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Condition of the king nf Prussia. His inaction. Mot Inns of the Russians and of'Laudohn. Breslau cannonaded. Totllelen removed. Co/ierg lesieged. Russian magazines in Poland dalroyed. War transferred Pomerania. King uj Prussia q:its his strong camp. Schweidnitz taker, by a coup de main. General Platen repulsed. General Knollock mack prisoner al Treptow. Prince H'urtenburg retreats. Colberg taken. Russians winter in Pomerania. . [31


The negotiation resumed. French concessions. Difference concerning t„e

German alliance. Difference concerning the captures antecedent to tne

declaration of war. Treaty breaks off. Messieurs Stanley a-nd Hussy

recalled. . [37


Conduct of Spain during the negotiation. Spanish minister's memorial. Treaty between France and Spain. Difference in the English ministry. Mr. Pitt resigns. Mr. Pitt's letter. Disputes concerning the resignation. Addresses. Parliament meets. 1"he German war continued. [%\


Dispute with Spain. Representation of the carl of Bristol. Dispositionnf the court of Madrid. Treaty between France and Spain. England desires a communication. Court of Spain refuses. The ministers mutually withdraw. A rupture. [19


Blockade of Pondicherry. Distress of the French. Fleet dispersed in a storm. Fleet returns. Town surrenders. Maine taken. Enterprises of Mr. Law. Mogul army defeated by Major Canfac. Nabob tf Bengal deposed. Coast of Sumatra ravaged by the count d'Estaign. Dominica taken by lord Rollo and Sir James Douglas. [54

The C II R () I\ I C LE.

On the late transit of Venus over the Sun — —

King Henry the Seventh's instructions to his ambassadors at Naples {195

Claims at the Coronation of king James II. — — [20\

A full account of their majesties nuptials — — [205

of their majesties coronation — — [2Io

Another account from a gentleman in London to his friend in the

country — ■— — — (229

The lord mayor's show, and the entertainment al GuildhdU [235



244 246 248 249 261 253 ;367 Mtmoriai

His majesty's speech lo both houses nf parliament, March 3d, 1 "61

: 1 ■' . March 19//;, 1761

■on opening the present parliament, Nov. 6,1761

The address of the lords

> commons

The earl of Halifax's speech to the parliament of Ireland
A short view of the cause and conduct of' the war, &c.

M. Faudreuil's letter to the duke de Choistul

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Queen Elizabeth's letter to Heaton, bishop of Ely — — L3
An account of the magnificent table kept in the reign of King

Charles I. ______ _1 Mi.

The last will of Sir IVdliam Petty, Knt. &c. — — IS

Abstract of the will of lieutenant general Hnske — — 21

The archbishop of Cumbray's letter to the duke of Burgundy 22

King Stanislaus's advice to his daughter, Mary, queen of France 23

The history of professor du Val, a very extraordinary genius 27

An anecdote of bishop Buritet —- — — 29

The life of Moris. Fontaine — — — Hid.

Letter from M. Voltaire to the Abbe Trublel — — 31

Abbe Trublet's answer — — — — S2

Instance if the happiness of being descended from a person of fame 33

Letters between M. de Voltaire and the author of the Diatogues of the

Dead — — — — — Hid.

The life of the late Mr. Hutckinsott, father of the Ilurchirisonians 55

The character of the late Dr. Hales — — — 46

Epitaphium Richardi Nash; armigeri — — 4TM

Epitaph intended fur Mr. Hash's tomb — — 4S

Letter from Oliver Cromwell to his son-in-lail>, Gen. Fleetwood 49

the speaker of the house of cvmmor.i,

&c. _ _ _ 50

Extract from the memoirs of the famous Isaac Darkin' — M

Some account of Theodore Gardellc, &c. — — 54

John Perrott, a bankrupt, isfe. — — 63

John M'Naughton, Esq. lately executed in Ireland 13

an extraordinary impostor now living — 61


Of animots livi>*g in solid bod'iiv — 65

Some account of the Mus Alpinus, Baubax, or Marmotte — 64

Description if an old elephant brought from Persia to Naples* 66

Cautions against suffering lead smelting houses, &c. — 8"

The nature of the fossil asbestos, fcSc. — . — 68

Description of a white earth of which head is made — 69

The practice of burning sulphur in hogsheads for preserving trine ibi'4.

An account of a very extraordinary degree of artificial cold, isfe. Hid.

——— curious phenomenon obsenied by Able Naltett H

■ !— burning well at Brnseley in Shropshire — 92

dreadful tijphon, £sV. — — 93

/A* death of a woman killed by an eruption from t'Jr

earth , • __, 95

delate earthquake in Suria.from Dr. PatritkHussel 96

ExtractDfanotlur letterfnm. Dr. Patrick. Rttssel, to I>r. Alex: R'uiei 98

Ah Account if the dreadful earUiquakis in the island ofTerceira, 4sV. it.

A description of Ingleborongh, a mountain in Yorkshire, Wr. 100

"" Keswick in-Cumberland, and its environs 103

'■An account of that part of America, the nearestto the land of Kami-'

ihatka — — _ . ;. \flj


Observations concerning the different kinds of hemlock growing in

England' — — — —.113

A remarkable instance of the success »f hemlock in England — 114

yin account ojDr.Storck's second essay on the medicinal nature ofhemlockl

A metltod of preventing and removing epileptic fits, &c. — 120

Hydmphobia cured by an accidental bleeding at the temporal artery,&c. 121

Clarified butter or tallow, specificks against the bloody flux, tsc. 123

On the benefit of issues in the gout, isc. — — 123

On the virtues if lemon juice and coffee, as dissolvents of the' stone ITS

T/w hypericum campodarense of Columna, a powerful vermifuge 127

Actount of some antidotes against corrosive sublimate mercury ibid.

Cautions against the use <f seggs — — — 128

Method tf curing luxations of the spine, or broken backs ibid,'

An account of a rejnarkable operation of a broken arm — 12^

Observations upon the proper nursing if children — — 130

Remarkable instance of the superior merit of the horse-hoeing husbandry 132

A letter concerning the usefulness of the plant Nummaria, tS?c ibid.

Accuracy of the trial made with Mr. Irwin's marine chair, tsfe. 137

Useful hints for sailors and sea faring m-en — — 13$

A method of making sea-water potable — — 140

Chinese contrivance to keep'a person above water — — 141

Easy method of opening a way to the sight through turbulent waters ibid.

Method of edulcorating train-oil — — — 142

Observations on the above processes — — — 14!x

Receipt to make snap u'ithout boiling — — . — 145

Method of making sal ammoniac in Egypt — — ibid.

Dr. Godfrey's machines for the immediate extinction of fire, isfe. 146

Use of gunpowder for extinguishing fire in chimnies — 149

On the nature of glass music, tsfe. — — — ibid.

Part of a letter from Paris, giving an account of a new wall-paint 151

A liquor to wash old deeds and ivritings, £sV. to rentier them legible 152

Description of a portable apparatus, &c. — — ibid.


A disquisition on the custom of burning the dead — ■ — 153

The antiquity of drinking healths — — — 155

An account of the first instruments for measuring time introduced into

Rome" — — — — 155

On a medal of the emperor Claudius, hitherto unexplained — 157

A dissertation concerning the antiquity, isfe. of the poems of Ossian 153

Some account of the marks on coin, called mint-marks, &c: — 167

An account of some superstitious opinions and practices in France 168

An history of coaches , — — — — 172

Of the origin of cards. Trandatedfrom the French — 173

Of the design of curds — — — — 174

An account of the celebration of the May games, &c. Hid.

Historical rtmarks on dress — — — 177


Literary and Miscellaxeousessays.

An essay on augury — — — <— 150

Linnæus's dream — — -— — '51

Avarice and (Jlory, an history. By the King of Prussia — 184
On the qualifications requisite in a commentator upon thehobyscriptures 1S6

Some remarks on the modern manner of preaching — 1SS

The dying advice of a late eminent prelate, He. — — 191

On the attention due to the poor, tsc. — — 193

Thoughts on various subjects. By Sir Hildelrand Jacob — 195

On the duty of clemency to brutes —■ — — 196

The folly of being dissatisfied with the limes we live in — 198

Character of the English — — — 200

On the extraordinary cleverness of the moderns — — 201

On the country manners of the present age — 205

A prophecy by Monsieur Voltaire — — - —' 20S

Character of a mighty good kind of man - — . — 210

Character of a good sort of woman. — — — ibid,


Verses on the death of his late, and accession of his present, majesty 215
Truth at court. By a reverend dean — — 217

The patriot king, or George the Third — — 218

Ode for the New Year 1761, by William UHiitehead, Esq. ibid.
The birth-day ode — — — — 220

An epistle to a friend, on the expected arrival of the queen — 221
Humility exalted; or the glorious transformation — — 224
Verses on the king's marriage. By Mr. Spence. From the Oxford

collection — — — ■— 225

To the queen. , By Mr. Warton — — — 227

By the Hon. John Gray^ From the Cambridge collection — 228
By Mr. Gandy — — — — 229

Verses occasioned by the theatric champion's performance at Covent-

garden -j- — — — 231

On Mr. Pitt's resigning the seals — -— — ibid.

Prologue to the Tempest; acted at Hinchinbroke, near Huntingdon.

Spoke/i by Lord. Palmerston — — -^— ibid.

Epilogue. Spoken by Miss Courtney — — 232

Prologue to the Comedy of All in the Wrong. Written and spoken

by Mr. Foote " — —233

Epilogue to Edgar and Emmeline. Written by Mr. Garrick 234

Prologue and Epilogue to the Andria of Terence -— — 235

Frag7>ients of Celtic poetry, from Olaus Verel'ms — — 236
Verses oft Henry I. wrote immediately after his death — 238

Verses written on the gates of Bologna, in Italy — — ibid.
On Miss Frampton, tsV. — — — 239

Under the busto of Comus, in a beaus t, at L. Me/combe's at Ham-
mersmith — — —- -— .. 240
Virtue and Fame To the Countess of Egremont. By Lord Ly In ibid.


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