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detachment; concluding that it had and to each commanding officer, our either retreated to Eako or been country is under much obligation, defeated. The general continued for they exerted themselves to the his route along the lake, when the utmost. They all deserve that better enumy, which had been kept off by fortune should have attended their the gallant and steady conduct of zealous endeavours. I have the ho. the 35th and 78th regiments, under nour to inclose a return of the killed, colonel Oswald, the former firing wounded, and missing, since the by its wings and plaiouns retiring, 19th inst. The missing imply the and the 78th with its front rank detacbment at Hamet alone, none kneering, as duriog the movements being missing from the main army. of a tield day, discontinued the I have the honour to be, &c. pursuit. Our casualties during this (Signed) W. STEWART, Brig. Gen. retreat did not exceed 50 killed and wounded, and none were captured: Return of Killed, Wounded, and the loss of the enemy was consider. Missing, of the Army serving a. ably greater.

gainst Rosetta, from the 19th to By sub-set our troops reached the 21st of April, inclusive ; 1807. the depôt, where our wounded Roy'al artillery battalion, 1 rank were embarked on board the germs. and file killed ; 1 serjeant, 5 rank The army, having refreshed, advan. and file, i horse, wounded ; I lieu. ced to Édko, and at two in the tenant, 19 rank and file, 12 horses, morning took up its former posi. missing. - Light infantry battalion, tion : in the afternoon of the 22d, 1 rank and file killed ; i lieutenant, the army advanced to the caravan. 3 serjeants, 9 rank and file, wound. sera, and on the succeediog day ed; 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, 5 embarked for Aboukir Wells. The serjeants, 3 drummers,, 122 rank general observes, that he bad heard and file, missing.–35th regiment, by report that colonel M·Lcod's 1 rank and file killed; 2 lieute detachment had been defcated in the nants, 4 serjcants, 58 rank and file, forenoon of the 21st, when many wounded ; 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, were made prisoners.]

7 serjeants, 2 drummers, 134 rank In closing this letter I am bound and file, missing.–78:h regiment, 1 to state, that I have been ably sup. rank and file killed; 1 captain, 2 ported by those who were under serjeants, 11 rank and file, wound, my orders. To colonel Oswald I ed ; 1 lieutenant-colonel, i capowe every thing that a commander tain, 7 lieu renants, 1 ensign, 1 staff, can owe to his second in command. 10 serjeants, 4 drummers, 158 rank To lieutenant Tilly for his exertions and file, missing.- De Rolle's regi. on the lake, and to captain Nicholls ment, 1 rank and file killed : 1 for his services at the caravansera, rank and file wounded ; 2 majors, our army was indebted for its unin. 5 captains, 4 lieutenants, 3 ensigns, terrupted supply. Where-ever na. 8 serjeants, 5 drummers, 282 rank val assistance has been required, it and file, missing.–20th light dra. has been given, under the able so. goons, 1 rank and file, 6 horses, perintendance of captain Hallowell, wounded ; 1 captain, 1 assistant. with a zeal so peculiar to our naval surgeon, 1 trumpeter, 11 rank and operations. In every department, file, 14 horses, missing.-- Total,

5 rank and file killed ; i captain, my regiment, has this moment ar. 3 licu tenants, 10 serjcants, 85 rank rived here from Cairo with a flag and file, 7 horses, wounded ; 1 of truce, bringing various letters lieutenant-colonel, 2 majors, 10 from the officers that were made captains, 15 lieutenants, 4 cosigns, prisoners at El Hamet.- The only 2 statt, 30 serjeants, 15 drummers, intelligence he brings is, that the 733 rank and file, 26 horses, Mamelukes have certainly made missing.

peace with the viceroy of Egypt. Names of Officers wounded. - Lieutenant Mathieson has been Light infantry battalion, lieutenant sent here with a view of being ex. Arthur, of the 35th.-35th regi. changed for some Albanians that ment, lieutenants Daily and Phil. we thought it necessary to send lot.-7$th regiment, captain R. H. away from this place. Dick.

Í have the honour to be, &c. Names of Officers missing. - Royal (Signed) A. M. FRAZER, artillery, lieutenant Dunn.-20th

Major-general. light dragoons, captain J. Delancey ; assistant-surgeon Gibson. - Light Return of Prisoners taken by the infantry battalion, captains Tarle. Enemy, transmitted by Major. ton (of the 35th) and Reinach (of General Fraser, the 20th of May, De Roll's regiment); lieutenants 1807. Westerman (of the 35th,) and Rosil- Alexandria, May 20, 1807. lon (of De Roll's regiment.)- 1st Prisoners of War.—20th light battalion 35th regiment, captains dragoons, 1 captain, 1 assistant sur. M Allister and Pike; lieutenants geon, 3 rank and file.- Royal ar. Wilkinson and Walker.--2d batta. tillery, 1 lieutenant and 7 rank and lion 71st regiment, lieutenant-co. file.-Gunner-drivers, 2 rank and lonel P. M.Leod; captain C. C. file.-- 1st battalion 31st regiment, Mackay ; lieutenants W. M. Dick, 12 rank and file.- Ist battalion 35th J. Mathieson, Malcolm M Gregor, regiment, 1 captain, 6 serjeants, 2 Christ. M.Kae, A. Gallie, P. Ryrie drummers, and 84 rank and file. and Ard. Christie ; eosign J. Gre. -2d battalion 78th regiment, I gory; assistant-surgeon A. Leslie, captain, 4 lieutenants, 7 serieants, De Rolle's regiment, major C. Vo and 60 rank and file.-De Rolle's gelsang ; brevet.major Moher ; cap. regiment, 2 majors, 4 captains, 3 tains Rhiner, Muhler, Barbier, and lieutenants, 11 scrjeants, 4 drom. Tucks; lieutenants Gouguelbery, mers, and 197 rank and file.-Chas. Frey, and Ledeguve ; ensigns Stet. seurs Britanniques, 36 rank and file. ter, Muller, and Sonnenberg.

Prisoners of War not at Cairu. (Signed) JAMES STEWART, -20th light dragoons, S rank and Captain and Major of the Brigade. filc.--Royal artillery, 4 rank and

fie.-Gunner-drivers, 3 rank and Cony of a Letter from Major-Ge

. file.- 1st battalion 35th regiment, neral Fraser to the Right llon.

l i licutenant.-2d battalion 78th re. W. Windham ; dated Alexandria,

giment, i ensign, I assistant-sur. May 6, 1807.

geon, 1 scrjeant, 2 drummers, and

47 rank and file.--De Rolle's regi. I have the honour to acquaint ment, 1 captain, and 2 ensigns. you. that lieutenant Mathicson, of


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RECAPITULATION, — 20th light ditto, severely wounded ; ensiga dragoons, 1 captain, I assistant-sur. Setter, of ditto, severely wounded. geon, 6 rank and file.—Royal ar. N. B. There are also prisoners tillery, I lieutenant, 11 rank and of war at Cairo, lieutenants Tieuts, file. - Gunner-drivers, 5 rank and Tyomore, Love, and three privates file.- 1st battalion 31st regiment, of the royal marines, who were 12 rank and file. — ist battalion carried from the caravansera by the 35th regiment, 1 captain, I lieu. Bedouin Arabs ; captain Vincenzo tenant, 6 serjeants, 2 drummers, Taberna, of the guides; and Mr. 84 raok and file.-2d battalion 78th Forbes of the commissariat depart. regiment, 1 captain, 4 lieutenants, ment.---This is the most correct reI cosign, 1 assistant-surgeon, 8 ser. turn we have been able to procure, geants, 2 drummers, 107 rank and but we cannot expect it to be very file.-De Rollc's regiment, 2 majors, accurate. 5 captains, 3 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, (Signed) GEORGE AIREY, 11 sergeants, 4 drummers, 197 rank Acting Deputy Adjutant General. and file.-Chasseurs Britanniques, 36 rank and file.—Total, 2 majors, In the Gazette of August 8, a 8 captains, 9 lieutenants, 3 ensigns, new uniform is appointed by his 2 assistant-surgeons, 25 sergeauts, majesty to be word by masters and S drummers, 485 rank and file. pursers in the navy. The full dress

Officers, Prisoners of War.-Cap- is, blue cloth coat, with blue laptaio Delancey, of the 20th light peis, cuffs, and stand-up collar; dragoons ; assistant-surgeon Gib. three buttons on the pockets and son, of ditto ; lieutenant Dunn, of cuffs, white lining :-white cloth the royal artillery ; captain M'Al. waistcoat and breeches; plain hat. lister, 35th regiment; captain Mac.. The undress coat has a fall.down kay, 2d battalion 78th regiment, collar ; the buttons as at present. severely wounded ; lieutenant Ma. The blue lappels are to be worn by thieson, of ditto ; lieutenant M Gre. the gunners, boatswains, and car. gor, of ditto ; lieutenant Gallie, of penters only, and not by the subor. ditto ; lieutenant Ryrie, of ditto ; dinate classes of warrant officers. major Vogelsang, of de Rolle's regiment; brevet-major Moher, of ditto ; captain Remach, of ditto; Procedings before Copenhagen. captain Ryhmer, of ditto ; captain Barbier, of ditto ; captain Tucks, Ertracts of a Letter from Lieutenanta of ditto ; lieutenant Gouguelberg, general Lord Cathcart to Lord Case of ditto, severely wounded ; lieu. tlereagh; dated Heail-quarters, at tenant Frey, of ditto, severely Hellerup, before Copenhagen, Alla wounded.

gust 22, 1807. Officers Prisoners, but not at Cairo. I have inclosed a journal of the -Lieutenant Walker of the 35th operations of the army, from the regiment; ensign Gregory, of the 14th, in the morning, together with 78th regiment, wounded; assistant. a return of the casualties which surgeon Leslie, of ditto; captain have occurred, except those of the Muhler, of de Rolle's regimeot, se. cavalry, which are not considerable, verely wounded ; ensiga Muller, of but have not been transmitted,

HeadHead-quarters, Hellerup, before left column established a post at

Copenhagen, ?2d Avg. 1807. Bagerne's-mill, and extended from Journal of the Army under the Com. Freborg to Emdrup. That from mand of Lieutenant-general Lord Jagersborg by Gladsacks and VanCathcart, from the morning of the loes to Fredericksberg, extending 14th of August, 1807.

to the sea on the right, and towards Aug. 14th. The fleet between El. Falconergard on the left. The resineur and Helsingberg-Calms and serve, from Lyngbyl, marched by contrary winds- Transports assem. Bangede and Emdrup, and occu. bled by brigades, each under the pied the space between the two charge of one of his majesty's ships. other divisions. Two brigades of

15th. The fleet worked up to the king's German legion remaining Vedbeck, the reserve anchoring at Charlottenfurd to cover the dis. nearest the shore, covered by the embarkation of the cavalry and Surveillante, and by several gun. park of artillery.--Major-general brigs and bombs. Major-general Spencer's brigade landed at Skores. Spencer's brigade, under convoy of hard, and marched into their post on admiral Essington, with a division of the left of the line; all the division the flect, anchored higher up the giving piquets to the rear, to pre. Sound, to make a diversion. vent surprise from the country. Coast reconnoitred, and disposition Head-quarters established at Hellemade for landing.

rup. Transports assembled at 16th. The reserve landed at five Skoreshard, where the cavalry com. in the morning, with the ordnance menced disembarking. Princesses of a light brigade, and occupied the of Denmark came out of the city on heights. The remainder of the in- their route to Colding, and were fantry followed, with the ordnance received with the honours due to of another light brigade. A squa- their rank by the brigade of guards, dron of the 1st light dragoons, hor, near the palace of Fredericksberg. ses for the two brigades of artillery, The piquets of the left towards the and for the staff, were also disem. town were attacked about noon: barked. A flag of truce was re- at the same time the enemy's gun. ceived from major-general Peyman, boats rowed out of the harbour, commander-in-chief in Copenhagen, and cannonaded the left of the line requesting passports for their high. with grape and round shot. The Desses the two princesses of Den. piquets drove in and pursued the mark, nieces to his Danish majes- enemy, and resumed their posts, ty, to go from Copenhagen to Col. part of the line having advanced ding ; which were granted. In the to sustain them. His majesty's evening, the army marched by their gun-brigs and bombs having been left in three columns by Nerun to towed as near the harbour as they Lyngbyl; the centre by Hermitage could, opened a fire at a consiand Fortuna to Jagersborg, the left derable distance upon the enemy's by the coast of Charlottenberg,, which, after a long and lay upon their arms.

cannopade, retired into the har. 17th. At day-break, the army bour.' marched by their right in three 18th. At day-break, the gun. columns, to invest the town. The boats renewed the attack upon the

gon brige, trusting to the superior Crown Prince, who capitulated, weight of their guns, the latter ha. with 850 men and officers, with a ving, during the night, exchanged foundry and depôt of cannon and their carronades for 18-pounders ; powder. The king's household, the retired, but advan with part of his Danish majesty's ced again with increased numbers. wardrobe, plate, wine and books, A brigade of 9-pounders from the were suffered to come out of the Park having been brought to the town to follow his majesty (who mill, took them in flank, upon has withdrawn to Colding), pass. which they turned their fire to the ports having been requested. Some lines, and, after cannonading for gentlemen residing in the district of some time, were driven in, together Copenhagen, and in the bailwicks with their field-pieces, which ad. towards Elsineur, having offered vanced upon the road.

their services to accept the office of Engineer tools, &c. &c. having magistrates and superintendants of been disembarked, a work was be police in their respective districts, gun at the mill, and considerable under the commander of the forces, progress was made. The same day, an order was made for that purpose. the cavalry moved to their quarters and sent to be printed and publishat Charlottenberg, Jagersborg, and ed, and a commission was given, in Vanloes, with piquets in the country, reference to a proclamation printed and a chain of posts, supported by and published in German and Dathe first battalion of the king's Ger. nish, on the day of disembarkation. man legion, from Lorgenfree and 20th. Farther progress made in Collèkolle, under the direction of the works. More ordnance land, brigadier-general V. D. Decked. ed and mounted. A patrole on

19th. The works carried on by the left having reported, that a body parties of 600 men, relieved every of cavalry, with a corps of infan. four hours. The gun-boats, at. try in their rear, had been seen in tacked at day-break, but were dri- front of Roeskilde, colonel Rædon Ten off by the field-pieces, which sent a Squadron to reconnoitre were now protected. Some of the them, which found them assembled pipes were discovered which convey near that place, and immediately fresh water to the town from Em. charged and put them to flight, lea. drup. The frigates and gon-brigs, ving 16 or 18 men killed, and takiog having a favourable breeze, took 3 prisoners and 29 horses. The their station near the entrance of the dragoons pursued the enemy to the harbour, within reach of throwing gates of Roeskilde, where they shells into the town. Four 24. were received by a heavy fire of in. pounders were brought into the fantry, and returned to their quarbattery at the mill.. Great progress ters. The admiral came to head.. was made in the work at that place, quarters in the morning, and reand in a howitzer battery in the turned to his ship. rear of it, with traverses and co. 21st. Lord Rosslyn's corps dis. ver for the men, Brigadier-general embarked in the north part of Decken surprised and took the Keoge bay, with two batteries of post of Frederickswork, command. artillery, sending round the remained by a major, aide-de-camp to the ing transports to Skoreshard. A


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