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PsALM 129. amiss, O Lord, who may a.
M Any a time have they | bide it?
IVI fought against me from

,.4 For

4 For there is mercy with my youth up, may lfrael now?

thee; therefore shalt thou be

" feared. 2 Yea, many a time have l. 5 look for the Lord, my they vexed me from my youth

ñ | foul doth wait for him ; in his up; but they have not pre

word is my trust. vailed against me.

6 My soul fleeth unto the 3 The plowers plowed up

Lord, before the morning on my back, and made long

watch, I say, before the mornfurrows.

ing watch. 4 But the righteous Lord

70 lfrael, trust in the Lord, hath hewn the snares of the

for with the Lord there is merungodly in pieces.

cy, and with him is plenteous 5 Let them be confounded | redemption, and turned backward, as ma

8 And he shall redeem Ifny as have evil will at Sion.

rael from all his lins. 6 Let them be even as the

PSALM 131. grass growing upon the housetops, which withereth afore it be plucked up.

IT Ord, I am not high mind7 Whereof the mower fill

ed, I have no proud eth not his hand; neither he | TOOK that bindeth up the fheaves.

Theaves! 2 I do not exercise myself his bosom.

Tin great matters which are & Sochor they whoroby Gyl too high for me. not so much as, The Lord pro

| 3 But I refrain my soul, and sper you, we wish you good

keep it low, like as a child price luck in the Name of the Lord.

that is weaned from his mo

ther; yea, my soul is even as ... PSALM 130. a weaned child.

UT of the deep have I 40 Ifrael, trust in the Lord, 1,3

called unto thee, O Lord; from this time forth for ever Lord, hear my voice. more.

20 let thine ears consider well the voice of my com

PSALM 132 plaint.

3 If thou, Lord, wilt belt Ord, remember David, extreme to mark what is donel L and all his trouble.


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God of Jaco heard of the it in

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2 How he fware unto the Sion to be an habitation for Lord, and vowed a vow unto himself; he hath longed for her. the Almighty God of Jacob; / 15 This shall be my rest

3 I will not come within the for ever, here will I dwell, for tabernacle of mine house, nor | I have a delight therein. climb up into my bed; L 16 I will bless her victuals

4 I will not suffer mine eyes with increase, and will satisfy to sleep, nor mine eye-lids to her poor with bread. sumber, neither the temples | 17 I will deck her priests of my head to take any reit, with health, and her saints

5 Until I find out a place shall rejoice and sing. for the temple of the Lord ; 18 There shall I make the

an habitation for the mighty horn of David. to flourish ; I i God of Jacob.

have ordained a lantern for 6 Lo, we heard of the same mine anointed. ' at Ephrata, and found it in 19 As for his enemies, I the wood.

shall clothe them with shame; 7. We will go into his ta- but upon himself shall his bernacle, and fall low on our crown flourish. knees before his footstool.

PSALM 133. 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy

IDEhold, how good andjoyful resting-place, thou, and the

D a thing it is, for brethren ark of thy ftrength.

to dwell together in unity. 9 Let thy priests be clothed

2 It is like the precious with righteousness, and let thy

ointment upon the head, that saints sing with joyfulness.

ran down unto the beard, 10 For thy servant David's

even unto Aaron's beard, and lake, turn not away the pre- I went down to the skirts of his sence of thine anointed.

clothing. 1 The Lord hath made a

3 Like as the dew of Herfaithful oath unto David, and

mon, which fell upon the he shall not shrink from it;

hill of Sion. 12 Of the fruit of thy bo

4 For there the Lord prody Thall I set upon thy leat. Imised his bleffing, and life

13 If thy children will keep my covenant, and my testimonies that I shall learn them, PSALM 134. their children also shall sit up. D Ehold now, praise the on thy seat for evermore. D Lord, all ye servants of 14 For the Lord hath chosen the Lord ;

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2 Ye that by night stand in 9 He hath sent tokens and 2 the house of the Lord, even wonders into the midst of thee, in the courts of the house of thou land of Egypt; upon our Godi.

Pharaoh and all his fervants. 3 Lift up your hands in the I 10 He smote divers nasanctuary, and praise the Lord. tions, and new mighty kings;

4 The Lord that made hea. | 11 Schon king of the Anio. ven and cach, give the bler- rites, and Og the king of Basing out or Sion.

san, and all the kingdoms of

PSALM 135.

12 And gave their land to n Praise the Lord, laud ye be an heritage, even an heri

the Name of the Lord; tage unto Israel his people. pra:se it, О ye servants of the 13 Thy Name, O Lord, Lord. ,

endureth for ever; fo doth thy 2 Ye that stand in the house memorial, O Lord, from one of the Lord, in the courts of generation to another. the houle of our God!

14 For the Lord will avenge WO 3. O praise the Lord, for his people, and be gracious the Lord is gracious; O sing unto his servants. prailes unto his Name, for it is 15 As for the images of the top lovely.

heathen, they are buc silver 4 For why? the Lord hath and goid, the work of mens chosen Jacob unto himself, and hands. Israel for his own poffeffion. 16 They have mouths, and

5 For I know that the Lord speak not; eyes have they, but is great, and that our God is they see not. above all gods.

| 17 They have ears, and yet 6 Whatsoever the Lord they hear not; neither is there pleased, that did he in hea- any breath in their mouths. ven, and in earth, in the sea, 18 They that make them and in all deep places. are like unto them, and to

7 te bringeth forth the are all they that put their trust clouds from the ends of the in them. world, and sendeth forth light- 19 Praise the Lord, ye houle nings with the rain, bringing of Israel ; praise the Lord, ye the winds out of his treasures. house of Aaron.

8 He smote the first-born 20 Praise the Lord, ye houle of Egypt, both of man and of Levi; ye that fear the Lord, beast.

1 praise the Lord.

21 Praised

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21 Praised be the Lord outl 12 With a mighty hand and of Sion, who dwelleth at Je- stretched-out arm; for his rusalem.

mercy endureth for ever.

13. Who divided the Red PSA L M 136. sea in two parts; for his mer.

- Icy endureth for ever; , n Give thanks unto the 14 And måde Israel to go

Lord; for he is gra- through the midst of it; for cious, and his mercy endureth his mercy endureth for ever. for ever.

1:1 15 But as for Pharaoh and 20 Give thanks unto the his host, he overthrew them God of all gods; for his mercy in the Red fea; for his meroy endureth for ever. . endureth for ever. .

3 0 thank the Lord of all 16 Who led his people lords ; for his mercy endureth, through the wilderness; for for ever. .

his mercy endureth for ever. 4 Who only doeth great 17 Who (mote great kings; wonders ; for his mercy en- for his mercy endureth for ever; dureth for ever.

18 Yea, and few mighty 5 Who by his excellent wil.kings; for his mercy endureth dom made the heavens ; for for ever; ' his mercy endureth for ever. I 19 Sehon king of the Amo

6 Who laid out the earthrites ; for his mercy endureth above the waters; for his mer for ever ; cy endureth for ever. 120 And Og the king of

I 17 Who hath made great Basan; for his mercy endureth lights; for his mercy endureth for ever; for ever;

21 And gave away their 8 The sun to rule the day ; land for an heritage ; for his for his mercy endureth for mercy endureth for ever ; ever;

Il 22 Even for an heritage ura . 9 The moon and the stars to Israel his servant ; for his to govern the night; for his mercy endureth for ever. mercy endureth for ever. 23 Who remembered us

10 Who smote Egypt with when we were in trouble ; for their first-born; for his mercy his mercy endureth for ever, endureth for ever ;

24. And hath delivered us 11 And brought out lsrael|from our enemies; for his from among them; for his mercy endurech for ever. ** mercy endureth for ever I 25 Who giveth fuod to all

felh ; for his mercy endurech 9 Blessed shall he be that tafor ever.

| keth thy children, and throw26 O give thanks unto the eth them against the stones. God of heaven; for his mercy P SALM 138. endureth for ever.

| I Will give thanks unto thee, 27 O give thanks unto the IO Lord, with my whole Lord of lords ; for his mercy heart ; even before the gods endureth for ever,

will I sing praise unto thee. PSALM 137. I 2. I will worship toward thy DY the waters of Babylon holy temple, and praise thy

D we sat down and wept, Name, because of thy loving when we remembered thee, o kindness and truth; for thou Sion.

hast magnified thy Name, and 2 As for our harps, we thy word above all things. hanged them up upon the 3. When I called upon thee, trees that are therein.

thou heårdest me, and en3 For they that led us a-duedst my soul with much way captive, required of us (trength. then a song, and melody in 4 All the kings of the earth our heaviness: Sing us one of thall praise thee, O Lord; for the songs of Sion.

they have heard the words of 4 How shall we sing the thy, mouth. . Lord's song in a strange land?: 5 Yea, they fhall sing in the

5 If I forget thee, O Jeru. ways of the Lord, that great falem, let my right hand for-1 is the glory of the Lord. get her cunning.

6. For though the Lord be 6 If I do not remember high, yet hath he respect unto thee, let my tongue cleave to the lowly ; as for the proud, the roof of my mouth; yea, if he beholdeth them afar off. I prefer not Jerusalem in my 7: Though I walk in the

midst of trouble, yet shalt thou 7 Remember the children refresh me;: thou shalt stretch of Edom, O Lord, in the day forth thy hand upon the furiof Jerusalem, how they said, ousness of mine enemies, and Down with it, down with it, thy, right hand shall save me. even to the ground.

18. The Lord Ihall make good 8 O daughter of Babylon, his loving kindness towards me; wasted with misery ; yea, hap-yea, thy mercy, O Lord, endupy shall he be that rewardeth reth for ever; despise not then thçe as thou hast served us. the works of thine own hands,


mirth Remember the the day forth thy f mine

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