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ted to us by different travellers, re- the most par
specting the manners and habits of and receive
life of the animals which constitute struction 1
this interesting tribe; and from what But some
has been said, it appears that they with long
have a nearer alliance than any other ferocious
quadruped (in the general conform- educatio
ation of their bodies ) to the human The i
race. They, consequently, have the as mig!
art of imitating human actions bet- (at lez
ter than any others, since they are bits
able to use their fore-feet as hands. worl
Froin the general organization of has
the monkies, they are likewise capa- teri
ble of an education nearer allied to sel
that of man, than any other animal. sit
Some naturalists have attributed infi-

to the

0 nitely too much sagacity to them, a

cope, w3 whilst others have certainly not al

I ne tail, daily Jowed enough. The monkies seem

Hle and splento do those things which mankind do

et approaches the before their reason is matured by

melimies extremely age; and in this respect there is no

ig to be a vibration of other quadruped which bears any re

ucles, somewhat rexnsemblance to them. Most anima

rora borealis, and at other seem at times to be actuated by to

lost to disappear. From the spirit of revenge: by the differ

'scribed by the Comet in the means that are employed to gra

- 1ks, in the short space of two this passion, we may in a mea

:rs, its velocity must be immense judge of the different degrees of

the Dearest computation whid instinct; and every one knows

circarstances and situation allowed, greatly the monkey exceeds all

supposing the Cornet as far distant a brutes in its vindictive malice."

the sun, or about 12,000 diameters appears, in some measure, an

of the earth, it must be moving in gy even betwixt the vices (if u

on the present stage of its perikelion, & so call them of the monkie

the amazing velocity of pearly a mil. the disgusting brutality too of

divi- lion of miles an hour, or upwards of servable in the vicious and do

it be 16,000 miles a prinute! Such astopart of mankind.

.bu ils misking rapidity is indeed alınost o mankind. The animals of the monk tepring conceivable ; but the velocity of the differ very essentially from e

me distinComet, observed at Palermo, in 1770, in their general mappers a

swiv by by Mr Brydone,' was still more pe of life. The oran otan is si

bird has märkable, wbich, in 24 hours, de wa shin- scribed an arch in the heavens of up.

D! of more considerable at man than any of the others. '5€

Se posses- wards of 50 degrees in length, and

* Brock- was computed by that jugenious geo muzzled monkies, with all

to Roch- tleman to be moving at the rate of such as the greater part of

sixty millions of miles in a day of nons, sapajous, and sago.

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jave been 2000 times Hal of red-hot iron; if we suppose that Co

the same dimensions th, and to cool no faster ot iron, it would require of a hundred millions of 100l; and from its periodi

lution in the short space of cars, must remain for ever in e of the most violeut ignition. ois Comet, according to Halley, 1 passing through its southern node, me within the length of the sun's midiameter of the eartli's orbit." Had the earth been then in that part of her orbit nearest to that node, the

mutual gravitation of two such large e bodies, with so rapid a motion as that as of this Comet, must not only have dewill ranged the plane of the earth's orbit, cen- but by coming in contact with the

earth (a circumstance by no means a 1759 deemed improbable by the most en

by the lightened philosophers), the shock ay again must have reduced this beautiful At the year frame to its original chaos, or transTers are ge- ported it beyond the limits of the > are opaque Georgium Sidus, into the boundless he sun ; but depths of infinite space. eir substance, But language sinks beneath contem sustaining the plation so sublime, and so well calcuof heat, cannot lated to inspire the most awful senti

limited faculties ments of the wisdom, providence, and trious Newton cal- power, of the Great Creator of the

heat of the great universe ! in its pear approach October 26, 1807.

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Lists of Patents for Inventions, &c. riage-wheels. Dated November 2, granted in the year 1807. 1806.

James Henckell, of the city of (Chiefly from the Repertory of Arts, Ma London, merchant; for certain innufactures, and Agriculture.) provements on a machine for dress

ing coffee or barley, or any other OSEPH MOSELEY ELLIOT, corn, grain, pulse, seed, and berries.

of the parish of St. James, Communicated to him by a certain Clerkenwell, in the county of Mid- foreigner residing abroad. Daten dlesex, watchmaker; for a new or November 20, 1806. iniproved method of making and William Nicholson, of Soho-square, constructing repeaters, or repeating in the county of Middlesex, gentiewatches, and time-pieces, Dated man; for various improvements in October 30, 1806.

the application of steam to useful Robert Vazie, of the parish of purposes, and in the apparatus reSt. Mary Rotherhithe, in the county quired to the same. Datee Novediof Surrey, civil engineer; for im- ber 22, 1806. provements in the measures, and in James Frederick Malthey, of Sufthe machinery to be used in making folk-street, Charing-cross, in the city bricks and earthen-ware, and also for of Westminster, lieutenant in De improvements in the carriages for Meuron's regiment; for various inremoving the said articles. Dated proyements upon fire-arms and guns Norember 6, 1806. .

of all descriptions. Dated DecenJames Rovston, of Halifax, in the ber 4, 1806. county of York, card-maker; for an . Samuel Williamson, of Knutsford, improvement on the system of cards in the county of Chester, weater i making, by a method of cutting teeth for an improvement in weaving colo for carding wool and tow. Dated ton, silk, woollen, worsted, and woh November 6, 1906.

hair, and each of them, and every John Wm. Lloyd, late of Brook- two or more of them, by loomis, street, Grosvenor-square, in the Dated December 4, 1806. county of Middlesex, but now of Williain Hyde Wollaston, of the Bishop Wearmouth, in the comty of parish of St. Mary-la-bonne, in the Durham, esq; for anti-friction rollers county of Middlesex, gentleman: or wheelt, is assist all sorta of care for an instrument whereby any pers

son may draw in perspective, or may Anthony George Eckhardt, of Bercopy or reduce any print or drawing wick-street, Golden-square, in the Dated December 4, 1806. : county of Middlesex, gentleman, and

William Speer, of the city of Dub- member of the royal society of Lonlin, esq; now residing in the city of don, and of the society of Haerlem Westminster; for a new art, method, in Holland, and Josepla Lyon, of or process of purifying, refining, and Millbank-street, Westminster, in the otherwise improving fish oils and said county of Aliddlesex, cooper ; other oils, and converting and apply for a new method of manufacturing ing to use the unrefined parts thereof, pipes for the conveyance of water Dated December 13, 1806.

under ground, different to the preThomas Scott, of Clerkenwelle sent pipes. 'Dated December 22, close, in the county of Middlesex, 1806. musical instrument-maker; for an Charles Schmalcalder, of Little improved musical instrument called Newport-street, in the parish of St. a flageolette English flute, or an in- Aun, Soho, iu the county of Middlestrument on the flageolette principle, sex, mathematical and philosophical so constructed as a siogle instrument, instrument-maker; for a delineator, that two parts of a musical composi- copier, or proportion-ometer, for the tion can be played thereon at the use of taking, tracing, and cutting same time by one person, Dated out protiles, as also copying and December 13, 1806.

tracing reversely on copper, brass, Ambrose Bowden Johns, of Ply- bard wood, card-paper, paper, assesmouth, in the county of Devon, skin, ivory, and glass, to different bookseller; for certain compositions, proportions, directly from nature, and a mode of manufacturing the landscapes, prospects, or any other same, for covering and facing houses, objects, standing, or previously placed and various other useful purposes. perpendicularly: as also pictures, Dated December 22, 1806.

drawings, prints, plans, caricatures, William Bell, of the town of Der- and public characters. Dated Deby, engineer; for an improvement . cember 29, 1806. upon, and an addition to smoothing. Walter ffenry Wyatt, of Hallonirons, planeing-irons, and various Garden, London, gent. for the means edge tools, applicable to many use of facilitating the chemical action beful purposes. Dated December 22, iween copper and several saline sub1806.

stances, so as to produce important Anthony George Eckhardt, of improvements in the art of separating Berwick-street, Golden-square, in the gold and silver from copper, plated county of Middlesex, gentleman, fel- or united with either of those metals, low of the royal society, and mem- and in the manufacturing of sulphate ber of the society of Haerlen in of copper, and in the making of Holland; for certain improvements many kinds of colours for painting. in the mode of covering or inclosing Communicated by a foreiguer.books, whereby their contents will Dated January 15, 1807. be secured from the observations of Chester Goull, of Birmingham, in any person but the owner, and will the county of Warwick, gentleman; also be secured froin injury, Daled for a machine to ascertain the weigut December 22, 1806.

of any thing to the amount of ten tons and upwards, to be made use of foreigners residing abroad. Dated instead of the common steelyard, or February 5, 1807. beans and weight. Dated January, James Essex, of the town of 24, 1807.

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Northampton, woolstapler and grocer; William Hance, of Tooley-street, for a method of making or manufacin the parish of St. Olave, South- turing dyed, bottled, or felted wool, wark, in the county of Surry, hatter; jplomats, rugs, carpets, &c. of various for a niethod of rendering water- colours, figures, patterns, and sizes, proof, beaver and other hats. Dated for carriages, halls, parlours, hearths, January 29, 1807.

and sundry other purposes. Dated Benjamin Southcombe, of Brick- February 5, 1807. lane, in the parish of St. Luke, in the James Spershott, of Shelton, in county of Middlesex, tin-plate-work. the county of Stafford, clay-mer. er; for a method of making flexible chant; for an improvement in the or malleable metallic plates into con- manufacture of earthenware. Dated vex or concave formis or hollow February 7, 1807. shapes, Dated January 29, 1807. John Day, of Camberwell-green,

Richard Friend, of the Broadway, in the parish of St. Mary, Lambeth, St. Thomas, in the borough of stone-mason; for an engine for the Southwark, and county of Surrey, purpose of loading and unloading gun-carriage-maker; for improve- vessels, and also for raising large ments in the making and workiug anchors and other inmense weights guu and carronade carriages. Dated to any height required. Dated FeJanuary 29, 1807. i

bruary 12, 1807. Simon Orgill, of the town and Charles earl Stanhope, for im: county of the town of Nottingham, provements respecting the form, conframe_smith; for certain stops for struction, and manner of building working bolt-wheels, affixed to the and fitting out ships and vessels for machine attached to the common the purpose of navigation, and espewarp-lace-frame, to give inotion to cially for counteracting or diminishing the said machine, and also to a ro- the danger of that most mischievous tatory spindle, projections, and levers invention for destroying ships and to be affixed to the said frame itself, vessels, known by the name or apto give motion to the said frame for pellation of submarine bombs, carthe purpose of manufacluring by a casses, or explosious. Dated Fe more simple, certain, and expeditious bruary 16, 1807. method, lace or net-work, of various James Winter, of Stoke under figures and qualities, with silk, cot- Handon, in the county of Somerset, ton, worsted, or other materials, pro- glove manufacturer; for a machine duced from animal, vegetable, or for sewing and pointing leather mineral substances. Dated Febru- gloves with neatness and strength, ary 3, 1807.

much superior to that which is effectRichard Lorentz, of Great Port- ed by manual labour. Dated Feb. land-street, in the county of Middle- 20, 1807. sex, esq; for certain machines or in- Andrew Kauffman, of the parish of struments, one of which will produce St. Leopard, Shoreditch, in the courty instantaneous light, and the other in- of Middlesex, musical-instrumentstantaneous tire; communicated by maker; for improvements in the


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