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*) Fingal, according to the custon of the Caledonian kings, had retired to a hill alone, as he himself was to resume the command of the ar= my the next day. Starno might have some intelligence of the king's retiring, which occasions - his request to swaran, to stab him; as he fore. saw, by his art of divination, that he could not

overcome him in open battle.



in twain. He is bound to an oak. The early

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Swelling in his rage, he strode, to where Fingal lay alone. The king was laid on his fhield, on his own secret hill. — Stern hunter of shaggy boars, no feeble maid is lid before thee: no boy, on his ferny bed, by

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the couch of the mighty, from which they rise to deeds of death. Hunter of shaggy boats, awaken not the terrible.

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to thy troubled dwelling, cloudy foe of the lovely! Let the stranger shun thee, thou gloo

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