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In Old Broad street, Dr. lIa. him will readily bear testimony to milton, one of the physicians to the its truth, London Hospital.

Madame de la Pagerie, mother to lo the Grove, Bath, aged 24, Madame Buonaparte, She died at Mr. Thomas Mann, grandson of the Martinique, but her heart is to be late Mr. Vernor, an eminent book, conveyed to France in a gold vase, seller in London,

2. At Leominster, Mr. R. Powell, lo child bed, Mrs. Ebers, wife of by incautiously putting a naked Mr. John Ebers, librarian and sta. knife loose into bis pocket; when tioner, Old Bond-street, aged 34. sitting upon it, the knife entered

Capt. J. Bulwer, brother of gen, the thick part of his thigh, and he Bulwer, of Heydon, Suffolk, died soon after.

At Osborne's Hotel, sir James At Hitchin, Uerts, James White Durno, lately his majesty's consul tingstall, esq. at Memel, &c.

Nicholas Bond, esq. of the Pub. John Eton, esq. of Narbeth, lic-office, Bow-street, aged 64. His Montgomeryshire.

character is thus drawn by one who At Debden Hall, Essex, Mrs. appears to have known him well : Chiswell, widow of the late Richard -" He was an active, vigilant, and Mailman French Chiswell, esq. able magistrate. Initiated in the

The res, Charles Favell, rector school of the celebrated sir John of Brighton cum Bythorn, Hants. Fielding, he possessed, in an un.

At Bath, Miss Frances Mitford, common degree, the best qualities sister of the right hon, lord Redes. of his master. Eodowed with a wale.

good natural understanding, his June 1. Suddenly, William Kitlegal kòowledge and sound judge chener, esq. of Bunhill-row, Fins. ment were eminently conspicuous. bury-square. He was seized with He was a warm and zealous friend ; an apoplectic affection, and expired had the affections of the mind with in the course of a few hours, leav. the glow of sincerity ; and with ing his relatives and numerous those whom he respected and loved, friends to lament a loss not easily could unbend to the free participa. repaired. He was a man whose ex. tion of the social virtues. Always cellent qualities fully entitled him befriending the honest poor in op. to that respect which was constantly position to the tyrannic rich, the paid to his character. In him were former viewed him with admiration centered all those virtues which em. and gratitude. In his professional bellish social life and adorn the hu. pursuits, his memory was surpriz. man heart. Humanity, generosity, ingly tenacious, never forgetting a benevolence, were engrafted on the circumstance that was worthy of most amiable disposition, and remeinbrance. His conversation among his namerous acts of bene. was therefore fertile in anecdotes ; scence, those were not the least in and his life filled a great space in the value which were least known. eye of the public. A stranger to Nor must this be deemed the lan. the rehvements of the world, he was guage of extravagant panegyric-- simple and unaffected in his man. laose who were acquainted with ners; and although the spirit and


even austerity of his conduct, might temper of the house. Through his to some men appear censurable, yet pleasant interference, the most an, they were by no means unbecoming gry debates have frequently con. the character or deportment of an cluded with peals of laughter, Sir upright magistrate. In cases of a Boyle Roche was master of the ce common or trivial nature, he at remonies at Dublin castle, where he times seemed to eyince a laxity of was beloved and admired for his po. attention; but although he might liteness and urbanity. He married be supposed to slumber over what Mary, the eldest daughter of admi. was unworthy of the exercise of his ral sir Thomas Prankland, bart, but great powers, yet justice was never had no issue, He died at his house asleep. With an excellent fund of in Eccles-street, Dublin. manly eloquence, with a mind for. At York, aged 69, Mr. John cible and vehement, when roused Blanchard, brother to Mr. W. into an extraordinary display of his Blanchard, proprietor of the York penetrating vigour, he shone most Chronicle, and father to Mr. Blan when combating the subtleties orge. chard, of the theatre royal, Co nius of a counsel for a prisoner. vent-garden : making the third Thus, in the words of a distin. death in that family within a month guished actor, like a great performer At Baynton Hall, Wilts, in hi on the stage, he réserved himself, 73d year, William Long, esq. as it were for the last act, and after At York, Amos Green, esq. he had played his part with dignity, The 'rev. T. Aquila Dale, recto resolved to finish it with honour." of All Saints, Lewes, and of St

3. Lieutenant-colonel John Harris John Baptist in the Cliff. Cruser.

6. In Spring-gardens, John Was 4. At Cheltenham, suddenly, dale, M. D. a native of Cumber captain Lawrence Bruce, of Isliog. land. ton.

! William Kemeys, esq. of Main Aged 46, Mr. Robert Butler, dee, Monmouthshire, one of hi editor and proprietor of the Black. majesty's justices of the peace fa burn Mail.

that county.' 5. Sir Boyle Roche, created an . 7. Mrs. Martyr, of the theats Irish baronet November 30th, 1782. royal, Covent-garden. He was the descendant of a re- Aged 76, Joseph Musgrave, est spectable family, said to be a ju. New Norfolk-street, Grossenol pior branch of the ancient baronial square. family of Roche, viscount Fermoy. At Hertford, after a few hoa He entered carly into the military illness, the rev. Jobn Carr, LL.D. service, and distinguished bimself In Lincoln's-ind, Mrs. Lan in America, particularly at the ta- aged 69. king of the Moro Fort, at the Ha. 8. At Cardington, the seat vannah. On leaving tho army he George Curtis, esq. captain Joh obtained a seat in parliament, Barfoot, late commander of the he nwhere he was constantly in his place; nourable East-India Company and we have heard it stated, that, ship the Nottinghain. Having spel such was his humour and drollery, a very considerable portion of h he could at any time change the life at sea, captain Barfoot was,


it is natural to infer, thoroughly 17. Lady Webster, widow of sir Tersed in naval tactics; and his ugi- Godfrey Webster, bart. form good conduct, during his coll. Aged 85, Nicholas Martyn, esq. tiquance in the service, rendered Southampton-row, Bloomsbury. him the object of universal esteem. 18. In Dublin, lady Borrowes, Although he has left no family to la. wife of sir Erasmus Borrowes, bart. meat his death, yet the commercial 19. At Montserrat, Mrs. Lockworld, and his acquaintance in ge hart, wife of the hon. James Potter neral, must deeply regret the loss of Lockhart, of Dominica. a true friend, an able seaman, and At Moscow, aged 30, John Mey. an honest man.

bohm, esq. late banker there. 9.At Camberwell-grove, Mr John 20. lo his 64th year, William Collinson, of Queen's college, Ox. Wheatley, esq. of Lesney-house,

Kent, and deputy-lieutenant of that At NottingKam, Mark Huish, esq. county,

At Deptford, George Hutton, At Newmarket, in his 59th year, esq. who realized above 20,0001. Mr. John Fuller, many years clerk while master of an academy there. of the course. He has bequeathed the greater part 22. In Dean's-court, Doctors' of his property to King's college, Commons, Isaac Gervsise, esq. in Aberdeen, where he received his his 87 th year. education.

Ac Castle Hedingham, the rev. 11. la Saville-row, in his 83d George Caswall, many years rector fear, John Waldred, count de Wel of Sacomb, Herts. deren, formerly minister plenipo. 23. At Orchard, in Scotland, tentiary from the states of Holland Patrick Ballantyne, esq. to the British court.

25. In Gower-street, Robert 13. Mrs. Totton, of Debden, Jeaffreson, esq. late of tbe island of Essex.

Antigua. At Lewton, Lancashire, Thomas 28. On Stockwell-common, Sur. Darwell, esq. of Manchester. rey, Thomas Darlington, esq.

14. lo his 85th year, F, L'Oste, At Bedale, Yorkshire, Nathaniel esq. of Louth, Lincolnshire, Gardiner, esq. of Charles-street,

15. The right hon. lady Kirkcud. Pimlico, late master.cook to his bright.

majesty. 16. The right hon. Catherine The rev. Mr. Barker, of Bursłem, countess of Darlington.

an occasional preacher at the Men Mr. S. Eamerson, maltster, of thodist chapel, in Stafford. In the Wakefield; occasioned by a fall midst of his discourse, on the Sun. from an overturned carriage. day evening, he expired suddenly, At Shrewsbury, James Reynish, and fell from the pulpit, to the great

terror and amazement of the conAt Aberdeen, in his 86th year, gregation. He had had no previous the rer. John Skinner, who for symptoms of illness. Dearly 65 years held the charge of 30. At Sidmouth, the wise of the episcopal congregation at Lang, John Jackson, esq. M. P, for side,



The rev. B. Radge, rector of At Kingston, Jamaica, captain · Wheatfield, Oxfordshire. - John Nicol, late commander of the

At Keswick, aged 103, Mrs. Han. ship Lucia, of London. nah Wilton, formerly housekeeper M. Rochambeau, formerly a to the late governor Stephenson, marshal of France, in his 82d year.

Mr. Harden, of the Queen's. At Trinidad, colonel Hector MacArms tavern, St. Paul's-church. kenzie. yard.

At New York, the rer. Thomas Randolph Marriott, esq. of Wor. Dumbleton, aged 42 years. cester, in his 7 1st year.

At Richmond, Surry, Mr. John In Gloucester-street, Dublin, Farnham, auctioneer, well known William Preston, esq. first commis. to the amateurs of cattle. sioner of appeals, and M.R.I.A. At the Hague, in his. 5th year, well known by his literary works, the eldest son of Louis Buona parte,

At Richmond, Mrs. Rigaud, called king of Holland. He was many years housekeeper at the ob. the intended successor of Napoleon servatory in the royal gardens in the government of France. there.

In an advanced age, the rer. SaAt Londonderry, William Pat. muel Cooke, vicar of Fremingtoo, terson, M. D.

near Barnstaple. He retired to bed Richard Postlethwaite, esq. of at his usual hour, in apparently Lancaster, aged 73.

good health, and the next morning In Dublin, aged 70, Dawson was found a corpse. Ellis, esq.

At Warrington, Charles Dalrym. In Bruff, aged 110, Ellen Hayes. ple, esq. of the 4th dragoon guards, At Cork, Mr, alderman Shaw. second son of the late lord Westhall.

la Ireland, in her 107th year, At Donnington castle, LeicesterElizabeth Mahon, of Mile-cross shire, the seat of the earl of Moira,

Lately, at Jersey, captain Le the rev. John Collier, in the 81st Gros, of the royal navy.

year of his age. In the West-Indies, colonel Car. At Hollingknowl, Derbyshire, ter, of the 8th West-India regiment. George Bagshaw, aged 96. His

At Dominica, lieutenant F. A. father died, aged 93, grand father, Whitaker, of the 46th regiment. 96, great-grand father, 99.

At Verdun, in France, where he The rev. Thomas Thomas, rector had been detained in captivity, with of Cadoxtov, near Neath, Glamor. his son, four years, William Hum- ganshire. phreys, esq. of Henwick, near Wor- The rev. Simon Hanratty, of the cester, formerly a merchant in Bir- chapel in French-street, Dublin. mingham.

Mrs. M'Leroth, wife of liente At Genoa, madame Negrotii, nant-colonel M Leroth, of B. y. who has left her heirs property to At Dove-hill, in the King's comm. the amount of 300,000 livres, and ty, Ireland, Edward Molloy, esą. has bequeathed a sum to her parish Aged 84, the rev. Stanley Borfor the performance of 4000 passes ! rough, M. A. rector of Sapcote,

At Baroche, of which district he Leicestershire. was chief judge, John Spencer, July 1. The rev. Edward Hare, esą.

of Docking, hall, Norfolk.

- At At Ferney-hill, Gloucestershire, virtue, and universally lamented, Mrs. Cooper, relict of the rev. Dr. Mrs. Dimock, wife of the rev. C. of Yarmouth, Norfolk, and Charles Dimock, rector of that daughter of the late J. Bransey, parish. esq. of Shotisham, in the same 12. At East Dereham, Norfolk, county. She was the author of John Frere, esq. of Roydon, in the several moral novels; as “ The same county, and of Finningham, Exemplary Mother;" “ The Daugh- Suffolk, late M. P. for Norwich. ter;" “ The School for Wires ;" 13. At Fitzroy Farm, the dowa. “ Fanny Meadows,' &c.

ger lady Southampton. 4. In Wimpole.street, John Hil. . In his 60th year, the rev. Stephen lersdon, esq. aged 59.

Moore, vicar of Doncaster. 6. At Hampstead, aged 73, Tia At Edinburgh, the rev. James mothy Lane, esq. F.R.S. of Hart. Struthers, D. D. Street, Bloomsbury.

General Richard White, colonel Mrs. Mary Steele, of the White. of the 24th regiment of foot. He Hart-inn, High-green, in the parish commanded, many years, the third, of Ecclesfield. She weighed 20 or king's own regiment of dragoons, stone ; her coffin was two feet deep, and raised the 96th regiment of inBearly three feet wide, and 6 feet fantry in the American war. 3 inches long. .

· 14. Of a paralytic attack, Geo. 7. At her father's house, in Do. Saville Carey, the well-known lec. ver-street, the hon. Miss Thellus- turer on mimickry, &c. and author son, eldest daughter of lord Ren- of several petite dramas. He had diesham.

been announced for a performance At Heydon-house, Norfolk, in that evening. bis 53d year, William Earl Bulwer, In his 60th year, Mr. Jacob Kra. esq. a colonel in the army, and late ger Watson, of the Old Change. brigadier general of volunteers.

At Vicar's-hill, near Lymington, 9. At South Allington, Devon, in her 82d year, Mrs. Gilpin, relict F.S. Cornish, esq. captain in the of the rev. Wm. Gilpin, vicar of Kingsbury cavalry.

- Boldre, and prebendary of Salis. Io Charlotte-street, Portland. bury. place, Noel Desenfans, esq. a dis. In Brook-street, Bath, general tinguisbed amateur of the fine White. arts.

Near Scarborough, sir Richard 10. At Wake's hotel, lieutenant. Bempde Johnston, lord of the macolenel Wheat, of Barton-house, nor of Hackness, aged 75. Somersetshire.

15. Mrs. Willes, wife of John At Hillingdon, Middlesex, aged Willes, esq. of Hungerford Park, 73, Robert Freeman, esq. M. D. Berks.

At Stratford-grore, Essex, in his Mr. J. Callaway, Northgate. 70th year, John Stray, esq. Canterbury, aged 68, inventor of

11. Jo Millman-street, John the fabric called Canterbury muslin. Short, esq. of Edliogton, Linculu 16. lo his 7 4th year, John Potts,

esq. one of the aldermen of Dar· At Mongeham, Kent, in the ham. lle served the office of mayor prime of life, adorned with every in 1786 and 1793.


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