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hace upon thee. Fie upon thee, together

in number than the hairs of 3 The Lord comfort him my head, and my heart hath when he lieth sick upon his failed me.

bed; make thou all his bed in . 16 O Lord, let it be his sickness. thy pleasure to deliver me; 4. I said, Lord, be merciful make hafte, O Lord, to help unto me; heal my soul, for I me. ·

Thave sinned against thee. 17 Let them be ashamed,1 5 Mine enemies speak evil and confounded together, that of me; When shall he die, seek after my soul to destroy and his name perish ? it; let them be driven back! 6. And if he come to see

ward, and put to rebuke, that me, he speaketh vanity, and - wish me evil.

his heart conceiveth falfhood 18 Let them be desolate, within himself, and when he and rewarded with shame, that cometh forth he telleth it. say unto me, Fie upon thee, 7 All mine enemies whisper

together against me; even a. 19 Let all those that seek gainst me do they imagine this thee be joyful, and glad in evil. thee; and let such as love thy/ 8 Let the sentence of guilti. salvation say alway, The Lordness proceed against him, and be praised.

now that he liech, let him rise * 20 As for me, I am poor up no more.

and needy ; but the Lord 9 Yea, even mine own facareth for me.

miliar friend, whom I trusted, i 21 Thou art my helper, and who did also eat of my bread, redeemer ; make no long tar. I hath laid great wait for me, ng, O my God.

jo But bethou merciful unto

me, O Lord; raise thou me up · P SALM 41. again, and I shall reward them.

11 By this I know thou faÞ DLessed is he that consider-vourest me, that mine enemy

eth the poor and needy ; doth not triumph against me. the Lord shall deliver him in 12 And when I am in my the time of trouble.

health, thou upholdest me, 2 The Lord preserve him, and shalt set me before thy and keep him alive, that he face for ever. may be blessed upon earth, 13 Blessed be the Lord God and deliver not thou him into of lfrael; world without end. the will of his enemies, 1 Amen.



PSALM 42. my prayer unto the God of T lke as the hart dellreth the my life.

I water brooks, so longeth 11 I will say unto the God my soul after thee, O God. of my strength, Why haft thou

2 My soul is athirst for God, forgotten me; why go I thus yea, even for the living God; heavily, while the enemy op. when shall I come to appear presseth me? before the prelence of God? | 12 My bones are smitten a.

3 My tears have been my runder as with a sword; while meat day and night; while mine enemies that trouble me they daily say unto me, Where caft me in the teeth; is now thy God?

13 Namely, while they say 4 Now when I think there- daily unto me, Where is upon, I pour out my heart by now thy God? myself; for I went with the 14 Why art thou so vexed, multitude, and brought them O my soul, and why art thou forth into the house of God; so disquieted within me?

5 In the voice of praise and 15 put thy trust in God; thanksgiving; among such as for I will get thank him, which keep holy-day.

is the help of my countenance, 6 Why art thou so full of and my God. heaviness, O my soul, and why PSALM 43. art thou so difquieted within Ylve sentence with me, O

God, and defend my. 7 Put thy trust in God; for caule against the ungodly peoI will yet give him thanks for ple; O deliver me from the the help of his countenance. deceitful and wicked man.

8 My God, my soul is vexel 2 For thou art the God of ed within me; therefore will I my strength, why haft thou remember thee concerning the put me from thee, and why land of Jordan, and the little go I so heavily, while the ene. hill of hermon.

my oppresseth me? 9 One deep calleth another, 3 0 send out thy light and because of the noise of the wa- thy truth, that they may lead ter-pipes; all thy waves and me, and bring me unto thy Itorms are gone over me. holy hill, and to thy dwelling:

°10 The Lord hath granted 4 And that I may go unto his loving kindness in the day. the altar of God, even unto time, and in the night. season, the God of my joy and glad. did I ling of him, and made , nels; and upon the harp will!

me ?

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give thanks unto thee, O God, I us from our enemies, and my God.

puttest them to confusion that 5 Why art thou so heavy, O my soul, and why art thou 9 We make our boast of so disquieted within me? God all day long, and will

6 0 put thy trust in God; praise thy Name for ever. for I will yer give him thanks, 10 But now thou art far which is the help of my coun off, and puttest us to confutenance, and my God. lion, and goeft not forth with

our armies. PSALM 44.

II Thou makest us to turn

our backs upon our enemies; UITE have heard with our so that they which hate us,

V ears, O God, our fa- spoil our goods. thers have told us, what thou 12 Thou lettest us be eaten hast done in their time of up like sheep, and haft scatold.

(ered us among the heathen. 2 How thou hast driven out 13 Thou sellest thy people the heathen with thy hand, and for nought, and takest no planted them in; how thou money for them. haft destroyed the nations, and 14 Thou makest us to be cast them out.

rebuked of our neighbours, to - 3 For they got not the land be laughed to scorn, and had in poffeffion through their own in derision of them that are sword, neither was it their own round about us. arm that helped them;

15 Thou makest us to be a 4 But thy right hand, and by-word among the heathen, thine arm, and the light of thy and that the people shake countenance; because thou their heads at us. hadít a favour unto them. 16 My confusion is daily

5 Thou art my King, o before me, and the shame of God; fend help unto Jacob. my face hath covered me;

6 Through thee will we 17 For the voice of the overthrow our enemies, and in Nanderer and blasphemer, for thy name will we tread them the enemy and avenger. under that rise up against us. 18 And though all this be

7 For I will not trust in my come upon us, yet do we noc bow; it is not my sword that forget thee, nor behave ourshall help me.

felves frowardly in thy cove. 8 But it is thou that savest nant.

D2 19 Our

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hi? For I will up against us. the enemy and avehemer, for

19 Our heart is not turned ) 4. Gird thee with thy sword back; neither our lieps gone upon thy thigh, O thou most out of thy way;

mighty ; according to thy 20 No, not when thou hast worship and renown. smitten iis into the place of 5 Good luck have thou with dragons, and covered us with thine honour; ride on, because the madow of death.

of the word of truth, of meek21 If we have forgotten the ness, and righteousness, and Name of our God, and holden thy right hand shall teach thee up our hands to any strange terrible things. god, mall not God search it 6 Thy arrows are very sharp, out? for he knoweth the very and the people shall be subdued fecrets of the heart.

unto thee; even in the midst 22 For thy fake also are we among the king's enemies. killed all the day long, and 7 Thy fear, o God, endurare counted as theep appoint. eth for ever; the scepter of thy ed to be sain.

kingdom is a righe Icepter. 23 Up, Lord, why neepest 1 8 Thou hast loved rightethou? awake, and be not abousness, and hated iniquity; fone from us for ever. wherefore God, even thy God,

24. Wherefore hidest thou hath anointed thee with the oil thy face, and forgettest our of gladness above thy fellows. misery and trouble? 1 9 All thy garments smell of

25 For our soul is brought myrrh, aloes, and cassia, out low, even unto the duft; our of the ivory palaces, whereby belly cleaveth unto the ground. they have made thee glad.

29 Arise, and help us, and io Kings daughters were adeliver us for thy mercies lake.mong thy honourable women; PS A L M

upon thy right hand did stand

45. the queen in a vesture of gold, TAA Y heart is inditing of a wrought about with divers IV good matter; I Tpeak colours. of the things which I have 1 I Hearken, o daughter, made unto the King.

and consider, incline thine ear; 2 My tongue is the pen forget also thine own people, of a ready writer.

and thy father's house. . 3 Thou art fairer than the 12 So shall the King have children of men; full of grace pleasure in thy beauty; for! are thy lips, because God hath is thy Lord God, and worlhip blessed thee for ever,

thou him.

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13 And the daughter of Tyres of God; the holy place of the shall be there with a gift; like tabernacle of the most Highest. as the rich also among the peo. 5 God is in the midst of her, ple shall make their supplica. therefore shall The not be retion before thee.

moved ; God fall help her, 14 The King's daughter is and that right early. all glorious within ; her cloch- 6 The heathen make much ing is of wrought gold. ado, and the kingdoms are

15 She shall be brought unto moved ; but God hath thewed the king in raiment of needle. his voice, and the earth shall work; the virgins that be her melt away. fellows shall bear her company, 7 The Lord of hosts is with

and shall be brought unto thee. us; the God of Jacob is our 1, E 16 With joy and gladness refuge. I shall they be brought, and shall 8 0 come hither, and be. enter into the King's palace. hold the works of the Lord,

17 Instead of thy fathers what destruction he hath thou shalt have children, brought upon the earth. of whom thou mayest miake 9 He maketh wars to cease princes in all lands.

in all the world ; he breaketh 18 I will remember thy the bow, and knappeth the is Name from one generation to spear in funder, and burneth CB another; therefore shall the the chariots in the fire.

people give thanks unto thee, | 10 Be still then, and know world without end.

that I am God; I will be ex

alted among the heathen, and PSALM 46.

I will be exalted in the earth. M OD is our hope and 11 The Lord of hosts is

U strength; a very present with us; the God of Jacob is chó help in trouble.

our refuge. 2 Therefore will we not fear des though the earth be moved,

PSALM 47. chines and though the hills be carried op het into the midst of the sea.

Clap your hands toget 3 Though the waters there. ther, all ye people ; O Co of rage and swell, and thoughling unto God with the voice v; the mountains shake at the of inelody. . dari tempeft of the same.

2 For the Lord is bigh, and 4. The rivers of the food to be feared; he is the great thereof shall make glad the city King upon all the earth.

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