 301. As Morning Governess. 868. (i.) French and German. Salary 501. (ii.) Music. Salary 501.

| 1246. Piano, Singing, Violin, Harmonium, and Organ. Age 26. Salary (ii.) Drawing and Writing. Salary 501. Near Town. 869. English Master. Salary 241.; time for private pupils.

about 801.

In France. 871. Classics and Mathematics. Salary 5(1. to 701. Near Town.

1217. Drawing Master. Age 34. Salary S0l., non-resident.

| 1219. Mathematics. Age 23. Salary 801. For Midsummer. 872. English, French, and Rudiments of Latin. Salary 401. In Somerset. 873. Middle Classics, Junior Mathematics, and Englisir. Salary 401. In

1250. German, French, and Pianoforte. Age 30. Salary 501. to 601. Shropshire.

1250 a. German, French, Hebrew, Drawing (elementary), English subjects,

Book-keeping, and Junior Latin. Age 25. Salary not an object. 876. Classics, Junior Mathematics, and English subjects. Salary from 607.

1253. Mathematics, Classics, and English. B.A. Cambridge. Private to 1001. Near Town. For September.

Pupils. 877. Middle Classics, and English thoroughly. Salary 601. In Town.

1260. Classics, Mathematics, English, Hebrew, and Junior French. Age 32. 878. High Mathematics, with junior Classics, Salary from 1001. Near Town. 879. German and Drawing. Salary 1007. In Warwickshire.

Non-resident, or Private Pupils.

1262. Mathem:ities. A Wrangler. Scholar of Christ's College, Cambridge. 880. Moderate Mathematics, Classics, and English. Salary 501. In

Age 21. Non-resident.

1263. High Classics, Junior Mathematics, and English subjects. B.A. and 881. (i.) Senior Classical Master, good composition, with Arithmetic and

Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. Visiting, or Private Pupils. Algebra. A Graduate of Oxford or Cambridge required. A Title to

1267. French and Drawing. Salary 201. Age 24. Orders may be given. Salary 10c1.

1269. Classics, Mathematics, and English subjects. Age 36. Salary 501. (ii.) Junior Classics, Arithmetic, and Writing About 25 years of age. Salary 501. In Cheshire.

1270. Classics, Mathematics, French, and English subjects. Age 25. 882. English, Writing, and junior Latin. A Master required for 4 or 5

Salary 601. weeks. Salary 21. 28. per week, non-resident. Ncar Town.

1272. English, Arithmetic, Latin, Pianoforte, and Organ. 883. Latin, Junior Mathematics, and English. Salary 301. to 401.

Age 18. 881. Classics, Mathematics, and English. Salary 601. Near Town.

Salary 351. to 401. 1274. Classics, Mathematics, and English subjects. Age 33. Salary, re

sident, 80l.; non-resident, 1001. ASSISTANT MASTERS REQUIRING

1275. English Subjects, Mathematics, Mensuration, and Book-keeping,

Age 29. Salary 601.

1277. Junior Classics, and Mathematics, with English. Age 23. Requires Xo. In Qualifications,

time for study. Salary immaterial. 617. German and French. As Visiting Master.

1278. Classics, and Junior Mathematics, with English subjects. Age 21, 769. German, French, Spanish, Latin, and Drawing. As Visiting Master. M.A. Aberdeen. Salary 601, 785. Classics, Prose and Verse Composition, Mathematics, Mechanics, 1279. Classics, Junior Mathematics, English, and Hebrew. Age 22. Hydrostatics, English, French, and Italian. As Visiting Master,

M.A. Aberdeen. Salary 601. 812. French and German. A Lady. As Visiting Governess.

1280. Classics, Mathematics, English, and the Elements of Frencłı. Age 23, 942. French, German, and Elements of Italian and Latin. As Visiting Master. M.A. Aberdeen. Salary 601. 944. Natural and Experimental Sciences. Mathematics, German,and Drawing.

1281. English, French, Italian, Music, & Drawing. Could take the manage. A German Graduate. Age 33. As Visiting Master.

ment of an entire establishment. A Lady. Age 46. Salary moderate. 1000. Classics, Mathematics, French, and English Subjects. M.A. of St. 1282. English, German, Latin, French, and the Rudiments of Music. A Andrews, and LL.B, of London. As Visiting Master.

Lady. Age 25. Salary according to circumstances.

te 601.


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Fu Qualifications.yy
1283, Englisy, Music, French, Rudiments of German, and Drawing. A | 18 18. French, Piano, and Junior English. Age 223 Salary 01.
Lady. Age 31. Salary 301. 1

1349. Junior Classics and Mathematics, French, and Eleinentary Greek. 1285. Classics, Mathematics, and French. B.A. Cambridge and clerk in Age 18. Salary 251. Orders. Visiting Master, or private lessous.

1350. French, German, and Drawing. Age 27. Salary 401. to 501. 1287. Mathematics, Physical Science, Chemistry, Geometrical Drawing, and 1351. Mathematics, Land-surveying, Junior French and Latin, Rudiments Fortification. Age 42. Visiting Master, or private lessons.

of Music. Age 21. Salary 401. to 501. 1288. High Mathematics. Visiting Masters 1991

1 1357 Mathematics Classics and French Age 29. Salary 1201. B.A. 1292. Pianoforte, Organ, Musical Composition or Haththy. Mus. B.Olon.' Camb. and Sen. Opt. Age 26. Visiting Master.

|1353. French, German, Spanish, Latin, Junior Greek, and English. During 1293. Drawing, Painting, and Fortification. Age 30. Visiting Master. I the Vacation. Terms moderate hood Lolviga intressetti

28r ab 0 Frehch, German, and Music..oge 22 i Salaryo TVI JOV 1294. Latin, Mathematics, English, and elementary Drawing. Requires_| 1355. English, French, German, and Music. Age 24. Salary 601.

time for study and instruction in Classical Composition. Age 20. T 1356. French, German, Latin, Drawing, Instrumental Music, and English
Salary 251.
ns. Enr

Age 18. Salary AQIT, TA Lady on

lleneh, it reduirea. La gel37. 1295.

1361 French and fathematics with Drilling. Age 22. Salary 401. to 501. Salary 1001. resident; or would give private lessons.

1358. Classics and Mathematics. Salary 801., or non-resident 1501. An M.A. 1296. Classics, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Englisiit subjects.° 1359: Tronch.) Visiting Master.

M.A. in Honours of Aberdeen. Age 25. Salary,100lvaNQU A . 1360 Middle Classics, glementary Mathematics, and English. Salary 601. 1997 German, French, Classics, and high Mathematics. Age 22. Salary 701.7 1361. Classics, 'Middle Mathematics, Mensuration, and English. Age 28. 1298. Classics, Junior Mathematics, English, and Drawing Age 25. 1 Salary 701, MA. Aberdeen. Salary 501.

1362. Člassics, Middle Mathematics, and French. Age 25. Salary 70%. 1301. Classics, Mathematics, French, and English. Visiting Insteow $X 10 Mv Quburden. private pupils.

Kludaw972 loob2 1912 13131 Gerngang Frenchc Music,&imgi xAge 32. Salary 507, to 607. 1200 Mathematics, Junior Mechanics, Optics, &c., Junior Classics, Singing, 1 1364. French Language and Literature. Age 31. Salary 601.

Violin and Flute, English, and Writing. B.A. Dublin. Age 27..28 HAFIR 18651ddle Classics and Mathematics, and English. For the Vacation. 601. to 801.

meimgjtot lootf2 91128 g a d8ho French, English lanh Arithmetic. Visiting Master, 1303. French and English. Age 28. ISalary 60.roijusijenl steigallo 90110 -1367 Junior Classics, Matletatiesy biglish, and Land-surveying. Salary 1304. Mathematics, pure and mixed, Classicsb PergsgandWersg.Comestion abtes 1200k, fontesidentam 1.1.

History and Pianoforte. B.A. Camb. in Mathematical Honors. In 1368 French, German, Music, Drawing, English. Age 27. Salary 401. Orders. Age 31.

AVEAT1507. 1905 Mathematics, Music, and English subjects. .llAga12211Salopyl 82bining|1018691. Classitsz Mathematies, and English. Age 23. Salary 601. M.A. 1306. French and German, with Elements of Music. Visiting Master, 1307. French, German, Fortification, Chemistry, Physics, and NIMARUM

Drawing. Visiting MastefetiqeoH a'Jaiu 10 i9das bs3H ; b7oiz0 99911 T a g 7... Joost A shes for the Printment on the Continent. 1209 Mihematics. Landskroelying tabveidgad Freiarmuikt ana ole 4.5371pe Middle classics, Aritkintetic, MIZANTMMHadfatic Eonations. English.

Drawing Age 2abibulary.500 (Woon.ho resident Bol to 100k: 1 ... Writing, Prendi aramihaLT ALU 58! Sathi10304. 1890. gado

delatniks, parastadius, bhysiology and zidologueigd 23 1372. Gernian, Frehel, Rudiments of Bati, EURYSMO Pi:1486 diefitentang Salary 401. to 501.

SIA bris 9.9ip to Fritidstils, Drill, &c. Age 27. Salary 601. to 801. 1311. Thorough English Italian, French, and German, Music, Harp, and 1.1373. Englisli, Arithinetic gumor Drawing. .9afinho: A Lady Age 30%. Asalary from Koop!

3: English, Arithmetici Portor. Prawingrand French. Age 19. Sa1312° Matribulation ng pages hay ýniversity of.. London.|| | 1374. Englisle storoughly junior, Latina Drassing, URDAIM AthenwathessT Visiting Master, and for private pupilsiwod 1 H)

Writing, French, and Book kdeping Agerator. Salary:501.48 6089 90 1318. Classics, Junior Mathematics and English Visiting Master, or for || 1375. Italian Language and Literature, Frcfich, aftellerman. Visiting, or

private připils n'Age 49. MAIDxford, And Third Class Classical Honors. Private Pa3132370 1.9.1. h
1314. Junior Mathematics kuali actor English nlting) Iltid!fuiffet 1376. Mathaigalien alidna Gassics and 133!

Pan!k, Whallo. Glaskicsm inglisiari A Gradnate in Arathea and Mensurkliphs Ago 20? Salary-467

maticak Honbur's of Mrina Coll Cap bago 28.1Salary 1001. 1315. Singing, Organ, Pianoforte, Junior Classics and French, Book, 1877: Kreticb, Classics, jantor Getinh. B.A! Affe33. Salary 501. „uckeeping and English. Age:50., Salary 702 170 11001..: TOTAIHI WA AITAVA

Age 41. Salary 502"..

11.. abhierhatiço, nag chekish Salary 501. to 601. 13174 Oladies, Mathematics, French and English

Fox Søpten Bere
Phy, Ree'molja,


vs 1318. Classics, Mathematics, & English subjects. B.A. Dublin. Salary 1001.


| 1379. English, Mathroinnties Drawing, mandr Bookkeeping. (Gov. Cert. 1919. glish subfects, And: Junior Prenen la 48020. Salary 257."

And class.) Age 81.5 SMark Rolnovate HD 1320 Classics, Mathematics, and English, subjects..... Age:23. TIA Hons 1380: German, Piano, Singh,Pythwarzynnistics, clementary Latin, resident engagunent preferred.Ir bus! W.

and English. Isabe 26. Shlar 107. do 501,3

7 Y 119901N' JAUTHM 1292... Classics, Mathematies, and English. 10:07T)

1381. English Writing ( Atithmetio, Junior Latin and Fréchos sAge 25. 1325. Classics and Mathematies, Hebrew and English,... Age 247 Salaryol Salary 407aatio)

Haryboli '21199A.

MWI ablom l.18..p21,sebil".1.46

.WL-SU, TVA OKINITIDE from. 701 to 807. 1.4, b gay, gausiai 1932smul).

1382. English, Juvion. Lata, I Drooch and Matheftaties... Age Bir Balary 1326. French, Geripan, Music, Prawing and Junior Latin. Age 28. | 3bboto 106m) em 190IXI pel breyv9;12.1

Salary 601, U manimed . .. ,291122 T JEDITIJOI IZA. JAROM 1383. Classics, Mathematics and Triglish!' Bg tord. 1327. Classics, Mathematics, and general English. During the Vuoktion 1384. Engusir, anthonetic, junior Uktin; Hva

1384. Enostrxlitlanetik nori

viding. Age 25. Salaryo 2017

.." commencing July 20th. Age 25.4 zilli milli

1385, Elementary Classics and Mathematics with Eriglish. Age 33. Salary 1329. Classics Vidale ? Mathematics Prench, and English Literature 40Lito 5067 baliM.A.4.9. TUWATU.I) M.A. Aberdeen, Age 25. a Salsiy, fvoru 2012 to 891.....

1986. Hnglish, junior Rrotch and Mathematics, Age 21. Salary 401. 1330. Classics, Mathematics,, English, and French. During the vacation || 1389. English, Latin Gramihar; bAriflunette; Drdling, junior, Irenetta sss commeucing July 24.4,1.1.. 3. vir 1.1

Age 33. S
Age 33. Safary 337.'*
u yullo 21,7%FIT 1071 1

huo-kluded 1331. Freneb, Mathiemátics, and Natural Philosophy Age 33.Samry 507.1


1390. Junior Classics, Mathematics, French, German, Drawing, Writing and 1332. Junior Classics and Matheunátics." Age 22. Salary 251.

elementary Hebrew - Age 17.x. Salary: a 1333. Classics and Junior Mathematics. For tlie next three months in a

) Salary 5012 merani gentleman's famils. An Exhibitioner of St. John's College, Cambridge.

1391. English, French, and junior Latino-dige 28. Salary 5012 I metara

1392. Classics and Mathematics, Staties' land Hydrostatics, French and 1334. Classics, Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy: * Age 26. Salary junior Music. B.A? Triu. Con Caint! Ay35. Salary 801.; nolio | 60l. A.C.P. }{....Í. ..:: 3: 1/11. Hồ

resident 1200.2) came $21.2.1.,"W

) 117 11OZA WELAT 1336. English, Writing, Book-keeping, Junior French, Latin, and Mathe. 1393. Englis12, Mathematics, Elementary Chemistry Age 22. Saluty to matics." Age 20. Salary 401.

1394. Classics and Mathematics, French, Italian, German, Natural Philo-
1338. Middle Classics, and High Mathematics. Salary 1001. An M.A. sophy, Chemistry and English, Age 29. Salary 80kg.731 p
1339. Mathematics, Pure and Mixed, French, Piano, Organ and Har: 1395. French and German, Junior Classics and Mathematics Dora

monium.' Drawing, English, Junior German and Latin, -Plaiu and Age 35. Salary-607. to 801." A Swissoen1,! Bose London
ir Ornamental Writing, with Book-keeping. Age 26. Salary from 60%, l. 1896. English, Latio, Junior Mathematics, Elementary Greek, and make
1340. English, Arithmetic, Junior Mathematics and Latin, with Drilling: Freneb. Age 19. Salary from 202, to 301. wyka Operman

Age 21. , Salary 4OL. IMP , sis vit lite i n Italien 1397. Junior Governess in a good Schoolau Con teach French, Ge
1341. French, German, Singing, Guitar... Age 23. Salary 301..- dosi | Italian, and Masic: "Age 19. Salary from 201. ritán?
1342. English, French, Mathematics, and Book-keeping! Age 32: Salary 601. 1398. French, Gerinan, Piano, Organ, and Suging, with Book-keeping
2343. Mathematics, Middle Classics, and English thoroughly, Age 24, Surveying in all its branches." Age 30. Salary about 701. 1 934,
- Salary 801.18 "Bir snills -

zamilo's me!! W! 2004 pus01615T 1 399. German, French, Piano, Violin, and Singing. Age 24
1344. Classics, French, Junior Mathematics, & English. Age 26. Salary 701
1345. German and French, Age 23. Salary 301. M i, 31.

.) 11.1921", 1841 )

70 6211

, tent/1410 76, 1346. English, Latin, French, and Middle Mathematics. Age 19. salary 40L. 1347) French and German; Mathematics, Astronomy, the Rudiments!'of

| Printed and Published by CHARLES FRáncis Novason, 1, Gough Squate..."

Parish of St. Bride, in the City of London; and Sold by Wim Latin and Greek. Age 37. Salary 201. to 301.

8, Paternoster Row. JULY, 1982. OK

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24. Ahid Sold by W. Aykutr and Son,



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THE REV. B. H. KENNEDY, D.D., Head Master of the Grammar School, Shrewsbury.

A. HILL, Esq., F.C.P., Principal of Bruce Castle School, Tottenham.
Rev. J. S. Howson, D.D., Head Master of the Collegiate Institution, Liverpool.
Rev. J. R. MAJOR, D.D., Head Master of King's College School, London.

Dr. E. T. WILSON, F.C.P., Collegiate School, Brixton Hill.

DEAN-The Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D., Worcester College, Oxford ; Head Master of Christ's Hospital.

MODERATOR FOR Classics-- Wm. Smith, Esq., LL.D., Classical Examiner in the University of London.

MODERATOR FOR MATHEMATICS—The Rev. C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S.; late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.
MODERATOR FOR SCIENCE AND ART-Dr. L. Playfair, C.B., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh, late Inspector-General of the

Department of Science and Art.

- Rev. W. Rogers, M.A., St. Thomas, Charterhouse, Chaplain

( Rev. W. T. Jones, M.A., F.C.P., Queens' Coll., Cambridge. to the Queen. THEORY AND PRACTICE

C. P. Mason, Esq., B.A., Fellow of Univ. College, London.

HISTORY ...........
Rev. J. Selby Watson, M.A., F.C.P., MR.S.L.

Dr. C. H. Pinches, F.C.P., F.R.A.S. 08 EDUCATION .........) Joseph Payne, Esq., F.C.P.

H. F. Bowker, Esq., Christ's Hospital. (Dr. H.S. Turrell, F.C.P.

Rev. R. Wilson, D.D., F.C.P., St. John's Coll., Cambridge. (Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D., F.C.P., Worcester College, Oxford.

Rev. W. T. Jones, M.A., F.C.P., Queens' Coll., Cambridge. CLASSICS

C.S. Townshend, Esq., M.A., Fellow of Jesus Coll., Camb. | SCRIPTURE HISTORY ... Rev. P. Smith, B.A. Lond.
Rev. J. Selby Watsoni, M.A., F.C.P., M.RS.L.

Rev. W.F. Greenfield, M.A., Dulwich College.
(J. Wingfield, Esq., B.A. Lond., Christ's Hospital.

( Rev. L. J. Bernays, M.A., Great Stanmore. Rev. C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S., St. John's College, Camb.

(Dr. Lankester, F.R.S., F.L.S., etc., New College, London.

W. Lethbridge, Esq., M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge.

Professor Tennant, F.G.S., F.R.G.S., King's Coll., London.

Geology, Mineralogy.P
Rev. R. H. Wright, M.A., Ashford Grammar School.

siology, Zoology,& Botany Co. Schaible, Esq., Ph.D., M.D.

: A. K. Isbister, Esq., M.A., University of Edinburgh. Rev. W.C. Izard, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. Rev. T. J. Potter, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge.

( W. McLeod, Esq., F.R.G.S., Royal Mil. Asylum, Chelsea Rev. G. H. Stevens, M.A., Magdalen College, Cambridge.

GEOGRAPIY .........
W. J. Reynolds, Esq., M.A., Queens' College, Cambridge.

W. Hughes, Esq., F.R.G.S., King's College, London.

Dr. White, F.C.P. AATTRAL PHILOSOPIY Jwi Reynolds. Esa.. M.A., Queens' College, Cambridge. ( Rev. C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S., St. John's College, Camb.

Rev. W. c. Izard, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. AND ASTRONOMY ...... I Rey S. Newth. M.A., New College, London.

( Professor Miller, M.D., F.R.S., King's College, London.

W, Odling, Esq., M.B. Lond., F.R.S.

CHEMISTRY ..... ENGINEERING AND FOR- W.J. Reynolds, Esq., M.A., Queens' College, Cambridge. | CHB)

J. P. Bidlake, Esq., B.A. Lond., F.C.P., F.C.S. TIFICATION ............... 7 T. Kimber, Esq., M.A. Lond., L.C.P.

(J.C. Buckmaster, Esq., South Kensington Museum. L. Stievenard, Esq., Lecturer, King's College, London.

( Professor Hoppus, LL.D., F.R.S., Univ, College, London. Professor Marzials, Wellington College,

MORAL AND POLITICAL ) T. S. Baynes, Esq., LL.B., Examiner in Univ. of London.
F.J. Wattez, Esq., L.C.P., King's College, London.

PHILOSOPIIY ............ Dr. W. B. Hodgson, F.C.P.
W. Chapman, Esq., Christ's Hospital.

( William Ellis, Esq.
J. D'Arnaud, Esq., L.C.P.

( Professor Leoni Levi, Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. F. Braudicourt, Esq., B.A., R.Mil. Acad., Woolwich. CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL

3 A. K. Isbister, Esq., M.A., Middle Temple. C. Schaible, Esq., Ph.D., M.D., Examiner in the Uni. |

(J. Haddon, Esq., M.A., King's College, London. GERVAS......... versity of London, Royal Mil. Acad., Woolwich.

( H. A. Bowler, Esq., Art Inspector, S. Kensington Museum. Professor Wintzer, King's College, London.

J.L. Kenworthy, Esq.,L.C.P.,F.R.A.S., R. Mil. Asyl. Chelsea. Falck Lebahn, Esq., Ph.D.

DRAWING ...........

H. Hagreen, Esq., Dep.of Art, South Kensington Museum.
Professor Cesare de Tivoli, University College, London,

J.C. Ogle, Esq., West Brompton.
Professor Masson, M.A., University College, London.

T.C. Dibdin, Esq., Banstead.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND C. P. Mason, Esq., B.A. Lond.

CE. F. Rimbault, Esq., LL.D., F.S.A.
J. P. Bidlake, Esq., B.A. Lond., F.C.P.

J. Hullah, Esq.
(Dr. E. Adams, University College.

MUSIC ...................

Dr. Steggall. HEBREW AND ORIENTAL ROUR Wilson, D.D.. St. John's College, Cambriaxe.

(H. T. Leftwich, Esq., M.R.A.M. (Dr. L. Loewe, M.R.A.S., late Principal of the Jews' College. SGUAGES........

* (K. Kalisch, Ph.D., Berlin.

FRESCH .......

LAW... ........................


e College of Preceptors was incorporated in 1849, by Roval Charter. “for the Pense of promoting sound learning and of advancing the interests of Education,

Te especially among the middle classes." The principal means employed to secure
bsp objects are: lst. The periodical examination of teachers and of pupils. 2nd.
IT union of teachers of every class in a corporate body, so that they may have a
A lized position on a par with that enjoyed by the other learned professions. 3rd.

te making of provision for the families of deceased, aged, and poor members. 4th.
de providing of a medium of communication between Principals of Schools and
Assistants of good character and attainments, 5th. The periodical bringing together
of sachers for the discussion of subjects in which the scholastic profession is

Ihr annual subscription is One Guinea. There is no entrance fee. A single
Payident of Ten Guineas confers the privilege of Life Membership

All persons engaged in education are admissible as Members of the Corporation ;
201 persons desirous of joining it, or of promoting its objects, may, on application to
E Secretary obtain all necessary information, together with copies of the Bye-Laws,
U of the Regulations respecting the Examinations of Candidates for the College
Diplomas and of the Pupils of Schools in Union with the College,

The Charter empowers the College to hold Examinations and to grant Diplomas | and Certificates of Proficiency to such persons of both sexes as have passed the Examinations satisfactorily.

The Examinations of Pupils are held twice in each year, beginning on the third Monday in May, and on the third Monday in November. The First Class Certificates of the College are recognized by the General Medical Council as guarantees of good general education, and by the Royal College of Surgeons of England as exempting their possessors from the preliminary literary examination recently instituted by that body, the conducting of which has been entrusted to the Board of Examiners of the College of Preceptors. The Pharmaceutical Society also recognizes in a similar way all the College Certificates the holders of which have passed the Examination in Latin.

The Examinations for the College Diplomas also take place twice a-year, in the Midsummer and in the Christmas Vacations. These examinations are arranged with special reference to the requirements and circumstances of School-Assistants; and one of their distinctive features is, that the theory and practice of education is included in them as a leading and indispensable subject.

Monthly Meetings of the Members are held for the reading and discussion of Papers I on educational subjects.

JOHN ROBSON, B.A., Secretary.

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