The Saline Waters of Leamington: Chemically, Therapeutically, and Clinically Considered, with Observations on the Climate of Leamington

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Page 100 - ON DIET AND REGIMEN IN SICKNESS AND HEALTH, and on the Interdependence and Prevention of Diseases and the Diminution of their Fatality.
Page 5 - ET WILSON, BM OXON., FRcP LOND. Physician to the Cheltenham General Hospital and Dispensary. DISINFECTANTS AND HOW TO USE THEM. In Packets of one doz. price is. Clinical Charts For Temperature Observations, etc. Arranged by W. RIGDEN, MRCS Price 7S.
Page 99 - Illustrations, cr. 8vo, y. 6d. General Contents. Situation and Construction of Houses — Soils — Walls — Chimneys — Floors — Wall Coverings — Ventilation, Lighting and Warming — Overcrowding — Ventilation by Chimneys, by Windows, by Special Apparatus — Cowls— Gasburners — Stoves — Hot-water Apparatus -Water Supply — Sources of Water — Distribution — Constant Service — Filters — Removal of Refuse Matter — Dust - Cesspools — Conservancy Systems — Dry Earth System...
Page 3 - WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, MD Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases in the Medical Department of the University of the City of New York, &c. I. A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Page 20 - Britain, which appeared in 1662, observes, with his usual singularity of thought and quaintness of style, that "at Leamington, two miles from Warwick, there issueth out within a stride of the womb of the earth, two twin springs, as different in taste and operation, as Jacob and Esau in disposition — the one salt, the other fresh. This the meanest countryman does plainly see by their effects, whilst it would puzzle a consultation of physicians to assign the cause thereof.
Page 55 - According as the salt-solution within the intestine increases in amount, there occurs a corresponding diminution of the fluids of the blood. 33. The blood recoups itself in a short time by absorbing from the tissues a nearly equal quantity of their fluids. 34. The salt, after some hours, causes diuresis, and with it a second concentration of the blood, which continues so long as the diuresis is active. 35. As the intestinal secretion excited by the salt contains a...
Page 54 - INVESTIGATION. 1. A saline purgative always excites more or less secretion from the alimentary canal, depending on the amount of the salt and the strength of its solution, and varying with the nature of the salt. 2. The...
Page 7 - Solutions of the Questions in MagNETISM AND ELECTRICITY, Set at the Preliminary Scientific and First B.Sc. Pass Examinations of the University of London, from 1860 to 1878, together with Definitions, Dimensions of Units, Miscellaneous Examples, &c.
Page 3 - Whatever Dr. Hammond writes about the nervous system is gladly accepted as the work of a master; and we anticipate a wide circulation and great resulting benefit from the diffusion of this work, marked as it is by the candid admission of whatever is worth credit in the subject discussed. — Medical Times and Gazette.
Page 1 - MODERN SURGERY; Its Progress and Tendencies. Being the Introductory Address delivered at University College at the opening of the Session 1873-74. Demy 8vo, is. DR. FERBER. MODEL DIAGRAM OF THE ORGANS IN THE THORAX AND UPPER PART OF THE ABDOMEN. With Letter-press Description. In 410, coloured, 5s.

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