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N.B. Those Letters entirely new, or not published in Mr. Mason's

Work, are marked with an Asterisk •; those imperfectly published

by Mr. Mason with a Dagger t.


Letter Page

•9. To Mr. Wharton. Account of the Trial of Lords Kilmar-

nock, Cromartie, and Balmerino. Humorous Account of Lord Lovat 1

tlO. To Ditto. On Thucydides and Aristotle. List of Ancient

classical Authors; and Books on Criticism and Antiquity. 9

•11. To Mr. Chute 19

•12. To Ditto 21

•13. To Mr. Wharton. On his own Feelings. College News. 22

t 14. To Ditto. On Mr. Wharton's Marriage. On his ownTa-
bles of Chronology. Mr. Delaval and Dr. Long. Cha-
racter of Collins and T. Warton 20

•15. To Mr. Walpole. On Agrippina. Defence of Philosophy. 29 16. To Ditto. On Cibber. On Spence's Polymetis 3*2

•17. To Ditto. On Spence's Polymetis 35

18. To Ditto. On Mr. Walpole's Cat 39

t 19. To Mr. Wharton. On Smart the Poet. Dr. Chapman.

Dr. Middleton,&c 40

•20. To Dr. Wharton 45

•21. To Ditto 46

•22. To Ditto. On Smart. Archibald Bower's History of the

Popes 47

t23. To Ditto. Destruction of his House at Cornhill by Fire.

Lines from Gresset; and account of his Poems. Cha-

racter of Mr. Mason 51

t 24. To Ditto. Account of Gresset's Works,&c 55

t 25. To Ditto. Account of the Disputes at Pembroke College.

On Montesquieu's L'Esprit des Loix 58

t26. To Ditto. Account of Montesquieu's Book. Crebillon's

Catalina. Norden's Travels. Birch's State Papers .. 62

t 27. To Ditto. Account of the D. of Newcastle's Installation.

Character of Mason. On a Fellowship for Mr. Stone-

hewer 66

28. To his Mother. On the Death of his Aunt 69

•29. To Mr. Walpole. Sends him the Elegy in a Country

Churchyard 71

Letter Page

t30. To Mr. Wharton. On Dr. Middleton's Death. On Buffon,

Henault, &c 72

•31. To Ditto. On Mr. Wharton's Choice of a Residence, &c. 75

•32. To Mr. Walpole. Wishes him to get the Elegy in a

Country Churchyard printed by Dodaley 79

•33. To Ditto. On Mason's Elfrida 80

•34. To Ditto. On Mason's Elfrida. On the Elegy in a

Country Churchyard. Peregrine Pickle 82

•35. To Ditto. On Mr. Walpole's Memoirs of his own Time.

On Middleton's Posthumous Works 84

•36. To Ditto. On his own Poems 87

•37. To Ditto. On Dodsley's Collection of Poems 88

•38. To Ditto. On the same Subject as the former 95

•39. To Ditto. On Walpole's Memoirs of his own Time .... 97

t40. To Mr. Wharton. On his own Poems,new Publications. 98

•41. To Ditto. On his Journey to London 101

t42. To Ditto. On Maintcnou's Letters 102

43. To Mr. Walpole. On his own Poems 105

•44. To Mr. Wharton. On his Mother's Death 107

•45. To Ditto. Wishes him joy on the birth of his Son. In-

tended Journey into the North 108

•48. To Ditto. Journey to Durham to visit Mr. Wharton .. 110

•47. To Ditto. Account of his Journey to Cambridge. Re-
marks on the Country Ill

•48. To Ditto. Journey to London 118

49. To Mr. Mason. On his Father's Death 118

•50. To Mr. Wharton. On his Choice of a Residence. On

Esher, Claremont, Payne's Hill, &c 118

t51. To Ditto. On Gothic Architecture. Description of War-

wick Castle. Guy-Clitf, &c 121

t52. To Ditto. Sends him the Ode on the Progress of Poesy. 128

153. To Dr. Wharton. On the Publication of his Poetry. On

Strophe and Antistrophe 128

•54. To Ditto. Description of the Southern Coast of Hamp-

shire 131

•55 133

•56. To Ditto. On his own Illness. Alteration proposed in the

Bard. Copy of part of the Bard with variations 134 57. To Mr. Stonehewer. On M. Bacarde's Book on Hercnla-

neum. On Voltaire 13**

t58. To Dr. Wharton. On his coming to London. On the

Change in the Ministry 141

•59. To Ditto. On his own Health. Requests Dr. Wharton

to bespeak him a Rope Ladder 144

t60. To Ditto. Leaves Peter House; and enters of Pembroke

Hall. On Sully's Memoirs 148

61. To Mr. Mason. Mentions his own Indolence. On the

Reviewers. On Mason's Caractacus 151

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