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all his prisoners taken in the late Officers of the Light Battalion seaffair, together with the 71st regi. verely wounded. ment, and others, taken with bri. 87th regiment. Lieutenant Crowe. gadier-general Beresford, if I dc. 88th regiment. Lieutenant, Thompsisted from any further attack on son. the town, and withdrew his ma. 95th regiment. Captain Elder jesty's forces from the River Plata, and lieutenants Noble and Coane. intimating at the same time, from (Signed) Thos. BRADFORD, the exasperated state of the popu.

Dep. Adj. Gen. lace, he could not answer for the safety of the prisoners, if I persisted Return of the Killed, Wounded, and in offensive measures. Influenced Missing, on the Attuck of the City by this consideration which I knew of Bucnos Ayres, the 5th of July, to be founded in fact), and reflecting 1807. of how little advantage would be Total-1 major, 6 captains, 4 the possession of a country, the lieutenants, I ensigo, 3 staff, 17 serinhabitants of which were so abso. jeants, 4 drummers, 365 rank and lutely hostile, I resolved to forego file, killed; 3 lieutenant-colonels, the advantages which the bravery 5 majors, 15 captains, 30 lieute. of the troops had obtained, and ac. nants, I ensigo, 2 staff, 1 volunteer, ceded to a treaty, which I trust 41 serjeants, 11 drummers, 540 will meet the approbation of his rank and file, wounded; 2 staff, i majesty.”

quarter-master, 4 serjeants, 5 drum. General Whitelocke proceeds to mers, 196 rank and file, missing. speak in the highest terms of praise Names of officers killed. Light of the officers and troops under his battalion : bajor Trotter, of the command.

37th ; lieut. Hamilton, of ditto,

oth dragoon guards, capt. Burreli. Return of the Killeil, Il'ounded, and 9th light dragoons, veterinary sur.

Missing, of the Troops under the geon Landers, 36th regiment, capCommand of Lieut. General IVhite- tains Williamson and Johnson. 38th lucke, between the 28th of June, regiment, lieutenant Fallon. 87th the Day of the Landing at Ensi. regiment, captains Considine and nada, to the 4th of July, 1807, Johnson ; lieutenant Barry ; quar. inclusive.

ter-master Buchanan. 88th regiLight battalion. I lieutenant ment, lieutenant Hall ; ensign wounded.

M.Gregor; assistant-surgeon Fer87th reg. 5 rank and file killed. guson. 95th reg. captain Jen

88th regiment. 3 rank and file kinson. killed; I lieutenant, 8 rank and Names of officers wounded. Lieut, file, wounded.

Squarry, of the royal navy, slightly. 95th regiment. 1 serjeant, one Lieutenant Maconochie, of the rank and file, killed ; 1 captain, 1 royal navy, slightly. Lieutenant-colieutenant, 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 10 lonel Kingston, 6th dragoon guards, rank and file, wounded.

severely. Lievicuant Cowdall, 9th Total, 1 serjeant, 14 rank and light dragoon guards, slightly. Light file, killed. I captain, 3 lieutenants, battalion : lieutenant-colonel Pack, 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 18 rank and 71st regiment, slightly. Lieutenant. file, wounded.

colonel Cadogan,. 18th regiment, *XX3


slightly. Lieut. Smith, 45th regi. Jieutenants, 2 ensigns, 2 staff, 1 vement, severely. Captain Greenwell, lunteer, 43 serjeants, 11 drummers, 45th regiment, severely. Lieutenant 558 rank and file-674. Cox, 87th regiment, slightly. Lieu. Missing - Two staff, 1 quarter. tenant Nickle, 88th regiment, ditto; master, 4 serjeants, 5 drummers, lieutenant Bury, ditto, slightly. 196 rank and file-208. Captain Brookman, 71st, danger. Total- 316 killed, 674 wounded, ously. Lieutenant Adamson, do. 208 missing—1198. scrercly. 5th regiment, honourable The light company of the 71st major King, slightly. 36th regi. regiment, attached to the light bat. ment, captains Swain and Wingfield, talion, suffered severely, but no sererely ; Vernon, slightly. Licu. correct return of their loss has been tenants Colton, White, and Whittel, received. The prisoners have been severely ; Challoner, slightly. 38th all exchanged. regiment, ensign Wiltshire, and volunteer II, de Waal, sercrely. 45th A DEFINITIVE TREATY between the regiment, captain Payne and lieu. Generals in Chief of his Britannic tenant Moore, severely. 47th regi. Majesty, .and of his Catholic Ma. ment, lieutenant Rudedge, severely. jesty. 871h regiment, major Miller, se i. There shall be from this time a verely ; captain Rose, dangerously; cessation of hostilities on both sides Blake and Des Barres, slightly; of the River Plata. Gordon, severely. Lieutenants Love, II. The troops of his Britannic Hill, and Budd, slightly ; O'Brien, majesty shall retain, for the period severely; and Fitzgerald. Assis. of two months, the fortress and tant-surgeon Buxton, dangerously. place of Monte Video, and as a 881h regiment, major Ironmonger, neutral country thore shall be con. slightly ; captains M.Pherson, Chisa sidered, a line drawn from San Car. holm, Dunn, and Thompson, slight. los on the west, to Pando on the Jy ; lieutenants Adair, Graydon, east, and there shall not be, on any Whittle, and Butler, severely ; part of that line, hostilities comMackie and Gregg, and adjutant mitted on any side, the neutrality Robertson, slightly. 95th regiment, being understood only that the in. majors M'Leod and Travers, slight. dividuals of both nations may live ly; captain O'Hara, severely ; licu. frecly under their respective laws, tenants Cardoux, M.Leod, Scott, the Spanish subjects being judged and Turner, severely ; and M.Cul- by theirs, as the Euglish by those lock, slightly.

of their nation. · Names of officers missing. 36th , 111. There shall be on both sides regiment, surgeon Boyce, assistant. a mutual restitution of prisoners, surgeon Read.

including not only those which have RECAPITULATION

been taken since the arrival of the Killed-One major, 6 captains, troops under lieutenant - general 4 lieutenants, i ensign, 3 stafi, 18 Wbitelocke, but also all those his serjeants, 4 drummers, 279 rank Britannic majesty's subjects captured and file-316.

since the commencement of the war. Wounded-Three lieutenant-colo. IV. That, for the promptest dis. neis, 5 majors, 16 captains, 33 patch of the vessels and troops of

his Britannic majesty, there shall A second dispatch from rear. be no impediment thrown in the admiral Murray, 'dated July 8, way of the supplies of provisions chiefly recapitulates the contents of which may be requested for Monte general Whitelocke's dispatches, Video.

and the maritime circumstances conV. A period of ten days from this nected therewith. The admiral con. time is given for the re-embarkation cludes by saying, of his Britannic majesty's troops to " Early in the morning of the pass to the north side of the River 7th, the Staunch telegraphed to say, La Plata, with the arms that may I was wanted on shore immediately; actually be in their power, stores, a flag of truce was still flying at our and equipage, at the most conve- head-quarters. On my going on nient points which may be selected, shore, the general shewed me the and during this time provisions may proposals made by the Spanish ge. be sold to them.

neral Lipiers, (a copy of which I VI. That at tho time of the de. enclose) and observed, that he was livery of the place and fortress of of opinion, as well as were the other Monte Video, which shall take place generals, that it could answer no at the end of the two months fixed good purpose to persist, and that in the second article, the delivery one great object was attained, that will be made in the terms it was of getting all the prisoners back Sound, and with the artillery it had that had been taken in South Ame. when it was taken.

rica this war; that the destroying VII. Three officers of rank shall of the town could not benefit us ; be delivered for and until the ful. and that he saw no prospect what. filment of the above articles by both ever of establishing ourselves in this parties, being well understood that country, as there was not a friend in his Britannic majesty's officers, who to the English in it; the inveteracy have been on their parole, cannot of every class of inhabitants being serve against South America until beyond belief?; that the number of their arrival in Europe.

our prisoners the cnemy bad were Done at the fort of Buenos Ayres, in the power of an enraged mob; the 7th day of July, 1807 ; signing and that persisting on our part two of one tenor.

would make their situation truly Jonn WHITELOCK E,

distressing ; the number of our kil. Lieut.-Gen. Com.

led and wounded, although not ex. GEORGE MURRAY,

actly ascertained, was said to be Rear-Adm. Com. very great. Under these circum. SANTIAGO Liniers.

stances, and being persuaded that Cesar BALBIANI.

the people of this country did not

wish to be under the British govern.
ment, I signed the preliininaries,

trusting that what I have done will Here follows an extract of å meet their lordships' approbation." dispatch from rear-admiral Murray, The dispatches of the admiral dated June 30, 1807, giving a de. conclude with his general order, tail of ordinary naval transactions, containing his thanks to, and apof no moment whatever.]

probation of, his brave comrades.
*X, 4


CAPTURE OF COPENIAGEN. your lordship the ratified capitu.

lation of the town and citadel of Dispatches received by Viscount Cas

· Copenhagen, including the surren. ilereagh, one of his Majesty's

9 der of the Danish fleet and arsenal Principal Secretaries of State,

in this port, which are placed at from Admiral Gumbier, and Licu. tenunt-General the Right Honour.

“ his majesty's disposal. able Lord Cathcart, K. T. the Com

The object of securing this fleet manders of his Majesty's Naval and

having been attained, every other

provision of a tendency to wouod Military Forces in the Baltic Sea.

the feelings, or irritate the nation, Prince of Wales, Copenhagen has been avoided ; and although the My LORD, Roud, Sept. 7. 1807. bombardment and cannonade have

My letter of the 5th instant, will made considerable havoc and de. inform your lordship of the pro- struction in the town, not one shot gress of the operations of his ma. was fired into it till after it was jesty's forces against Copenhagen summoned, with the offer of the to that period. I have now the homost advantageous terms, nor a nour and satisfaction to add, that single shot after the first indication previous to the hour intended for of a disposition to capitulate ; on opening our batteries on that night, the contrary, the firing, which lasted an officer with a flag of truce came three nights from his majesty's bat. out from the town, with proposals teries, was considerably abated on for an armistice to settle terms of the second, and was only renewed

capitulation. This was accordingly on the third to its full vigour, on · done, after a correspondence * be- supposing from the quantity of

tween the Danish general and lord shells thrown from the place, that Cathcart and myself, of which I there was a 'determination to hold transinit a copy ; and your lordship out. will be informed of the stipulations On the evening of the 5th of Sep. agreed upon by the inclosed copy tember, a letter was sent by the of the articles. †

Danish general, to propose an arOur army has accordingly been mistice of twenty-four hours, for put in possession of the citadel and preparing an agreement on which the arsenal, and the most vigorous articles of capitulation might be exertions are commenced for equip- founded. The armistice was de. ping and sending to England the clined, as tending to unnecessary Danish navy.

delay, and the works were con. I have the honour to be, &c. tinued, but the firing was counter

J. GAMBIER. manded, and lieutenant-colonel To Viscount Lord Castle

Murray was sent to explain, that reugh, &c. &c. &c.

no proposal of capitulation could

be listened to, unless accompanied Citadel of Copenhagen, by the surrender of the fleet. My LORD, Sept. 8, 1807. This basis having been admitted It has fallen to my lot to have the by a subsequent letter on the 6th, great satisfaction of forwarding to major · general sir A. Wellesley,

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whom I had sent for, for this pur. We have consented to the re. pose, from his command in the establishment of the post : but all country, where he had distinguished arrivals and departures are to be himself in a manner so honourable at and from the citadel. to himself and so advantageous to This work is in good condition, the public, was appointed, with sir very strong, and well stored with Home Popham, and lieutenant. ordnance and ammunition. colonel Murray, to prepare and The amount of the garrison of sign articles of capitulation ; and the town is not easily ascertained. those officers having insisted on The regular troops were not nu. proceeding immediately to business, merous ; but the number of batthe capitulation was drawn up in teries which fired at the same time, the night between the 6th and 7th. together with the floating defences,

The ratification was exchanged prove that there must have been a in the course of the morning; and very great number of militia and at four in the afternoon of the same borghers, with other irregular forday, lieutenant - general Burrard ces, and their ordnance was well proceeded to take possession. served.

The British grenadiers present, Considering the advanced posi. with detachments from all the other tion in which his majesty's troops corps of cavalry and infantry, un. have been placed for the last fort. der the command of colonel Ca. night, our loss (highly as I prize meror, of the 79th regiment, with the value of every officer or soldier two brigades of artillery, marched who has fallen or been wounded) into the citadel, while major-general has been comparatively small. Spencer, having embarked his bri. The zeal, spirit, and perseverance gade at the Kalk Brandiere, landed of every rank in the army have been in the dock-yard, and took pos. truly characteristic of the British session of each of the line-of-battle nation ; and the king's German leships, and of all the arsenal; the gion are entitled to a full share in Danish guards withdrawing when this commendation. those of his majesty were ready to All the generals, and indeed each replace them, and proper officers officer, has rendered himself con. attending to deliver stores, as far spicuous in proportion to his com. as inventories could be made up. mand and the opportunities which

The town being in a state of the have occurred, and opportunities greatest ferment and disorder, I have occurred to all. most willingly acceded to the re. The staff have done themselves quest that our troops should not the greatest credit, and been of all be quartered in it, and that neither the service that could be desired in officers nor soldiers should enter it their several departments. for some days; and having the com. Colonel D'Arcey, the chief en. mand of possession from the citadel, gineer, and every engineer under whenever it might be necessary to him, have given the most onequi. use it, I had no objection to leaving vocal proofs of science and indethe other gates in the hands of the fatigable industry; the works un. troops of his Danish majesty, to. der their direction have gone on gether with the police of the place with fresh parties without ceasing.


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