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Colna-dona. We went to the hall of harps. There Car-ul brightened between his aged locks, when he beheld the sons of his friends, like two young trees with their leaves.

Sons of the mighty, he said, ye bring back the days of old, when first I descended from waves , on Selma's streamy vale. I pursued Duth-mocarglos, dweller of ocean's wind. Our fathers had been foes, we met by Clutha's winding waters. He fled, along the sea, and my sails were spread behind him. — Night deceived me, on the deep. I came to the dwelling of kings, to Selma of high-bosomed maids. — Fingal came forth with his bards, and Conloch, arm of death. I feasted three days in the hall, and saw the blue eyes of Erin; fos - crana, daughter of heroes, light of Cormac's race. Nor forgot did my steps depart; the kings gave their shields to Car- ult - they

a point like this might be curious, but could never be satisfactory. Periods so distant are so involved in obscurity, that nothing certain can be now advanced concerning them. The light which the Roman writers hold forth, is too feeble to guide us to the truth, thro' the darkness which has surrounded it.

they hang, on high, in Col-amon, in memory
of the past. — Sons of the daring kings,
ye bring back the days of old.

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With morning we awaked the woods; and hung forward on the path of the roes. They fell by their wonted streams. We returned thro' Crona’s vale. From the wood a youth came forward, with a shield and pointless spear. “Whence, said Toscar of Luha, is the flying beam 2 Dwells there peace at Col- amon, round bright Colna-dona of harps?” s

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of Poèms and Fragments in the II d. III d. and IV th: Part of this collection.

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