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That pale the hero flew on clouds ! That in the
grass of Morven's hills, his feeble voice was

heard in wind

" And is the son of Fingal fallen, on Usin's mossy plains: Strong was the arm that conquer.

ed him Ah ine! I am alone. Alone

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bard! when the mighty have failed? — But my fame shall remain, and grow like the oak

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Away, thou fair - haired Inorning, away ! the sluinbering king hears thee not The hinds bound over his narrow tomb; for death dwells round young Ryno.

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of Morven; which lifts its broad head to the form, and rejoices in the course of the wind.

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Night comes on.
car, who, according to the custom of the kings of

Morven, before battle, retired to a neighbouring hill. - * joins. – Oscar and Duth-carmor meet. The

Upon the coming - on of day, the battle

latter falls, Oscar carries the mail and helmet of Duth-carinor to Cathlin, who had retired from the field, Cathlin is discovered to be the daughter - of Cathmol, in disguise, who had been carried off, by force, by, and had made her escape fron, Duth-carmor.

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