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Page To a virtuous young Lady

42 To the Lady Margaret Ley

ib. On the detraction which followed upon my writing certain treatises

43 On the same

44 To Mr. H. Lawes on his airs

ib. On the religious memory of Mrs. Catharine Thomson

45 To the Lord General Fairfax

ib. To the Lord General Cromwell

46 To Sir Henry Vane the younger

47 On the late massacre in Piedmont

ib. On his blindness

48 To M. Lawrence

ib. To Cyriac Skinner

49 To the same

50 On his deceased wife

51 Psalms

52 Joannis Miltoni Londinensis Poemata

84 ELEGIARUM. Elegia prima. Ad Carolum Deodatum 91 Elegia secunda.

In obitum præcoris academici Cantabrigiensis

94 Elegia tertia. In obitum præsulis Witonten

95 Elegia quarta.

Ad Thomam Junium. - 97 Elegia quinta. In adventum veris

102 Elegia sexta. Ad Carolum Deodatum, ruri commorantem


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