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Though million leagues, and million still remote,
Shall yet survive that day : ye must submit
Sharers, not bright spectators of the scene.

But though the earth shall to the centre perish,
Nor leave behind e'en Chaos; though the air
With all the elements must pass away,
Vain as an ideot's dream ; though the huge rocks,
That brandish the tall cedars on their tops,
With humbler vales must to perdition yield;
Though the gilt sun, and silver-tressed moon
With all her bright retinue, must be lost;
Yet thou, great Father of the world, surviv'st
Eternal, as thou wert! Yet still survives
The soul of man immortal, perfect now,
And candidate for unexpiring joys.

He comes ! he comes! the awful trump I hear; The flaming sword's intolerable blaze I see; he comes! the archangel from above :" Arise, ye tenants of the silent grave, Awake incorruptible, and arise ; From east to west, from the antarctic pole To regions hyperborean, all ye sons, Ye sons of Adam, and ye heirs of Heaven Arise, ye tenants of the silent grave, Awake incorruptible, and arise !"

'Tis then, nor sooner, that the restless mind Shall find itself at home; and, like the ark Fix'd on the mountain-top, shall look aloft O’er the vague passage of precarious life ; And winds, and waves, and rocks, and tempests Enjoy the everlasting calm of Heaven: (past, 'Tis then, nor sooner, that the deathless soul Shall justly know its nature and its rise : 'Tis then the human tongue new-tun'd shall give

Praises more worthy the eternal car.
Yet what we can we ought; and therefore, thou,
Purge thou my heart, Omnipotent and good !
Purge thou my heart with hyssop, lest like Cain
I offer fruitless sacrifice, with gifts
Offend, and not propitiate the ador'd.
Though gratitude were bless’d with all the pow'rs
Her bursting heart could long for, though the swift,
The fiery-wing'd imagination soard
Beyond ambition's wish-yet all were vain
To speak him as he is, who is ineffable.
Yet still let reason through the eye of faith
View him with fearful love ; let truth pronounce,
And adoration on her bended knee
With heaven-directed hands, confess his reign.
And let the angelic, archangelic band,
With all the hosts of heaven, cherubic forms,
And forms seraphic, with their silver trumps
And golden lyres attend :~~" For thou art holy,
For thou art one, the Eternal, who alone
Exerts all goodness, and transcends all praise.”


Once more I dare to rouse the sounding string,
The poet of my God! Awake my glory,
Awake my lute and harp--myself shall wake,
Soon as the stately night-exploding bird,
In lively lay, sings welcome to the dawn.

List ye! how nature with ten thousand tongues Begins the grand thanksgiving, Hail, all hail,

Ye tenants of the forest and the field !
My fellow subjects of the Eternal King,
I gladly join your matins, and with you
Confess his presence, and report his praise.

O thou, who or the lambkin, or the dove,
When offer'd by the lowly, meek, and poor,
Prefer'st to pride's whole hecatomb, accept
This mean essay, nor from thy treasure-house
Of glory immense, the orphan's mite exclude.

What though the’Almighty's regal throne be rais'd High o'er yon azure heaven's exalted dome, By mortal eye unken'd—where east nor west, Nor south, nor blustering north has breath to blow; Albeit, he there with angels and with saints Holds conference, and to his radiant host Ev'n face to face stand visibly confess’d: Yet know that nor in presence or in

power Shines he less perfect here ; 'tis man's dim eye That makes the obscurity. He is the same, Alike in all his universe the same.

Whether the mind along the spangled sky Measure her pathless walk, studious to view Thy works of vaster fabric, where the planets Weave their harmonious rounds, their march diStill faithful, still inconstant to the sun ; [recting Or where the comet through space infinite (Though whirling worlds oppose, and globes of fire) Darts, like a javelin, to his destin'd goal. Or where in heaven above the Heaven of heav'ns Burn brighter suns, and goodlier planets roll With satellites more glorious-Thou art there!

Or whether on the ocean's boist'rous back Thou ride triumphant, and with outstretch'd arm Curb the wild winds, and discipline the billows,

The suppliant sailor finds thee there, his chief,
His only help-When thou rebuk’st the storm-
It ceases and the vessel gently glides
Along the glassy level of the calm.

Oh! could I search the bosom of the sea,
Down the great depth descending ; there thy works
Would also speak thy residence; and there
Would I thy servant, like the still profound,
Astonish'd into silence, muse thy praise !
Behold! behold! the’ implanted garden round
Of vegetable coral, sea-flowers gay,
And shrubs, with amber, from the pearl-pav'd
Rise richly varied, where the finny race [bottom
In blithe security their gambols play:
While high above their heads leviathan,
The terror and the glory of the main,
His pastime takes with transport, proud to see
The ocean's vast dominion all his own.

Hence through the genial bowels of the earth Easy may fancy pass ; till at thy mines, Gani, or Raolconda, she arrive, And from the adamant's imperial blaze Form weak ideas of her Maker's glory. Next to Pegu or Ceylon let me rove, Where the rich ruby (deem'd by sages old Of sovereign virtue) sparkles e'en like Sirius, And blushes into flames. Thence will I go To undermine the treasure-fertile womb Of the huge Pyrenean, to detect The agate and the deep-entrenched gem Of kindred jasper--Nature in them both Delights to play the mimic on herself; And in their veins she oft portrays the forms Of leaping hills, of trees erect, and streams

Now stealing softly on, now thunacting unw
In desperate cascade, with flowers all beans
And all the bring landscape of the VILLE
In vain thy pencil, Claudro, or Poussii
Or thine, immortal Guich, would essat
Such skill to imitate-t is the land
Of God himself for Grod himser is there

Hence with the ascendmg springs les TIF 13.41604
Through beds of magnets, minerals, atil $18*,
Up to the mountain's summit, there are not
The' ambition of the comprehensive {Y€.
That dares to call the horizon al best w1.
Behold the forest, and the expansive vetture
Of yonder lesel lawn, whose smooth shor ser
No object interrupts unless the bik
Ilis lordly head uprears, and branching series
Extends-Behold in regal solitude
And pastoral magnifica ncr he stantis
So simple! and so great! tire under bris
Of ineaner rank, an awful disant e keep
Yet thou art there, and (96 hitiset there
Ev'n in the bush (though proses WET O M S
He shone in burning 18. j*** v textaldi.)
Nathless conspicuous ili the hinnet's thirds*
Is his unbounded gyo'lness-- Thet, her M16**
Thee, her Presem er, chaurts she u bit? SUITE
While all the emulatine vocal tribe
The grateful lesson learn-110 ctir VONA
Is heard, no other sound-for it stae nitros:
Buried, ev'n babbling echo bonus tre! DEBE
Now from the plans, V'lete the

prospect Gives liberty her utmost scorge 16 Turn we to yon enclosures, what appear

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