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foul. The eyes of oithéna are dim. - 0 had

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She fell pale on the rock of Tromáthon,

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I was the voice of my love! few are his vi. fits to the dreams of Malvina's Open your airy halls, ye fathers of mighty Toscar. Un- fold the gates of your clouds; the steps of - - Mal

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*) Malvina the daughter of Toscar is overheard by Ossian, lamenting the death of Oscar her lover,

- Offian, to divert her grief, relates his own

-- adions in an expedition, which he undertook, at Fingal's command, to aid Crothar the petty king | of Croma, a country in Ireland; against Roth- . o

t mar who invaded his dominions. The story is - o delivered down thus, in tradition. Crothar king | of Croma being blind with age , , and his son | too young for the field, Rothmar the chief of | Tromlo resolved to avail himself, of the oppor- s tunity offered of annexing the dominions of Cro- : thar to his own. He accordingly marched into - the country subjeo to Crothar, but which he o held

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