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objects of this important undertaking, have held a meeting at Loughborough, for the purpose of considering and maturing the plan to be laid before the public. The result is, that a prospectus will be published for the establishment of a grand line of railway, for travelling and the carriage of all kinds of merchandise, from Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester, to a point of junction with the Birmingham and London railways, including a branch from the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire collieries.

The facility in transmitting cattle of all descriptions from the east coast of Scotland to the London market has caused thousands of acres of arable land to be appropriated exclusively to grazing. The graziers are in high spirits, and are stocking their farms and rearing cattle for the London market, where Scottish beasts are in great request, and bring remunerating prices. Before the introduction of the cattlecarrying steamers, the cattle from Scotland had to travel from the most remote parts of the Highlands to the interior of England and of the metropolis; and besides the expense of time, feeding, and attendance, the animals fell off considerably, and were not in proper condition when they arrived at their place of destination. By the steamers the cattle are only about 48 hours on the passage to London, and are landed in excellent condition. Ham curers are suffering severely from the best of bullocks being bought up for the English market, and the consequent scarcity of prime rumps for curing. The attention of the graziers to the rearing of stock, to meet the increased and still increasing demand, will in a year or two, we trust, enable them to supply the English and the home market. In the mean time rump hams that formerly sold wholesale at 5d. or 6d. per lb. cannot now be supplied at less than 6ļd., and scarce. Last winter the price was the same, and will continue so until the number of cattle raised is equal to the demand.

Education Returns.-In pursuance of an address of the House of Commons to his Majesty on this subject, Lord Melbourne has addressed a circular to the overseers of the poor of every parish or place in England, requesting satisfactory answers to the following questions :-A return of the number of schools in each town, parish, or chapelry, or extra-parochial place; which return, after stating the amount of the population of the said town or place, according to the last census, shall specify-i. Whether the said schools are infant, daily, or Sunday schools. 2. Whether they are confined, either nominally or virtually, to the use of children of the Established Church, or of any other religious denomination. 3. Whether they are endowed or unendowed. 4. By what funds they are supported, if unendowed, whether by payments from the scholars or otherwise. 5. The number and sexes of the scholars in each school. 6. The age at which the children generally enter, and at which they generally quit school. 7. The salaries and other emoluments allowed to the masters and mistresses in each school. And shall also distinguish--8. Those schools which have been established or revived since 1818; and 9. Those schools to which a lending library is attached.


... Bizitisi (From the London Gazette.) The names of those who were nominated for Sheriffs by the Lords of the Council, at the Exchequer, on the morrow of St. Martin, in the fourth year of the reign of King William IV., and in the year of our Lord 1833.

Bedfordshire-Charles James Metcalf, of of Stetchworth, Esq.; Francis Charles James Roxton, Esq.; Joseph Morris, of Ampthill, Pemberton, of Trumpington, Esq. Esq.; William Astell, of Everton, Esq.

Cheshire - Gibbs Crawford Antrobus, of Berkshire-Charles Archer Houblon, of Eaton, Esq.; William Astley, of Duckenfield, Welford-park, Esq.; Bartholomew Wrough Esq. ; Thos. Swettenham, of Swettenham, Esq. ton, of Woolley-park, Esq.; Philip Pusey, of Cornwall Charles Prideaux Brune, of Place pusey, Esq.

Padstowe, Esq. ; John Buller, of Morval, Esq.; Buckinghamshire-Sir John Chetwode, of Thomas James Agar Robartes, of Llanhdyrock, Chetwode, Bart. ; George Simon Harcourt, of

Esq. Ankerwyke-house, Esq. ; Sir William Law. Cumberland-Henry Howard, of Greystoke rance Young, of Princes Risborough, Bart. Castle, Esq.; Sir Francis Fletcher Vane, of

Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire-R. Hutton-hall, Bart.; Richard Ferguson, of Huddleston, of Sawston, Esq.; Richard Eaton, Harker-lodge, Esq.

Derbyshire-William Palmer Morewood, of Alfreton-hall, Esq.; Ashton Nicholas Every Mosley, of Congreve-hall, Esq.; William Bache Thornhill, of Stanton, Esq.

Devonshire-Samuel Trehawke Kekewich, of Peamore, Esq.; Henry George Cary, of Tor Abbey, Esq.; Edmund Pollexfen Bastard, 6. Kitley, Esq.

Dorsetshire-John Samuel Wanley Saw. bridge Erle Drax, of Charborough, Esq. ; Edward Doughty, of Upton, Esq.; Sir Henry Digby, of Mintun Magnor, Knt.

Essex - John Round, of Danbury-park, Esq.; Thomas William Branston, of Skreens, Esq.; George William Gent, of Mostyn-park, Steeple Bumpstead, Esq.

Gloucestershire – Josiah Gist, of Worm. ington Grange, Esq. ; Harry Edmund Waller, of Farmington, Esq.; Michael Hicks Hicks Beach, of Williamstrip, Esq.

Herefordshire-Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, of Goodrich-court, Knt.; John Bleeke Lye, of Hereford, Esq.; Richard Webb, of Donnington-hall, Esq.

Hertfordshire-William Robert Phillimore, of Newbury, Esq.; Levi Ames, of Wheathampstead, Esq.; William Robert Baker, of Bayfordbury, Esq.

Kent-George Stone, of Chislehurst, Esq. ; John Ward, of Holwood, Esq.; Sir Edward Cholmley Deering, of Surenden, Bart.

Leicestershire- Charles Neville, of Holt, Esq. ; Henry Greene, of Rollestone, Esq. ; Thomas Frewen Turner, of Cold Overton, Esq.

Lincolnshire-Charles Keightley Tunnard, of Frampton, Esq. ; Christopher Turner, of Stoke, Esq.; Thomas Earle Welby, of Al. lington-hall, Esq.

Monmouthshire-John Buckle, of Mathern, Esq.; George Rooke, of Llandogo, Esq.; Charles Marriott, of Dixton, Esq. .

Norfolk - Robert Marsham, of Stratton Strawless, Esq.; Anthony Hammond, of Westacre, Esq.; Hudson Gurney, of Keswick. 1.all, Esq.

Northamptonshire - William Wood, of Brixworth, Esq. ; Lewis Loyd, of Overstone, Esq. ; William Harris, of Wootton, Esq.

Northumberland - William Roddam, of Roddam, Esq. ; Bertram Mitford, of Mitfordcastle, Esq. ; Thomas Riddell, of Felton-park, Esą.

Nottinghamshire - Slingsby Duncombe, of Langford, Esq.; Henry Saville Foljambe, of East Retford, Esq. ; George Walker, of East. wood, Esq.

Oxfordshire - William Francis Lowndes Stone, of Brightwell-house, Esq. ; John Fane, of Wormsley, Esq.; Thomas Stonor, of Stonor, Esq.

Rutlandshire - Edward Watson Smyth, of Gunthorpe, Esq.; Godfrey Kemp, of Belton, Esq.; Samuel Stokes, of Cadecott, Esq.

Shropshire - George Jonathan Scott, of Betton, Esq.; the Hon. Henry Wentworth Powys, of Berwick-house; Sir Ferdinand Richard Acton, of Aldenham, Bart.

Somersetshire - Francis Popham, of West Bagborough, Esq.; William Manning Dodington, of Horsington, Esq. ; Thomas Leir, of Weston, Esq.

Staffordshire-Hugh Henshall Williamson, of Greenway Bank, Esq. ; Thomas Hawe Parker, of Park Hall, Esq.; Edward Monkton, of Somerford, Esq.

County of Southampton - James Barlow Hoy, of Midanbury, Esq. ; Eyre Coote, of Weston Park, Esq. ; Henry Weyland Powell, of Lyndhurst, Esq.

Suffolk John Garden, of Redisham, Esq.; Robert Sayer, of Sibton, Esq.; Sir James Henry Blake, of Langham, Bart.

Surrey-George Thomas Nicholson, of Waverley Abbey, Esq. ; James Broadwood, of Lyne House, Esq.; Charles Barclay, of Bury Hill, Esq.

Sussex-Charles Dixon, of Stanstead Park, Esq. ; the Hon. Robert Curzon, of Parham ; John Davies Gilbert, of Eastbourne, Esq.

Warwickshire-Edmund Greswolde, of Mal. vern Hall, Esq. ; Francis Lyttleton Holyoake, of Studley Castle, Esq.; Samuel Tertius Galton, of Leamington Priors, Esq.

Wiltshire-Thonias Bolton, of Brinkworth, Esq. ; Henry Seymour, of Knoyle, Esq.; Walter Long, of Chalcott House, Esq.

Worcestershire-John Somerset Packington, of Westwood, Esq. ; Sir Edward Blount, of Morley Hall, Bart.: John Howard Galton, of Hadsor House, Esq.

Yorkshire-Henry Preston, of Moreby, Esq.; Richard Henry Roundell, of Gledstone, Esq.; Sir Thomas Aston Clifford Constable, of Bur. ton Constable, Bart.



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