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DEATHS in the Tear 1807.

Jan. 1. In hb 77th year, John Moffat, esq. one of the oldest directors of the Sun Fire-office.

.Mr. John Thomas, solicitor, Fen-conrt, Fenchurch-street.

The Rev. Matthew Powley, M. A. ■pwards of 2.9 years vicar of Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

At Woodstock, Joseph Brooks, esq.

2. His grace the duke of Richmond, at his scat at Goodwood, in Sussex, in the 73d year of his age, being bom on the 22d of February, 1/34.— For many years he took an active part in the politics of the nation. In the early part of Mr. Pitt's first administration, he was appointed master - general of the ordnance, in which situation he continued for several years. As a senator, his abilities, though not of a brilliant description, were deemed respectable, and he was always ieard with attention.

His grace was of royal extraction, being descenJed from Charles Lenox, natural son of king Charles II. by lady Louisa Renne de Penenconrt, a French lady, who came to England with the duchess of Orleans, the king's sister; and whom bis majesty not only created duchess of Portsmouth, countess of Farnham, and baroness Pctersfield, in England, but prevailed on Lewis XIV. to confer on her the titto of duchess of Aubigny in France. The late duke was the third in succession, and possessed the titles conferred on hii grandfather in the reign of Charles H. viz. duke of Richmond in Eng. land, duke of Aubigny in France (confirmed and registered by the parliament of Paris), duke of Lenox in Scotland, earl of March in England, and Darnlcy in Seotland,

baron of Settrington in England, and Turbolton and Methuen in Scotland ; besides which, he was created by his present majesty a knight of the garter. He was also a field marshal of Great Britain, and a colonel of the roval regiment of horseguards blue. He bure the arms of king Chailcs II. and his motto was "En la rosejejleurie."In the rose, 1 Jiouriii.—He married April 1, 1757, Mary, eldest daughter and coheiress of the late earl of Vvles. bury. His grace is succeeded in his titles and estates by bis nephew, the hon. general Lenox, representative for the county of Sussex.

The duke of Richmond, it is said, has left 50.000/. to each of his three daughters, by his house-keeper, for whom he has provided in the same proportion. His grace never had any male issue by that lady.

Of an inveterate cancer, in her 44th year, Mrs Elizabeth Davies, wife of Mr. Daniel Davies, of Bloomsbury.square.

Mrs. Palmer, wife of John Palmer, esq. M. P. for Bath:

Aged 7i, Joseph Brooks, esq. alderman of Woodstock.

3. John Laird, esq., formerly chief surgeon, and president of tho medical board on the Bengal establishment.

The rev. William Gilbank, rector of St. Ethelburg, London.

Mrs. Anguish, mother of the du. chess dowager of Leeds.

4. At Maldonado, captain Francis Uundrll. of the 54th regiment.

5. At his chambers, in Staple.inn, Isaac R( ed, esq. a gentleman well known for his extensive acquaintance with English literature, especially the dramatic works of the black-letter period. 'I his rendered him peculiarly fit for the superintending of those editions of Shak

M m 4 speare speare which the London bookseller* confided to his care. His anno, tations on these editions are his principal works. He published in 1782 the " Biographia Dramatica;" in which the diligence of his enquiries were eminently useful.

He also edited Doilsley's collection of old plays, 12 vols. 8vo. 17S0. He was, during many years, Editor of the European Magazine, but parted with his property in that work, aftef Mr. Sewell the bookseller's death. His collection of English books was perhaps the. most extensive of any ever possessed by a privateindividual. Mr. Reed was of simple manners, of great equanimity of temper, of good mo. rals, friendly, and ready to assist the literary undertakings of others.

His writings manifest his candour, while his strictures display sound criticism and correct taste.

6. In Sloanc-squarc, col. Francis Robson, F. S. A. late lieutenant, governor of St. Helena, aged 70.

In Sloanc-street, Mrs. Pownall, widow of the late governor Pownall.

At Chislehurst, in Kent, of a typhus fever, Andrew Stone, esq. in his 20th year.

William Newdick, esq. of Chcshunt;

7. Peggen Hale, esq., banker, Bond-street.

Dowager lady Head, relict of sir Edmund Head, bart.

8. Jane the wife of Clement Wrintcrsley, esq. vice-lieutenant for the connry of Leicester. She was eldest daughter of sir Thomas Parkins, of the county of Nottingham, and sister to the late lord Radclitre.

Mr. Samuel ChilTnry, many years a well known jockey en the turf, and authorof a work called " Genius Genuine."

William Tennent, esq. of Stan, more, Middlesex.

10. Suddenly, in Dublin, aged 72, the earl of Miltown.

12. At Ackworth, near Pontefract, Anthony Surtees, esq. many years lieutenant-colonel of the 2d West York militia.

Louis Balan, esq. aged 38, late his Prussian majesty's counsellor of legation.

Edward Eyton, esq. of Eytoa Hall, near Wrexham.

Sir Stephen Lushington, bart. many years a member of the East. India Direction.

Mrs. Dolbcn, wife of John En. glish Dolbcn, esq. at Pentonvillc.

At Blackheath, Robert Bell, esq. aged 84.

At Southampton, major-general Stewart, of the royal artillery.

12. In the island of St. Crow, John Barker Barnes, esq. *

13. At Bush Hill, Edmonton, Stephen Briggs, esq.

Peter Harrison, esq. of Sand. wich, Kent.

The earl of Gosford, governor of Armagh.

Colonel W. R. Hepburn, of Rickerton, Kincardineshire.

Lady Heskcth, relict of sir Tho. mas Hesketh, bart,

Peter Harrison, esq. of Sandwich, Kent.

14. Mayow Wyncll Mayow, esq. solicitor of excise.

15. Suddenly, at his house at Hi. viere, while reading prayers to his family, John Edwards, esq. aged 76.

16. Captain John Larmour, R.N.

James Preston, esq. of Hounslo\y, aged 78.

The rev. Baptist Proby, dean of Lichfield, and upwards of 5i ye»« rector of Doddington, in the hie

of of Ely, which is said to be the most valuable rectory in the king, dom.

Mr. Julius Leu elite,- leader of the band of the gentlemen's concert at Manchester.

17. At Tobago, James Pigott, esq. attorney .general of that island, and brother of sir Arthur Pigott.

Francis Goold, esq. one of the proprietors and manager of the King's Theatre.

In Lincoln's.inn, Wentworth Brinlcy, esq.

At Leicester, aged 80, Mr. alderman Price.

18. At Edinburgh, Kent. col. Monypenny, of the 73d regiment.

20. Aged 89, the rev. J. Carless, vicar of Stratford, Herefordshire,

21. At his house, London Style, near Kew bridge, Luke Wettcn, tsq. in his 68th year.

At Lcwisham Hill, aged 54, the rev. John Thornhill, rector of Ilor. ton, Gloucestershire.

Thomas Strettcll, esq.

22. Aged near 8+, the rev. James Wilmot, D.D. 27 years rector of Barton on the Heath, Warwick, •hire.

Mr. William Cooper, formerly a bookseller on the Market Hill, Cambridge.

At Southampton, in his (/7th year, Arthur Itummond, esq. a magistrate, and late one of the sur. veyors.general of the customs in London.

At Saxe-Weimar, Charles Gore, esq. maternal grandfather of earl Cowper.

25. At Hath, Mrs. Smith, mo. thcr of Mrs. Fitzherbert.

Aged 68, the reverend Humphrey Hyde, \icar of Bourn, in Lincoln. »hirc.

At Yarmouth, the lady of ad. miral Edgar.

27. In Charles-square, Noxton, Mrs.. Lush, the wife of Charles Lush, esq. an eminent attorney, one of the clerks of the court of requests for the Tower. Hamlets, and deputy lieutenant for the Tower Royalty.

In Lansdown.placc, Thomas Sa. villc, jan. esq.

In his 59th year, Mr, Robert Cooper, master of the Ship tavern, Woolwich.

2S. At Nestor, in Bedfordshire, suddenly, Thomas Bond, esq.

2y. Suddenly, in his bed, at Shopperton, Fletcher Read, esq. in his 40th year, well known for his patronage of the professors of the pugilistic art.

James Law, esq. aged 60, formerly a major in the East-India Company's service. .

30. At Bath, the wife of Wyndham Knatchbull, esq. of Russelplace.

Mr. Alexander Crawford, many years of the London Assurance office.

Aged 74, the rev. J. M. Bingham, rector of Birchanger and of Run. well, in Essex.

31. At East Hill, Wandsworth, William Walker, esq.

At Oxford, aged 6'8, sir John Treacher, knjght.

Aged 75, Mr. Thomas Millis, many years beadle of the Stationers' company.

Lately, near Wooler, Northunv berland, aged 87, sir P. C. Ewins, bart. who formerly married signora Ccntuci, a Neapolitan lady, by whom he had issue an only son, born at Eagle.hall, Somerset. This son marrying without his father's consent, the latter disposed of all

his his estates, invested the produce in the public funds, and withdrew intr> very humble retirement, about 40 years since, leaving his 1 son (since dead) the scanty pit. tance of 40/ a year only, and ■whom he never afterwards would be reconciled to. or see. The deceased mudc many wills; and by the last, after giving in legacies about 40,000/.. bequeathed the residue of hiv immense property (ex. cceding, it is said, 500,000V. sterlinir) to a distant relation, at Newry, in Ireland; who dying hut a very short time before the testator, the title and whole residue of this splendid fortune devolve, by lapse, to Mr. Ja-nes Ewins (now sir James Ewins, birt ) the testator's grand, son, of Newport, Monmouthshire, prrftimrr. He is a man of unblemished character, probity, and integrity, with a large family of children.

At Bath, Mrs. Dutton, relict of Ralph Dutton, esq.

Mr. Edmund Rogers, who for 46 years kept the boarding-school at Walsham.le.Willows, in Suffolk.

In Dublin, Richard Paul Bon. bam, esq.

In Dublin, aged 81, John Allen, esq. a director of the bank of Ire. land from its first establishment.

Robert Gardiner, esq. late of the civil service on the Madras establishment.

In Great Ormond-street, Saninel Solly, esq.

Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Smith, auctioneer, at Windsor, aged 45.

At his brother's house, at Cefn, Denbighshire, Thomas Kcnyon, esq. of the Temple, London.

In High-street, Sligo, Mrs. Coup, land, aged 121 years.

In Ireland, aged 75, the rev.

John L?ver. only brother of th« late sir Ashton Lever, knt.

In Germany, colonel EmmericV, late deputy surveyor.general of hit majesty's wood* and forests.

At Lisbon, Mr James Warren, bookseller, of Margate.

Lately, at Verdun, in France, Dr. Jackson.

Lately, in tiis 65th year, Charles Marion Wehted, esq. of Kimbol. ton, Hunts.

At Wcarmouth, E. Lawson, aged 106.

Aged 77, at Colcheter, Connecticut, in America, Mr. Krekiatt Kilburn. Until he was 50 years of age, he exhibited an intelligent mind, he then, by degree*, became insane; three years elapsed; it was found necessary, for his famil\"« safety, to confine him in chains. In this situation ho remained almost 25 years, when he imbibed an idea that he should be poisoned to death; he accordingly retnsed to take food of any kind (tobacco and water excepted,) and, strange to tell, he fasted 62 days. He then, by the solicitations of his attendants, with a voracious appetite, received into his stomach one large table-spoonful of milk, and again refuted sustenance. He survived two day after taking the milk, when death closed the melancholy scene.

The rev. Joseph Lodington, vicar of Oundle, Northamptonshire,, and of Horbling in Lincolnshire.

At Bath, aged 95, Walter Long-, esq. of ;» very ancient and respectable Wiltshire family. The wealth of this gentleman, landed, funded,, and otherwise, is immense. lie was: generally supposed to be penurious; but his private character and public subscriptions were both narneroe?. and liberal: in proof, he gave fire hundred

hundred pounds towards rebuilding St. James's Church, Bath; and not many yaars since he renewed the leases of most of his tenants at their old rents, though the estates had, by a fair estimation, risen in value one hundred thousand pounds! About 35 years ago, on account of his relinquishing an inconsiderate promise of marriage that he had made to the accomplished mifs Lin. ley (afterwards the first wife of Mr. Sheridan), he Mas brought on the stage (in a comedy called the Maid of Bath) by that unsparing satirist, the English Aristophanes, Mr. Foote.

In Queen-street, Edgwarc-road, Mr. Wm. Taplin, veterinary Sur. peon.— lie was well known us the author of several publications, on subjects connected with his profession, and may be regarded as the originator of those improvements in the veterinary art, which have latterly taken place through the medium of a public institution. — In 1/88 he published his first volume of The Gentleman's Stable Directory; which was soon followed by a second. In 17£)6 appeared, in an octavo volume, his Compendium of Practical and Experimental Farriery. H'a last avowed publication was the Sjiorting Dh/ionary, about the year 1804. lie is uuderstood to have been the editor of The Sportsman?* Cabinet, a splendid work, in two volumes, royal quarto, containing a history and description of the various species of 'he canine race.— Mr. Taplin was also known as the writer of several detached pieces in the earlier volumes of the Sporting Magazine; particularly some de. viiptions of the royal chase in Windsor Forest, written in the genuine spirit of a sportsman.—About two yean since, from family

affliction, his faculties became impaired; and from that period his health had been declining until his death. At Plymouth, licut. col. Hatfield.

George Wright, esq. many years a major in the East-India Company's service.

At Elson, near Gosport, aged 7S, captain Henry Ashington, who served more than 60 years in the royal navy.

At the age of 6"9, sir R. Hetley, knight, of Alwaltou, Hunts.

Mr. William Sumner, silversmith, Clcrkenwcll-close.

At Uippon, in Yorkshire, Mr. Jefferson, comedian; the friend, cotemporary, and exact prototype of the immortal Garrick. He had resided many years at Plymouth; anil, as often as his age and infirmities permitted, appeared on that stage, in characters adapted to lameness and decay, and performed them admirably; particularly at his last benefit, when he personated Lu-signun and lord Chalkstone. He owed part of his support, of late years, to the theatrical fund. Mr. Jefferson was on a visit to a daughter, who is settled in Yorkshire, when death closed the last scenes of this honest, pleasant, and much esteemed man.

Feb. 1. In Francis.street, Bedford.-quare, Alexander Watt, esq. aged 06.

2. Mrs. Macarthur, wife of Mr. John Macarthur, of New-street, Gough.square.

At Stationers-hall, in the 9otk year of her age, Mrs. Bearsley, widow of the late William Bearsley,. esq. of Oporto.

At Kennington, Aaron Lemago, esq.

At West Hill, Wandsworth, the wife of Charles Hooke, esq.


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