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Geneva, N. Y., January 15, 1918.

Hon. Charles S. Wilson, Commissioner of Agriculture, Albany, N. Y.:

Dear Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith the report of the Director of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for the year 1917.

Yours respectfully,



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Dairy Expert.

Whitman H. Jordan,
George W. Churchill,

Agriculhirist and Super-
intendent of Labor.

1 Joseph F. Barker, M.S.,

2 Reginald C Collison, M.S.,


3 James E. Mensching, M.S.,

Associate Chemist {Agronomy).

4 William W. Baer, B.S.,

5 Lloyd A. Bosworth, M.S.,

Assistant Chemist (Soils). Everett P. Reed, B.S.A.,

Assistant Agronomist. William P. Wheeler,

First Assistant (Animal Industry), Robert S. Breed, Ph.D., Bacteriologist. Harold J. Conn, Ph.D.,

Associate Bacteriologist. Godfrey L. A. Ruehle, M.S.,

6 James D. Brew, B.S.,

7 John Bright, M.S.,

Assistant Bacteriologists. Fred C. Stewart, M.S., Botanist.

Walter 0. Gloyer, M.A.,

Associate Botanist. Mancel T. Munn, M.S.,

Assistant Botanist.
Lucius L. Van Slyke, Ph.D., Chemist.

8 Rudolph J. Anderson, B.S.,
Arthur W. Clark, B.S.,
John C. Baker, Ph.D.,

Associate Chemists.
Morgan P. Sweeney, A.M.,
Otto Mccreary, B.S.,
Richard F. Keeler, A.B.,
William F. Walsh, B.S.,

9 Walter L. Kulp, M.S.,

10 Arthur J. Flume, B.S.,

Assistant Chemists.

Address all correspondence, not to individual members of the staff, but to the New York Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y.

The Bulletins published by the Station will be sent free to any farmer applying for them.

•Appointed May 21, 1917.

io Resigned May 20, 1917.

"Connected with Grape Culture Investigations, Fredonia, N. Y.

12 Appointed Jan. 1, 1917.

"Resigned April 30, 1917.

"Appointed May 7, 1917; resigned Oct. 11, 1917.

« Appointed Nov. 22, 1917.

Sc.D., LL.D., Director.
George A. Smith,
Frank H. Hall, B.S.,

Vice-Director; Editor and Librarian.
Percival J. Parrott, M.A.,

Hugh Glasgow, Ph.D.,
11 Fred Z. Hartzell, M.A.,

Associate Entomologists.
Harold E. Hodgkiss, B.S.,
Bentley B. Fulton, M.S.,

Assistant Entomologists.
Ulysses P. Hedrick, Sc.D.,

Horticulturist. Roy D. Anthony, M.S.A.,

11 Fred E. Gladwin, B.S.,

Associate Horticulturists.
George H. Howe, B.S.A.,
Joseph W. Wellington, B.S.,

12 William C. Stone, M.S.,

Assistant Horticulturists. Orrin M. Taylor,

Foreman in Horticulture. F. Atwood Sirrine, M.S.,

Special Agent (Riverhead, N. Y.). Jessie A. Sperry,

Director's Secretary. Frank E. Newton,


Lena G. Curtis,

13 Agnes Ryan,
Maude L. Hogan,

14 Emily L. Drodesky,


Clerks and Stenographers. Elizabeth Jones,

Computer and Mailing Clerk.

1 Resigned Sept. 1, 1917.

2 Appointed Sept. I, 1917; previously Associate Chemist (Agronomy).

3 Appointed Sept. 1, 1917.

4 Entered Naval Service of the United States, July 1, 1917.

5 Appointed July 30, 1917; resigned Sept. 1, 1917.

6 Resigned Dec. 31, 1917.

7 Appointed Jan. 1, 1918.

8 Entered Military Service of the United States, Dec. 1, 1917.



Treasurer's report 1

Director's report 9

Report of the Department of Agronomy:

Ground limestone for use in New York State 35

Facilities for lysimeter and out-door soil work at the Station 47

Determination of carbonates in limestone and other materials 55

Report of the Department of Animal Industry:

Goat's milk for infant feeding 63

Milking machines 81

Report of the Department of Bacteriology:

Soil flora studies:

General introduction 87

General characteristics of the microscopic flora of soil 91

Methods best adapted to the study of soil flora 102

Spore-forming bacteria in soil 127

Non-spore-forming bacteria in soil 141

Actinomycetes in soil 157

What is meant by " quality" in milk? 181

The number of bacteria in milk 200

Control of bacteria in market milk by direct microscopic examination 244

Report of the Department of Botany:

Blackheart and the aeration of potatoes 277

Neck-rot disease of onions 319

Report of the Department of Entomology:

Plant lice injurious to apple orchards: Control of newly-hatched aphides... 413

Radish maggot 460

Cherry leaf-beetle 483

Rose leaf-hopper 555

Report of the Department of Horticulture:

Vinifera grapes in New York 561

Winter injury of grapes 586

Culture of the globe artichoke 619

Inheritance of sex in strawberries 628

Orchards: Location and care 636

Culture of field beans 651

Report on Inspection Work 657


Popular editions of Station bulletins:

Goat milk good for babies 661

European grapes succeed in New York 666

Why and when winter kills grapes 671

Poor ventilation injures stored potatoes 675

Onion neck-rot in storage houses 680

How bacteria in milk are counted 685

Controlling a radish pest 694

Using the microscope in milk grading 698

Periodicals received by the Station 706

Meteorological records for 1917 712

Index 723


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