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9 For I have eaten alhes as 20 That he might hear the it were bread, and mingled mournings of such as are in my drink with weeping; captivity, and deliver the chil

10 And that because of dren appointed unto death; thine indignation and wrath ; 21 That they may declare for thou haft taken me up, the Name of the Lord in Sion, and cast me down.

and his worship in Jerusalem; 11 My days are gone like 22 When the people are gaa shadow, and I am withered thered together, and the king. like grass.

doms also to serve the Lord. 12 But thou, O Lord, shalt 23 He brought down my endure for ever, and thy re. strength in my journey, and membrance throughout all thortened my days. generations.

24 But I said, O my God, 13 Thou shalt arise, and have take me not away in the midit mercy upon Sion; for it is time of mine age, as for thy years, that thou have mercy upon they endure throughout all her, yea, the time is come. generations. .

14 And why? thy servants 25 Thou, Lord, in the bethink upon her stones; and it ginning haft laid the foundapitieth them to see her in the tion of the earth, and the headuft.

vens are the work of thy hands. 15 The heathen shall fear thy 2 9 They shall perish, bus Name, O Lord, and all the thou shalt endure; they all shall kings of the earth thy Majesty; wax old as doth a garment;

16 When the Lord' fhalll 27 And as a vesture shalt build up Sion, and when his thou change them, and they glory shall appear;

| shall be changed; but thou art 17 When he turneth him the same, and thy years shall unto the prayer of the poor | not fail. destitute, and despiseth not L 28 The children of thy fertheir desire.

vants shall continue, and their 18 This shall be written for feed shall stand fast in thy light. those that come after, and the

PSALM 103. people which shall be born Thall praise the Lord.. DRaise the Lord, O my

19. For he hath looked foul, and all that is within down from his fanctuary : me praise his holy Name. out of the heaven did the 1 2 Praise the Lord, Omy soul, Lord behoid the earth; | and forget not all his benefits ;

3 Who



3 Who forgiveth all thy sin, 15 The days of man are but and healeth allthineinfirmities; as grass; for he flourisheth as .4 Who saveth thy life from a flower of the field. destruction, and crowneth 1 16 For as soon as the wind thee with mercy and loving.goeth over it, it is gone, and kindness;

the place thereof shall know .5 Who satisfieth thy mouth it no more. with good things, maketh thee 17 But the merciful good. young and lusty as an eagle. ness of the Lord endureth for

6 The Lord executeth righ-ever and ever upon them that teousness and judgment, for fear him, and his righteous. all them that are oppressedness upon childrens children; wich wrong.

| 18 Even upon such as keep 7 He shewed his ways un- his covenant, and think upon to Moses; his works unto the his commandments to do them. children of Israel.

I 19 The Lord hath prepared · 8 The Lord is full of com- his feat in heaven, and his pafsion and mercy, long-suf kingdom ruleth over all. fering, and of great goodness. 20 O praise the Lord, ye

9 He will not alway be chi. angels of his, ye that excel in ding, neither keepeth he his strength, ye that fulfil his anger for ever.

commandment, and hearken · 10 He hath not dealt with unto the voice of his words. us after our sins, nor reward- 21 praise the Lord, all ed us according to our wick- ye his hofts; ye servants of ednesles.

I his that do his pleasure. 1 For look how high the 22 Ospeak good of the heaven is in comparison of the Lord, all ye works of his, in all earth; so great is his mercy al places of his doininion; praise fo toward them that fear him. I thou the Lord, O my soul.

12 Look how wide also the east is from the west ; so far PSALM 104. · hath he set our sins from us.

13 Yea, like as a father pi- | DRaise the Lord, O my tieth his own children; even I foul; O Lord my God, so is the Lord inerciful unto thou art become exceeding them that fear him,

glorious, thou art clothed with 14 For he knoweth where- majesty and honour. of we are made ; he remem- 2 Thou deckest thyself with bereth chat we are but dust. l light as it were with a garment,


and spreadest out the heavens ( ed with the fruit of thy works. like a curtain.

1 14 He bringeth forth grass 3. Who layeth the beams of for the cattle, and green herb his chambers in the waters, for the service of men. and maketh the clouds his cha 15 That he may bring food riot, and walketh upon the out of the earth, and wine that wings of the wind.

maketh glad the heart of man, 4. He maketh his, angels and oil to make him a cheerspirits, and his ministers a ful countenance, and bread to flaming fire.

strengthen man's heart, 5 He laid the foundations 16 The trees of the Lord of the earth, that it never also are full of sap; even the should move at any time. cedars of Libanus which he

6 Thou coveredst it with the planted; deep like as with a garment, | 17 Wherein the birds make the waters stand in the hills. their nests, and the fir-trees

7 At thy rebuke they flee; are a dwelling for the stork. at the voice of thy thunder 18 The high hills are a refuge they are afraid.

for the wild goats, and so are 8 They go up as high as the stony rocks for the conies. the hills, and down to the val. 19 He appointeth the moon leys beneath; even unto the for certain seasons, and the sun place which thou hast appoint- knoweth his going down. ed for them,

I 20 Thou makest darkness 9 Thou hast set them their that it may be night, wherein bounds which they shall not all the beasts of the forest do pass; neither turn again to co move. ver the earth.

21 The lions roaring after 10 He sendeth the springs their prey, do seek their ineat into the rivers, which run a- from God. mong the hills.

| 22 Thesun ariseth, and they 11 All beasts of the field get them away together, and drink thereof, and the wild lay them down in their dens. asses quench their thirst. | 23 Man goeth forth to his

12 Beside them shall the work, and to his labour, unfowls of the air have their ha- til the evening. bitation, and sing among the 24 O Lord, how manifold branches.

| are thy works; in wisdom hast 13 He watereth the bills thou made them all, the earth from above, the earth is fill-I is full of thy riches.

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25 So is the great and wide an end; praise chou the Lord, sea also, wherein are things my soul, praise the Lord. creeping innumerable, bolh| small and great beasts.

PSALM 105. 26 There go the ships, and there is that Leviathan, whom Give thanks unto the thou hast made to take his Lord, and call upon his pastime therein.

Name; tell the people what * 27 These wait all upon things he hath done." thee, that thou mayest givel 20 let your songs be of them meat in due season. him, and praise him, and let

28 When thou givest it your talking be of all his them, they gacher it, and wonderous works. when thou openeft thy hand, 3 Rejoice in his holy Name; they are filled with good. let the heart of them rejoice

29 When thou hidest thy that seek the Lord. face, they are troubled ; when 4 Seek the Lord and his thou takest away their breath strength, feek his face everthey die, and are turned again more. to their duft.

5 Remember the marvellous 30 When thou lettest thy works that he hath done, his breath go forth, they shall be wonders, and the judgments made ; and thou shalt renew of his mouth; the face of the earth.

60 ye feed of Abraham his 31 The glorious Majestyofthe servant, y'e children of Jacob Lord shall endure for ever; the his chosen. Lord shall rejoice in his works. He is the Lord our God,

32 The earth shall tremble his judgments are in all the at the look of him; if he dol world. but touch the hills, they shall 8 He hath been alway mindsmoke.

ful of his covenant and prɔ. 33 I will sing unto the Lord mise, that he made to a thouas long as I live; I will praise fand generations; my God while I have my being. 9 Even the covenant that he

34 And so shall my words made with Abrahain, and the please him; my joy shall be in oath that lie sware unto Isaac; the Lord.

. 10And appointed the fameun35 As for finners, they shall to Jacob for a law, and to Israel be consumed out of the earth, for an everlasting testament, and the ungodly shall come col 11 Saying, Unto thee will I

give the land of Canaan, the 24 And he increafed his lot of your inheritance. people exceedingly, and made

12 When there were yet them stronger than their ene. but a few of them, and they mies; strangers in the land ; : 25 Whole heart turned fo,

13 What time as they went that they hated his people, and from one nation to another, dealt untruly 'with his fervants. from one kingdom to another 26 Then sent he Mofes his people;

fervant, and Aaron, whom * 14. He suffered no man to he had chofen, do them wrong, but reproved 27 And these shewed his even kings for their fakes. tokens among them, and won• 15 Touch not mine Anoints 1 ders in the land of Ham. ed, and do my prophets no 28 He fent darkness, and it harn).

was dark, and they were not 16 Moreover, he called for obedient unto his word. a dearth upon the land, and 29 He turned their waters destroyed all the provision of into blood, and New their fish. bread.

30Their land brought 17 But he had sent a man be- forth frogs; yea, even in fore them, even Joseph, who their king's chambers. was sold to be a bond-servant ; 31. He fpake the word, and

18 Whose feet they hurt in there came all manner of Aies, the stocks; the iron entered and lice in all their quarters. into his soul;

1 32 He gave them hailstones 19. Until the time came that for rain, and flames of fire in his cause was known, the their land. word of the Lord tried him. | 33 He smote their vines also

20 The king sent, and de and fig trees, and destroyed the livered him, the prince of the trees that were in their coasts. people let him go free.

34 He spake the word, and 21 He made him lord also the grashoppers came, and of his house, and ruler of all caterpillars innumerable, and his substance, ,

did eat up all the grafs in their 22 That he might inform land, and devoured the fruit his princes after his will, and of their ground. teach his senators wildom. 35 He smote all the first

23 Israel also came into E-born in their land, even the gypt, and Jacob was a stran-chief of all their strength. ger in the land of Ham. I 36 He brought them forth

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