Powers and Duties of Sheriffs, Constables, Tax Collectors, and Other Officers in the New England States: With Forms and Precedents

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Little, Brown, 1889 - Constables - 460 pages

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Page 291 - DS, his executors, administrators, or assigns, to the which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
Page 345 - Michigan in the sum of two thousand dollars, to the payment whereof, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators firmly by these presents.
Page 321 - ... the peace, shall be returned by the officer in whose hands the same was placed for service, unsatisfied for want of sufficient property whereof to levy and collect the same, and the judgment creditor in such execution, his agent or attorney, shall file an affidavit in the office of the clerk of the court, or justice of the peace, from which said execution issued, that he has good reason to and does believe that any person or corporation (naming them) have...
Page 371 - ... duly assessed the sum of dollars and cents, as owner of the real estate situated and described as follows, viz. : [Here describe the real estate.] and I further certify that...
Page 358 - ... public auction; and, if sold for more than the tax, and all charges, the collector is required to return the surplus to the owner upon demand, with an account in writing of the sale and charges.
Page 349 - ... of , and that military force is necessary to aid the civil authority in suppressing the same...
Page 344 - That the debtor has property not exempt from being taken on execution, which he does not intend to apply to the payment of the plaintiff's claim ; or, "Second.
Page 367 - ... aforesaid for the sale, to sell said land by public auction for the discharge and payment of said taxes thereon with interest, and said legal costs and charges, and, no person offering to take an undivided part of the land for the amount of the taxes and necessary intervening charges, the whole of the said real estate was struck off to of in the County of and State of for the sum of dollars and cents, being the amount of the taxes and necessary intervening charges...
Page 376 - May, 19 , in the name of upon an estate estimated to contain [here insert the area] land, situated [here insert the name, of street or other description] was invalid by reason of error in assessment; and that any deed given by you in consequence of a sale for the non-payment of such tax conveyed no valid title to the purchaser. Board of Assessors of the of , by AB, One of said Assessors.
Page 225 - A public officer intrusted with the collection and disbursement of revenue, in any of the departments of the government, has no right to refuse to perform his ministerial duties, prescribed by law, because he may apprehend that others may be injuriously affected by it, or that the law may, possibly, be unconstitutional.

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