Samuel Jordan Kirkwood

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State Historical Society of Iowa, 1917 - Governors - 464 pages

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Page 2 - THE State of Delaware furnished one regiment only ; and certainly no regiment in the army surpassed it in soldiership. The remnant of that corps, less than two companies, from the battle of Camden, was commanded by Captain Kirkwood, who passed through the war with high reputation ; and yet, as the line of Delaware consisted but of one regiment, and that regiment was reduced to a captain's command, Kirkwood never could be promoted in regular routine...
Page 190 - In this emergency Iowa must not and does not occupy a doubtful position. For the Union as our fathers formed it, and for the Government founded so wisely and so well, the people of Iowa are ready to pledge every fighting man in the State, and every dollar of her money and credit, and I have called you together in Extraordinary Session for the purpose of enabling them to make that pledge formal and effective.
Page 294 - When this war is over & we have summed up the entire loss of life it has imposed on the country I shall not have any regrets if it is found that a part of the dead are niggers and that all are not white men...
Page 13 - ... carried thousands of population and millions of wealth into the West, and, more than any other material structure in the land, served to harmonize and strengthen, if not save, the Union !
Page 183 - The nation is in peril. A fearful attempt is being made to overthrow the Constitution and dissever the Union. The aid of every loyal citizen is invoked to sustain the general Government. For the honor of our state, let the requirement of the President be cheerfully and promptly met.
Page 101 - ... aided in keeping them together pretty well. We are in a much better condition than I expected we would be in two years ago. It will be very important to us that we secure the right kind of a man for governor in October. If we get a weak man, either intellectually or politically, we shall be swamped. I would suggest your name if I did not think it better for you to be a candidate for Congress next year, with a prospect for a senatorship two years hence. If, however, you prefer to be a candidate...
Page 2 - Kirkwood never could be promoted in regular routine, — a very glaring defect in the organization of the army, as it gave advantages to parts of the same army> denied to other portions of it.
Page 289 - Regiment of which we do not feel justly proud, and the bare mention of the names of many of them stirs the blood and warms the heart of every lowan. It may perhaps be permitted me to say that I trust that when the history of the gallantry and devotion of these men shall be written, the position I have held will of necessity connect my name humbly, and not discreditably, with theirs, and that this trust affords compensation for somewhat of toil and care which have attended that position, and should...
Page 14 - Road throws itself across Ohio and Indiana, straight as an arrow, like an ancient elevated pathway of the gods, chopping hills in twain at a blow, traversing the lowlands on high grades like a railroad bed, vaulting river and stream on massive bridges of unparalled size.
Page 87 - Democratic party," are striving to make slavery a great national institution, contrary to the principles laid down in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as taught by the fathers of the Republic; we would call upon all such free citizens to meet in convention, at Iowa City on the...

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