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chester, was very numerously attended. After the business of the meeting was opened, it was concluded in half an hour. The fears and objections of the counter-revolutionists, none of whom made their appearance, were thus practically and completely proved to have been groundless. When the resolution thanking Col. Wardle was proposed, the people gave three cheers, and this again at the conclusion of the meeting. Such a disposition manifested in a town but a very short

a time before of such a different disposition, was a kind of triumph little expected.

This meeting was held at the Bull's Head Inn, in Manchester, when the following resolutions were passed unanimously ; Robert Phillips, Esq. in the chair:

That the gross and corrupt practices which have been proved to exist in various departments of the state have excited in us the deepest regret, and we feel that G. L. Wardle, Esq. M.P. by the manly, temperate, and impartial manner in which he brought forward his charges against the late Commander-in-cbief, and by the zeal, firmness, and intrepidity, with which he prosecuted the inquiry, has faithfully discharged his duty to his country, and does in a bigh degree merit the thanks of this meeting.

That the thanks of this meeting are also due to those members of the House of Commons who so honourably supported Col. Wardle during the late arduous and important investigation.

Robert Phillips, Chairman. The Chairman baving left the chair, it was taken by Ottiwell Wood, Esq.

OrtiWELL Wood.


SHIRE. The General Meeting of the Inhabitants of these two towns and neighbourhoods took place at the Sessions-Room, in Great Bolton, on Saturday, May 27; Mr. William Bowker in the chair. Among other resolutions, thanking Gwyllim Lloyd Wardle, Esq. Sir Francis Burdett, Lord Folkstone, General Ferguson, and the rest of the 125 members, the fifth resolution expressed, That while we regret the very inadequate manner in which this county is represented, we observe, with the most lively pleasure, the names of Lord Stanley and Samuel Horrocks, Esq. members for the borough of Preston, in that virtuous minority.

HUDDERSFIELD MEETING. The Inhabitants of this town, and its vicinity, having met on Tuesday, May 30, to take into their consideration the propriety of thanking Vr. Wardle, Joseph Ingham, Esq. in the chair ; a number of spirited resolutions were passed unanimously, censuring the conduct of ministers, for endeavouring to screen and protect abuses of public trust; and expressing the necessity of a Re form in Parliament, by excluding Placemen and Pensioners, thus securing an adeguate and inde. pendent representation as the only efficient masure that can be adopted.

HIEREFORD COUNTY MEETING, Consisting of a number of the freeholders, was convened in the Shire llall, on Friday, May 19, by the gentlemen, whose requisition for that por. pose had been declined by the High Stuerifi. The Right Hon. the Earl of Oxford being in the chair. The thanks of the meeting to Gwyllim Lloyd Wardle and the 195 members were voted Unani. mously, for the zeal, courage, and palivaium With which (regardless of the threats of run in power) he persevered in bringing to light the corrupt practices in the office of Coromander-in-chief. It was also resolved,

That it was with pleasure and gratitude the meeting observed the names of Thomas Foley, Thomas Powel Symonds, Richard Philip Scuda

more, Esqs, in the honourable list that voted with Mr. Wardle.

That the heavy pressure of public taxes, (which have even reached the necessaries of life,) renders it of the utmost importance, that faithful representatives should watch with jealousy the expenditure of the public revenue.

That, if pensions and lucrative places, repre• sented to amount to 178,9941. per annum, continue to be given to 78 members of the House of Commons, it is vain for the people to expect their opinions there to be respected, &c. &c.

The chairman was requested to inform the members for Herefordshire, that the freeholders, then assembled, expect them to support any motion having for its object a reform in Parliament.

The tbanks of the meeting werc unanimously voted to the Earl of Oxford, for his able conduct in the chair.


Was convened at the Guildhall of that city on the 26th of May. William Coates, Esq. in the chair.

It was resolved, That at this momentous period, when the people are testifying the high sense they entertain of their superior rights as Britons, by the sacrifices they daily make of the necessaries of life for the maintenance and defence of the state, they have an undoubted right to insist that those, who are entrusted with the administration of the public affairs, should at least abstain from undisguised profligacy and notorious corruption.

That Gwyllim Lloyd Wardle, Esq. in his parliamentary exertions, respecting the conduct of His Royal Highness the late Commander-inchief, displayed that zealous vigilance for the public welfare, that clear discernment, that pure disinterestedness, that unextinguishable ardour, and that unshaken constancy, which characterizes the true patriot. That he has thereby justly acquired the admiration and gratitude of every uncorrupted member of the community, and is therefore requested to accept the heart-felt acknowledgment from the citizens of Bristol now assen)bled. That our thanks are due to Sir Francis Burdett, &c. That during the late inquiry, the influence of public opinion was unblushingly contemned, and its legitimacy openly denied, &c.

That we consider the late happy detection of Lord Castlereagh, in his foul attempt on the Constitution, as a pledge on the part of the virtuous representatives of the people, that they will not slumber at their posts, until our formidable enemy, corruption, be completely subdued, &c.

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