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The re?. B. Radge, rector of Wheatfield, Oxfordshire.

At Keswick, aged 103, Mrs.Han. nah Wilton, formerly housekeeper to the late governor Stephenson.

Mr. Harden, of the Queen's. Arms tavern, St. Paul's.churchyard.

Randolph Marriott, esq. of Wor. rosier, in his 71st year.

In Gloucester-street, Dublin, William Preston, esq. first commissioner of appeals, and M.K.I.A. well known by his literary works.

At Richmond, Mrs. Kigaud, many years housekeeper at the observatory in the royal gardens there

At Londonderry, William Patterson, M. D.

Richard Postlethwaite, esq. of Lancaster, aged 73

In Dublin, aged 70, Dawson Ellis, esq.

In Bruff, aged 110, Ellen Hayes.

At Cork, Mr. alderman Shaw.

la Ireland, in her 1071h year, Elizabeth Mahon, of Mile-cross.

Lately, at Jersey, captain Le Gros, of the royal navy.

In the VVest-Indies, colonel Carter, of the 8th West-India regiment.

At Dominica, lieutenant F. A. Whitakcr, of the 46th regiment.

At Verdun, in France, where he had been detained in captivity, with his son, four years, William Humphreys, esq. of Hen wick, near Worcester, formerly a merchant in Birmingham.

At Genoa, madame Negrotli, who has left her heirs property to llic amount of 300,000 livres, and has bequeathed a sum to her parish for the performance of 4000 masses!

At Baroche, of which district he was chief judge, John Spencer, esq.

At Kingston, Jamaica, capUii John Nicol, late commander of the ship Lucia, of London.

M. Rochambeau, formerly i marshal of France, in his 82d year.

At Trinidad, colonel Hector Mac kenzie.

At New-York, the rev. Tboma« Duinblcton, aged 42 years.

At Richmond, Surry, Mr. John Farnham, auctioneer, well known to the amateurs of cattle.

At the Hague, in his 5th year, the eldest son of Louis Buonaparte, called king of Holland. He »as the intended successor ot Napoleon in the government of France.

Iu an advanced age, the rev. Samuel Cooke, vicar of Fremington, near Barnstaple. He retired to bed at his usual hour, in apparently good health, and the next morniiir was found a corpse.

At Warrington, Charles Dalrytnpie, esq. of the 4th dragoon guards, second son of the late lord Wcsthill.

At Donnington castle, I/eiccster. shire, the seat of the earl of Moira, the rev. John Collier, in the 8lst year of his age.

At Hollingknowl, Derbyshire, George Bagsfaaw, aged 96'. His father died, aged 93, grandfather, 96", grcat.grand-father, 99.

The rev. Thomas Thomas, rector of Cadoxtou, near Neath, Glanor. ganshirc.

The rev. Simon Hanratty, of thi chapel in French-street, Dublin.

Mrs. M'Leroth, wife of iic-tenant-colonel MkI>eroth, of B> /.

At Dove-hill, in the King's conn, ty, Ireland, Edward MoHoy,esq.

Aged 84, the rev. Stanley Borrough, M. A. rector of Sapcuti, Leicestershire.

July 1. The rev. Edward Hareof Docking-hall, Norfolk.


At Ferncy-hill, Gloucestershire, Mrs. Cooper, relict of the rev. Dr. C. of Yarmouth, Norfolk., and daughter of the late J. Brassey, esq. of Sbotisham, in the same county. She was the author of several moral novels; as "The Exemplary Mother;" "The Daughter;" "The School for Wives;" "Fanny Meadows," &c.

4. In Winipole-<trcct, John Hillersdon, esq. aged 50.

6". At Hampstcad, a$cd 73, Timothy Lane, esq. F.R.8. of Hart, street, Bloomsbury.

Mrs. Mary Steele, of the White. Hart-inn, High-green, in the parish of Ecclesfield. She weighed 20 stone; her coffin was two feet deep, nearly three feet wide, and 6 feet 3 inches long.

7. At her father's house, in Dover-street, the hon. Miss Thellus»on, eldest daughter of lord Hendlcsham.

At Heydon-housc, Norfolk, in his 53d year, William Earl Bulwer, esq. a colonel in the army, and late brigadier general of volunteers.

8. At South Allington, Devon, F.S. Cornish, esq. captain in the Kingsbory cavalry.

In Cbarlotte-street, Portlandplace, Noel Desenfans, esq. a dislinguisbed amateur of the fine arts.

10. At Wake's hotel, lieutenantcoUnel Wheat, of Barton-house, Somersetshire.

At llillinedon, Middlesex, aged 73, Robert Freeman,esq. M. D.

At Stratford-grove, Essex, in his 70th year, John Stray, esq.

11. In Mlllmun-strect, Jehn Short, esq. of Islington, Lincolnshire.

At Mongeham, Kent, in the prime of life, adorned with every

virtue, and universally lamented, Mrs. Dim oik, wife of the rev. Charles Dimock, rector of that parish.

13. At East Dereham, Iforfolk, John Frere, esq. of Roydon, in the same county, and of Finningham, Suffolk, late M. P. for Norwich.

13. At Fitzroy Farm, the dowa. ger lady Southampton.

In histjOth year, the rev. Stephen Moore, vicar of Doncaster.

At Edinburgh, the rev. James Struthers, D. D.

General Richard White, colonel of the *Mth regiment of foot. He commanded, many years, the third, or king's own regiment of dragoons, and raised the 96th regiment of infantry in the American war.

14. Of a paralytic attack, Geo. Saville Carey, the well-known lee. turer on mimickry, tic. and author of several petite dramas. He had been announced for a performance that evening.

In his 6'0th year, Mr. Jacob Kra. ger Watson, of the Old Change.

At Vicar's-hill, near Lymington, in her 8'2d year, Mrs. Gilpin, relict of the rev. Wm. Gilpin, vicar of Boldrc, and prebendary of Salisbury.

In Brook-street, Bath, general White.

Near Scarborough, sir Richard Bempde Johnston, lord of the manor of Hackness, aged 75.

15. Mrs. Willes, wife of John Willes, esq. of Hungerford Park, Berks.

Mr. J. Callaway, Northga,te. Canterbury, aged 6'8, inventor of the fabric called Canterbury muslin.

16. In his 74th year, John Potts, esq. one of the aldermen of Durham. He served the office of mayor in 1786 and 1793.


Mrs. Knyvett, wife of Charles Knyvett, esq. of Park-lane.

In Whitechapcl.road, Mr. James Turner, timber-raorchant.

17. Mir. Henry Norbury, second son of Mr. Philip Norbury, prin. ter, Brentford.

18. Thomas Rod well, esq. High, gate.

Aged 60, Robert Page, esq. comptroller of the customs at New. jcastle.upon-Tyne.

19. Mrs. Parkyns, wife of — Parkyns, esq. cousin of lord Ran. cliffe.

At Hull, in the prime of his life, Mr. Win. Chamberlain, portraitpainter, formerly a pupil of Mr. Opio.

At Egham, 'aged 69, Robert Pick woad, esq. deputy of the ward of Vintry, and treasurer of the society of patrons of the anniversary of the charity-schools, in Lon. don and the suburbs.

Lady Norcliffe, of Langton, Yorkshire.

20. Aged 82, the rcy. Thomas Freeman, rector of St. Martin's, vicar of St. Paul's, and 47 years minor canon of Canterbury cathedral.

In his 42d year, Richard Harwer, esq. of Nottinghill, Middlesex.

21. At Edwardston Hall, Suffolk, T. Dawson, esq.

At Clifton, near Bristol, sir Samuel Hayes, of Drumboe castle, Donegal, bart.

23. Edmund James Moody, esq. of the navy office, aged 32, eldest son of Robert Sadlcir Moody, esq. a commissioner for victualling his majesty's navy.

Suddenly, in his 60th year, VVil. liam Gelding, esq. Three Crown, court) in the Borough. ,

At Croydon, Mr. Ilalfhidc, lit* of Mer ton. Calico-printer: and on the 5 th of August, his second son, Mr. Edward Halfhide, of Tooling.

24. In her 77th year, the ladj of Samuel Bonham, esq. of Great, Essex.

Suddenly, of an apoplexy, VVil. liam Finner, esq. Milbank.strett, Westminster.

At Southampton, major St. Clair, barrack-master at Ealing.

25. In Yorkshire, aged 69, captain John Mitchell, of the Madras artillery.

Mrs. Booth, wife of Frederick Booth, esq. New.street, Springgardens.

At Edmonton, in his 86th year, George Tatem, esq. upwards of 30 years in the direction of tbe East India company.

26. Mr. Wood, a Treasury messenger.

At Botlcy Hall, Staffordshire, Mrs. Catherine Toilet, relict of the late Charles Toilet, esq.

At Hoddcsdon, Ivor M'Millan. esq. late commander of the Valentine Indiaman.

27. At Worcester, in his 67th year, Mr. John Scott.

At Teignmouth, Devon, Charles Dumford, esq.

29. In St. John's, Southwark, aged 65, Thomas Allen, esq.

In his 76th year, at Cholscy, Berkshire, William Minshull, esq. of Ashton Clinton, Bucks.

30. At Hack wood Park, in his 6lst year, the right honourable Thomas, lord Bolton, governor and vice-admiral of the Isle of Wight.

In his 58th year, Mr. Joseph De Boffe, of Genard-strcer, Sobo, many years an eminent importer of foreign books.

31. At Binfield, Thomas Robins, «sq.

At Deuham, in his 13th year, Frederick, youngest son of John Drummond, esq. banker, Charing, cross.

Lately, at Constantinople, Madame Sebastiani, wife of the French ambassador.

At Trinidad, captain John Ser. rice, of the ship Jane, of Greenock.

At the Cape of Good Hope, B. Malkin, esq. major in the 21st :L-lit dragoons.

At Paris, Robert Bray O'Reilly, esq. formerly manager of the Pan. theon Opera.

At St. Lucia, by a fall from his horse, licut. colonel Montague Thornley, commanding the royal West-India Rangers.

At Prince of Wales Island, Hen. r, Williams Rumsey, M.D. aged 26.

At Delhi, aged 78, Shah A Hum, the emperor of Indostan, commonly called the Great Mogul, who was restored to his throne by general lord Lake, a short time ago, after baring had his eyes put out, and been imprisoned many years, by the Marattahs. He was a lineal descendant of Tamerlaue: Akbar Shah, his second son, succeeds to the throne.

In his 84th year, Mr. Thomas Miller, nearly half a century a bookseller, &c. in Halesworfh, Suffolk.

The right reT. Dr. James Haw. kins, bishop of Raphoe, Ireland.

At Penzance, Wm. Clarges, esq. B.A. fellow of All-souls, Oxoh, and only brother of sir Thomas Clarges, bart.

At Muirkirk, Scotland, John Patterson, a shepherd, aged upwards •f 131 years.

Aged 91, at Mancoline, Scotland, Janet Caldwell, widow of Robert Wilson, who, during the last six years of her life, was tapped 74 times for the dropsy, and had 2,383 pints of water drawn off.

At Warmsworth, near Doncaster, aged 85, Mrs. Catharine Aldham, one of the people called Quakers. She was the last of the name of.a family who have resided upon the estate at Warmswortb, and who have been owners of it, in a direct line, upwards of 800 years.

Suddenly, aged 90, the rev. John Simpson, vicar of Wythbum, Cumberland.

Aged 85, at Ford, Northum. berland, Robert Sanderson, who was orderly.serjeant to general Wolfe, at the memorable attack on Quebec, and the person represented on the plate as supporting the Bri. tish general after he had received his mortal wound.

George Attwood, esq. F.R.S. in his 62d year, highly distinguished for his mathematical acquirements.

John Jackson, esq. author of "A Journey over-land from India," and several tracts.

In Argyleshire, in his 90th year, sir A. Edraondstonc, bart.

Mrs. HodsoU, relict of the late F.

Hodsoll,esq. of the Strand, banker.

In Edgwarc-road, the rev. T.

Jones, fellow of Trinity College,


Aug. 1. The right honourable Ralph Payne, baron Lavington, of Lavington in Ireland, K.B. captain, general and governor in chief of his majesty's Leeward Islands, in the 69th year of his age. He was a nobleman much endeared in private life, and in his public rapacityesteemed and revered. His family were originally from Devonshire;

but but soon after the civil wars, and immediately upon the issue of the fatal battle of Worcester, fled to the West Indies, where most of them since remained. At a very early age his lordship discovered those shining talents which elevated him in life. After making the tour of Europe, on the general election of members of parliament in 176'8, his lordship became the representative for the boroueh of Shaftesbury, and served in the successive parliaments of 1774, and 1780, for Gamelford and Plympton. In 1772 his lordship received the honour of the order of the Bath, and died senior knight of the order. In 1774 he was appointed captain

feneral and governor in chief of the ii'eward Islands, and continued in that station until 17/5, when his lordship returned to England, and1 was appointed clerk of the board of Green Cloth, io which department he remained during; the existence of it. In October 17.95, his lordship was advanced to the peerage of the kingdom of Ireland, and created baron Lavington; which title, in consequence of his lordship's' dying without heirs, is now extinct.. In T795 his lordship was again elected a member of the British parliament for the borough of Woodstock; and in 1801 was again appointed captain-general of the "Leeward Islands, and sworn a member of his majesty's most honourable privy council. —Lord Lavington married mademoiselle Francoise Lambertine, baroness de Kolbcl, of a noble Saxon family, daughter of Frederick Maximilian baron dc Kolbel, a general in the imperial service.

At his apartments, in TottenhamcdWt.road, in the 76th year of his 3

age, Mr. John Walker, author of a Pronouncing Dictionary of the English language, and of several other works, of acknowledged excellence, on grammar and elocution.

Mr. John Mirchouse, of -Mire Sike, in Loweswater, Cumberland, in his ]02d year. A provincial journal informs us, that, on Octo. ber 19th, 1805, which was the anniversary of his birth, and the completion of his century, this person received a very numerous party of his neighbours (" all his juniors") seated in a new oak chair, and cloathed in a new coat, which, he pleasantly observed, might, vrilb care taken, serve his life-time. He possessed in an eminent degree all his faculties, sight excepted'. Hit memory seemed perfect to the last; for he occasionally spoke with the same accuracy of recent transactions (a singular circumstance!) as he bad been accustomed to do in relating occurrences of former times, which he had cither witnessed himself, or heard detailed by contemporaries at a period so remote as that of at least ninety years. The deceased was married in the 2lst year of his age, and was the father of five sons and one daughter. He was of a remarkably cheerful disposition; and, during the course of so long a life, it is not known that he ever had the least disagreement with his neighbours or acquaintance. His funeral was attended by an immense concourse of people, all emulous of shewing their respect to the memory of one whom they had individually esteemed while living, and who»« death, though " in full time," deprived their vicinity of so venerabl§ an ornament; and also for the example of one who had ** kept inno


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