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but soon after the civil wars, and immediately upon the issue of the fatal battle of Worcester, fled to the West Indies, where most of them since remained. At a very early age his lordship discovered those shining talents which elevated him in life. After making the tour of Europe, on the general election of members of parliament in 176'8, his lordship became the representative for the boroueh of Shaftesbury, and served in the successive parliaments of 1774, and 1780, for Gamelford and Plympton. In 1772 his lordship received the honour of the order of the Bath, and died senior knight of the order. In 1774 he was appointed captain

feneral and governor in chief of the ii'eward Islands, and continued in that station until 17/5, when his lordship returned to England, and1 was appointed clerk of the board of Green Cloth, io which department he remained during; the existence of it. In October 17.95, his lordship was advanced to the peerage of the kingdom of Ireland, and created baron Lavington; which title, in consequence of his lordship's' dying without heirs, is now extinct.. In T795 his lordship was again elected a member of the British parliament for the borough of Woodstock; and in 1801 was again appointed captain-general of the "Leeward Islands, and sworn a member of his majesty's most honourable privy council. —Lord Lavington married mademoiselle Francoise Lambertine, baroness de Kolbcl, of a noble Saxon family, daughter of Frederick Maximilian baron dc Kolbel, a general in the imperial service.

At his apartments, in TottenhamcdWt.road, in the 76th year of his 3

age, Mr. John Walker, author of a Pronouncing Dictionary of the English language, and of several other works, of acknowledged excellence, on grammar and elocution.

Mr. John Mirchouse, of -Mire Sike, in Loweswater, Cumberland, in his ]02d year. A provincial journal informs us, that, on Octo. ber 19th, 1805, which was the anniversary of his birth, and the completion of his century, this person received a very numerous party of his neighbours (" all his juniors") seated in a new oak chair, and cloathed in a new coat, which, he pleasantly observed, might, vrilb care taken, serve his life-time. He possessed in an eminent degree all his faculties, sight excepted'. Hit memory seemed perfect to the last; for he occasionally spoke with the same accuracy of recent transactions (a singular circumstance!) as he bad been accustomed to do in relating occurrences of former times, which he had cither witnessed himself, or heard detailed by contemporaries at a period so remote as that of at least ninety years. The deceased was married in the 2lst year of his age, and was the father of five sons and one daughter. He was of a remarkably cheerful disposition; and, during the course of so long a life, it is not known that he ever had the least disagreement with his neighbours or acquaintance. His funeral was attended by an immense concourse of people, all emulous of shewing their respect to the memory of one whom they had individually esteemed while living, and who»« death, though " in full time," deprived their vicinity of so venerabl§ an ornament; and also for the example of one who had ** kept inno


ceney, ami taken heed nnto.the thing that is right; such as (alone) kball bring a man peace at the last." His family furnishes such an initance of longevity as is scarcely to be met with. His father and mother were born within a month of each other. The former died at the age, of 95, leaving a widow of the same age, who attained her lOOth year. He had three sisters, each of whom died in her 8"2d year ; and a fourth lister, Mr6. Margaret Longmire, widow, of Trushbank, in Loweswater, died on Tuesday, July 14th, in her 93d year.

3. The marquis of Granby, son and hair to the duke and duchess of Rutland, at their graces' house, in Lower Grosvenor-street, at the age of two months. His coffin weighed a hundred and a half. The inside was lead, next oak, and the outside mahogany, covered with crimson velvet, and richly orna. mented with clasps, coronets, cherubim, and handles of solid silver.

In King-street, Rotherhithe, Mr. John Scarth, stock-broker.

At St. Andrew's, Alexander Frazer, merchant, and late postmaster of St. Andrew's, in his 84th year.

In her 70th year, at her house in York-place, Sarah Cavendish, baroness of Waterpark, relict of the late right honourable sir Henry Cavendish, bart. Her ladyship was heiress and only child of the late Mr. Bradshaw, of Cork, whose estates and name descended to the hononrable Augustus Cavendisli Bradshaw, her ladyship's second son. Her ladyship has left eight children, four sons and four daughters: sir Richard Cavendish, aow baron Waterpark, Augustus,

George, and Frederic; the baroness de Ville, lady Musgrave, countess of Mountnorrcs, and lady Kilmaine. Lady Waterpark, in early life, was one of the most celebrated leaders of fashion in Dublin. The second fancy ball given in that city was by her ladyship, who appeared as the EnoJianlress Fatima, with her four daughters as attendant Sylphs, For some years she devoted herself to painting, in which she was an adept, as well as iu every other elegant fashionable accomplishment, but since sir Henry's death has lived very retired; he died 3d of August, 1804, and that day three years her ladyship follow, ed him. The present lord Waterpark is married to miss Cooper, and has eleven children.

6. At Bishopsboume, Lincolnshire, the rev. Henry Montague Davis, A.M. rector of that parish, and vicar of Fynsford, Kent.

8. At the Retreat, near Danbury, Essex, Thomas Michael Nowell, esq.

9. In Great Ormond-street, Samuel Pole, esq.

Aged 87, Angus Fletcher, esq, of Duans.

At Calwick, John Port, esq. of Ham, Staffordshire, aged 71.

10. William Norris, esq. of Halifax, Yorkshire, aged 74 years.

In his 67th year, Edward Dixon, «sq. of Horsely house, near Dudley, banker, and late high sheriff of the county of Worcester.

11. Elizabeth Bickctt, of Northumberland . street, Newcastle, aged 103. She enjoyed good health till within six months of her death.

12. At Derry-hill Farm, King's County, Ireland, the right hon. lady Rossmore.


Of a paralytic stroke, aged 6S, James Carter, esq. of Addlestone, near Ghertsey.

13. At Hackney, Daniel Fisher, D.D.

15. The right honourable ba,roncss Howard de Waldcn and Braybrookc, in her 60tli year.

Mrs. R. Powell, 'of ihe Haymarket Theatre. She played the preceding evening in both comedy and farce (Errors Excepted and The Critic), and with more than usual vivacity. She was the widow of Mr. Powell, of Covent- garden Theatre, who died Oct. 21, 1798, almost as suddenly, after performing in Lovers' Voxcs. She was also sister to Airs. Ward, late of Covcnt-garJcn Theatre.

18. At Gosport, Matthew Woodd, esq.

19. At Brighton, Richard Johnson, esq. of the civil service of the honourable East.India company.

Mr. John Gordon, copper-plate printer, Berkeley.street, St. John'siquare.

At Killester House, near Dublin, sir William Glcadow New. comen, bart. principal of one of the oldest banking-houses in Ireland, and many years M.P. for the county of Longford.

At Kensington Gravel.pits, lieutenant-colonel Parkhill, of the 34th regiment.

29. At one o'clock in tho morning, at her house at Brompton, the duchess of Gloucester. Her highness complained, about twelve o'clock, of a violent pain in her stomach, and desired to be left •lone; but her attendants visiting her a short time afterwards, she seemed very faint and low, and soon expired without a groan. She had

attained her 70th year. When she married the late duke, (Sept. 6, 1766) she was dowager countess of Waldcgrave, and the most beautiful woman of her day. It being contrary to etiquette for one of the royal family to marry a British sub. ject, the duchess was not received at court. '1 lie immediate occasion of the duchess's death was an effusion of water into the cavity of the chest. Her highness had been in. capable of much exertion lately, bnt did not complain of serious indis. position until Wednesday last. She was the daughter of sir Edward Walpole. Her highness has left issue the present duke of Gloucester and princess Sophia.

William Allen, esq. of the seal office, Temple.

At St. Albans, in her S2d year, Mrs. Baskerficld, widow of the late alderman and father of that borough.

24. Maurice Meats, esq. a magistrate for the county of Mont, gomeryshire.

25. At Tunbridge Wells, the hon. Mrs. Beresford, wife of th« archbishop of Tuam.

Mrs. Scaly, wife of Mr. John Sealy, of Lambeth, aged 54.

Mr. Reynal, of Newcastle-place, Clerkenwell, many years principal supervisor at the stamp-office.

At Southflect, Kent, in his 21st year, Peter Rasltleigh, esq. of 0. riel college, Oxford.

26. Suddenly, while scrviog in his shop, Mr. Stinson, liquor. dealer, in Newgate-street.

27. At Cambcrwell, in bis JZi year, Mr. Isaac Auber.

28. In hsr 59th year, Mrs. Leo. nora Thomas, lady of John Thomas, 6*4. of Great Baddow, Essex. She

wu wuoiece to Charlotte late duchess dowager of Athol.

At the South Parade, Queen's Elmi, Brompton, J. Albert de llilne, esq.

At Clapton, the lady of Edward Brocksopp, esq. of Savoy-gardens.

29. At Winchester, in his 78th rear, James Rivers, esq. brother to the late rev. sir Peter Rivers Gay, bart. prebendary of that cathedral.

At Denton, Norfolk, Samuel Blackvrell Henley, esq. formerly of St. Pctersburgh, merchaut.

John Willett, esq. of Poutefraet.

30. .In his 53d year, Mr. Bar. tholotncw Nelson, merchant, of Lynn.

Mr. James Nicholson, of York; lupposrd to be the best performer on the pipe and tabor in the king. dom.

31. At Bedfont, the wife of William Reed, esq.

In her 90th year, Mrs. Langford, relict of John Langford, esq. of W'orce»ter.

In her 26th year, the lady of ord William Stuart, Sod of the narquis of Bute. Her ladyship was laughter of the first lord I la warden, if Prior Park.

Lately died, at Rome, aged 82, Henry Benedict-Maria-Clement, Ordinal York, calling himself Tenry the IXth of England. He 'as born in that city, the 26th of March, 1725. [See a more partitilar account of thil illustrious erson, p. 825.]

At New York, captain Daniel I. Braine, of the ship Frances, ben seven days from Greenock, to ■ 'hich poit he had performed 34 >y*ges.

Of a decline, M. Perregtaux, inker, of Paris'. Vet.. XLIXr.

At the Bush, Robert Trotter, esq. of Castlclaw, postmaster-general fur Scotland.

At Bristol Hotwells, thereTerend Dr. Berkeley, dean of Tuam, and son of the late celebrated bishop of Cloync.

The reverend Harry Purlewent, B.D. rector of Brampton, Northamptonshire.

At New Miller Dam, near Wakefield, the rev. John Lonsdale, vicar of Dariield.

The, right honourable lady Phairc, relict of Robert Phaire, esq. of Daphine, county of Wexford, and sister to the earl of Mountnorris.

At Cheltenham, captain Thomas Holmes Tidy, of the royal navy.

Mr. John Webster, late of Croxteth Hall, near Liverpool, aged 73 years. He was 30 years steward to the right honourable the earl of Sefton.

Captain Forrest, of the Eton volunteers, and governor of the Poor Knights of Windsor.

W. Seymour, esq. many yean steward to the duke of Norfolk.

Mr. Quititin Kay, of Lndgatehill, aged 80, an eminent upl.oU •terer: by his will he has left 300/. per annum to charitable purposes in Doncaster. llo has also bequeathed 10,000/. to a poor carpetweaver at Leeds.

Mrs. Bagge, wife of Thomat Bagge, «sq. of King's Lynn, and niece of the late Henry Lee Warner, esq. or Walsingham Abbey, in Norfolk. Mr. Uagge's constitution received so severe a shock from thil melancholy event, that he only survived the loss of his wile four days,

in the 79th year of his age, at hishoiucoii Merchant's Quay, Limerick, Silvester O'Halioran, esq.

P p sorgeea surgeon and M.R.I.A. He studied physic and surgery, in Paris and London, and made a rapid progress in his studies, as he published the first of his works before he was 21 years of age. He afttrrwards wrote different treatises, medical and po. litical; and a general history of Ireland, down to the close of the 12th century. He was highly learned in the Irish language and ancient laws.

At Troy House, near Monmouth, Lewis Richardes, esq. many years steward to his grace the duke of Beaufort.

At Cobham, in Surrey, Mrs. Sturt, once a distinguished character among the fashionable circles.

Mrs. Simmons, late of St. Mar. garet's parish, Ipswicb, in her 100th year.

At the Broadstane, Ireland, Mr. Crobally, aged 128 years! Till within six weeks of his death he. had never experienced two days Illness. - T. Watson, esq. Staplesford Abfcotts, Essex.

At Bocking,' Essex, Mr. J. Rcctc, aged 61, who has left a wife and twelve children to deplore bis loss.

Mademoiselle Defroiziers, one of the first-rate actresses of the Theatre Francaise. She died of a decline, in the 31st year of hef age.

At St. John's, Antigua, the re. liet of the late lieutenant-colonel Carter.

On.board his majesty's ship Pitt, in the East Indies, Mr. Robert Talbot, midshipman, second son of Robert Talbot, esq. of StoneCastle, Kent.

Aged 80, the rev. James Graves, vicar of Thorp Basset, near Malten, ami of Gonial!, in Holder

ness, and 2S years incumbent of the perpetual curacy in the colle. giate church of St. John's, Beverley.

At Margate, James Marphar. lane, M.D. formerly professor of physic in the university of Prague.

In an advanced age, at Tun. bridge, the reverend Henry Austen.

At Chelsea, Mr. Philip Coks, of Duke-street, Adelphi.

At Biddlesford, Isle of Wight, Mr. William Fearnsidc, of Max. sham-street, Westminster.

Sept. 1. In his 8-lth year, Mr. John Duffin, fan-maker, in St. Martin's-le-grand. He bad been 70 years resident in one house.

At Winchester, in an advanced age, the rev. Mr. Woodburn, vicar of Romsey, Hants.

2. At Shepherd's Busrr, in bft 29th year, the wife of Mr. Wm. Barber, solicitor, Old Broad-street.

Mr. S. Duperoy, banker, New Basinghall-street.

At Bath, in her 65th year, Mrs: Minshull, wife of John Minsbull. esq. of Swansea, sister to the late, and aunt to the present earl ol Craven.

At Abb's Court, Surrey, tbc right lion, countess dowager of Bathurst, mother to the present carl, and second daughter of th« late Thomas Scawcn, of Maid wt II Hall, esq. by Tryphena his wifs, only child of lord Wm. Russel

The celebrated and facetious far. mer Thomas Hagerty, of Moj, county Clare. He had completed his 107th year about a week before, and had then never known sickness, but retained all his fatuities iu great vigour.

At Paris, the celebrated poet, Le Brun, a member of the Institute,

3. At Ipswich, in an advanced age, Miss Clara Reeve. She ««


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