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CLASSICS ........

THE REV. B. H. KENNEDY, D.D., Head Master of the Grammar School, Shrewsbury.

A. HILL, Esq., F.C.P., Principal of Bruce Castle School, Tottenhamn.
Rev. J. S. HOWSON, M.A., Head Master of the Collegiate Institution, Liverpool.
Rev. J. R. MAJOR, D.D., Head Master of King's College School, London.

DEAN--The Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D., Worcester College, Oxford ; Head Master of Christ's Hospital.

MODERATOR FOR Classics-Wm. Smith, Esq., LL.D., Classical Examiner in the University of London.

MODERATOR FOR MATHEMATICS—The Rev. C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S.; late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.
MODERATOR FOR SCIENCE AND ART-Dr. L. Playfair, C.B., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh, late Inspector-General of the

Department of Science and Art.

Rev. W. Rogers, M.A., Incumb. St. Thomas, Charterhouse,

( Dr. L. Loewe, M.R.A.S., late Principal of the Jews' Col. Chaplain to the Queen.

HEBREW AND ORIENTAL) lege, London. THEORY AND PRACTICE Rev. J. Selby Watson, M.A., F.C.P., M.R .L.


Rev. R. Wilson, D.D., St. John's College, Cambridge. OP EDICATION ......... Joseph Payne, Esq., F.C.P.

K. Kalisch, Ph.D., Berlin. ( Dr. H.S. Turrell, F.C.P.

( Rev. W. T. Jones, M.A, F.C.P., Queens' Coll., Cambridge.

C. P. Mason, Exq., B.A., Fellow of Cuiv.College, London, Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D., F.C.P., Worcester College, Oxford.

HISTORY ............

Dr. C. H. Pinches, F.C.P., F.R.A.S.
C.S. Townshend, Esq., M.A., Fellow of Jesus Coll., Camb.

(H. F. Bowker, Esq., Christ's Hospital,
Rev. J. Selby Watson, M.A., F.C.P., M.RS.L.
J. Wingfield, Esq., B.A., Christ's Hospital.

( Rev. R. Wilson, D.D., F.C.P., St. John's Coll., Cambridge. Jolin Robson, Esq., B.A. Lond., Barrister-at-Law.

Rev. W. T. Jones, M.A., F.C.P., Queens' Coll., Cambridge.

SCRIPTURE HISTORY ... Rev. P. Smith, B.A. Lond.
· Rev. C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S., St. John's College, Camb.

( Rev. W.F. Greenfield, M.A., Dulwich College.
W. Lethbridge, Esq., M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge.
Rev. R. H. Wright, M.A., Ashford Grammar School.

NATURAL HISTORY :- (Dr. Lankester, F.R.S., F.L.S., etc., New College, London.
Rev. W.C. Izard, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. Geology, Mineralogy,Phy-3 Professor Tennant, F.G.S., F.R.G.S., King's Coll., London.
Rev. T.J. Potter, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge.

siology, Zoology,& Botany (A. K, Isbister, Esq., M.A., University of Edinburgh. ( Rev. J. H. Stevens, M.A., Magdalen College, Cambridge.

( W. McLeod, Esq., F.R.G.S., Royal Mil. Asylum, Chelsea. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY ( Rev. C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S., St. John's College, Camb.


W. Hughes, Esq., F.R.G.S., King's College, London. AND ASTROXONY .... 3 W.J. Reynolds, Esq., M.A., Queens' College, Cambridge.

( Dr. White, F.C.P... ** (Rev. S. Newth, M.A., New College, London.

( Professor Miller, M.D., F.R.S., King's College, London. ENGINEERING AND POR- / W.J. Reynolds, Esq., M.A., Queens' College, Cambridge.

W.Oling, Esq., M.B. Lond., F.R.S.

CHEMISTRY ......... TIFICATION ............., 1 T. Kimber, Esq., M.A. Lond., L.C.P.

J. P. Bidlake, Esq., B.A. Lond., F.C.P., F.C.S.

(J.C. Buckmaster, Esq., South Kensington Museum. (L. Stièvenard, Esq., Lecturer, King's College, London. Professor Marzials, Wellington College.

MORAL AND POLITICAL S Professor Hoppus, LL.D., F.R.S., Univ. College, London. M. Wattez, L.C.P., King's College, London.


? T. S. Baynes, Esq., LL.D., Examiner in Univ. of London W. Chapman, Esq., Christ's Hospital.

, Professor Leoni Levi, King's College. J. D'Arnaud, Esq., L.C.P.


T. B. O'Feily, Esq., LL.B., Queens' University, Ireland. F. Braudicourt, Esq., B.A.


J. Haddon, Esq., M.A., King's College, London, (Professor Wintzer, King's College, London.

H.A. Bowler, Esq., Art Inspector, S. Kensington Museum. Karl Schaible, Ph. D., M.D., L.C.P., Examiner in the Uni

J.L. Kenworthy, Esq.,L.C.P.,F.R.A.S., R. Mil. Asyl. Chelsea. versity of London.


H. Hagreen, Esq., Dep.of Art, South Kensington Museum. (Falck Lebahn, Ph.D.

J. C. Ogle, Esq., West Brompton, ...Professor Arrivabene, University College, London.

T.C. Dibden, Esq., Banstead.
( Professor Masson, M.A., University College, London.

E. F. Rimbault, LL.D., F.S.A.
SH LANGUAGE AND C. P. Mason, Esq., B.A. Lond.

J. Hullah, Esq.

MUSIC ......... ............. J. P. Bidlake. Esa.. B.A. Lond., F.C.P.

Dr. Steggal. (Dr. E. Adams, University College.

(H. T. Leftwich, Esq., M.R.A.M.



FRENCI ...........



LITERATURE ..........

purpose of promoting sound lear

The union of teachers of every c

mized position on a
The making of provision
To providing of a medium
Assistants of good characu

lege of Preceptors was incorporated in 1819, by Royal Charter, “for the

hur Raval Charter “for the The Charter empowers the College to hold Examinations and to grant Diplomas 1. promoting sound learning and of advancing the interests of Education, and Certificates of Proficiency to such persons of both sexes as have passed the etially among the middle classes." The principal mcans employed to secure Examinations satisfactorily. Djects are: Ist. The periodical examination of teachers and of pupils. 2ud.

The Examinations of Pupils are held twice in each year, beginning on the third

Monday in May, and on the third Monday in November. The First Class Certificates eners of every class in a corporate body, so that they may have a

of the Collere are recognized by the General Medical Council as guarantees of good position on a par with that enjoyed by the other learned professions. 3rd.

general education, and by the Royal College of Surgeons of England as exempting rovision for the families of deceased, aged, and poor members. 4th. of a medium of communication between Principals of Schools and their possessors from the preliminary literary examination recently instituted by that

body. the conducting of which has been entrusted to the Board of Examiners of the wo character and attainments. 5th. The periodical bringing together

College of Preceptors. The Pharmaceutical Society also recognizes in a similar way intended for the discussion of subjects in which the scholastic profession is

all the College Certificates the holders of which have passed the Examination in Latin. subscription is One Guinea. There is no entrance fee. A single The Examinations for the College Diplomas also take place twice a year, in the Ten Guineas confers the privilere of Life Membership...

Midsummer and in the Christmas Vacations. These examinations are arranged with

special reference to the requirements and circumstances of School-Assistants; and engaged in education are admissible as Members of the Corporation;

Que of their distinctive features is, that the theory and practice of education is included is or joining it or of promoting its objects, may, on application to

in them as a leading and indispensable subject. a necessary information, together with copies of the Bye-Laws,

Monthly Meetings of the Members are held for the reading and discussion of Papers Wations respecting the Examinations of Candidates for the College w, and of the Pupils of Schools in Union with the College.

I on educational subjects.

JOHN ROBSON, B.A., Sccretary.

The annual subscription is perment of Ten Guineas cor

All persons engaged in e and persons desirous of the secretary, obtain all nece and of the Regulations respe

Dime, and oft





Price 6d., by post 7d.,

In 12 Numbers, price 1s. each, Post Office Orders to be made payable to Mr.


U C. F. Žodgson, 1, Gough Square, Fleet Street,


T AND DESIGN; or, Pencilled Copies and Easy Midsummer Examination, 1861.

Examples. For the Use of Schools and Families, and E.C.”-- Subscribers who have not already paid | The Papers, for Midsummer and Christmas, 1856, 1857, intended as a preparation for the Drawing Master. By their subscriptions, are respectfully requested to 1859, and 1860, can still be had.

GEORGE CARPENTER. do so without delay.


4 CONTENTS:-No. 1. Straight Lines and Combinations THE PAPERS SET FOR THE MEDICAL STU- of Straight Lines ;--No. 2. Rectilineal Figures ;-No. 3. DENTS' EXAMINATION. Price 6d.

Curves ;-No. 4. Outlines of Familiar Objects;-No. 5.

Shaded Figures :-No. 6. Introduction to Perspective:
C.F. Hodgson, 1, Gough Square, Fleet Street.

No. 7. Trees No 8. Human Figure ;--No.9. Animals and LADIES' COLLECIATE SCHOOL.

Rustic Figures ;-No. 10. Ornament;-No. 11 Flowers ;-
Now ready, the Fourth Edition of

No. 12. Maps.

London : Aylott and Son, 8, Paternoster Row.
In union with, and under the Periodical Eramination of, the A LATIN PROSE COMPOSITION. Part Second.
Royal College of Preceptors, London.

Containing the Doctrine of LATIN PARTICLES, with

Vocabulary, an Antibarbarus, &c. By the Rev. T. K. WHARTON'S MATHEMATICAL WORKS. The Course of instruction pursued in this School is at at | ARNOLD, M.A., late Rector of Lyndon, and formerly

1. once systematic, comprehensive, and complete. It in- | Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 8s.

SEVENTH EDITION, ENLARGED, 12mo, 28., cludes Ancient and Modern History, Writing, Arithmetic,

Also may be had. Alpebra Grummar. Composition, Geography, the Use of


The Eleventh Edition of THE FIRST PART. By the the Globes, French, Music, Drawing, Needlework, and same Author. 6s. 6d.

U Text-book for Class Teaching, and comprising Drilling.

LONGER LATIN EXERCISES. Part I. B The School-room, expressly erected, is spacious, lofty,

EXERCISES, Part I. By the same Elementary Arithmetic, with Ruloster and comprising

mel tical Calculations, and a course of Fractional and Propor. Author. Third Edition. 8vo. 4s.

tional Arithmetic, an Introduction to Logarithms, and thoroughly warned, and ventilated on the best principles. The Vacations are, one month at Midsummer, and one

LONGER LATIN EXERCISES, Part II. Containing Selections from the Civil Service, College of Preceptors, month at Christinas,

a Selection of Passages of greater length, in genuine and Oxford Examination Papers.
idiomatic English, for Translation into Latin. By the

Boarders .......
..... Ten Guineas per Quarter. same Author. 4s.

SIXTH EDITION, 12mo, price 1s.,:
Weekly Boarders............... Seven Guineas per Quarter MATERIALS FOR TRANSLATION INTO LATIN.
Day Boarders (payable in Four Guineas per Quarter.

CAMPLES IN ALGEBRA FOR Selected and arranged by Augustus Grotefend. Transadvance)... lated from the German by the Rev. H. H. Arnold, B.A.,

JUNIOR CLASSES. These Terms include School Books and all other charges, and Edited (with Notes and Excursuses from Grotefend)

III. by the late Rev. T. K. Arnold, M.A. Third Edition. 8vo.

SECOND EDITION, 12mo, cloth, price 3s., 78. 6d. W ANTED, immediately, A RE


V SENIOR CLASSES ; Comprising numerous graduV ENGAGEMENT as ASSISTANT in a Boarding TRANSLATION. 4s.

ated Examples with the Examination Papers. or first-class Private School. Drawing and Music. DODERLEIN'S HANDBOOK OF LATIN SYNO. Excellent testimonials and references.-Address“Alpha," NYMES. Translated from the German by the Rev. H.H.

Parts 1.–VI., 1s. each,
Post Oflice, Stockport.

Arnold, B.A. Second Edition, revised. 12mo. 4s. THE KEY; containing Complete Solu-
RIVINGTONS, Waterloo Place, London.

I tions to the Questions in the Examples in Algebra

r Senior Classes. SCHOOLMASTER AND ORGANIST. W ANTED, by a Trained, Certificated,

Also, Fourth Edition, Corrected, V and Experienced Highbury Master, a RE

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS IN ENGAGEMENT in a Boys' or Mixed School, under


THE LOGICAL ARITHMETIC. Price 6d. inspection. Ex-pupil Teacher ; First-class Queen's Scholar; Drawing, Singing, Harmonium, or Organ; some

C. F. HODGSON, 1, Gough Square, Fleet Street. knowledge of French. No objection to India or the Colonies. Age 23; references and testimonials good.-Address, The Master, Earl Darnley's School, Cobham,

Recently completed, imp. 4to, half mor. gilt edges, £5 53., DR. CORNWELL'S EDUCATIONAL Kent.

GRAPHY: A Series of above One Hundred carefully

coloured Maps, compiled from the most authentic sources,

under the supervision of W. G. BLACKIE, Ph.D., F.R.G.S. NEW AND GREATLY IMPROVED EDITIONS

R. CORNWELL ranks among out With an INDEX, containing references to nearly 120,000

very best Editors of educational treatises. We он places, the most copious ever published.

have for many years used his 'English School Gram. DR. M'CULLOCH'S READING BOOKS In 2 vols, 2,670 pages, imperial 8vo, £4 6s.,

mar,' his Young Composer,' and his 'School GeoTHE IMPERIAL GAZETTEER: a General Dic

graphy,' as text books, and can testify, from FOR SCHOOLS.

daily tionary of Geography. Edited by W.G. BLACKIE, Ph.D.

experience, that, in practical utility to private students,

and in perfect adaptation to the purposes of public F.R.G.S. Mustrated by nearly 750 Engravings on Wood instruction, they cannot be surpassed. The four latest FIRST READING-BOOK ........ ..... 1d. In 2 vols., with Supplement, 2,386 pares, imperial 8vo, £1. contributions to the editor's educational series fully SECOND READING-BOOK ............ 3d.

| THE IMPERIAL DICTIONARY: English, Tech- maintain his high reputation. The 'Geography for

Inological, and Scientific. With a SUPPLEMENT. con. Beginners' furnishes an adinirable initiation into the THIRD READING-BOOK ........ 10d. taining an Extensive Collection of Words, Terms, and

author's more elaborate manual of School Geography;" Phrases, not included in previous English Dictionaries.

the Map Book for Beginners' is equal, in point of exe. FOURTH READING-BOOK and SYNOPSIS

By J. OGILVE, LLD. Hlustrated by above 2.500 cution, to any atlas of its size which we have seen : while OF 6d. | Engravings on Wood.

the Book of Blank Maps,' and the Book of Map Pro.

jections,' at once suggest and supply the true and only SERIES OF LESSONS in Prose and Verse 28. Just completed, in 4 vols, super-royal 8vo, £t, data for the rational and effective teaching of geography. COURSE OF READING in Science and

The COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY OF ENGLAND. On the whole we can, with the utmost confidence, re

Civil and Military, Religious, Intellectual, and Socialcommend these and the other works of Dr. Cornwell to Literature ........................ 38. from the Earliest Period to the Suppression of the Sepoy all who are engaged in These Books are intended for the use of schools where Revolt. By CHARLES MACFARLANE and the Rev. THOMAS Macphail's Literary Review. the general mental culture of the pupil, as well as his | THOMSON, Illustrated by above 1,100 Engravings on proficiency in the art of reading, is studiously and Wood, and Frontispieces and Titles on Steel,

Just published, systematically aimed at.

Sixth Edition, cloth, 5s, 6d..

MAP BOOK FOR BEGINNERS, 13. 6d. ; 2s.6d. They for collectively, a progressional Series, so! TYTLER'S ELEMENTS of GENERAL HISTORY. I coloured. constructed and graduated as to conduct the pupil, by LA

svo conduc une pupil, by Ancient and Modern. With considerable additions to
resular stases, from the elementary sounds of the lan- , the Author's Text. numerous Notes, and a Continuation | BOOK OF BLANK MAPS, 1s.
guase to its hichest and most complex forms of speech; to the Reign of Queen Victoria. Edited by the Rev.
and each separute Book is also progressively arranged,
separate Book is also progressively arranged, -

BRANDON TURNER, M.A. Sold also in Separate Parts:-

the lessons which are more easily read and understood Ancient History, 2s. 60.; Modern History, 3s, od.
always taking the lead, and preparing the way for those
of greater difficulty.

Foolscan 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d..

GEOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS, 8th Edition, The subject matter of the Books is purposely miscel- COMSTOCK'S NATURÁL PHILOSOPHY. Edited laneous. Yet it is always of a character to excite the and largely augmented by R. D. HOBLIN, M.A. Oxon. interest and enlarge the knowledge of the reader. And With Questions for Examination on each Chapter, and an A SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, 30th Edition. 35. 6d.: with the desion of more ellectually promoting his mental Appendix of Problems. Ilustrated by nearly 300 En

with Maps, 5s. 6d. growth and nurture, the various topics are introduced in gravings on Wood. an order conformable to that in which the chief faculties | Seventi

Seventh Edition, in 2 Parts, bound in roan, with Key, 3s.;

...JA SCHOOL ATLAS, 25. 6d. plain ; 45. coloured. of the juvenile mind are usually developed.

or Parts I. and II. in cloth, 1s. each ; Key separately, ls. ALLEN That the moral feclings of the pupil may not be

AND CORNWELL'S GRAMMAR, LAWRIE'S MERCANTILE ARITHMETIC: with without their proper stimulus and nutriment, the les.

31st Edition, 2s, red ; ls. 9d., cloth. the Nature, Use, and Negociation of Bills of Exchange. sons are pervaded tlıroughout by the religious and Christian element. | By GAVIN LAWRIE.

GRAMMAR FOR BEGINNERS, 37th Edition ; ** The Publishers confidently invite the attention of Fifteenth Edition, improved, fcap. 8vo, bound, 2s. 6d. ls. cloth; 9d. sewed. To home to the New Editions of these works, in the HARTLEY'S ORATORICAL CLASS-BOOK : With THE YOUNG COMPOSER, 24th Edition. Is. 60. belief that, after the thorough revision to which they the Principles of Elocution Simplitied and Illustrated by have just been subjected by the Author, they will be suitable Examples. By A. M. HARTLEY.

SELECT ENGLISH POETRY, 11th Edition, 4s. found to be in all respects aclapted to the present ad.

One vol. cloth, 3s. 6d.,


ARITHMETIC, 7th Edition, 43. 6d. | MENT. Sold also in Six Parts, 6d. each. Part I. The New Etlitions may now be had from any Book: Matthew-Mark; Part II., Luke-John; Part III., Acts; ARITHMETIC FOR BEGINNERS. 5th Edition. soller, except of the "First” and “Second " Books, which Part IV.. Romans: Part V., 1 Corinthians; Part VI., 1s. 6d. will be issued shortly.

Edlinburgh: OLIVER & BOYD.

BLACKIE & Sox, Paternoster Row, London; and all


ADAMS, & Co, Edinburgh: OLIYER & BOYD.

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price ls.



Now ready, gratis and post-free on application,

Just published, 12mo, price ls. 6d. cloth,
Now ready, price 1s.,


H SCHOOL-BOOKS published by Messrs. Rivington, TESTS; or, the Examiner's Assistant, specially with the titles at full length.

adapted by a novel arrangement for Examination purposes, U THE SCIENCES, thoroughly revised, corrected,

but also suited for general rise in Schools.

RIVINGTONS, 3, Waterloo Place, London. and otherwise improved. Illustrated by numerous Wood

By T. S.

CAYZER, Head Master of Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Engravings.

W. and R. CHAMBERS, London and Edinburgh.


ANSWERS to the above, price 1s. 6d.
And sold by all Booksellers.

GRIFFITI & FARRAN, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard. E PORQUET'S FRENCH EDUCA W which is now added Physical Geography. The 25th

| Just published, on a large Sheet, price 2s. 6d. in tints. TIONAL WORKS:

Edition, revised, enlarged and thoroughly corrected by

WILLIAM COOKE STAPPORD. Illustrated with 7 Maps, DE PORQUET'S Le TRESOR de l'ECOLIER royal 18mo, price 3s. red.

1 Instruction of Children, presenting at one view FRANÇAIS, for turning English into French at

London: CRADOCK & Co.: WHITTAKER & Co.; and | Illustrations of the various GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS, and Sight. 38. Od.

SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, and Co., the only Publishers of thus imparting a clear and definite ideas of their meaning. DE PORQUET'S FIRST FRENCH READING BOOK ;

Joseph Guy's School Books; complete Lists of which or. Lives of Celebrated Children. With Explanatory I may be bad on application.

GRIPFITY & FARRAN, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard Notes. 28. od. DE PORQUET'S FRENCH-ENGLISH and ENGLISH. MUSIC FOR SCHOOLS and the


I by L.HACHETTE & Co., 18, King William St., Strand. IT COLONIES, &c.--The 297th Edit.-HAMILTON'S London: SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, and Co., and may be

Charles XII......

.......... ls. 6d. MODERN INSTRUCTIONS for the PIANOFORTE, 4s.; bad of the Author at his Scholastic Agency, 14, Tavistock

Telémaque ......

.......... ls. 3d. Hamilton's Modern Instructions for Singing, 19th Edition, Street, Covent Garden.

Louis XIV. ....

... 2s. 6d. 5s.; Hamilton's Dictionary of 3,500 Musical Terms, 65th

Noel and Chapsal's French Grammuar...... ls. 6d. Edition. ls. ; Clarke's Catechism on the Rudiments of

- Exercises

ls. 6d. Music, 67th Edition, ls. N.B.--Gratis and post free, a

Caesar with Latin Notes .........

Is. 60. Catalogue of New School Music; also a List of New and

Horace with Latin Notes .................

ls. 6d. Second-hand Pianofortes.

... 2s. Od. PUBLISHED BY

Virgil with Latin Notes ......
London: Robert Cocks and Co., New Burlington Street ;

Chapsal's Models of French Literature, Prose... 3s. Od. and of all Musicsellers and Booksellers.

- The Same, Poetry, 3s. Od. La Fontaine's Fables.........

.......... ls. 6d. MEXT-BOOKS ON ENGLISH HIS

All strongly bound in boards. 1 TORY. By Mr. ROBERT Ross, Lecturer on History,

Hachette's Educational Catalogue.

Catalogues | Catalogue of General French Literature. DE FIVAS' FRENCH GRAMMAR: or, | Normal College, Cheltenham.

supplied Catalogue alphabetically arranged with Grammaire des Grammaires. 12mo, 3s. 6d. strongly bd.


by post on Authors' names and their several works. DE FIVAS' KEY TO THE FRENCH MANUAL OF ENGLISH HISTORY FOR receipt of | List of Hachette's Greek and Latin Classics. GRAMMAR. 3s. 6d.

SENIOR CLASSES IN SCHOOLS; or, a Second Book a postage | List of Hachette's French Railway Library.

for Pupils preparing for Public Exainination. Crown stamp. German List. DE FIVAS' NEW GUIDE TO MODERN | 8vo, 55. Gu. cloth.

[Just published.

| Catalogue of School Drawing Materials. FRENCH CONVERSATION. 18mo, 2s. 6d. strongly



preparing for Public Examinations; with copious Notes. FRANCAIS,'Anciens et Modernes.

“Mr. Havet's system obliges the pupil to learn almost 12mo, 3s. 6d. Fcap. 6s. cloth.

in spite of himself, and to stock his memory with words strongly bound. “Carefully and judiciously put together."-Athenæum.

and phrases belonging to our daily wants and avocations. DE FIVAS, INTRODUCTION A LA

The Conversations are most varied in matter, and range III.

from the simplest construction to the most difficult idiom LANGUE FRANÇAISE ; ou Fables et Contes Choisis. OUTLINES OF ENGLISH HISTORY FOR Land the purest vallicism: vet the process is so gradual, lžmo, 2s. 60. strongly bound.

JUNIOR CLASSES IN SCHOOLS; or, a First Book that a pupil with commonplace abilities must arrive at a DE FIVAS. LE TRESOR NATIONAL: for Pupils preparing for Public Examinations. Second rood spoken knowledge of the French language."--The

Edition, revised and enlarged. Fcan. 28, 6d. cloth. or, Guide to the Translation of English into French at

Bristol Mirror, sight. Izmo, 2s_ 6d. strongly bound.

"There is life and symmetry here, which are so often sacrificed in the process of abbreviation.”-Papers for the


264 Crown Svo pages, 3s, TIONAL, 12mo, 25. cloth.

London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & Co., ILTAVET'S HOUSEHOLD FRENCH: * LOCKWOOD & Co. beg to inform the Wholesale,

Stationers' Hall-court,

1 260 Conversations in French and English alterSchool, and Retail Trade, that they are now the sole

nately, each exercise consisting of Questions and Answers publishers of the above highly popular Class-Books, EDUCATIONAL SERIES.

of every-day use; with a Dictionary of 10,000 Words and and are enabled to supply them on liberal terms.

numerous Idioms. EVENTS TO BE REMEMBERED IN Reco

IN Recommended to the attention of Heads of Colleges,
Members of Universities, Principals of Public and

“Cette véritable introduction à la langue française à THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND: a Series of interest

Private Schools.

pour titre Household French, autrement dit le français ing Varratives extracted from contemporary Chronicles,

familier, le francais de tous les jours, enfin le francais or the pages of Modern Historians. By CHARLES

qu'on parle..... Bon nombre d'eleves en finissant leur SELDT. 25th School Edition, royal 18mo, 23. 6d. cloth; 1 the Invasions of Julius Caesar to the Year 1652. cours, pourraient s'exprimer en langage plus ou moins or, with Nine Illustrations, 3s. 6d. gilt edges.

By Thomas MILNER, A.M. 12mo. With Two Maps. académique, mais seraient dans l'impossibilité de causer


des choses les plus usuelles et de donner un ordre à un

domestique. C'est cette langue familiere que le livre de LIQUE ANGLO-FRANÇAISE: a Symbolic French | ELEMENTS OF ENGLISH HISTORY. By J. C.

M. Havet est destiné à leur apprendre, et nous croyons and English Vocabulary. 'With 850 Cuts and 9 Copper CURTIS, B.A. 18mo, ls. in limp cloth..

que rien n'a été négligé pour atteindre ce but."-Le Plates. 7th Edition. 4to, 5s. cloth.

[Just Published.

Courrier de l'Europe, RAGONOTS SYMBOLISCHES ENGLISCH | THE HISTORY OF GREECE. From the Earliest | “The book embodies a dictionary of the most useful

Times to A.D. 1833. By Professor STOWELL, D.D. words and idioms of the French language, the words DEUTCHES WÖRTERBUCH: a Symbolic Anglo 12mo. With a Map. 2s. 6d. cloth boards.

amounting to 10,000 in number. This is an excellent German Vocabulary, adapted from the above Work,

THE HISTORY OF ROME, from the Earliest Times to feature, Every large dictionary is encumbered with and Edited by FALCK LEBAIN, Ph.D., Author of

the Fall of the Empire. By THOMAS MILNER, A.M..

thousands of words which are rarely if ever used. We "German in One Volume," &c. 850 Cuts and 8 Litho

F.R.G.S. 12mo, with three Maps. 3s. cloth boards.

accordingly like the idea of judicious selection, sufficient graphic Plates. 8vo, 6s. cloth.


for cominon purposes, and indeed, as regards the actually OʻGORMAN'S INTUITIVE CALCULA

Historical, Mathematical, Physical, and Political.

spoken language, almost complete."--The Glasgow Citizen. TIONS: the most Concise Methods ever published. By THOMAS MILNER, A.M., F.R.G.S. Hlustrated 2-A COMPANION TO ALL FRENCH GRAMMARS. 2nd Edition, 30th Thousand, crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. cloth. by Ten Coloured Maps. 12mo, 5s., cloth boards.

400 Crown Svo pages, 5s. 6. THE BIBLE HANDBOOK; an Introduction to the GLE AND DOUBLE ENTRY. New Edition, 8vo, Study of Sacred Scripture. By JOSEPI ANGUS, 5s. cloth.

D.D., Member of the Royal Asiatic Society. Octavo I Modern Conversations on all the ordinary topics OʻGORMAN'S PRINCE OF WALES'S

Edition, with Engravings. 105. cloth boards. 12mo

of life; Exercises to be done at sight; and Reading Lessons

Edition, with a Map. 58. cloth boards; 7s. hall. I from Standard French Writers. New Edition, with a NEW TABLE BOOK. New Edition. 12mo, 8d. stitched. bound.

Dictionary of the Words and Idioms. LA BAGATELLE. Intended to introduce PALEY'S HORÆ PAULINÆ. With Notes and a "This entirely new and original work must prove very Children of Five or Six Years Old to some knowledge Supplementary Treatise, entitled HORJE APOS

useful to English persons who are anxious to speak of the French Language. Revised by Madame N.L. TOLICAE. By the REV. T. R. BIRKS, A.M., late

French with fluency and correctness."- The Manchester New Edition, much improved with New Cuts, 18mo, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. With a Map. | Examiner and Times. 2. Cd. bound and lettered.

12mo, 3s. cloth boards.

"An admirable work. composed of Conversations, CHICKSEED WITHOUT CHICKWEED: | PALEY'S EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY. With Reading Lessons, Questions and Exercises, all comprised being very Easy and Entertaining Lessons for Little

Introduction, Notes, and Supplement. By the Rev. in a very neat and portable form, and displaying much Children. New Edition, with beautiful Frontispiece by

T. R. BIRKS, A.M. 12mo, 3s. cloth boards.

judgment and care."The Literary Guzelte, THE ANALOGY OF RELIGION to the Constitution

“No student. making this his text-book, would pass ANELAY. ls. cloth. A book for every Mother.

and Course of Nature. Also FIFTEEN SERMONS. COBWEBS TO CATCH FLIES; or, Dialogues

through it without acquiring an excellent knowledge of By JOSEPI BUTLER, LL.D. With a Life of the

: the French language."--The Monthly Scholastic Register. and Short Sentences, adapted to Children from the age

Author, a copious ANALYSIS, Notes, and Indexes..

"The Conversations are devoted to the topics inost in. of Three to Eight Years. With Woodcuts. 12mo, 2s.

By JOSEPI ANGUS, D.D. 38. 6d. cloth boards.

teresting to those who have occasion to visit France. cloth; or, in 2 Parts, 1s. each, cloth limp.

The book is quite a model of the way in which a foreign THE ELEMENTS OF MORAL SCIENCE. By FRAN. TIMBS' SCHOOLDAYS OF EMINENT

language should be taught."--The Commonwralth. CIS WAYLAXD, D.D., late President of Brown Uni

“Cette nouvelle méthode, ouvrage consciencieux d'un MEN; Early Lives of Celebrated British Authors, versity, and Professor of Moral Philosophy. With professeur de mérite, met l'éleve aux prises avec les Philosophers, and Poets: Inventors and Discoverers; Notes and Analysis by JOSEPH ANGUS, D.D. différentes difficultés de la langue française, mais en lui Divines, Heroes, Statesmen, and Legislators. With 3s. cloth.

en offrant la solution immédiate. ... Les morceaux, tous Wustrations. 5th Thousand. Fcap. 38. 6d. cloth.

bien choisis, sont empruntés à nos meilleurs auteurs THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. 56. Paternoster Row. | anciens et modernes." --- Le Courrier de l'Europe. LOCKWOOD & Co., 7, Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.

and 164, Piccadilly; and sold by the Booksellers. London: W, ALLAN, DULAU & Co.; SIMPKIN & Co.


of the

"The O


SCHOS 18. Woodcut from the



F. SCHMIDT, and a comny. Notes for

German Dramas for Schools.

Just published,


D with copious Explanatory Notes, Introduction, and

FRANÇAIS. Modern French Plays, edited for

Schools, with Idiomatic Notes and a complete Vocabu(Obstinacy), Dichter und Page (The Poet and the Grammatical Index. By CHARLES BADIAM, M.A., Head Master of the Birmingham and Edgbaston Page), with Idiomatic Notes and complete Vocabu

lary. Part I. Les Deux Petits Savoyards-le Mousse. Proprietary School. 8vo, price 3s. 6d. lary. By Dr. BUCHIEIM. 12mo, cloth 2s. 6d.

12mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

By the same Author, WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent The object of the Editor has been to select a couple of

BUCHHEIM'S FRENCH READER. Selec. Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick Street, easy German Dramas, at the same time interesting and Edinburgh.

free from anything that might make them objectionable tions in Prose and Poetry, edited, with Explanatory
for School use.

Notes. 12mo, cloth, ls. 6d.
Two volumes, 8vo, price 21s.,

*** The Two Works are companions to the Author's

Edition of Ahn's French Method. SOPHOCLISTRAGOEDIAE, the German Text. with copious Grammatical and Ex

WILLIAMS and NORGATE. 14. Henrietta Street, Covent Greek Text, edited. with Annotations, Introduc

planatory Notes, and a complete Vocabulary. By | Garden. London: and 20. South Frederick St., Edinburgh. tions, &c., by EDWARD WUNDER. A New Edition, J. W. FRAEDERSDOFF, Taylor Inst., Oxford. 12mo, with the Notes translated into English, and a colla cloth, 2s. 60. tion of Dindorf's Text. Two volumes, Svo, cloth | LESSING'S MINNA VON BARHELM. the

German for Beginners. boards, 21s.

German Text, with Explanatory Notes for Transla-
The Second Edition, 8vo, price 3s.,

ting into English, and a complete Vocabulary. By 01 GERMAN GRAMMAR FOR BEGINNERS, SOPHOCLIS ANTIGONE, the Greek Text, | J. X. F. SCHMIDT. 12mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

with copious Examples and Exercises. 12mo, cloth, editedwith Amuotations. Introductions, &c., by by SCHILLER'S NEPHEW AS UNCLE, the

price 2s. 6d. EDWARD WUNDER. A new Edition, with the Notes

WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent translated into English, and a collation of Dindorf's German Text, with Explanatow Notes for Transla

Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh. Text. Second Edition, 8vo, 3s.

ting into English, and a complete Vocabulary. By The Second Edition, 8vo, price 3s.,

Dr. BucHEIM. Second Edition, 12mo, cloth, Is. 6d. SOPHOCLIS OEDIPUS REX, the Greek Text, I WILLIAMS and YORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent | A PEL'S GERMAN SCHOOL GRAMeclited, with Annotations, Introduction, &c., by Garden, London ; and 20, South Frederick Street,

1 MAR and EXERCISES, according to Dr. Becker's EDWARD WUNDER. A new Edition, with the Notes Edinburgh.

Views, with a Complete Course of Exercises, by translated into English, and a collation of Dindorfs

H. APEL. Fourth Edition, thoroughly revised, and Text. Second Edition, Svo, 3s.

embodying a New Method. Cloth boards, 12mo, 6s.

In square 12mo, cloth, each 2s. 6d., WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14. Henrietta Street, Covent

A KEY to the Exercises in Apel's School Gram.

Bertrand's French School Classics. Garden, London ; and 20, South Frederick Street,

mar. 12mo, cloth, 4s. Edinburgh; and D. NUTT, 270, Strand, London. VOLTAIRE'S HISTOIRE de

WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent

CHARLES XII. A New Edition, for the Use Garden, London ; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh. Just published, 12mo, cloth boards, price 3s. 6d.,

of Schools, with an English Vocabulary. By M. THNE'S SHORT LATIN SYNTAX, BERTRAND. 12mo, cloth boards, 23. 60.

The German Poets. I with copious Exercises and Vocabulary. By Dr. W. V w | VOLTAIRE'S HISTOIRE de PIERRE LE

APEL'S GERMAN POETRY. A Col. IHNE, Principal of Carlton Terrace School, Liverpool.

GRAND. A New Edition, for the Use of Schools,

with an English Vocabulary. By M. BERTRAND. A lection of German Poetry for the Use of Schools WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent

12.o, cloth boards, 2s. 6d.

and Families, containing nearly 300 Pieces, selected Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick Street, Edinburgh. FENELON. Les AVENTURES de TELE

from the Works of 70 different Authors. 12mo,

cloth, 5s.
MAQUE, fils d'U'LYSSE. A New Edition, for the
Use of Schools, with an English Vocabulary. By

| WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent
Italian Language.
M. BERTRAND. 12mo, cloth, cloth boards, 2s.6d.

Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh. MARIOTTI'S ITALIAN GRAMMAR.

WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent 1 Third Edition. A Practical Grammar of the Garden, London ; and 20, South Frederick Street,

The 16th Edition. Italian Language. New Edition, revised, enlarged, Edinburgh.

WILLIAMS (T.S.) MODERN GERand improved. By A. GALLENGA, Italian Professor

MAN and ENGLISH CONVERSATIONS, at University College, London, Author of Italy, Past and Present, &c. 12mo. cloth, 3s,

and Elementary Phrases. The German revised and Ahn's Easy French Method.

corrected by A. KOKEMULLER. Sixteenth Edition, “Mariotti's work recommends itself by its method and clearness, by its small bulk, and withal by its very

1s. 6d. cach Course,

improved and re-edited. Cloth boards, 1860, 38. od. abundant collection of short and pithy examples illus

A sale of 40,000 copies of this eminently useful little trating brief and precise rules. The Exercises also are

THOD. A Short Practical, and Easy Method of

book testifies sufficiently to its excellency. It is used in short and simple and always to the point."--Examiner,

learning the French language. The first Complete

numerous first-rate Colleges both in England and in Feh. 20, 1858.

Edition, aulapted for the use of English Students,

Germany. “For the English student of the Italian language there

from the 100th original Edition, with additions. By WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent can be no better grammar."-Athenaund,

Dr. A. BUCHIEIM. First and Second Course, Second Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh. BIAGGI'S PROSATORI ITALIANI. Speci. Edition, 2 volumes in 1., 310 pp. 12ino, cloth boards, mens of Italian Prose Writers. from the 13th Century price 3s.

The Second Edition, improved and enlarged, 8vo, cloth, to the present time, preceded by a Selection of Easy | AHN'S FRENCH METHOD [Buchheim's

price 4s. 6d., Extracts, with Explanatory Notes by ANTONIO

Edition), &c. First Course, preceded by a Guide to M ARIETTE. HALF HOURS OF BIAGGI. Thick 12mo. cloth, 6s.

Pronunciation. Second Edition, 172 pp. 12mo, cloth, Williams & Norrate, 14, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden,

1 FRENCH TRANSLATION, or Extracts from

price 1s. 60. London; and 20, South Frederick-street, Edinburgh. LAHN'S

the best English Authors to be rendered into French, TRENCH METHOD Buchhein's and Translations from Modern French authors to

Exlition, &c. Second Course. Exercises, Dialogues, be re-translated, with Grammatical Notes. By Second Edition, 12mo, cloth, price 3s., Tales, Letter, a Play, and Vocabularies. 108 pp.

ALPHONSE MARIETTE, Professor, King's College. CVOETHE'S FAUST (the first portion),

12.0, cloth, 1s. 60. U

By the same Author, portion); with an Analytical Tranic

with an Analytical Translation, and Grammatical | AHN'S Key to the Exercises in Course I. II. HALF HOURS OF FRENCH CONVERSA. and Explanatory Notes. By Dr. E. PEITHMAN. 12mo, cloth, 3s. each 8d.

TION.-(Preparing.) *.* This contains that portion of Faust which can be AHN'S FRENCH METHOD. Part III. A WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Strees, Covent read in Schools.

FRENCH Prose and Poetical READER. By Dr. A. Garden, London ; and 20, South Frederick Street, WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent BUCHHEIM. 156 pp. 12mo, cloth, ls. 6d.

Edinburgh. Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh.

As there are many so-called 'Ahn's French Method.'

the Publishers request that Ahn-Buchheim's Method may
Easy German Readings.
be distinctly specified.

German made Easy.
Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick Street,


GUIDE: a Practical and Easy German Method for

Beginners. Rules, Exercises, Grammatical Questions, Greek Heroes, the German Text, with Grammatical

and Vocabulary. Course I., II. Second Edition. and Explanatory Notes, Questions for Conversation,

In one vol. 12mo, cloth, 3s. and a complete Vocabulary, by Dr. A. BUCHHEIM.

Ahn's French School Grammar. Second Edition. 12mno, cloth, 23. 6d.

- The Same. First Course. Second WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14. Henrietta Street, Covent

A HN-BUCHHEIM’S Complete Edition. 12mo, cloth, ls. 6d. Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh. FRENCH SCHOOL GRAMMAR and Exercises,

- The Same. Second Course. Second specially adapted for the Use of English Schools.

Edition. 18mo, cloth. ls. 6d.
Easy German Readings.
By Dr. N. BUCHHEIM. 338 pp. crown 8vo, cloth

- The Same. Third Course, for more boards, price 5s. II. MOET HE. Aus GOETHE'S| Or separately-

advanced Students. 12mo, cloth, ls. 6d. U ITALIENISCHER REISE. Sketches of

*.* Schmidt's Guide is on Ahn's Method, improved by

French School Grammar. 218 pp. crown la Professor who has had many years' practice in teaching Travels in Italy, the German Text, with Idiomatic

8vo, cloth, price 3s.

German in this country. The first two Courses in one and Explanatory Notes, Questions for Conversation, and a complete Vocabulary, by Dr. A. BUCIIIEIM.

- Exercises for the School Grammar. 172 form an excellent School-Book. 12mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

pp. cloth, price 2s. 6d.

SCHMIDT'S GERMAN READING-BOOK for WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14. Henrietta Street, Covent ** This is an adaptation for English Schools of the

BEGINNERS: a Companion to the German Guide. Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh. celebrated French School Grammar of Alm, which in 12mo, cloth, ls. 6d. | Gerinauy has reached twenty-two large Editions. It is

Also, by the same Author,
not to be confounded with the Practical and Easy
Easy German Readings.

SCHMIDT'S The BOY and the BIBLE, 8
Method,' nor with the many spurious so-called Ahn's

German Story; to which is added, a Second Version, Grammars. In ordering it, Ahn-Buchheim's French

with the English Interlinear Translation, on the German Tale, by NIERITZ, with numerous Grammar,' published by W. & N., should be specified. It

Hamiltonian Method. Second Edition. 12mo, cloth, Explanatory Notes for Beginners, and a coinplete is used at Rugby and many other public schools.

price 2s. 6d. Vocabulary. 12mo. cloth, 2s. 60.

WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent WILLIAMS and NORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent WILLIAMS and NORCATE 14 Henrietta StreetCovent Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick Street, Garden, London: and 20South Frederick Street, Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick St., Edinburgh, Edinburgh.



nerally known, in order that our capabilities Verily an alarming array of scoffers, and CONTENTS.

of yet greater usefulness may be recognized, " we know not how many more.” But let us Page and, by wider co-operation, fully developed. look them narrowly in the face. Turn to the

In the course of time we may hope donations father of comedy, the great comic poet of Address delivered at the College of Preceptors, by the

and legacies will establish the material pros- Athens. While he vents his caustic scoffs on Rev. Dr. Kennedy. Rova college of Surgeons Preliminary Examination perity 01 the College on a firmer basis. Our | all the other classes of society before men.

in carl Literature Class List.. .. .. 105 legislature can hardly fail to perceive that, tioned, he certainly does not altogether spare C'niversity Intelligence ..............

with a view to the public good, nay, on the the instructor of youth. But how does he ridi. College of Preceptors :-Report of General Meeting;

ground of mere consistency, the profession of cule the profession? In the person of the Dean's Report ;--Report of Council ;-Class List of education must be protected by those legal purest and wisest teacher of the heathen world

Teachers ;-Meeting of Council, &c. &c. ............ 106 safeguards which other learned professions- -in the person of Socrates. The consequence “The Cornhill" and the College of Preceptors ........ 108 clerisy, law, and medicine--already enjoy. of which is, that we read “ The Clouds” merely The Report of the Medical Council.......................... 109 That this ought to be done, we are well con- a3 a clever and amusing libel : we laugh as Correspondence :- Oxford Local Examinations ;

| vinced; that it will sooner or later be done, we the stripes of the witty scourge resound, Shoreham Schools..

.. 109 may be equally sure; but as to the time and knowing all the while that they leave no scar Educational and Literary Summary of the Month...... 110 mode of achieving it, I give no opinion or on the character of Socrates, or on the profesMonthly Record of Science and Art .... 111 advice.

sion of the educator. They are as harmless Review:-Dr. W. Smith's Dictionaries.....

I hope that my successor in the honourable as the caricatures of H. B., or the weekly Notices of New Books ...............

.... 112 office which I gratefully resign into your hands sketches in “ Punch.” List of College and School Books.............................

may be one who, with equal zeal for your Passing on to the comic poets of Rome. Mathematics .......

interests and the public good, may unitc more Plautus and Terence, we find a range of ridiAnswers to Correspondents .....

.... 114

influence upon the minds of those who directlcule not so wide as that of Aristophanes, vet Ragged Schools, &C......................... .............. public affairs.

tolerably extensive. But the educator has no In the lack of other matter, I may, perhaps, place there. The pedagogue appears : but the

I be allowed to fill the remaining space of my pedagovue (or slave, who escorted his young The Educational Times.

| Address with a few cursory observations on a master to and from school, also called custos) paper headed “Schoolmasters,” which appears

is a totally different personage from the schoolin the “Cornhill Magazine" for the present master, though in modern parlance scoffingly ADDRESS,

month. I shall not attempt an elaborate cri- l identified witŃ him. But Shakspeare? Delivered at the General Meeting of the College of

Yes : ticism of that paper; to do so would be somePreceptors, June 29, 1861 ;

in a comedy written for the express purpose of I thing like breaking a butterfly on the wheel. I ridiculing affectation, the only play so written BY BENJAMIN HALL KENNEDY, D.D.,

It contains some truth and much untruth; he him

uch untruth; by him, Shakspeare has introduced an absurd President of the College, and Head Master of

some good, and much evil; and its prevailing pedantic schoolmaster. Holofernes. side by Shrewsbury School.

moral tone is languid and low. By trying to side with other absurdities, the silly curate

correct itz errors, to profit by its truths, and Nathaniel, the vain soldier Armado, and the LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, -1 deeply regret to place the subject it deals with in a more fantastic courtiers. that private causes, with which I need not instructive point of view, we may, perhaps, ridicule classes than were the other dramatists

Though less prone to trouble you, prevent my attendance at your make it the channel of conveying truth more of his time, Shakspeare turns the laugh, more annual meeting. Accept, instead of my presence, I definite and important than its author appears or less, against all ranks, and applies the lash the expression of my warmest sympathy and to have intended my best wishes for the interests of our College. « Who shall assign a date," so the paper physicians, anothecaries, parsons, all figure in

to all professions. Courtiers, knights, squires, Forty-seven new members have been added bevin's

added begins, “to the first ridicule of the schoolto the College during the past Half-year, among

schools their turn, and make mirth. Lawyers, for nong master and the tutor?whom are residents in Calcutta and Jamaica.

mi prorsum hæc whatever reason, he has strikingly spared, or,

Quorsum hæc wha The number of school pupils examined by the point nor pertinence in the question. Who he makes Timon say:":tam putida tendunt?” There is neither

her at most, he only shoots them flying, as when College at Midsummer, 1861, was 570, exceedholl

We shall assign a date to the first ridicule of ing by more than 100 the number of the pre-che pre- the courtier and the parasite? Who shall

“Crack the lawyer's voice, ceding vear. These circumstances indicate...

That he may never more false title plead, atc assign a date to the first ridicule of the statesthe steadily advancing influence of the College,

Nor sound his quillets shrilly." ege: man and the diplomatist, the rhetorician and and tend to confirm that anticipation of its

| the lawyer, the philosopher, the mathematician, But if Shakspeare has spared the lawyers, the future importance which I ventured to express the when I last addressed you.

cured to express the poet, the military and naval captain, other old comic poets of England have amply Evening meetings have been held at the

the minister of religion, the physician and supplied the short-comings of his satire; as witCollege, for reading papers and discussing

We apothecary, the lord, the squire, the farmer, ness the Marrall of Massinger, the Bartolus and

sing the trader, the female sex, and a score more Lawrit of Fletcher, the Voltore, Picklock, and educational topics. Though as yet not largely

gely classes which have, in one age or another, or Practice of Ben Jonson, with a host more. Of attended, they have been interesting and useful,

ali in all ages, served as butts to the comic poet, schoolmasters, I remember none but the Gerrold and their continuance and efficient prosecution is much to be desired.

the satirist, and the novelist? Among these of Fletcher and the Metaphrastus of Vanbrugh,

it was not likely that the schoolmaster and mere copies of Shakspeare's llolofernes. Ben The “Educational Times ”has been adopted

teal the tutor should escape; for the sway of Jonson has not travestied the schoolmaster in by the Council as the official organ of the Col

Momus on earth is hardly less extensive than any of his plays, though our Essayist would lege. We venture, therefore, to hope that this

10 that of Cupid. But let us follow our essayist :- lead us to think so ; and I doubt whether any journal will receive the support of all our members, and that the friends of education

T “Comic writers have made him one of their passage can be cited from him more personal will do their best to extend its circulation and ta

favourite butts, and even grave writers have be- to our profession than the harmless joke in

a trayed him. Some have mocked him in his chair | " Time Vindicated :"influence. We are well assured that the

of authority, and some, like Pope and Churchill, editor, and those who act with him, will spare have shot at him flying. At home with his pupils,

“There is a schoolmaster no exertions to deserve the confidence and or travelling with them, he has never been safe.

Is turning all his works too into Latin,

To pure satyric Latin : makes his boys esteem of the subscribers. With his ferule, he has been a monster; without

To learn him ; calls him the Times' Juvenal; An effort has been made to augment the it, an impostor, affecting a home and family ten

Hangs all his school with his sharp sentences; Benevolent Fund, the object of which is the re- derness which he cannot be expected to feel in

And o'er the execution-place hath painted lief of necessitous members of the College, and of reality. Sidney, Shakspeare, Ben Jonson, Beau

Time whipt, for terror of the infantry.” those dependent upon them. I fear that this mont and Fletcher, Bishop Corbet, and we know

As for the satirists, Pope and Churchill, we effort has not been very successful-a fact not how many more of our early writers who could

The little crooked bard of which is greatly to be regretted, since the command the laugh of the town, have all had their can suffer them. purpose of the Fund is one that cannot but

Aing at him ; indeed, of such writers we may ask, Twickenham snapped right and left, as the

who has ever said a solitary word in his favour? manner of such is ; and Churchill's good word commend itself to every feeling mind.

But his discredit is older, far older, than this. was not worth having. Bishop Corbet's "fling" This is all I have to notice in the latest Juvenal in Rome laments over the want of appre. is comprised in the couplet :annals of the College : quiet and slow, but, I ciation, and the ill-paid services, not of the sham “Where it should be preferment to endure trust, sure progress.

school speculator, but of the really doctus Palæmon, As respects the future there is much to do, I who might well have shed tears, not as Isocrates

To tend a schoole, or else to starve a cure;” it it be but well done. We have to make did at having to accept a fee, but at having to from which all that appears is, that this merry our existence and our present usefulness ge-I accept so very small a one."

prelate did not relish either teaching or cu

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