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1. McEvoy, W. L


Biddle, A. J. Hollywood School, Chelsea.

Fishbourne, W. G. Stratford Academy. 1. Glover, J. F. Mr. Vipond, Elm House, (Natural History.)

Hooper, J.

Forest House. (Mathematical Prize.) Sittingbourne. Boor, E.G.

Seymour House.

2. Snell, w. S.
Mr. Reed, Taunton.
(French and Natural

Biddle, A. J. Hollywood School.

Bradbury, J. F. Clapham New Park.
Loxton. Elvin House, Bradbury, J. F.
1. Boys, W. H.

Clapham New Park.

Cronchey, A.

Hollywood School.

Feeny, Č. E. Clarendon House.

Stratford Academy. 2. Reed, w. Mr. Reed, Taunton. | Brophy, E. (French.) Clarendon House, Kennington Freeman, J. H.


Hansen, C. J. Clarendon House.

Carter, F.S. Grove House, Woodford. Harvey, W.J. Marlboro' House. 1. Glover, J. F. Mr. Vipond, Elm House.

(Arithmetic and Al.

Kaye, J. W.

Forest House. 2. Davis, G. A. ) Mr. Wyacoll, Thanet gebra.)

Kent, J.

Seymour House.
æq. Coll. School, Margate.
Feeney, C.E. (French) Clarendon House

Long, E. E.

Clapham New Park,
Stone, B. C. S Mr. Capon, Brighton.
Dalton, J. S. (Latin.) Clarendon House.

Mvers, W. H. Clarendon House.
Fielding, H. R. Artillery House School, City Noble, J. W.

Clarendon House.
1. Ravey, F.
Mr. Wyncoil, Margate. (Chemistry and Na. Road.

Palmer, C.

Stratford Academy. 2. Western, E. Mr. Reed, Taunton. tural History.)

Pratt, T.

Clarendon House.
Fishbourne, W. G. Stratford Academy.

Richards, J.

Clarendon House.

Rudd, J.'J. (Natural History.)

Clarendon House. 1. McEvoy, W.L. T. Rev. W. T. Jones, Thel

Foster, R. le Nève
College, Sydenham.

Clarendon House.

Steiner, B. T. Artillery House School. 2. Glover, J. F.

Artillery House School.
Mr. Vipond. Elm House. Į (Arithmetic and Al-

Tongue, A. H.

Freeman, J.H. Stratford Academy.

Bradbury, E. A. Clapham New Park. Brighton and Hove Coll. 1. Taylor, Miss


Delf, E. M.

Forest House.
Ladies' School.
Hansen, C. J.

Desgratoulet, J. M.
Clarendon House.

Chiswick Collegiate School. ) 2. Collins, w. Mr. Wyncoll, Margate.

Hadland, F. A. Clapham New Park.
Davis, G. A. Şæq. Mr. Wyncoll, Margate.

Kent, J.
Seymour House.

Harris, R.

Grove Street School, South
Sharp, I.
Mr. Capon, Brighton.
(Natural History)

Long, E. E. (Latin.) Clapham New Park.

Hill, J.

Forest House. 1. Holding, Miss Brighton and Hove Coll. Palmer, C. . Stratford Academy.

Hill, L.

Forest House.
Ladies' School. (English, Arithmetic,

Johnson, W. W.1 Stratford Academy
2. Dollman, Miss
Brighton and Hove Coll. and Algebra.)

Jones, J.

Chiswick Collegiate School. Ladies' School. Pratt, T.

Clarendon House.

Palmer, F.

Harford House, Stoke New. Latin. (Natural Ilistory.)

ington. 1. McEvoy, W. L. T. Rev. W • T. Jo Rabbits, H. T. Hollywood School.

Rabbits, W. T. Hollywood School. (Classical Prize.) denham. L (Natural History)

Raw, J. F.

Harford House. 2. Bollen, T. Mr. Capon, Brighton. tudd, J. J.

Clarendon House.

Rushbrooke, W. Salway House.
(Natural History.)

Shaw, W.

Salway House. 1. Whitteron, H. Mr. Dyson, Woodville H., Steiner, B. T. Artillery House School. Stannard, W.

Seymour House.
Bradford, Yorkshire.

Rev. W. T. Jones, Sy. Withall, F.

Drummond, J. G.

Clarendon House. 2. McEvoy, W. L.T.

Artillery House School. denham. (French and Arith

Duff, C, P.

Elm House, Edmonton. metic and Algebra.)

Ewbank, J.

Clarendon House.
Natural Phi

Fewster, C. E. Hollywood School.
1. Wiles, w.
Mr. Honey, Cowper's H.,

B. Special.

Hine, E.

Salway House.
Beddow, J.
Seymour House.

Kitchingman, H. W. Hollywood School. 2. Jones, A. F. Mr.Bidiake, Priory School,

(Arithmetic and Al

Scrivener, C. J. Wolfington House, Lower

Boor, E. G. (Latin.) Seymour House.

Street, A.

Hollywood School. 1. Shield, F. Dr. E. T. Wilson, The Bradbury, E.A.(Latin) Clapham New Park.

Weston, A. H.

Clarendon House.
College, Brixton Hill. Darby, C. (French.) Seymour House.

Wilkie, T.J.

Seymour House. 2. Sutton, E. G. V. Dr. E. T. Wilson, The Desgratoulet, J. M. Chiswick Collegiate School.

5. THIRD CLASS. College, Brixton Hill. (French )

Aldred, R.

Clarendon House.
Natural History,
England, E. (French.) Forest House, Woodford Wells. Allen, J. R.

Clarendon House. 1. Ravey, F. a Mr. Wyncoll, Margate. Fielding, H. R. Artillery House School. Andrews, T.

Duke Street School, Grosvenor Ridler, J. K. Jay Mr. Reed, Taunton. (Drawing.)

Square. 2. Fortescue, H.J.F. 20. Mr. Boulden, Margate. Francis, L. A. Marlboro' House, Brompton. | Arnold, S. W. Bellevue Acad., Kentish Town. Wood, G. F. Joll. Mr. Wyncoll, Margate. 1 (English and French.)

Ashcombe, J.

Forest House.
Freeman, J. H. Stratford Academy.

Attwater, C.

Chiswick Collegiate School. (Arithmetic and A).

| Baird, w. Rev. W. T. Jones, Sy

Marlboro' House. 1. Handley, H.

gebra, and Natural

Batchelor, R. T. Aldershot School.

Bunnett, H. R. S.
Mr. King, Bayswater

St. John's Grammar School. 2. Franco, F.C. N.)

Grammar School.
Hadland, F. A. Clapham New Park.

Cadenhead, R. F. Chiswick Collegiate School. (English, French, 4. Rev. W. T. Jones, SyWilkinson, G.F.E.)

Cooper, J. M. St. John's Grammar School.
and Latin.)

Dobbins, J. W. Hollywood School.
Hill, J. (English.) Forest House.

Gardner, J.

Harford House.
Holiebone, A. R. Clarendon House.

Gillingham, A. Clarendon House. 1. Fasken, W. A. D.) Rev. W. T. Jones, Sy


Gotch, H, G. Seymour House.
Sæq. denham.
Hooper, J. (French.) Forest House.

Hacking, w.

Hollywood School.
Taylor, Miss
Brighton and Hove Coll. Lon
Long, E. E. Clapham New Park.

Haynes, L.

Clarendon House.
Ladies' School.
(French and Greek.)

Howes, R.

Salway House.
2. Stokes W.
Mr. Marks, Amblecote
Noble, J.W. (English.) Clarendon House.

Jackson, G.

Clarendon House.
Training School. Palmer, C. (l'rench) Stratford Academy.

Jessop, M.J. West London Coll, School.
Land Surreying.
Rabbits, w. T. Hollywood School.

Jobling, J,

Clarendon House. 1. Birmingham, C. Mr. Reed, Taunton. (Arithmetic and Al

Hills, J. L.

Forest House. , 2. Davis, J. Mr. Reed, Taunton. gebra.)


Salway House.
{ æq.

Clarendon House.
Mr. Reed, Taunton.
Reed, W.

Leclere, A.

Artillery House.
(English and French.)
Mr. Reed, Tauntou.

Lewis, T. R.

Wolfington House.
Snell, W. S.)
Rushbrooke, W. Salway House, Leyton. Lincke, E.

Harford House.
Total of Marks obtained.
(Arithmetic and Algebra)

Linder, J.

University School, Nottingham 1. Reed, w.

Mr. Reed, Taunton. Shaw, W. (Arith- Salway House, Leyton. Long, W. B. D. Clarendon House. 2. McEvoy, W. L. T. Rev. W. T. Jones, Sy 1 metic and Algebra.)

Maunder, N.T. Marlboro House.
Steiner, B.T. Artillery House School. Mawer, H.

Wolfington House.
(Natural History.)

Melton, E.

Harford House.
Artillery House School. Pitts, C. H.

Clarendon House.
(B) A clussified alphabetical List of the Candidates | Tongue, A. H.
1 (Natural History.)

Raxworthy, C. F.
who hare obtained Certificates.

Clarendon House.
Withall, F. (English) Clarendon House.

Read, A. F.


Roberts, A.

Clarendon House.
7. General.

Russell, H.

Salway House.
a. Honours.

Beddow, J.
Seymour House.

Satow, C. M. Forest House.
Amos, H.
Bromley Academy.
Bennett, G. F. West London Coll. School. Silva, E. J.

Clarendon House. (English and Book.

Brophy, E.
Clarendon House.

Teesdale, A.

Clarendon House.
Carter, F. S. Grove House, Woodford. Topley, S.

Paxton House, Woolwich.
Beddow, J.
Seymour Ho., West Brompton. Carter, J.
Grove House, Woodford. Vialls, E.

Artillery House. (English, French,

Darby, c.
Seymour House.

Walker, E.

Clarendon House.

England, E.
Forest House.

Walker, T.

Clarendon House. and Drawing.)

Fielding, H. R. Artillery House School. Whorwell, G. D. Paxton House.

Richards, J.




Williams, W. Seymour House.

Burr, H, G.
Priory School.

Bonnor, C. M. Fulland's House.
Williams, w.S. Salway House.
(Arithmetic & Al.

Burr, H. G.

Priory School.
Withall, H.
Clarendon House.

Cobbett, M.R. Brighton Prop. Gr. School.
Burt. F.J.
Dane Hill House, Margate. Davis, G, A,

Thanet Collegiate School.
Gray, Miss C.
Thirlestane House, Chelsea. 1 (Natural History.)

Easton, G. C. Fulland's House. Chessbyre, J. C. The College, Sydenham. Gordon, H. S. Great Ealing School. (French & Music.)

Hanson, C. H. Woodville House, Bradford.
Cobhett, M. R. Brighton Proprietary Gram- Hughes, W. S. Great Ealing School,
(English, French, mar School.

Long, F.

Orsett School.
and Latin.)

Miller, w.

Brighton Prop. Gr. School. 1. First Class.

Cove, G. E.

Dane Hill House, Margate. Pepney, E. C. Sydenham College. 2. Honours.

Sharp, C.

Brighton Prop. Gr. School. Custance, J. D. Cowper's House, Huntingdon. Sharp, I.

Brighton Prop. Gr. School. Bollen, T. (Latin.) Brighton Proprietary Gram(Natural Philosophy.)

Stone, B. C.

Brighton Prop. Gr. School.
mar School.
Davies, T. K. D. Aberdare Grammar School. Western, E.

Fullaod's House.
Bovs, W. H. Elvin House, Andorer..
(Arithmetic & Al-

Whitteron, H. Woodville House.
* (Book-keeping.)

gebra.) Burr, H. G. Priory School, Islington.

Davis, G. A. Thanet Collegiate School, Dollman, Miss A. Brighton and Hove Collegiate
(English & Natural
(German.) Margate.

Ladies' School,

Easton, G.C. Fulland's House, Taunton. Hall, Miss M. L. Brighton and Hove Collegiate
Davis, G. A. Thanet Collegiate School, Mar-
(Arithmetic & Al.

Ladies' School.
(Arithmetic & Al gate.

Holding, Miss E. Brighton and Hove Collegiate
gebra, French, and
Elliott, J. H. Newport Collegiate and Com-

Ladies' School.
Natural History.)
(Book-keeping.) mercial School.

Fulland's House, Taunton.
Easton, G. C.

Farnfield, C. E. Thanet Collegiate School, Mar.
(Natural History.) gate.

Blackwell, T. Amblecote Training School.
Harris, W. F. Folland's House, Taunton.
Fortescue, H. J. F. Dane Hill House, Margate. Boys, W. H.

Elvin House.

Davies, T. K. D. (French, & Natural

Aberdare Grammar School.
Jones, A. F. Priory School.

Harris, W. F. Fulland's House.
(Natural Philosophy.)
Franklin, A.

Hart, J.
Elvin House, Andover.

Brighton Prop. Gr. School.
Orsett School.

Jones, A. F.

Priory School,
(Arithmetic & Al.
Glover, J. F. Elm House, Sittingbourne.

Jones, G.

Kelvedon School. gebra, and English.)

Johnson, S. W. (Arithmetic & Al.

Bayswater Grammar School. M'Evoy, W. L. T. The College, Sydenham.

Maddison, A. J. S. gebra.)

Thanet Collegiate School. (Latio and Music.)

Mutimer, W. A.
Great Ealing School.

Fulland's House.
Gordon, H. S.
Maddison, A. J. S. Thanet. Colleciste Sohool Mor
Thanet Collegiate School, Mar.

Nash, G. H.

Amblecote Training School. (Natural History.)

| (English & French.)
Harris, W.F. Fulland's House, Taunton.

Pughe, R. E. Aberdare Grammar School.
Miller, G.
Brighton Proprietary Gram-

Ravey, F.
(Natural History.)

Thanet Collegiate School. (English & Latin.) mar School.

Fulland's House, Taunton.

Ridler, J. K.

Fulland's House.
Hooper, H.
Miller, W.
Brighton Proprietary Gram-

Rowntree, J. H. Priory School
French & Latin.) mar School.

Great Ealing School,

Snell, W. S.
Hughes, W. S.

Fulland's House.
Rarey, F.
Thanet Collegiate School, Mar-

Wiles, w.
(English, French,

Cowper's House.
(Arithmetic & Al. gate.

Wilkinson, G. F. E. Sydenham College.
and Music.)
gebra, and Natural
Jackson, W. Elm House.

Wood, G. F. Thanet Collegiate School.
Reed, w.'

Fulland's House, Taunton.

(Arithmetic & Al

gebra.) (English, Arith

Baynes, G. M. Brighton Prop. Gram. School, Kingdon, J. H. Thanet Collegiate School, Mar. meticand Algebra,

Bingeman, F.

The College, Brixton Hill.
(Natural History & gate.
& Book-keeping.)

Bowes, G. W. Orsett School.
Ridler, J. K. " Fulland's House, Taunton.

Bringes, J. H. Orsett School,
(Natural History.)
Lomax, H.A.(French) Great Ealing School.

Budge, W.G. Orsett School.
M‘Evoy, W. L. T. The College, Sydenham.
Sharp, C. Brighton Proprietary Gram-

Burt, F.J.

Dane Hill House.
(Arithmetic & Al-
(Arithmetic & Al mar School.

Kelvedon School.

Carr, H.
gebra, Trigonome-

Challingsworth, C.W. Amblecote Training School.
try and Geometry,
Sharp, I.
Brighton Proprietary Gram-

Charlton, W.M. Dane Hill House.
German and Draw-
(French & Latin.) mar School.

Chesshyre, J.C. Sydenham College.
Snell, w.S.

Fulland's House, Taunton.

Collins, F. C. Priory School.
(Arithmetic & Al.
Maddison, A. J. S. Thanet Collegiate School, Mar-

Collins, w.

Thanet Collegiate School. (French.) gebra, and Natural


Cove, G. E.

Dane Hill House.
Matthews, F. S. Thanet Collegiate School, Mar-

Custance, J. D. Cowper's House.
Stone, B.C.

(Natural History.) Brighton Proprietary Gram- Miller, G.


Dean, J.

Thanet Collegiate School.

Brighton Proprietary Gram(French, Latin, & mar School,

Flindell, E.

Kelvedon School.

(Arithmetic & Al mar School.

Fortescue, H. J. F. Dane Hill House.
gebra, & French.)

George, H.

Woodville House.
Western, E.

Nosworthy, R. Fulland's House, Taunton.
Fulland's House, Taunton.

Glover, J. F.

Elm House.
(English & Book
(Book-keeping &

Goddard, E.

Dane Hill House.
Natural History.)

Grant, E. H.

Bayswater Grammar School.
Pocock, G. P.
Cowper's House, Huntingdon.

Great Ealing School.

Holder, J.H. Brighton Prop. Gram. School. (Natural Philosophy.) (Arithmetic & Al

Jackson, W.

Elm House. Wilkinson, G. F. E. The College, Sydenham. gebra, and French.)

James, H.

Thanet Collegiate School. (Drawing.)

Thanet Collegiate School, Mar.
Ravey, F.

Jones, H.

Kelvedon School.

(English.) gate.
Collegiate School, Ridler, J. K.

Kingdon, J.H. Thanet Collegiate School.

Fulland's House, Taunton.

Lomax, H. A. Great Ealing School.
(English, & Book.

Macopachie, J. R.

Orsett School. Dollman, Miss A. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Sharp, c.'.. keeping.)

Kelvedon School.

Martyn, W.
(German & Music.)

Brighton Proprietary Gram-
Ladies' School.

Matthews, F. S. Thanet Collegiate School. Hall, Miss M. L. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Sharp, F. M. (French & Latin.) mar School.

Morgan, I. E. Fulland's House.

Brighton Proprietary Gram-
Ladies' School.

Pocock, G. P. Great Ealing School.
Holding, Miss E. Brighton and Hove Collegiate

*** (French.) mar School.

Shield, F. (French & German.)

The College, Brixton Hill.

Port, W.

Brighton Prop. Gram. School. Ladies' School.

Powles, E.

Orsett School. Taylor, Miss F. 'Brighton and Hove Collegiate

(Chemistry.) Snell, w. s.

Brighton Prop. Gram. School. (English, French,

Sharp, F. M.

Fulland's House, Taunton.
Ladies' School.

Walker, E. C. Brighton Prop. Gram. School. (Book-keeping.)

Watkins, H.

The College, Brixton Hill.
Wilkinson, G. T. E. The College, Sydenhan

Whitaker, s.

Woodville House.
B. Special.

Wonfor, H. H. Fulland's House.
Amblecote Training School. Boxall, Miss R. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Friend. Miss M. A. Brighton and Hove Coll, L.S.

(English, French, Ladies' School.
Brighton Proprietary Gram and Music.)

mar School.
Dollman, Miss A. Brighton and Hove Collegiate
Ladies' School.

Christchurch School.

Atkins, J. A.
.. Fulland's House, Taunton.

Friend, Miss M. A. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Bailey, W. T. Elvin House.
(French.) Ladies' School.

Bennett, W.

The College, Brixton Hill.

Fulland's House.
Hall, Miss M. L. Brighton and Hove Collegiate Birmingham, C. -

Fullard's House.

Burgoin, T.

Ladies' School.
Orsett School.

Burge, C. H. Bedford Place School, South-
y. General.
Bollen, T.
Brighton Prop. Gr. School. Challen, G.

Priory, School.

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keeping.) Wiles, W.

Wood, G. F.
(Natural History.)

and Music.)

Blackwell, T.


Bollen, T.

(Arithmetic & Ala

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Bonnor, C. M.

(Arithmetic & Algebra, Book-keep

ing, and Latin.) Bowes, G. W.

(Arithmetic & Al. gebra.)


Clement, W. G. Bedford Place School.
Rogers, C. J. Christchurch School.

two scholarships, one of 251. and the other of 201. Crawford, S. J. The College, Brixton Hill. Rowntree, W. G. Priory School.

a-year, open to pupils not more than sixteen, and Dalby, J. Woodville House.

Self, F. W.
The College, Brixton Hill.

who have been three years in the school, by a com-
Skinner, A.
Dorling, A.
Kelvedon School.

Fulland's House. Eden, W.R.

petitive examination, and to be held during good Smith, G. A. Sydenham College.

Fulland's House. Elliott, J. H.

behaviour, and so long as the successful compeNewportColl.and Com.School. Smith, W. H.

Brighton Prop. Gram. School.
Snoad, c.

titor remains at the school. Farnfield, C.E.

Elm House.
Thapet Collegiate School.

The funds in all Floud, G. H.

Sprake, w.
Aberdare Grammar School.

cases are vested in the names of trustees, two of

Christchurch School. Francis, W.C. Brighton Prop. Gram. School. Sprake, T. B. Christchurch School.

them being the present Lord Mayor and Ms. Franklin, A. Elvin House.

Stevens, M.
Christchurch School.

| Alderman Hale, the latter of whom has been long
Hooper H.
Fulland's House.
Straight, R. Kelvedon School.

conspicuous for his unwearied exertions in pro. Jackman, J. Dane Hill House,

Steytler, J.
Kelvedon School.

moting the interests of the seminary.
Jennings, F. C. Brighton Prop. Gram. School. Sutton, E. G. V. The College, Brixton Hill.
Kendle, J. H. Priory School.
Swanston, W.R. Great Ealing School.

AN EDUCATIONAL EXPERIMENT : A Co. Lambert, W. R. Westfield House, Hungerford. [Taylor, E.

Kelvedon School.
Long, W.
Orsett School.

Tucker, A.

Christchurch School. Mortimer, J. D. Woodville House.

principle has been applied to education in the Vivian, E. N. Dane Hill House. Nosworthy, R. Fulland's House.

county of Devon, by the establishment of a county Wade, W.

Kelvedon School.
Pulsford, W.

Waters, w.
Fulland's House.

school at West Buckland; and a general

Christchurch School.
Robilliard, w.s. Elvin House.
Webber, R. H. Dane Hill House.

meeting of the shareholders was recently held at
Shield, F.
The College, Brixton Hill.
White, W. H. Sydenham College.

South Molton. The Rev. Prebendary Brereton, Smith, A. Amblecote Training School.

White, A. G.

Aberdare Grammar School. chairman of the directors, read their report. Ten Tomlyn, F.

Wrench, W.
Orsett House.

Kelvedon School.

acres had been purchased for 4661. as the site of a Waters, R. Christchurch School.

Young, A. W. The College, Brixton Hill. school-house, which was to be erected at a cost of Williams, J. R. Aberdare Grammar School. Barnden, Miss H. J. Brighton and Hove Coll. L. S..

9381., and to contain a master's residence, dormi. Hughes, Miss E. Brighton and Hove Coll. L.S. Brown, Miss L. Brighton and Hove Coll. L. S.

tory for fifty boys, and domestic offices, leaving 5. THIRD CLASS. Hobden, Miss M.L.E. Brighton and Hove Coll. L. S.

school-rooms, dining-room, additional dormitories, Andrew, W. Kelvedon School. Mercier, Miss H. Brighton and Hove Coll. L. S.

and additional offices, to be added at a cost of 8001. Appleford, R. Kelvedon School.

Mussell, Miss K. Brighton and Hove Coll. L. S. The directors recommended the completion of the Baily, F. P. Christchurch School.

Wilson, Miss M. Brighton and Hove Coll. L. S. permanent buildings this year, and stated that a Parker, J. P. Dane Hill House.

call of 101. per share would be sufficient, leaving Batts, F. Brighton Prop. Gram. School.

CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL.- At what is called 51.per share in reserve. The number of shareholders Baxter, w. Cowper's House.

a Court of Hustings, recently held in Guildhall, in was 142, and, without more shares being taken, Beall, W. H. Sydenham College.

the presence of the Lord Mayor, Alderman and the directors thought the association had capital Bonny, J.

Elm House. Boulden, A. W. Dane Hill House.

Sheriff Abbis, Mr. Sheriff Lusk, Alderman Rose, enough to complete the permanent buildings, and Bourne, D. Priory House.

and several members of the Livery, the legal that the prospects of the school requiring such Bowyer, H. Elm House.

formalities for giving effect to the recent endow. buildings, filling them, and paying interest on the Brearley, J.

Amblecote Training School. ment of five scholarships in connexion with the capital, were not very remote. The association Bruce, W. Kelvedon School.

City of London School were consummated. At owns a school, started in 1858, and calculations Burrell, w.

Brighton Prop. Gram. School. the conclusion of the ceremony, Mr. Tee, of the show that, with seventy boarders, there will be a Capon, R. J. F. Brighton Prop. Gram. School. Lord Mayor's Court, who acted as clerk of the surplus of 3001. to be carried to repairs and capital. Chapman, F. Dane Hill House.

Court of Hustings, proclaimed the circumstances At present the number of boarders is forty-five. Cooke, W. H. R. Dane Hill House.

under which the several endowments were made, I The directors hope that those who are watching the Cooper, A.O. Dane Hill House,

and in this the interest of the occasion lay. The experiment will in time take up the shares that Cresswell, H. Kelvedon School. Daniel, E. M.

first consisted of a grant to trustees of 2,0001. 3 per remain to be allotted. They conclude by answering Bayswater Grammar School. Deacon, H.J. Elvin House.

Cent. Consolidated Bank Annuities, by Baron objectors to the scheme. They say that the facts that Dowden, F. W. Christchurch School.

Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, “ Citizen and Fish- private establishments are exceedingly numerous Dunkley, E. J. The College, Brixton Hill.

| monger," of the City of London, and one of its and are maintained by local and parental resources Evans, P. Aberdare Grammar School.

representatives in Parliament, to found and endow show that these resources are large, and that there Farwell, w.

Thanet Collegiate School. la Scholarship, “in grateful recognition of the is a preference for principles of independence and Franco, F. C. N. Bayswater Grammar School. | assistance afforded by his fellow-citizens in carry- self-support which it is desirable to maintain and Friend, H. T. Christchurch School.

ing an Act for enabling a Jew to sit in Parlia. encourage. It is admitted that the advantages of Futcher, T.S. Christchurch School.

ment,” such scholarship to be for the mainte- system, combination, and organisation are on the Gadsby, w. Cowper's House.

nance and education, at an English or foreign side of Government schools; and the object of a Garnier, F. Priory School.

university, of one scholar, to be selected from county association is simply to transfer to the side Gething, E.

Aberdare Grammar School. Girling, J. R. Brighton Prop. Gram. School.

among the pupils of every religious persuasion in of independence and self-maintenance those same Handley, A. Sydenham College.

the City of London School, and to be tenable for advantages. To those who object to the standayd Handley, F. Sydenham College.

four years, provided he shall properly conduct of education, the directors say the objection cannot Harding, E. J. The College, Brixton Hill.

himself, and shall with due diligence pursue his apply to a self-supporting school, which simply Hargreaves, J. Woodville House.

studies for the purpose of qualifying himself to offers advantages at their real cost to those who Harris, W. Elm House.

graduate at the University to which he may belong can afford to pay for them. To those who object Haughton, R. Sydenham College.

“with honour to the founder of the scholarship to this mode of establishing a school, the reply 19, Haydon, W.F. Christchurch School.

and with credit to himself and the school.” The that it would have been difficult, if not impossible, Haywood, J. Dane Hill House.

next is a scholarship founded and endowed with to have raised the capital on any other basis than Heard, E. H. Thanet Collegiate School.

the sum of 1,3331. odd, by the Jews' Commemora. that of a proprietary association with limited Brighton Prop. Gram. School. tion Fund Committee, “to perpetuate the reme Hook, A. H. Hurst, T. W.

|tion Fund Committee, “to perpetuate the remem- liability. Donations cannot be received from Bayswater Grammar School. Illingworth, c. Woodville House.

brance of the passing of an Act of the Legislature those who object to become shareholders, but they Jay, T. Elm House.

on the 23d of July, 1858, by which Jews were may be and have been contributed towards a John, W. B. Aberdare Grammar School.

enabled to sit in Parliament on taking an oath permanent prize and endowment fund, the money Jones, T. W. Aberdare Grammar School.

consistent with their religious principles, and to to be invested, and the interest, equally with the Kendall, A. Sydenham College.

testify to the electors of the City of London the dividend, to be distributed in scholarships and Kitching, F. J. Dane Hill House.

grateful sense entertained by the Jews in this prizes. Without asserting that the experiment Lane, E. B. Christchurch School.

country of the exertions made in their behalf in has been fully tried, the directors invite inquiry Lewis, E.

Aberdare Grammar School. I favour of religious liberty by the repeated election and discussion. Negotiations have already been McCheane, R. Bayswater Grammar School. of Baron Lionel de Rothschild, a Jew, as one of entered into for admitting another school mo McCutchan, H. Thanet Collegiate School. the representatives of the City in the House of the association. Earl Fortescue has endowed a Maishman, C. K. The College, Brixton Hill. Melliss, H.

Commons.” This scholarship, like the preceding chaplaincy to the school by transferring 10001, in Bayswater Grammar School. Morris, A. Sydenham College.

one, is to be open to all the pupils of the school, of Consols to the trustees ; and Viscount Ebrington Nickinson, F. The College, Brixton Hill.

every religious persuasion, who are not more than has also given 2001. under the will of the late Hon. Ody, R. H. The College, Brixton Hill.

sixteen, and shall have been three years in the John Fortescue, to found a scholarship to be Ottley, O.

Thanet Collegiate School. school, and it is tenable for three years. The competed for annually. The report was adopted, Packard, F. Kelvedon School.

third is “the Masterman Scholarship," endowed and a letter was read from Earl Fortescue stating Parsons, H. A. Bayswater Grammar School. | with 1,000l., the surplus of a fund subscribed by that he proposed making such an addition to the Pentelow, J. Cowper's House.

merchants, bankers, traders, and citizens for a church at East Buckland as would admit the boys Piercy, J. The College, Brixton Hill.

testimonial to Mr. Masterman on his retirement of the school over and above the ordinary congre. Pitwood, w. Fulland's House.

from Parliament. The dividends are to be applied gation. He recommended that the shares should Provis, E.

The College, Brixton Hill. Pulling, F. W.

in enabling a scholar of the school to continue his be paid in full, and was prepared to pay up the Sydenham College. Punshon, J. W. Elm House.

study at a University for a period of four years whole of his own fifty-six shares. The Duke of Reeves, J. Kelvedon School.

from the date of his matriculation. Lastly, Mr. Bedford and other shareholders have volunteered Renton, G. Woodville House. | Tite, M. P., bas given 1,5001. for the foundation of to pay off their shares in full, in order to facilitate

the completion of the buildings.- Dial.

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1848, with the special object of improving and by which, not seldom boys are permanently middle-class education. Besides large build-injured.

ings at Lancing, on a property of 230 acres, We are by no means admlrers of the régime Space of Six Lines and under, (Body Type) 3 6 as the head-quarters of the society, with a of Busby or Keate, nor insensible to the Every Additional Line


grammar-school for the sons of gentlemen, the abuses to which it is liable, but we believe Halía Column .....

...... i 5 0
A Column ...........
2 6 0 college has in operation-

that the opinion of the vast majority of senHalf a Page..........

3 0 0

1. A college at Hurstpierpoint, in Sussex, for sible persons, both teachers and parents, in A Page .........."

5 100
training middle schoolmasters.

this country, is, that if corporal punishment Advertisements cannot be inserted without either a

2 2. A public boarding school, in the same build. were entirely done away with in English written order, or pre-payment; and it is particularly re... 2. A Public boarding school, in the same b quested that they may be sent in as early in the month as ing, for the upper class of tradesmen, farmers, schools, it would be a serious injury to edupossible, as none can be inserted after the 25th.

clerks, &c., at a payment varying, according to cation. The whole question is argued in a Advertisements, Books, Music, and School Appliances circumstannces, from 20l. to 301. a-year, contain- very able and interesting manner, in an article for Notice, and Communications, should be addressed to sing more than 250 boys, who are taught by sevenwhich we reproduce elsewhere from the " Mu. the Editor 1, Gough Square, Fleet Street. The adoption of the Educational Times as the Journal clergymen and graduates of the Universities, with caum wandchich will

seum,” and which will be found well worthy of the College of Preceptors, has made no change whatsix other trained masters.

of the attention of those who are interested in
3. A cheaper boarding school at Shoreham for
ever in the Proprietorship of the Periodical, in which the
College has no pecuniary interest.
the sons of small shopkeepers and artisans, at

this subject.
Adrertisements may be sent to the Publisher, No. which the payment for board and education is but
1, Gough Square, Fleet Street; or to Mr. W. Wesley,

thirteen guineas a-year. This is carried on for
No. 2, Queen's Head Passage, Paternoster Row.

the most part in houses hired by the parents of COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS' BENE-
the boys (230 of whom are already admitted, and

THE EDUCATIONAL TIMES no more houses can be hired). This disadvantage We find that the amount of this fund is at

En. it is now sought to remedy by the erection of pre- present the very small sum of £47 only, which

mises to accommodate 1,000 boys with an ade- is invested in the names of the trustees, the Since the publication of our last number. I quate stuff of masters.

Rev. W. Taylor Jones, Mr. Arthur Hill, and the cause of middle-class education has taken We are also informed that applications for Dr. E. T. Wilson, in the Bloomsbury Savings a decided step in advance. Statesmen, law-admission are now so numerous, that a school Bank. It is much to be desired that this deyers, prelates, manufacturers, and country- for 1,000 boys would be full by the time the partment of the College should be put into an gentlemen have met together to congratulate building was completed. Bei ween six and efficient position as soon as possible. The one another, and the nation at large, on the seven thousand pounds will make up the re. Bye-Laws provide that no portion of the Fund success of an educational experiment which quisite sum for this completion, as otherwise can be distributed until the interest derived has now passed through a probation of some this institution will be self-supporting Mr. from the capital invested amounts to at least trelve years. And this time, at least, an Woodard's schools are essentially middle-class £50 per annum. illustrious assemblage were not brought toge- public schools; minor Etons and Harrows, The Trustees, in the hope of speedily augther to pay homage to one of our great pub- wliere the pupils are taught by competent menting the Fund to the required extent, have lic schools on the arrival of its tercentenary masters, and where each boy may enjoy pure commenced a subscription, and have, with festival; or to inaugurate some new plan for air and plenty of plain wholesome food. "We several other Members of the Council, put siding and extending pauper education. The make no complaint whatever that Mr. Wood-down their names for five guineas each, condiscovery appears to have been at length ard limits or enlarges the educational ad- ditionally that forty Members of the Council made that between Eton, Harrow, Rugby, vantages which he offers to parents accord- enter their names for the same amount. One &c., and the national schools, which are so ing to the amount of the fee which is paid. gentleman has offered the same sum annually carefully and so constantly inspected by gen- Nevertheless we have strong doubts as to whe- for ten years. If the Members of the College tlemen of learning and ability, there lies an ther thirteen guineas per annum will, by any generally will come forward in a similar spirit, educational terra incognita which requires only possible or impossible amount of management, the necessary amount may quickly be raised, to be well planted and watered to bring forth be found a sufficient sum to provide board and and thus one of the most beneficial objects of fruit in abundance. The upper classes have education for a boy; for if the appeal to pub- the corporation may be realized. It is earnestly literally confiscated to their own uses the funds lic benevolence be successful, lodging will not hoped that this attempt to establish the Fund originally intended for the education of the have to be included in the tariff. We know upon a sure basis may meet with the success poor; and while to the poor this loss has been that the air of the Sussex Downs is keen and it deserves. Other bodies have their Benevomore than made good from the national purse, appetizing; and tliough the member for lent Funds; and it is not creditable to the inlittle sympathy, and less aid, has been extended Berkshire joked at Mr. Squeers, that un- fluential and numerous class of Preceptors to that large class of English citizens who worthy Yorkshireman did not pretend to be that one of the objects specially mentioned in could not send their sons to our Grammar able to board and educate a boy for less than their Charter of Incorporation should have Schools, and who very properly will not send five shillings and sixpence a week. One thing been so long in abeyance. them to the National School. It is a mere is certain, that if this can be done for the sum mockery to tell the farmer or tradesman that in question, parents will no longer consent to Eton and Winchester, through their founda- pay £50 or £60 annually. We may add, that in SOLUTIONS OF THE PAPERS IN ARITHMETIC tion endowments are now as open to his sons the county of Devon, where two admirable pro AND ALGEBRA, GIVEN AT THE EXAMINA. as to those of the nobles of the land. The prietary schools have been lately started, al TION OF PUPILS AT THE COLLEGE OF PREopen sesame to these coveted establishments, or, much higher tariff has been, we think wisely, CEPTORS, JUNE, 1861. indeed, to any other desirable place, is not to be fixed on. With regard, however, to Mr. WoodJearned in an ordinary Commercial Academy. ard's financial view we ought to say that the Lord John Manners urged, with not less Bishop of Chichester informed the meeting

ARITHMETIC. truth than point, that the educational position that the “Liverpool Blue Coat boys” were sup

(First and Second Classes.)
of the middle classes in this country reminded ported at the yearly cost of £10 each. This,
all of that unfortunate middle child in a at all events, reminds us of the Greek proverb, reckoning 97 Leap Years in 400 years?

(1.) How many hours are there in 1600 years,
Amily, of which it was said that the eldest παχεία γαστηρ λεπτόν ου τίκτει νόον,
veing strong enough would walk over the which we hope is verified both at Liverpool No. of days = 1600 × 365+ 97 x 4
gutter, the youngest would be carried over it, and Shoreham.

= (584389) * 24 hrs.=14025123 hrs. while the middle one, left to itself, would We may now notice a little piece of senti

ment which Mr. G. H. Sala gave vent to in his Elsewhere in these columns our readers will speech, when he expressed a hope that cor- (2.) Find the weight of 5 dozen spoons, eacb

an account of the meeting held at St. poral punishment would be entirely banished weighing 2 oz. 4 dwts. James's Hall for the promotion of self-sup- from Mr. Woodard's schools. Mr. Sala fur-1, porting public boarding schools for the lower ther remarked, that in the French schools, of weigar os

ofWeight of spoons = 24 * 60 = 11 x 12 = 132 oz. madle classes” in connection with St. Nicolas' which he had experience, this mode of punishWollege, Shoreham. As we stated before, Mr. ment was entirely dispensed with. Now, we doubt Woodard's experiment has turned out success- whether as a general rule corporal punish-|

(3.) How many yards, worth 48. 2 d. a yard, It is now to be tried on a more ex. I ments are wholly done away with in French must be given in exchange for 102 yards at 3s. 5 d.

schools, and we utterly abhor the system of a yar
to Mr. Woodard's report we learn that starvation and imprisonment which is made

No. of yards x 4785. = 402 x 3448.
Olas' College was founded in the year to do duty for them where they are abolished ;.:. No. of yards = 67*** 4 = 83 * 4 = 332 yds.

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tumble into it.

fully; and it is now to be trie tensive scale.


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(4.) State and explain the rule for division of fractions. Simplify

xxx llàs. = 70 x 13},

-1-2 -3.r (i.) 24 - 34+4 = 24.

70 403

+ 2.x + 4.29 + 6x3
(ii.) 1345-5,5-65+57g.

:: No. gall. =
all. = 1* 3 * 35

= 80 gall.

I T + 2x + 3.x2 + 4.233 + 5x+ &c. (i.) 2 = 34 + 4 25 = 5 x + 1x1 = 1;

.: water = 10 gall. + i} = i} = 2 is.

and 1316.-113s. = lgs.

(5.) Find the G.C. M. of 2x: - 3xy2 - 4xy: + 20-9 (ii.) 13,75 - 53-675 +5,73 = 7+*s

.. llßs. : lgs. :: 1001. : x,

6y, and 2x – 2*y + xy2 - 6y3.
1005,3_100 = 1481.

2.03 - 3x^y — 4xy? + 6y3 =
1::gain per cent. = *=*== ī

223 - xy + xy--6y
540 * 0317

N (2x - 3y) — 212 (2x – 3y). 22 – 2ya

(2* + xy + 2y^) (2.x – 3y) 2 + xy + 2y (5.) Reduce 1966, TT, to decimals; and

(13.) Which is the better investment, the 3 per •015625, 0099, to vulgar fractions.

.: 2x – 3y is G. C. M. Cents. at 90, or the 3 per Cents. at 102? What

income would be derived from the investment of 1001 - 1:001 · 19 – 2375 296875 = 1494375

1 1 2a 24991, 15s, in the former ?

(6.) Simplify-(i.) - ++1000 1001 - 12876 = 2

a-o ato -
901.. : xl. : 31. : 311. ..x = 15x = 1057.

1 + r + x 1 + x + 2?
5 015625
= .0009 : •1015625=

u 101 = 0009 : 1010020= 1000000
and the latter is the better by 3 per cent.

1-2+ 64

1+ 1 901. : 24991, 15s. : 31. : xl... =:

. 24991. 158,

30 Let x = 0099 :: 10000 x = 99.0099 and r= 99

* 9901
= $31. 6s. 6d.

Gis 1 + x + x + 1 + x 1-2 +22

(ii.) 7-x** (1 + 8 + x) = T-zo. (6.) Standard gold being coined at the rate of

(7.) Solve the equations :31. 178. 101d. per oz., what is the least number of (14.) How many cubic feet of lead to incl

1 2

3 ounces that can be coined into an exact number thick will be required to cover the sides and (i.) 5--*=*-3.(ii.) _ _=

4 of sovereigns ? bottom of a cistern 10 feet long, 6 feet 6 inches


*+2 3+2 * +3 + wide, and 7 feet deep? What weight of water

3y-2x=112 will the cistern hold, a cubic foot of water weigh

(iii) — 12 +ærvæ+6, (iv.) 13x-5y=1} 1 oz.=31. 178. 10d. = 77ks. =

ing 1000 oz.?
. ii 160 oz. – 6:23 £.

(i.) 88–2–4=112, - x=7.
Area in feet = 20 ~ 7 + 13 x 7 + 5 x 13 = 296 feet
of surface.

(ii.) 3x + 12– 43 – 12=(x+3) (x +4)*
(7.) Add together of 17s. 6d., ' of 21s., and Cubic inches of lead on one square foot= 4 = 1
of 10s., and reduce the result to the decimal of

9 cubic inches,

or x (x+2)=x*+7x+12,..x=-*. 41. 198. 54d.

296 x 9

.. Total quantity=7708" -l cubic feet. (iii.) 12+x=x+12V+36,.. Vx=-2 1.*=4 * * *4.5.+ x s.+ ijs.-*+*+ 13 = 168. 619 |

Il + 2x _ 13r-1 .R10. cubic feet of water = 10x *&*7,

2, :55 + 10x = 39x – 3 orz=2 2387 2387 = 00 of 99s. 5.d.


5 x 13 x 7 x 1000 = 12_89 tons. 144 * 99, 4 6x 2387 =

1.:Weight of water_5 x 13 x 7 x 1000

16x 112 x 20

('.) = a+b+a-b__202 = 0.

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and y="1+4= 5.

(8.) A person laid out a part of 1161. 9s. 2d. in the purchase of 684 yards of linen at 3s. 1d. per yard, and the rest in calico at 11:d. a yard; how many yards of calico did he buy? Price of linen=C94 x 345.=2137s. 6d.

= 1061. 17. 6d.

2300d. Difference is 91. 11s. 8d.,.. yards of calico==

Tid. = 100 x 2 = 200 yards.


(8.) A grocer has tea worth 33. per lb. and other

tea worth 5s. per lb. In what proportions must (1.) If a = V2, b = 3, c = 4, d = 0, find the

-o find the he mix 30 lbs. so that he may sell the mixture at value of

3s. 4d. per lb.? a2b+cd - Vu+ bc + 3/2c + bd.

Let æ be the quantity of the one and y of the

other, then 3x + 5y=30 x 3 = 100 Here a*b+cd-væ*+bc + 3/2c + ud

also 3x + 3y= 90 = 6+0– 4 + 12 + 1/8=6-4+2-4. ..y=5, X = 25

(9.) If of an estate be worth 12821. 38. 4d., 1 what is the value of of it? 2::: 12827 :x= -60Ž * 5 = 7693 3,14 53851

20 = 13461. 5s. 6d.

(2.) Simplify 1 – [2 – (7 – x — 4)] + 2 –

Here 1–2+(75–4) + 2–3–(4-7-5)

=7—x+4–2–4 +2 – 5=0.

(9.) There is a number of two digits, to which lif 36 be added, the digits will be reversed, and the sum of the digits is 12 ; find the number. Let 10x+y=N,.·. 10y + x=N+ 36 and x+y=12 .:. 9.x-9y= -36, or x-y=-- 4 and x+y=12,

x=4 and y=8.

(10). Required the rent of 152 acres 3 roods 15 poles, at 31. 15s. an acre.

By Practice, the cost = 5731. 3s. 3 d.

(3.) Find the product of

(i.) ao + 12 + ca- ab-ac-bc by a +b+c.
(ii.) 2 + x, x + 3, 2-x, and x-3.

(i.)=Q3 + b3 + c3 - 3abc
(x+2) (x+3) (2-2) (x-3)=-(x~—9) (-2°-4)

=-(x - 13.x: +36)

(10.)Simplify– (i.)/2+VĀ+ VĒ. (ii.)/27+7/3
(1) V2+vB+v1 = (2+1+3)=72
(ii.) Let v277 V5=1/x-vy, .27-725

=x+y-2 May,
also 27+ 7/5=7x+vy,.: 484=x-y=22,
and x+y=27,.: Vx=v* and Vy=v.

..v27+ 7 V5=742 + v1.

(11.) Find the cost of insuring property worth 12401. 16s. 8d., at 31. Is. 8d. per cent.

1001. 121031. :: 371.: X,

7445 37 1 55093 . :. cost =

= 381. 58. 24d. 12100 1440

(4.) Divide (i.) 2.5 — 5x3 – 1 by x2 + 3x + 1.

(ii.) I by 1 – 2.c ́+ x2 to 5 terms in

the quotient.
x 205 – 5.73 + 5.x21
+ 3x -x + 3.x+ - 3.73 + x2
+ 1 -3.x4 + 973-9.7% + 3r

-23 + 3x^— 3x + 1
3 - 3x2 + 3x - 1

(11.) Solve the equations,

(12.) How much water must be added to a cask containing 70 gallons of spirits, worth 138. 4d. a gallon, to reduce the price to Ils. 8d. a gallon? What would be the gain per cent., if it were sold at 13s. 4d. a gallon ?

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