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8 That they might put their 1 18 Yet for all this they fin. trust in God, and not to for- ned more against him, and get the works of God, but to provoked the most Highest keep his commandments; in the wilderness.

9 And not to be as their 19 They tempted God in ; forefathers, a faithless and their hearts, and required meat ho s stubborn generation; a gene- for their lust.

ration that fer not their heart a- ! 20 They spake against God

right, and whose spirit cleaveth also, saying, Shall God prea vfu not stedfastly unto God; pare a table in the wilderness ?

10 Like as the children of 21 He smote the stony rock ** Ephraim, who being harnes- indeed, that the water gushed 'sed, and carrying bows, turned out, and the streains Aowed

themselves back in the day of withal; but can he give bread y battle.

also, or provide Aeth for his no 11 They kept not the cove-people?

nant of God, and would not | 22 When the Lord heard walk in his law; . this, he was wroth; so the

12 But forgat what he had fire was kindled in Jacob, and done, and the wonderful works there came up heavy difClive that he had shewed for them. ! pleasure against Ifrael, w 13 Marvellous things did 23 Because they believed

he in the light of our forefa- not in God, and put not their bout thers, in the land of Egypt; trüft in his help.. even in the field of Zoan. 24 So he commanded the

14 He divided the fea, and clouds above, and opened the let them go through; he made doors of heaven. the waters to stand on an 25 He rained down Manna

... alfo upon them for to eat, and 15 In the day-time also he gave them foot from heaven. led them with a cloud, and all 26 So man did eat angels Dr the night through with a light food; for he fent them meat

enough. Bed to 16 He clave the hard rocks 27 He caused the east-wind Dit in the wilderness, and gave to blow under heaven, and to them drink thereof, as it had through his power he brought chev been out of the great depth. in the south-west wind. bora 17 He brought waters out 28 He rained Aesh upon them floor of the ftony rock, so that it as thick as dust, and feathered bet gulhed out like the rivers. | fowls like as the sand of the sea.

oft heap.

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of fire.

and believen: hand, anty thought

29 He let it fall among their not suffer his whole difpleasure tents, even round about their to arise. habitation.

40 For he considered that 30 So they did eat, and were they were but flesh, and that well filled, for he gave chem they were even a wind that their own desire; they were passeth away, and cometh not not disappointed of their lust.

31 But while the meat was 41 Many a time did they yet in their mouths, the hea provoke him in the wilderness, vy wrath of God came upon and grieved him in the desert. them, and New the wealthiest 42 They turned back, and of them; yea, and smote tempted God, and moved the down the chosen men that holy One in Israel, were in Ifrael.

43 They thought not of his 32 But for all this they sin hand, and of the day when he ned yet more, and believed delivered them from the hand not his wonderous works. of the enemy;

33 Therefore their days did 44 How he had wrought his he consume in vanity, and miracles in Egypt, and his their years in trouble. wonders in the field of Zoan.

34 When he new them, they 45 He turned their waters sought him, and turned them into blood, so that they might early, and enquired after God. not drink of the rivers.

35 And they remembered 46 He sent lice among them, that God was their strength, and devoured them up, and and that the high God was frogs to destroy them. their redeemer.

47 He gave their fruit un36 Nevertheless, they did to the caterpillar, and their labut flatter him with their bour unto the grashopper. mouth, and diffembled with | 48 He destroyed their vines him in their tongue. with hail stones, and their

37 For their heart was not mulberry-trees with the frost. whole with him, neither con- 49 He smote their cattle altinued they stedfast in his co- fo with hailftones, and their venant,

focks with hot thunder-bolts. 38 But he was fo merciful, 50 He cast upon them the that he forgave their misdeeds, furiousness of his wrath, an. and destroyed them not. ger, displeasure, and trouble,

39 Yea, many a time turned and sent evil angels among he his wrath away, and would them.

51 He made a way to his in. I 61 So that he forsook the dignation, and spared not their tabernacle in Silo; even the foul from death; but gave their tent that he had pitched a. life over to the peftilence. mong men.

52 And smote all the first. 6. He delivered their power born in Egypt; the most prin-into captivity, and their beau. cipal and mightiest in the ty into the enemies hand. dwellings of Ham.

63 He gave his people over 53 But as for his own peo- also to the sword, and was ple, he led them forth like wroth with his inheritance. I sheep, and carried them in the 64 The fire consumed their wilderness like a flock. young men, and their maidens

54 He brought them out were not given to marriage. a safely, that they should not 65 Their priests were Nain

fear, and overwhelmed their with the sword, and there enemies with the sea.

were no widows to make la55 And brought them with-mentation. in the borders of his fanctuary: 66 So the Lord' awaked as even to his mountain which he one out of seep, and like a purchased with his right hand. I giant refreshed with wine.

56 He cast out the heathen 67 He smote his enemies also before them, caused their in the hinder parts, and puc land to be divided among them them to a perpetual shame. for an heritage, and made the 68 He refused the tabernatribes of Israel to dwell in their cle of Joseph, and chose not tents.

the tribe of Ephraim; 57 So they tempted and 69 But chose the tribe of displeased the most high God, Judah, even the hill of Sion and kept not his testimonies; which he loved,

58 But turned their backs, 70 And there he built his and fell away like their fore- temple on high, and laid the fathers; starting aside like a foundation of it like the broken bow.

earth which he hath establish59 For they grieved him ed for ever. with their hill-altars, and pro- 51 He chose David also his voked him to displeasure with servant, and took him away their images.

from the sheep.folds, 60 When God heard this, 72 As he was following the he was wroth, and took sore ews great with young ones, he displeasure at Israel; I took him, that he might feed


lears, and himearth which of it"


le heart, ah alto great loon; for we upon us,

Jacob his people, and Israel|fins, but have mercy upon us, his inheritance.

and that soon; for we are come 73 So he fed them with a to great misery. faithful and true heart, and 9 Help us, o God of our ruled them prudently with all falvation, for the glory of thy his power.

Name; O deliver us, and be

merciful unto our sins for thy PSALM 79.

Name's sake.

10 Wherefore do the heaGod, the heathen are then say, Where is now their

come into thine inherit. God? ance, thy holy temple have 1 O let the vengeance of they defiled, and made Jeru. thy servants blood that is falem an heap of ftones. Thed be openly shewed up.

2 The dead bodies of thy on the heathen in our sight. fervants have they given to be 12 O let the sorrowful sighmeat unto the fowls of the ling of the prisoners come before air, and the Aesh of thy saints thee ; according to the greatunto the beasts of the land. ness of thy power,preserve thou

3 Their blood have they those that are appointed to die. shed like water on every side 13 And for the blaspheof Jeru.alem, and there was my wherewith our neighbours no inan to bury them. I have blafphemed thee, re

4 We are become an open ward thou them, O Lord, shame to our enemies ; a very seven-fold into their bosom. scorn and derision unto them 14 So we, that are thy peothat are round about us. ple, and sheep of thy pasture,

5 Lord, how long wilt thou ihall give thee thanks for be angry; shall thy jealousy ever, and will alway be shew. burn like fire for ever? Jing forth thy praise from ge

6. Pour out thine indig- neration to generation. nation upon the heathen P SALM 80. that have not known thee, T TEar, Othou Shepherd of and upon the kingdoms that Ifrael, thou that leadelt have not called upon thy Joseph like a sheep ; thew Name.

thyself also, thou that fittelt 7 For they have devoured upon the cherubims. , Jacob, and laid waste his! 2 Before Ephraim, Benja. dwelling place,

Imin, and Manalles; ftir up thy 8 O remember not our old / strength, and come and help us.

place, aid wanvoured thyield like thou chepherd of

3 Turn us again, O God; heaven; behold, and visit this Thew the light of thy counte- vine; nance, and we shall be whole. 15 And the place of the

4 O Lord God of hosts, vineyard that thy right hand how long wilt thou be angry hath planted, and the branch with thy people that prayeth? that thou madeít so strong for

5 Thou feedelt them with thyself; the bread of tears, and givest 16 lt is burnt with fire, and them plenteousness of tears to cut down; they shall perish drink. .

at the rebuke of thy couns 6 Thou hast made us a ve- tenance. ry strife unto our neighbours, 17 Let thy hand be upon ånd our enemies laugh us to the man of thy right hand, scorn.

and upon the son of man, 9 Turn us again, thou God whom thou madest so strong of hosts ; shew the light of for thine own self. thy countenance, and we shall 18 And so will not we go be whole.

back from thee; O let us live, 8 Thou hast brought a vine and we shall call upon thy out of Egypt; thou hast cast Name. out the heathen, and planted it. 19 Turn us again, O Lord

9 Thou niadest room for it, God of hosts; shew the light and when it had taken root, ic of thy countenance, and we filled the land.

shall be whole. 10 The hills were covered with the shadow of it, and

PSALM 81. the boughs thereof were like CING aloud unto God the goodly cedar trees. In our strength; make a

11 She stretched out her cheerful noise unto the God of branches unto the sea, and Jacob. her boughs unto the river. 2 Take the psalm, bring

12 Why hast thou then bro hither the tabret, the pleasant ken down her hedge, that all harp with the lute. they that go by, pluck off her 3 Blow up the trumpet in grapes ?

the new moon, even in the 13 The wild boar out of the time appointed, and upon cur wood doth root it up, and the folemn feast day. wild beasts of the field devourit. 4. For this was made a sta.

14 Turn thee again, thou cute for Israel, and a law of God cf hosts, look down from the God of Jacob.

F 2 6 This

edge, that her I the new pointed,

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