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Just completed,



Revised Edition, in fep. 8vo, price 6s.,

SYNONYMES classified Educational Times will be forwarded regu-"THE WORLD'S HISTORY FROM ENGLISH

and explained : With Practical Exercises, designed larly by Post, for 12 months, on the 1st of THE CREATION TO THE ACCESSION OF || QUEEN VICTORIA. Complete in Seven Volumes,

| for Schools and Private Tuition. By G. F. GRAHAM. every month, on the enclosure of 6s. 6d. in /*; With Coloured Map and Illustrations. Bound hand

: New Edition, being the Fourth, with Corrections and Postage Stamps or otherwise, to the Publisher, somely in half-morocco. Price £2. 2s.

Mr. C. F. Hodgson, 1, Gough Square, Fleet London : SAMUEL BAGSTER AND Sons,

By the same Author, New Editions,
Street, E.C.

15, Paternoster Row.



New Edition, fcp. 8vo, cloth ls. 6d.

the Attainment of a Good Style of Writing, 6s. Post Office Orders to be made payable to Mr. CORNELII NEPOTIS VITÆ ILLUS.' ENGLISH GRAMMAR PRACTICE; Exercises on C.F. Hodgson, 1, Gough Square, Fleet Street, TRIUM IMPERATORUM, AD FIDEM OPTI- ! Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody, 4s. 6d. E.C."- Subscribers who have not already paid | MORUM CODICUM CASTIGATÆ. With Notes by STUDIES FROM THE ENGLISH POETS, 78. their Subscriptions, are respectfully requested the Rev. G. B. WHEELER, A.M. London: WILLIAM TEGG, Pancras Lane, Cheapside.

London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. to do so without delay. EDUCATIONAL TIMES.-All communications SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS. &c.,

NEW WORKS BY REV. E. ST. JOHN PARRY, M.A. to the Editor to be addressed-The Editor | Will find JULIA CORNER'S " THE CHILDREN'S

Now ready, in crown 8vo, price 4s. cloth,

Fleet Street, E.C.
nation, well adapted for Classes. Her History of Eng-

Early Rome, selectedfrom the First Five Books of land, France, &c., is a sufficient test, how well she is able vy, with English Notes for the use of Schools. By EDUCATIONAL TIMES.-ADVERTISEMENTS.- to undertake a work of this character. Fcp.cloth, 2s, 6d. the Rev. E. St. John PARRY, M.A., Head Master of Advertisements may be sent to No. 1, Gough Teacher's supplied on the most liberal terms.

Leamington College.
Square, Fleet Street; or to Mr. Wesley, | London : WILLIAM TEGG. Pancras Lane. Cheapsid

By the same Author inst puhlished price 3e Ad

REGES ET HEROES; or, Kingy and Heroes of Greece 2, Queen's Head Passage, Paternoster Row.

and the East: a Selection of Tales from Herodotus, with SCHOOL AND HOME ARITHME.

English Notes for the use of Schools. D TICS, by W. Davis, B.A.; for the NEW CODE * These books are offered selves; and their peculiar COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS.-The and MIDDLE CLASS EXAMINATIONS.

as Readers intermediate claim is, that they combine next EVENING MEETING of the Members ARITHMETICAL EXAMPLES. Parts 1. I between the Delectus and immediate interest with

Tuseum. will ha held on Wynveeny Pabruary 18th at 7PMI (15th thousand) and II. (5th thousand), containing the classICUT Author's them. I pernianent use. when W. HUGHES, Esq., F.R.G.S., will read a Paper on ( 141,412 questions in Arithmetic and Mensuration. Cloth, London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. "The Study of Geography and Astronomy, as illus- | 8d. each. trated by the Maps and Planisphere of the Chevalier KEY to each Part, with Answers, ls.


Members have the privilege of introducing their
Parts I. and II. bound together, ls. 4d. [Double Key, 2s.

Now ready, a New Edition, in 12mo, price 4s. 6d., cloth friends.

JOHN ROBSON, B.A., Secretary.I (6th Thousand), containing Tables, Definitions, Rules, &c.


M .
Cloth 4u.

London: LONGMAN and Co.

of Young People: With a Selection of British and OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINATIONS.

General Biography.
V The REGULATIONS for 1863 may now be had, by

New Edition of the only Genuine and Perfect Edition, applying, by letter, to


as finally corrected by the Author: but remodelled E. E. PINCHES, B.A.,

Just published,

throughout, enlarged, and improved. Secretary to the London Local Committee, THE HOLY LAND.-Scale 41 miles! This well known work, | Bible, with an abstract of Clarendon House, Kennington Road. S.

I to an inch: size 4 ft. 10 in. by 4 ft. 2in. Price, pronounced by the Quarterly | British and general modern mounted on Canvas and Roller, varnished, 13s,

Review “the most compre- biography, the elements of This Map is especially intended for the nse of Schools.

hensive book of instruction astronomy, &c., and fur18mo, cloth, price 1s., free by post, The result of the most recent observations and critical

existing, and to be preferred nishes a very full body of SCHONBERG'S (C. L.) CHAIN RULE, researches are carefully indicated. Maps of the environs

to all the others to which it carefully arranged historical N a Manual of brief Commercial Arithmetic, applied it is?

of Jerusalem, and of the Sinaitic Peninsula are inserted. has served as a model,"con- and general knowledge, for anual or orier Commercial anthmetic, appreu | It is hoped that the Map will thus serve the purpose of

tains a series of questions on schools and general use. All to proportion, simple and compound, direct and inverse; the study as well as those of the school-room.

the several branches of an. the information contained in Discount, Barter. Interest, simple or compound; Profit

** The Map of Europe has been already published.

cient and modern history, the work is brought down to
and Loss, Fractional Numbers, Exchange, Tare, &c.
In Germany, the Chain Rule has for a considerable

Australia, England and Wales, and Asia are in pre- including the History of the the present time.
time been used by men of business and conductors of

or Messrs. LONGMAN and Co.'s Edition should be schools.


-Depositories : - London, 77, Great Queen Street, London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill London: WILLIAM TEGG, Pancras Lane, Cheapside.

Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.; 4, Royal Exchange, E.C.; 1
48, Piccadilly, W.


Just published, fcp. 8vo, boards, 4s. 6d.,

A New and revised Edition, in 12mo, price 2s. bound,

1 BOOKS ON ENGLISH HISTORY, constructed u An Account of the Changes made by recent Legis-
specially for the use of Pupils

1 POSITOR, or New Spelling-book: In Three preparing for Public Exa-lation in the Colleges and the University of Cainbridge: Parts

Parts. minations, with copious Biographical and other Notes, with an Appendix containing the Examination Papers PART 1. Comprising the ed an Appendix, containing Examination Questions, &c., necessary for Examinees, for the onen Minor Scholarships in 1861-2. By ROBERT | Sounds of the Vowels. Diph- upwards of Five Hundred but not to be found in any other School Histories. Potts, M.A., Trinity College.

thongs, &c. PART II. Con- Words only accentuated and I. OUTLINES OF ENGLISH HISTORY, for Junior

Also, by the same Author,

sisting of a large Collection explained for the learner's Classes. 5th Thousand. Price 2s.6d., cloth.


of select Words, beginning practice in dividing and We foreteil that these Outlines' will soon be in the

with Monosyllables of four pronouncing ; -- Rules for all who are preparing for one or other of our Svo, boards, 48. 60.

letters, and continuing pro- Spelling Derivative Words ; erous literary tournaments." — Papers for the School. ** This is a suitable Book for School Libraries. gressively to Polysyllables! Rules for forming the Plural EUCLID'S ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY, with

of all lengths inclusive. / Numbers of Nouns in gene11. MANUAL OF ENGLISH HISTORY, for Senior Geometrical Exercises, &c.

Part III. Containing Words ral; A List of nearly Five Classes Price 5s.6d., cloth.

which are alike, or nearly $11,liundred Primitive words, As a practical Text-Book for the Student, it is exactly! The UNIVERSITY EDITION, (the Second,) 8vo, in Sound, but different which have the final Conadapted to his wants, and from experience we can affirm

cloth boards, 10s.

Spelling and Signification : sonant doubled in forming. hat he will find in it all his studies may require. The The SCHOOL Edition, the Fifth,) 12mo, cloth

Words of different Sieni- their derivatives; The Pro. arrangement is excellent."-English Journal of Education.

fications ;-and Words that per Names of Men and

boards. 4s. 6d.
U. ANALYSIS OF THE STUART PERIOD OF "A Metal has been awarded to R. Potts for the ex-

change their accents when Women, including ScriptuENGLISH HISTORY, for Junior

they become different Parts ral Names; &c.
HISTORY. for Junior Students. Price cellence of his works on Geometry. Dy me urrs on

of Speech. To which is add-
Class 29 of the International Exhibit ion, 1862." Jury
** Carefully and judiciously put together." — Atheneum. Awards, p. 313.

New Edition, carefully revised and improve throughout
London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & Co. I London: JOHN W. PARKER, Sox, and Bourn. London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Lulgate Hill

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hands of all who are prepari


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68., cloth.

Second Edition, with Index, in fep. Svo, price 5s.6d., I DALEY'S EVIDENCES AND HORÆ
A TION. By the Rev. Dr. BREWER, Trinity Hall. tions from the Cambridge Examination Papers. 8vo,
I cloth boards, 10s, 6d.

Вх тНЕ
London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill.

London: LONGMAN and Co.


BISHOP OF NATAL. Fifth Edition, in post Svo, price 8s. 6d.,



STEREOTYPE EDITIONS, THOROUGHLY REVISED. A SOCRATES, from the Text of Kühner; With A New Edition, in 12mo, price 3s: 6d.-KEY, 2s. 60. _ English Notes, Life. Questions, and Indexes. By D. B.

Colenso's Arithmetics. HICKIE, LL.D., Head Master of Hawkshead Grammar

D School.

COMPOSITION OF LATIN VERSE; contain: LA RITHMETIC designed for the use of

ing Rules and Exercises intended to illustrate the London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill.

Schools; comprising the FOUR ELEMENTARY Rules. Manners, Customs, and Opinions mentioned by the

Compound Arithmetic, Reduction, &c., Square and Cubic Roman Poets, and to render familiar the principal

Measure, Fractions and Decimals, Practice, Proportion, NEW AND IMPROVED EDITION OF FARR'S Idioms of the Latin Language. By the late CHRISTOPHER

Interest, Discount, Profit and Loss, and an Appendix on SCHOOL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, EXTENDED RAPIER, B.A. New Edition, revised by the Rev. T. K.

Money, Weight, Space, and Time. New Edition, with an TO THE TREATY OF PARIS. ARNOLD, M.A.

additional Chapter on Decimal Coinage.........12mo, 45.6d, In One Volume, 12mo, price 5s. 6d. cloth,

London : LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. SCHOOL AND FAMILY HISTORY

KEY. By S. MAYNARD. 12mo, 6s. D OF ENGLAND, from the Earliest Period to the Nineteenth Year of the Reign of Queen Victoria: Con- NEW ELEMENTARY WORK ON LATIN PROSE ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC, designed for the taining a Narrative of Civil and Military Transactions ;

COMPOSITION BY THE REV. H. MUSGRAGET Use of NATIONAL, ADULT, and COMMERCIAL SCHOOLS, and exhibiting a View of the Religion, Government and !


consisting of a Text-Book of Arithmetic, accompanied Laws, Literature, Arts, Commerce, Manners and Customs,

by a series of easy and amusing Examples, arranged Now ready, in 12mo, price 4s. 6d.; and KEY, price 58., &c., of the different Periods of English History. By

progressively in order of diffculty, beginning from the EDWARD FARR, F.S.A. New Edition, re-written

very simplest steps. 18mo, 18. 9d.; or, with Axswi, throughout, and greatly improved.

U chiefly for the use of the Shell Forms in Grammar 28. 3d. "It is certainly one of the best school histories

Schools. By the Rev. MUSGRAVE WILKINS, M.A.,

e Fellow of Merton College, Oxford: Author of Notes | THE ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC for Na. have."-Journal of Education.

for Latin Lyrics,' a 'Progressive Greek Delectus,' and a TIONAL SCHOOLS is divided into FIVE PArts, which are London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. Progressive Greek Anthology.'

sold separately as follows:
London : LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. I. Text-Book, price 6d.
New Edition, 12mo, with Plates, &c., price 6s. 60.,
KEY, 28. 6d. -


III. Examples, Part II. Compound Arithmetie, price 4d. OF THE GLOBES; or, a Philosophical View of


IV. Examples, PART III. Fractions, Decimals, Dresden the Earth and Heavens. New Edition, enlarged and

mals, &c., price 4d. greatly improved, by

The Fourth Edition, in 12mo, price 7s.6d. cloth,
ALFRED S. TAYLOR, M.D., F.R.S., Lecturer on

TILL FALL OF THE ROMAN RE. V. Answers to the Examples, with Solutions of the

more difficult Questions, price 1s. Chemistry, &c. in Guy's Hospital;

PUBLIC: A Short History of the Last Century of
R. A. LE MESURIER, B.A., Scholar of Corpus Christi the Commonwealth. By the Rev. CHARLES MERIVALE,
College, Oxford ; and
B.D., late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

Colenso's Algebras.
J. MIDDLETON, Esq., Professor of Astronomy.

By the same Author,



1 the Use of Schools. Part I. containing the simple PIRE, now complete in 7 vols. 8vo, with Maps, price parts of the Science, suitable for general School parteses | £5, 6s.

and as required for the attainment of an ordina y B.A. BRADLEY'S SCHOOL EDITIONS OF LATIN London : LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. degree ...

.......12mo, 4s. 6d.; KĖY, 6. CLASSIC AUTHORS, IMPROVED BY WHITE. A New Edition, in 12mo, price 3s. 6d. cloth,




12mo, 23. 60. Notes and Questions. By the Rev. C. BRADLEY,

Now ready, in 8vo, price 3s. 6d. cloth, M.A. New Edition, corrected and enlarged by the addition of Explanatory and Grammatical Notes, by the QOLUTIONS OF QUESTIONS IN ELEMENTS OF ALGEBRA, designed for the

Use of SCHOOLS, PART II., adapted to suit the wants Rev. Join T. WHITE, M.A., First Master of the Latin


more advanced Students; containing the higher parts School, Christ's Hospital. STOCKS, PROFIT and LOSS, PARTNERSHIP, &c.]

of the subject, with an APPENDIX of more difticult Vis by FIRST PRINCIPLES. By WALTER M'LEOD. By the same Editor, New Editions,

cellaneous Examples, and Equation Papers, 12m3, de F.R.G.S., M.C.P., Head Master of the Model School, and

--KEY, 5s. BRADLEY'S EUTROPIUS, with English Notes, &c. Master of Method in the Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea; corrected, enlarged, and improved. 12mo, price 2s.6d. Author of Manual of Arithmetic, &c.

MISCELLANEOUS EXAMPLES AND EQUABRADLEY'S SELECTIONS from PHÆDRUS, with London: LonGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill. TION PAPERS from Parts I. and II. of the Algetza. English Notes, &c., corrected and enlarged, 12mo,

with the ANSWERS. 12mo, 28. 60. price 2s. 6d.



Use of NATIONAL and ADULT SCHOOLS ; containing lish Notes, &c., revised and improved. 12mo, price

fiumerous Easy Examples and Questions under even The Sixth Edition, in One Volume, Svo, price 258. cloth, 4s. 6d.

Rule: with a selection of Miscellaneous Exercises A COPIOUS AND CRITICAL ENGLondon: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill.

for practice.-18mo, 1s. 6d.; KEY, 28. 6d. A LISH-LATIN LEXICON; founded on the

German-Latin Dictionary of Dr. C. E. GEORGES. By ELEMENTS OF ALGEBRA, adapted for the REV. J. E. RIDDLE'S TWO SCRIPTURE the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A., of St. Edmund Hall.

Oxford ; and the Rev. T. K. ARNOLD, M.A., late Rector

being a Large-Paper Edition of the Algebrs, PATEL I. The Eleventh Edition, in fcp. 8vo. price As.. of Lyndon, and sometime Fellow of Trinity College,

and II. as above, the complete work. 8vo, 126. the MANUAL OF SCRIPTURE HIS. Cambridge.

KEY, 12mo, 7s.6d. 1 TORY: including Notices of Biblical Antiquities

Also, in square post 8vo, price 10s. 6d. bound, and Geography, Oriental Manners and Customs, Historic An ARIDGEMENT of the above, by the Rev.

Colenso's Trigonometry.
Parallels and Contemporary Events, the Structure and

J. C. Ebden, late Fellow and Tutor of Trinity Hall,
Import of the Jewish Ritual, and a Survey of the Nature

I PLANE TRIGONOMETRY. Part I., comprisisk and Design of the Dispensations. With Questions. Bv London: LONGMAN, GREEN. and Co.. 14. Ludgate the Measurement of Lines and Angles, the Nume

1 the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. Hil: and J. and F. H. RIVINGTON, 3. Waterloo Place. I Values of the Trigonometrical Ratios: with the #

Logarithms and the Exponential Theorem.
II. The Sixth Edition, in fcp. 8vo, price 28. 6d.,
Pall Mall.

12mo, 3s. 6d.; KEY, 32 bit OUTLINES OF SCRIPTURE HISTORY; being the Author's Abridgment of the Manual, for Junior Pupils.



the Summation of Series, the Trigonometrical Son London : LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill.

In fcp. 8vo, with Six Coloured Maps, price 8s. 6d. of Equations, and a large Collection of Miscella

Problems.-12mo, 2s. 6d.; KEY, 58.

* The KEYS to the Two PARTS of the Trigodos
1 TORY; a Geographical Description of the British

together, price Ss. 6d. New and cheaper Edition, in square 12mo, price 10s. 6d. I the Present Dav: with a Sketch of the Commencement

Islands at Successive Periods from the Earliest Times to
of Colonisatien on the part of the English Nation. By

Colenso's Euclid.
ENGLISH and ENGLISH-LATIN DICTION. W. HUGHES, F.R.G.S., Professor of Geography in Queen's

THE ELEMENTS OF EUCLID ARY. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. of St. Edmund College, London.

I studied in the Universities), from the Text & Hall, Oxford, New Edition.

Works by the same Author.

Simpson; with a large Collection of Geometrical Prati 'Separately

The LATIN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, 68. MANUAL OF GEOGRAPHY. Fep. 8vo, 78. 6d. for Solution. 18ino, 4s. 6d.; or, with a KEY to the

blems, 6s.6d.
Also, in One Volume, 8vo, price 21s. cloth,



18mo, 3s. 6d. Edition.

48 6d. Separately s The LATIN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, 15s. | THE CHILD'S FIRST GEOGRAPHY. 18mo, od. GEOMETRICAL PROBLEMS, separately. ** Separately The ENGLISHI-LATIX DICTIONARY, 79. GEOGRAPHY OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. the Use of Schools where other Editions of * E *

may be employed.--18mo, Is. Also, New Edition, in roval 32mo, price is bound,


London : LONGMAN, GREEN, & CO. London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludvate Hill. London: LONGMAN, GREEN, and Co., 14, Ludgate Hill.

14, Ludgate Hill.


parts usual


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the London Pupils. But on the other hand, | NATURAL SCIENCES, Kitchingman, H, W., pupil of CONTENTS, the London Candidates have obtained higher

Mr.F.J.Weightman, A.C.P., Page marks than those in the country, and a larger

Hollywood School, Chelsea. Report of Half-Yearly General Meeting of the College number of Honour and Special Certificates.

Country Candidates. of Preceptors ....... Evening Meeting at the College Rooms: Mr. Herschel's I cannot but think that one reason why a larver| CLASSICS. . . . Williams, R. W., pupil of the

Rev. S. Lodge, M.A., HornPaper on "The Study of Astronomy". 247 number of Certificates is gained by Country

castle Grammar School. College of Preceptors :-Meeting of Conncil, &c. .....

Schools is that their pupils bring up fewer MATHEMATICS. . . Levett, T., pupil of Mr. T. N.
Monthly Record of Science and Art ....
Educational and Literary Summary of the Month ..... 249 subjects for examination, and consequently

White, L.C.P., Morden Hall
Correspondence:-J. G. Fitch; R. Potts
250 are better prepared in them. Thus at the last

Classical Notes and Queries .........
The Incorporated Law Society ........

Examination not a single Candidate of this MODERN LANGUA- Page, Miss E., pupil of Mrs. ... 253 class was entered for examination in Natural|

| GES. ..... Mr. Fitch and Ours Ives........

Parker, Sydenham College Reviews:-Angus's Bible Hand - Book; -- Hughes's | Philosophy, Chemistry, Natural History, or

for Ladies. Geography of British History ;--Schiller's-Wal

lenstein, by Buchheim ; Notices of Books, &c....... Political Economy. The London Pupils, on The December Examination at the College Royal College of Surgeons of England :- List of Stu the other hand, sometimes take up so many of Surgeons was conducted in the usual man

dents who have passed the Preliminary General
Examination ......

subjects, that their attention is distracted in ner, and to the entire satisfaction of that University Intelligence .....

257 preparing them, and they prove weak in learned body. Mathematical Questions and Solutions ...

258 almost every subject. I cannot help remarking, The number of Teachers examined at

too, what struck me particularly on this occa- | Christmas was 12, of whom 5 were ladies..

sion, that some Candidates aspire too high ;! The following Classes have been obtained by The Educational Times.

several who presented themselves for a First them.
Class proving themselves scarcely equal even

Theory and Practice of Education.
to a Third. And some appear to have come

Bowman, Mr. W. T. . Second Class. COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS. up for the mere chance of passing, or for the

Cufley, Mr. A. T. . , Second Class.

Hammond, Miss M. S.. Third Class. amusement of being examined, without a

Stewart, Mr. J. . . First Class
chance of success. If the Principals of

Scripture History.
Schools would take care to send up only those
JANUARY 10TH, 1863.

Cufley, Mr. .

Third Class. who they have reason to believe will succeed,

Hall, Miss S. . . Second Class. The Secretary having read the advertisment the proportion of successful candidates would Harwar, Miss

Third Class. convening the Meeting, Dr. W. B. Hodgson, be increased. It will be observed, however, Stewart, Mr. J.

Second Class.
F.C.P., was unanimously voted into the Chair.
we Chair' that at the last Examination the proportion of

English History.
The Chairman said that the first business

those who passed was larger than on any pre Holdstock, Miss . . Third Class.

vious occasion for several years; and some of Stewart, Mr. J. . . Second Class. before the Meeting was to hear the Dean's Re- the Examiners have reported a very marked im

English Grammar. port; and Dr. Jacob being absent from town provement in the answering of the Candidates.

Cufley, Mr. :

Third Class on account of his health, the Report would be Having heard that a suspicion exists in some Overy, Mr. H.

Second Class. read by the Secretary. quarters, that Examiners who are Masters Stewart, Mr. J.

First Class.
of Schools sometimes examine their own

pupils, I take this opportunity of assuring the Dashwood, Mr. J. B. .

Third Class.
Members of the College, that this is never Holdstock, Miss
Ladies and Gentlemen,-

Third Class.

Knowles, Mr. R. , .
It being my duty as Dean of the College done ; and that all may satisfy themselves on

Third Class.
Overy, Mr. .

Third Class. to report respecting the Examinations which this point, I subjoin a list of the gentlemen

Stewart, Mr.J. .

Third Class. have been recently concluded, I will speak who examined in November, together with the

Lalin. first of the Pupils' Examination, which took subjects in which they examined.

Knowles, Mr. R. .

Third Class, place in the latter part of November. Scripture History... Rev. W. T. Jones, M.A. Stewart, Mr. J. . .

Third Class.
The London Candidates on this occasion History of England . . H. T. Bowker, Esq.
amounted to..................................... 164 English Grammar... J. P. Bidlake, Esq., B.A.

W.McLeod, Esq.F.R.G.S.

Stewart, Mr.J. . . Third Class.
The Country Candidates to............ 154 Geography .....

W. Hughes, Esq.F.R.G.S.

| Arithmetic . ... Rev. G. H. Stevens, M.A.
Total......... 318

Overy, Mr. H. .

Second Class. Algebra . . . . . . Rev. T. J. Potter, M.A.

Stewart, Mr. J. . . Third Class. Of the London Pupils, 98 obtained Certifi- Geometry and,

?... Rev. R.H.Wright, M.A.

Music (Piano). cates; which, after allowing for a certain Trigonometry

Hall, Miss S..

Third Class. necessary deduction, is equivalent to 70 per Mensuration ? Book-keeping'· · J. Haddon, Esq., M.A..

Harwar, Miss . . Second Class, cent. Of those who were examined in the

Latin. i:..Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D
country, 121, or 78 per cent., passed.

Greek . . . . . . J. Wingfield, Esq., B.A.

Stewart, Mr.J. . . Third Class.
It will be observed, that a smaller number French .... . Mo

venard. than usual presented themselves from country German . . . . . . Rev. A. Wintzer.


Hammond, Miss .
Schools, owing doubtless to the change then chemistry · · · · · W. Odling, Esq., F.R.S.

. Third Class.
in the more f Eve Natural Philosophy. . W.J. Reynolds, Esq., M.A. Tozer, Miss P.L. B. .
made for the first time in the mode of Exa-

Third Class. Natural History . . . Dr. Schaible, M.D. mination, whereby Sub-Examiners, appointed Political Economy... Dr. W. B. Hodgson.

On the motion of Dr. WHITE, seconded by altogether independently of the Principals of Drawing. . . J. C. Ogle, Esq.

Mr. ATKINSON, this Report was unanimously the examined Schools, were substituted for Theory of Music . . . H. T. Leftwich, Esq.

received and adopted.
the Proctors of the former system. This The Prizes have been awarded as follows ;] The CHAIRMAN then called upon the Secre-
change, however, by the kind help of several

and it may be necessary to explain, that the
distinguished men in different parts of the
Second Mathematical Prize was given by Mr.

tary to read the Council's Report, which was
country, has been so satisfactorily effected, li
's Lake, of Oxford House, Chelsea, ou condi-l as

ndi: as follows:and has been carried out with so little ad

tion that it should be awarded to the second
ditional expense, that I trust it will commend lin mo

commend in Mathematics of those examined in London ;
itself to all our country members, who perhaps, and that, for the reason stated above, there is.

On this occasion, the Council has compara-
from the mere fact of its being a change, looked
no Prize for the Natural Sciences awarded to

tively little to report to its constituents, beyond upon it at first with some suspicion. It will

the fact that the Institution is steadily pursuing any country Candidate. now be evident to the public at large, that

its objects, and gradually strengthening itself in

London Candidates. every effort is used by the College to make

the estimation of all who are interested in the our Examinations perfectly just, impartial, CLASSICS. . . . . Bradbury,J.F., pupil of Mr.G.!

: improvement of the education of the middle

Long, Clapham Park School. |
and above all suspicion ; and the value of our 1st MATHEMATICS.. Goad, C. E., pupil of Mr. J. C us
Certificates will be proportionately increased.

Pincott, Telitiam House, / Since the last Meeting, a large number of
The Examination at the London Roonis,

Brixton Hill,

The circulars relating to the proposed Scholasunder the superintendence of an efficient Pre- 2ND MATHEMATICS. Hammond, R., pupil of Mr. tic Registration Act have been addressed to siding-Examiner, was conducted very much to

J. G. Thompson, Nunhead

ad private schoolmasters and schoolmistresses,

vote sal

Grammar S hool, Pechlam.! my satisfaction, with one exception.

MODERN LANGUA. Strauss, A., pupil of Mr. A. Tom m

À lirom many of whom replies have been receiv.d. A larger proportion of successful Candidates |

Gre... ... Oppler, New College, Arun. he great majority of which are decidedly faappears in the Country Schools than among

del Square.

Trourable to sone such scheme as that explained

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in the circular. A further issue will soon be rious distinguished Members of the Profession. the Curator of the Imperial University of made, as the Council is convinced that the The Council gladly takes this opportunity to Moscow, and two Professors in the University more generally the subject is known, the express its thanks to Dr. Kennedy ; Dr. Hen- of Paris. These gentlemen paid repeated greater will be the amount of support which derson, of Leeds; the Rev. Canon Hey ; the visits to the College, and were furnished with the movement will receive. It may perhaps Rev. Mr. Jessop, of Norwich; and the Rev. the various documents relating to its constitube desirable to state, that members who mav Mr. Fowler, of Lincoln, for their ready com- tion, and to the examinations which it holds. be willing to assist in the distribution of the pliance with Dr. Jacob's applications to them During the past year, the Evening Meetings Circular, can obtain as many copies of it as on this subject, by means of which he was of the Members have been regularly held, they may require, on application to the Secre- enabled to appoint gentlemen in whom implicit although the Council regrets to say that the tary.

confidence could be reposed, to discharge the attendance at them has been far from satisIn connexion with this subject, the Council responsible duties of sub-examiners, without factory. The Council is well aware of the has much satisfaction in stating, that at the any material addition to the expences of the difficulty which eren Members resident in Annual Conference of the General Associated examinations which they conducted. A similar London experience in sparing time for attendBody of Church Schoolmasters, held at Ox- plan will be adopted on future occasions, soing on such occasions; yet it would impress ford, on the 30th and 31st of December, this that the Principals of Country Schools may upon all the Members the importance of their question was fully discussed, and the following dismiss from their minds the apprehension of doing so as frequently as possible; and it Resolution was adopted :-" That in the opi- any but a very slight increase of the cost of the would fain hope that during the present year nion of this Meeting it is desirable that applica- examinations being caused by the substitution there may be a great improvement in this tion should be made to Parliament for a Scho- of sub-examiners for Proctors.

respect. lastic Registration Act, analogous to the The Council having learnt that an im- Since the last General Meeting, 20 nem Medical Registration Act of 1858." It may pression prevails in some quarters, that Prin- Members have been elected, and twelve others be added, that the Secretary of the Associa- cipals of Schools, who are members of the have been nominated for election. In the tion had, at his request, been furnished with a Board of Examiners, sometimes act as Exa- same time eight members have withdrawn, number of copies of the College Circular on this miners when their own pupils are Candidates thus leaving an actual addition of 21 members. subject.

for Certificates, deems it desirable to state that It must be borne in mind, however, that a Of what may be called the internal proceed - this impression is utterly without foundation ; considerable number of the original Members ings of the College, the most important that and that in no instance have gentlemen whose of the College have lately availed themselves of has occurred during the last six months, is the pupils were entered for an examination exam- the privilege of Life Membership, to which, carrying out of the change in the mode of con- lined them in any subject whatever.

| under the old By-laws, they were entitled ; 80 ducting the examination of Pupils at their own! In connexion with the Pupils' Examination, that there has been some decrease in the numschools. At the General Meeting in June, an the Council has to report that a Memorial has ber of subscribing members. The Council alteration was made in the By-laws which 'em- recently been presented to the Judges, who are relies upon the efforts of the Members, and powered the Council to make such regulations empowered by the Act of Parliament to regulate especially of the Life Members, to more than in reference to the examinations, as it might the examination of young men preparing to en- compensate for this loss, by exerting their consider necessary, in order to secure perfect ter the Legal profession, praying them to recog. influence to increase the number of new Mem. fairness in all their details, and thus to take nize the 1st Class Certificates of the College, as bers. It may be mentioned, that among those away every ground or pretext for cavilling at exempting their holders from the necessity for elected during the past six months, there is a their results. The principal changes made by passing the preliminary general examination large proportion of gentlemen of high standing the Council, in the exercise of this power, are, I held by the Incorporated Law Society; and in the profession, and that not a few of them 1st, the committing of the superintendence of the Council sees little reason to doubt that a have intimated their intention to avail themthe candidates while under examination to sub- favourable answer to this Memorial sill shortly selves of their right to have their pupils exaexaminers, nominated by the Dean, quite inde- l be received.*

mined by the College pendently of the principals of the schools ex- The College Examiners conducted an exa- The Diploma of Associate has been granted amined ; and 2nd, the substitution of an en- mination in general knowledge for the Royal to three gentlemen, and to one lady. The trance-fee of 78. 6d. for the former fees of College of Surgeons, which took place on the latter fact naturally suggests some reference 5s. on entrance, and of 2s. 6d. for each certifi- 17th and 18th of December, and at which to the efforts that have recently been made to cate awarded.

upwards of 100 candidates presented them-obtain for Ladies admission to the UniversiThe Council was sensible that these changes selves. This was the second examination of ties. Whether this measure is desirable or would probably alarm some of the country the kind in the year 1862; and it is anticipated not, the Council will express no opinion what. members, as being likely to add considerably that a still larger number of Candidates will ever ; but the movement at least indicates & to the expense of the examinations, and that be examined during the present year.

growing conviction that incentives should be thus there might be a diminution in the num- The Council has lately received an applica-held out to women to acquire a more intellecber of pupils entered for the Christmas exami- tion from the Board of Managers of the Lon-tual kind of education than that which has nation. This anticipation has unfortunately don Orphan Asylum, the object of which is | hitherto been usually accessible to the female been realized : for the first time in four years. Ito ascertain whether the Council would be sex ; and that opportunities should be afforded the number of Candidates for the College Cer- willing to undertake the examination of the to them for obtaining an authoritative recognitificates, instead of increasing, has considerably large and important Schools belonging to that tion of their attainments. The Council cannot fallen off, and that entirely among the pupils Institution ; and it is probable that this re- refrain from recalling with satisfaction the cirnot examined in the College Rooms. It is in-sponsible duty will be undertaken by the College cumstance, that from the origin of this Institunecessary to say, that the Council deeply regrets examiners. The Council cannot but regard tion, provision was made for admitting women this circumstance, which is attributable, it this as an additional proof of the growing to its examinations; and that po jealous exclubelieves, to misapprehensions on the part of the confidence of the general public in the admin- siveness has here debarred them from displaying country members as to the mode in which the istration of the College; and of the increasing their knowledge of classics, or of mathematics. changes above-mentioned, especially the first value attached to its system of examinations. The regulations of the College, in this respect, of then, would be carried into effect : and itA further proof of the improved position of bave lately been brought under ihe notice of therefore avails itself of the present opportu- this Corporation is afforded by the interest some of the most active advocates for the nity to give some explanations on this point, which was displayed in its proceedings by improvement of female education ; and it is not which will, it trusts, remove the apprehensions several of the distinguished foreigners whom improbable that in this way a considerable referred to, and thus prepare the way for the the International Exhibition attracted to Lon- | addition to our Lady Members may ere Jong extension of the operations of the College in don in the course of the year which has just be made. this most important department of its proceed- come to a close. Of these may be mentioned,

may be mentioned, | Reference may here be made to the proposed

Reference ms ings.

Ithe Principal of the University of Barcelona, laddition to the By-laws which the Council Aware of the necessity for adding as little as

recommends the present meeting to adopt. It possible to the expense of the examinations, the

1 * Since the date of the meeting, this anticipation
has been realized, the Judges having unanimously

has been found that the existing regulations Dean endeavoured in every case to obtain the

acceded to the prayer of the Memorial. As a similar relating to the grant of the Diploma of Licen. services of gentlemen qualified to act as sub recognition has already been obtained from the Gen tiate, preclude the Council from conferring it examiners, who were resident in or near the eral Medical Council, the holders of the College First l in certain cases where it may be desirable to neighbourhoods of the Schools to be examined. Class Certificates are now exempted from the neces- I do so. in order to extend the influence of me so that the travelling expenses might be as sit

penses might be assity for passing the preliminary general examinations
held by the various Medical Corporations of the United

| Institution in the Colonies and other foreign small as possible. In doing this, he was

S Kingdom, as well as that under the control of the countries. The members need be under greatly assisted by the kind co-operation of va- Judges.

apprehension, that if they delegate this power


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to the Council, it will ever be exercised without Mr. J. ANDREWS considered that this would caution was proved, the speaker thought, by the greatest care, or in such a manger as to not be a satisfactory method of settling the the course adopted by the Council for several lower the character of the College Diplomas. I question ; and the proposal was not pressed. years past, to be altogether unfounded. Dr.

The Council regrets to have occasion to call The CHAIRMAN then put the adoption of the PINCHES then replied to the objections raised attention to the fact that scarcely any addition Report to the Meeting, and it was carried by the previous speakers; but concluded by has been ipade to the Benevolent Fund during unanimously.

expressing his willingness to concur in the the last half year. Whether this fund shall be The TREASURER, Dr. E. T. Wilson, then suggestion made by Mr. Isbister, and not to put into a working condition, or remain in its presented the Auditors' Report, which cone press the adoption of the proposed Bye-Law at present unsatisfactory state, rests with the sisted of the Half-yearly Balance-Sheet, a the present Meeting. Members at large.

| printed copy of which had been sent to every This course having been unanimously agreed The general financial condition of the Cor- member of the College, and which was there to, the CHAIRMAN called upon Mr. B. RULE, poration is, on the whole, encouraging. Con- fore taken as read.

| who moved the following Resolution :sidering the very large additions that have been on the motion of Mr. ANDREWS, seconded “That this Meeting recommend to the Council made within the last few years to the ordinary by Dr. ALDOM, the balance sheet was adopted to invite the Members of this Corporation to direct expenditure of the College, with a view to in- nem. con., and was signed by the Chairman the attention of Schoolmasters and Teachers in creasing the efficiency of its various Depart- on behalf of the Meeting.

their respective neighbourhoods to the desirablements, and to extending its usefulness,-to say The SECRETARY then read the following ness of obtaining a Scholastic Registration Act, nothing of the amount of extraordinary outlay, notice of an addition to the Bye-Laws, the analogous in its provisions to the Medical Regis- the fact that the annual income is sufficient adoption of which was recommended by the tration Act. to defray the expenditure, is a proof that the Council :

| In support of this motion, Mr. RULE obfinances of the Institution are in a healthy “That the paragraph numbered (iv.) be added served that the adoption of it would give the state; and justifies the expectation, that ere to clause 11, section III. of the By-Laws, so that country members, without whose active colong all anxiety on this vital point will be the whole clause will stand as follows: •The operation the movement could not be expected removed.

degree of Licentiate shall also be granted to those to succeed, something to do. The Council was In conclusion, the Council looks back upon Life Members of the College, (i.) who may be no doubt anxious to do its best ; but it might be

hatisfaction graduates of any University of Great Britain or compared to the brain, which governed and

stinn Ireland; (ii.) who have studied and graduated at controlled the limbs, but without the willing and forward to the prospects of the Institution confided to its care: with hope. The College any Foreign University ; (iii.) who shall have bad | their schools examined for two years previously,

obedience and activity of the latter, no results has undoubtedly made great progress during the to applying for such grade, and whose pupils

I could be attained. Mr. Role suggested that past four years. It has established its claim

shall have obtained certificates satisfactory' to If his motion were carried, the Council should to be regarded as the representative of the teachers of the middle classes; it has secured Colonies or in foreign countries, and whom the nious action of all the members of the College. the confidence of several great and influential Council may consider deserving of such dis. He thought also that country members should corporations ; it has commenced a movement, tinction.'»

use their influence to obtain notices of the the success of which would do much to elevate Mr. KIMBER onposed the adoption of this subject in the local newspapers, and other the condition of educators, and to protect the recommendation, inainly on the ground that to periodicals. He said that the College had community at large from the serious evils occa- relax the conditions under which the diploma already derived considerable advantage from sioned by incompetent persons undertaking of Licentiate has hitherto been granted would this movement, and mentioned that he had the vitally important duties involved in the tend to diminish the value of that diploma, been in correspondence with several public men training and instructing of the young ; and it which he regarded as being pre-eminently the who took an interest in educational questions, has only to pursue energetically the course thus professional diploma of the College, and as and who had expressed their approbation of far successfully followed, to convince even the thus likely to give offence to the actual holders the proposed Scholastic Registration Act. prejudiced and the unwilling, that it is entitled of it. He condemned the proposal to grant! MR. ANDREWS, in seconding the inotion, said to the hearty support and co-operation of all diplomas in absentia, as being in direct opposi- / that the College must be prepared for years of who are alive to the paramount importance of tion to the leading principle of the Charter, agitation on this question, as there would be the objects for the accomplishment of which it which, as stated at the head of the Bye-Laws, is no lack of objections and difficulties to be met was established.

to aim at raising the character of middle class and overcome. This end would, he had no

education by means of the examination both of doubt, be accomplished ultimately, and he This Report having been received, and its teachers and of pupils.

thought that all who felt the importance of the adoption moved by Mr. Law, and seconded by The discussion was maintained by Dr. subject were under great obligations to Mr.. Mr. T. J. COLEMAN,

ALTSCHUL, Mr. J. G. THOMPSON, Mr. G. Rule for his unwearied exertions in the matter. Mr. Dyer inquired whether the Council had] WHITE, Mr. TEMPLETON, and Mr. ISBISTER, Mr. Andrews considered it to be very desirtaken any steps to carry out the suggestion the last of whom suggested that the proposal able that schoolmasters should endeavour to made by him at the last General Meeting, that should be referred back to the Council for further interest the parents of their pupils in the the Council of the College of Surgeons should consideration; and that to the paragraph question, as one very powerful means of bringbe requested to admit members of the College relating to members residing abroad, some ing public opinion to bear upon the subject. of Preceptors to their Museum at times when words to the following effect should be added : which, after all, concerned the comunity at it is not open to the public.

"who shall have passed an examination satis- large at least as much as the members of the The SECRETARY having replied in the ne- factory to the Council.”

scholastic profession. gative, Dr. Pinches undertook to bring the Dr. PINCHES explained the circumstances. MR. LAW had no objection to the motion. subject under the notice of the Council at its/ under which the Council had adopted the but thought that the resuscitation of the Local Dext meeting.

recommendation before the Meeting, and in Boards would be the best means of effecting Mr. RULE expressed his regret that no refer- favour of which he thought there was much to the object in view. ence was made in the Report to the sending up, be said. It was evident that the existing Bye-l In reply, Mr. RULE expressed his concurof a deputation to the President of the Privy Law placed members residing abroad at a rence in this opinion; but as unfortunately Council, for the purpose of making him disadvantage as compared with those who Local Boards are at present in abeyance, he acquainted with the proposed Scholastic lived in this country; and the object of the did not see what other plan could be adopted Registration Act, as recommended by the proposed alteration was to remove this hard-than that which this Resolution proposed. General Meeting, in June, 1861.

ship. The Council has the power of granting. The CHAIRMAN then put the motion to the The SECRETARY explained that the reason the diploma of Licentiate to Life Members of the Meeting, and it was carried nem. con. why the Council had not yet acted on that College, who have not themselves undergonel Mr. RULE next moved the second Resolurecommendation was, that hitherto there had any examination, but whose pupils have been tion, of which he had given notice, and which been no opportunity of doing so in such a way successful in obtaining Certificates. Now it was as follows: as would be likely to produce beneficial results :1 was evident that members residing abroad, as “That, in the opinion of this Meeting, the formabut that the matter had not been lost sight of. in Canada or the East Indies, could not avail|tion of Associations similar to those established at

Mr. L. White said, that he thought the bad themselves of this means of gaining the Farnham, York, and Nottingham, would not only attendance at the Evening Meetings was partly diploma, however anxious they might be to accelerate the obtaining of such a Registration attributable to the fact that Wednesday was do so. It seemed only fair, therefore, that the Act, but would also promote greater unity and coan inconvenient day for the purpose ; and he Council should have the power to deal with operation among the Members of the Profession." suggested that the opinion of the Meeting on such cases; and any apprehension that it! Mr. RULE said that this motion did not this point might be taken by show of hands. I would exercise that power without the greatest I require anything to be urged in its favour, as

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