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of the heir-apparent, with remarks með of letters; to whon thar payon the conduct of the respective ments for copy-right were unprece. contending parties during the pro- dentedly liberal. To yourg and ceedings relating to the projected inesperienced authors, Chades, in regency. This pamphlet was an. particular, was a kind and frithful swered in a very coarse manner, by adviser; and, when requisite, his an anonymous writer,

purse was freely opened. Charles May 3. Williain Young, esq. of enjoyed the success, and continued Chancery-lanc.

the hospitality of his deceased broIn Berner's.street, John Buller, ther. In 1782, on a vacancy of a csq. M.P. for East Looe, Cornwall. alderman for the ward of Cheap, ha

At his house in Norfolk street, was invited to accept the scarle Strand, Matthew Chessall, esq. in gown, but declined it in favour of the 74th year of his age. . Mr. Boydell. The office of sheril

4. At Ramsgate, Charles Dilly, he escaped, on the plea of noncon esq. formerly an eminent bookseller fornity.-66 His parties," says in the Poultry ; of whose hospi. writer in the Gentleman's Maga talities to literary men, Mr. Bos. zinc, 56 were not large, but they well makes frequent mention in his were frequent; and in generals life of Dr. Johnson. He went to judiciously grouped, as to create Ramsgate, on a visit to a literary pleasantry of intercourse not ofte friend, and died suddenly in the to be found in mixed companies 68th ycar of his age. Mr. Dilly Here Johnson and Wilkes forge was born May 22, 1739, at South. the animosities of Whig and Torg hill, in Bedfordshire. For that Here high-church divines and pillar county, his eldest brother, John, of the mecting-house relinquishe served the office of high-sheriff, in their polemics, and enjoyed unin 1783. Edward, the next brother, terrupted conviviality. Here Cum was an eminent bookseller in the berland, while he contributed Poultry, particularly in esportation full proportion to the general hild to America, and in dissentiorg litera. rity of conversation, stored his ow ture, as the works of Doddridge, mind with some of those valuab Watts, Lardoer, &c. He was an observations which have both el enthusiastic admirer of the politics, tertained and instructed an adul if not of the personal charms, of Vrs, ring public. Here Knox platne Macaulay, whose works he regl- and matured not a few of his vald larly published, and to whom he able essays, Here Isaac Reed (tha was a general and a generous patron. whom no visitor was more cordial He was a man of great pleasantry, welcomed by Charles Dilly) wa and so foud of conversation, that he sure to delight, whether in the mog is said to have almost literally talk. to be a patient hearer, with no ed himself to death. He died May and then a short oracular response 11, 1779 ; when his brother Charles, or occasionally displaying those ric the subject of this sketch, suc- stores of erudition which he por ceeded him in the business. Nei. sessed. Here Crackelt refined ther of the brothers had much pre. the labours of an Entick. Her tension to literature; but they zea. many a writer of less eminence, al Juusly cultivated the friendship of ter comfortably enjoying a went and bodily repast, engaged in his presented to private indi:iduals, he allotted task with double pleasure gave 7001. consols to the Stationers' from the satisfaction he experienced Company, of which he was master in the liberality of his employer in the year 1800, for the purpose of II ever the strict rule of decorum securing perpetual anouities, of ten , was by chance infringed on, it was guineas each, to the widows of two on those occasional days when, nna. liverymen of that company. A few. voidable business preventing the weeks before his death he gavo 1001. master of the house from sitting so to the sea-bathing infirmary, at 13ng with his guests as he could Margate ; and 2001. more by his sist, the pleasure of entertaining last will ; with a similar sum to the them was deputed to his kind. society for the relief of persons con. kaarted and pleasant friend, James fined for small debts ; 1001, to the Bostell, who sometimes in that ca. society for the relief of the indi. pacity has tried the strength of the gent blind ; '1001. to the society for Weert binn. After a life of uninter- the relief of the deaf and dumb; mupted labour for more than 40 and 100l. to the dispensary in Red. years, Mr. Dilly on a sudden re- Lion-strect. To Daniel Braithinquished business ; which he dis. waite, esq. John Oswald Trotter, posed of on terms mutually benefi. esq, and Miss Camberland, he left tial, to Mr. Mawman, at that time 10007; each; to Dr. Lettsom, Dr. sigh in the same profession in the Elliott, the rey. J. H. Todd, and tity of York. But the transition Mary Fowler, widow, 5001. each ; ras too abrupt for Mr. Dilly. He to Mrs. Crakelt, wife of Mr. Cra. found himself a solitary being, with. 'kelt, 201. a year ; to her daughter, at the resource of an affectionate Mrs. Eylard, 201. a year; to Mrs. lamily to cheer his racant hours; Mary Greaves, the daughter of his ind, in the midst of afiluence, he half-sister, 52. a year; to Mrs... bon began to regret the loss of the Coulson, of Bedford, 1001. a year ; sompting-house and rery pleasant to Miss Coulson, one of his resi. Footres in the Poultry ; and actually duary legatees, 2000l. ; to the chil. offered under such a dejection of dren of her sister, Mrs. Scilman, pirits as to occasion no small alarm 1000l. ; to the Misses Davies, 20001.


his friends. He was luckily, each ; to Mrs. Bodman, and Mrs. lowever, persuaded to adopt, in May, all his shares in the Lancaster Brunswick-row, Queen’s-squarc, canal; and, besides other legacies, de rociability, if not the employ. rings of ten guineas value cach, to hent, of the Poultry; and, by the alderman Domville, and to Messrs. epeated visits of some intimates H. Baldwin, J. Nichols, Conant, hom he highly esteemed, he was Hughs, and Davies. The remain. ta great measure roused from his der of his property, supposed to be felaccholy; and continued to en. about 60,0007, to Miss Coulson, the by a few years of real comfort; two Misses Davies, Mrs. Bodman, stributing, not opfrequently, a and Mrs. May; who were all of artion of his large property in acts them maternally related, his own I the most disinterested benefi- name being extinct. eace.” Exclasively of numerous 5. In Montague-street, Russel. Ad unknown sums, which were square, William Day, esq.


6. J.P.

6. J. P. Hankey, esq. alderman Mrs. Lyon, wife of William of London, and one of the candi. Lyon, esq. late of Bedford-row. dates for the representation of the 16. The right hon. lady Je city in parliament. He died on the Knollys, second daughter of th first day of election, supposed from earl of Banbury. the effect of extreme fatigue in a Francis Stanhope, esq. one of canvass of eight or ten days. majesty's equerries.

At Edinburgh, Hamilton Bell, John Peter Allis, esq. of Sa esq. writer to the signet.

ham, in Cambridgeshire. 7. At Tetsworth, William Bellis, 17. At Fryer's Place, near A esq. of Wadham college, Oxford, ton, in his 64th year, Mr. Jo aged 20, in consequence of a fall Weedon. from his horse.

In her 89th year, Mrs. Harding 8. At Falmouth, William Clarges, relict of the late Nicholas Ba esq. son of the late sir Thomas dinge, esq. and sister to the Clarges, bart.

carl of Camden. - 9. At Brighton, capt. Artes, of At Salt Hill, the duke of Mos the 10th dragoon guards.

pensier, brother to the duke of in Berners-street, Langford leans, first prince of the blood rog Millington, esq.

of France, in the 27th year of 10. AHampstead, in his 72d age. year, Mr. Ilenry White, builder. The right hon, lady Walpole,

11. 'In Aldermanbury, aged 26, 18. At Windsor Castle, the rig Mr. George Cooper.

rev. Dr. Douglas, Jord bishop John Herbert, esq. of Dolevor. Salisbury, and chancellor of the d gan, Montgomeryshire,

der of the garter, in his 85th yel 12. The rev. 'Mr. Woodward, This venerable prelate was one rector of West Grinstead, Sussex, the first literary characters of aged 13.

age, and the last surviving memb 13. Mr. Fellowes, printer of the except Mr. Cumberland, of 9 Morning Advertiser.

Beef Steak club, celebrated by ? 14. At Iver Lodge, Bucks, Bruce Goldsmith, in his poem of Retail Boswell, esq.

tion At Kentish-town, John Francis,

“ And Douglas is padding, substzet esq.

and plain.” Mss. Blanchard, wife of Mr. Blanchard, of the theatre royal. He was at that time canoo Covent-garden.

Windsor. The literary talents At Bath, in her 81st year, lady bishop Douglas were first evinc Gibbons, mother of sir William in detecting the attempt of Laad Gibbons, bart.

to depreciate the merits of Milto 15. At Eton, drowned in the He vindicated the originality of o Thames, master Lewis James Shaw, illustrious bard, and covered H · fourth son of sir J. Shaw, bart. opponent with confusion. A

At llampstead, in the 36th year next performance possessed sue of her age, lady Charlotte Wing. merit, as highly to recommend ! field, wife of Wm. Wingfield, esq. character, both as a literary mal and sister of the earl of Digby. and an advocate, a judicious adro

for revealed religion. It was ter of the third duke of Devonshirr, tled The Criterion; in aoswer by whom he has left two children; Vr. Home's Essay on Miracles. the countess of Bandon, and vis.

succeeded Dr. Law in the count Boyle, now earl of Shannon opric of Carlisle, in 1783, and, Before the union, no man possessed o the translation of Dr. Bar. greater parliamentary interest than ton to the see of Durham, was the earl of Shannon; insomuch, binted his successor. The lords that no vicc.regent felt easy on his he Admiralty requested bishop throne, until he had secured his glas to superintend the splendid lordship’s friendship, who was con. on of Cook's Voyages, which sidered a souod politician, but no ordship executed with uncom. orator.

judgment. The death of this At Islington, Richard Corrie, mark of our church of a pre, esq. in bis 82d year. $0 firmly attached to our ece At Lydd, in Kent, in his 63d iastical constitution, is a sub. year, Robert Cobb, esq. .

deeply to be lamented. The 21. Suddenly, William Taylor, Ich has lost one of its firmest esq. of Tillington, Dear Hereford. frs--the republic of letters, one He served the office of mayor of is brightest ornaments-society, that city in 1786. of its best friends, literary men At Edlington, in Lincolnshire, H. istress, a generous patron--the Short, esq. formerly ir of all descriptions, a father. lonel of the royal dragoons. sum up, in a very imperfect man. 22. At her father's seat, at En.

his lordship's character-he field, at the age of 20, Miss A. E. fone who, like the illustrious Langford, after a long indisposition, us Vespasian, thought he had which was borne with the most ex. , la day, when he had not per. emplary fortitude. med a good action. (See p. 785.) At Aberdeen, Mr. John DavidAl Knightsbridge, John Duval, son, goldsmith. .

23. Mrs. Arnold Finchett, of 19. At Bath, John Meredith Shacklewell, aged 66. klyn, esq. of Segroyt, Denbigh. Dr. Thomson, late acting-surgeon

of the colony of New South Wales. 20. At Bath, the hon Miss Hartopp. Mr. James Barker, jun. son of At his seat, Castle Martyr, coun. Mr. Barker, bookseller, in Great of Cork, Richard Boyle, earl of Russel-street, Covent-garden. konon, viscourt Boyle, baron of 24. At Whitstable, while sitting stle Martyr, in Ireland, and in his chair, Mr. Stephen Salisbury, POD of Carleton, in England ; aged 56.

, a knight of St. Patrick. Dis 25. At Twickenham, Thomas Faship was born Jan. 30, 1727, Rea Cole, esq. major in the army.

at the age of forty-four, mar- Nicholas Vilant, esq. professor of the very young and beautiful mathematics in the college of St. Es Catherine Ponsonby, daughter Aodrews. Ibe late right hon. Jobo Ponsonby, 26. At Simpson, Bucks, the rev, lady Elizabeth Carendish, daugh. Graham Hanmer, A. M. rector of



Simpson, and St. Bartholomew in Benjamin Blanchard, eldest son of London, and vicar of Hanmer, Mr. William Blanchard, printer. Flintshire.

Lately, at Summer-hill, Dublin, Mr. John Blakeley, of Bishops. John Lock, esq. of Athgoe, aged gate-street, aged 74.

• 76.' Mrs. Card, wife of John Card, At Church Stretton, Shropshire, esq. Devonshire-street, Portland. the rev. John Mainwaring, B.D place,

rector of that parish, and of Aber. Mr. G. Lilley, of Canterbury, daron, Caernarvonshire, and also hoyman, aged 26. He was in the lady Margaret's professor of diri. act of asosting a female passenger nity in the university of Cambridge out of the hoy into a wherry, to At Northampton, the rev. Ed. land at Greenwich, when he unfor. mund Trant, rector of Tott com tunately fell into the Thames and Caldecot and Hard wicke, in Cam. was drowned.

: bridgeshire. Mr. Thomas English, of the Tem. At, Hants, ager ple, son of Walter English, esq. of 81, sir Thomas Moore, bart. for Kingston,

merly of Bury St. Edmunds. 97. Mr. Joho Sayer, of Margate, At an advanced age, the rev bather. While cheerfully convers. Kingsman Baskett, many years mas ing with his wife, he dropped, and ter of the grammar-school at Pock instantly expired,

lington, Yorkshire 28. Mrs. Catherine Scrafton, of At the advanced age of 82, M. Trinity-street, Bristol, relict of the Bullock, basket-maker of Stafford late Richard Scrafton.

His general habits of life were a Aged 87, Mrs. Elizabeth Pratt, rare as they were exemplary. B first cousin to lord Camden.

honest industry he supported a larg 29. Miss D. St. Barbe, daughter family, and for the last thirty year of John St. Barbe, esq. of Black. had been in the constant habit d heath.

appropriating the profits of fou At Gravesend, Richard Spiller, hours labour every day to the w esq. commissioner of excise.

of the poor. Whenever this sing The right hon. Jord Calthorpe, in lar character felt disposed to yiel the 22d year of his age.

to the ebullitions of anger, or ti 30. Io Dublin, Asr. alderman murmurings of discontent, it wi Janes, while in the act of taking his constant practice to retire int a glass of wine after dinner.

a private apartment, where he key - 31. At Clifton, the right hon. for the purpose a coffin, in whic lady Anna Maria Pelham Cotton, he used to remain till he had sul daughter to the late, and sister to dued the irregularity of his passion the present duke of Newcastle, by the efforts of his reason. Her ladyship was in the 73d year of William Gibbons, esq. her age, and was married in 1802 to ter and merchant, and one of a colonel (now major-general) Cot. aldermen of Bristol, aged 75. ton, eldest son of sir Robert Salis. At Beerhaven, aged il, N bory Cotton, bart. of Cambermene O'Sullivan, who is said to be mue Abbey, in the county of Chester. Jamented by 215 nephews

At York, in his 28th year, Mr. nieces !

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