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Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of this meeting be transmitted to Gwyllim Lloyd Wardle, Esq. for his patriotic conduct in bringing forward and steadily persevering in an inquiry relative to certain abuses which appear to have existed in military promotions tending to the de. gradation of the Army.

That G L. Wardle, Esq. be elected a Burgess of this ancient Corporation.

That the thanks of this meeting be presented to Sir John Dashwood King, Bart. and Thomas Baring, Esq. the worthy representatives of this Borough in Parliament, for their independent conduct on the late investigation.

That the thanks of this meeting be given to Sir Samuel Romilly, Knt. one of the burgesses of this Borough, for his able defence of our constitutional rights on the late important question.

John Nash, jun. Deputy Town Clerk,


bers. It' was therefore resolved, with a little ineffectual opposition from Mr. Baker,

That the Hon. Thomas Brand and Sir John Saunders Sebright, Bart. the representatives in Parliament for this County, by the disposition they have manifested to enquire into and clieck abuses and corruption, by the support they uniformly gave to the appointment of an efficient Finance Committee, and particularly by the active support they gave to Mr. Wardle's motion, and to the rendering effective the inquiry, hảve in a high degree merited the approbation and confidence of their constituents; and that it is the earnest hope of this meeting that they will perse vere in enquiring into every abuse till the public confidence in the administration of national affairs is fully restored.

That the thanks of this meeting be also given to Nicolson Calvert, Esq. Daniel Giles, Esq. and to the Hon. William Lamb, members residing in this county, and to all those other members of the House of Commons who composed the numerous, respectable, and eventually successful, minorities.

That the increasing influence of the Crown is an evil progressively undermining the constitutional rights of the people, and that the late prodigious and rapid increase of our national debt, with that of our military and colonial establishment, have created an influence, the force of which, acting upon a great body of electors, has driven the liberties of this country from the firm basis of popular representation to a dependence upon the moderation and forbearance of the Crown.

That although it is the duty of the great Officers of the Crown to bring to light the delinquency and abuses in office, yet we have seen, with extreme regret, the members of Adininistration ex. erting their influence to screen delinquency, and prevent the discovery of mal-practices in several recent instances; and while we earnestly deprecate all unconstitutional attempts at reformation out of the House of Commons, we think it necessary to express our earnest hope, that the independent and patriotic members of that honourable House will exert themselves in obtaining that reform, as also in discovering and prosecuting all corrupt abuses in every department of the state, and in applying such constitutional checks as may secure the people against a recurrence of the


That this meeting has perceived with regret, that the majorities of the House of Commons

upon this and some other recent occasions, bave differed so essentially from the sense of the people, thereby affording them a convincing proof that a reform in the representation of the people is indispensably

necessary to the expression of the public sentiments.

That the thanks of this mecting be given to to William Plumer, Esq. one of our late worthy independent representatives, who signed the requisition and brought forward the resolutions, as the steady friend of reform and enemy to corruption, and for his patriotic and disinterested conduct on all occasions, in support of the independence of this county, and the general rights and liberties of the people.

Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of this meeting be given to the High Sheriff, for his readiness to convene the present meeting, and his honourable, fair, and impartial, conduct in the chair, &c. &c.

By order of the Meeting,

EDMUND Darby, Sheriff.


At a Common Hall, held at Nottingham, the Freedom of that town was voted to Mr. Wardle; and a few days after, at a meeting of the inhabitants, a series of Resolutions were agreed to, approving of the late Inquiry into Public Abuses, and returning thanks to Mr. Wardle, and his principal supporters in the llouse of Commons. The resolutions were then carried unanimously '; except one, which was negatived, of thanks to Daniel Parker Coke, Esq. one of the representatives, and in the minority on the Chancellor of the Exchequer's motion, on the ground of his not having done his duty manfully and consistently.

Mr. Wakefield brought forward the resolutions on this occasion,


PLYMOUTH. The Meeting of this Borough was held on the 24th of April, at the Guildhall; the Worshipful the Mayor in the chair.

Resolved, That circumstances of public notoriety place beyond all doubt the long existence of nefarious and scandalous abuses in various branches of the government of the country, and that minute investigation is absolutely necessary into several Public Departments.

That Gwyllim Lloyd Wardle, Esq. has faithfully discharged the duties of a conscientious member of Parliament, and is eminently entitled

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