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Occ. 1. George Halimand, esq. to niiss Princess.

2. Major Burrows, to mils Seward.

j. Colonel Coghlan, to miss Broughtoo.

12. F. Adams, esq. of Clifton, to miss M. S. Manly.

The ear! of Craven, to miss Lou. i-a Brunton.

13. E. Jessy, esq. to miss Matilda Morris.

U. Charles March Phillips, esq. to miss H. Ducarel.

17- Rev. George Shepherd, to miss Wcthcral, daughter of the dean of Hereford.

Major Stuart to missMariaSmith.

Captain I. Grant, to miss H. P. Niioo, daoghter of the late majorgeneral Nixon.

I. II. Harriot, esq. major of the Pembrokeshire militia, to miss F. Jordan of Haverfordwest.

John Eld, esq. to the hen. miss Smythe.

T. Bonar, jun. esq. to lady Gascoi^ne.'

Lieutenant-colonel Lachlan Macguirc, to miss E. H. Campbell.

J. Webber Smith, esq. to miss Simeon.

10. I. Spa'ding, esq. to miss Mary Ann Eden.

23. Major Currey, to miss Anna Maria Tappenden.

28. Sir John Pringle Dalrymple, birf. to miss Mary Rushworth.

Captain Atty, to miss Harriet W hichcotc.

Charles Frederick Raitt, esq. to mitt Louisa Cricketts.

31. Rer.- T. G. Clare, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the rev. A. Daniell, of Lifford, Ireland.

Lieut, col. Mc. Lercth, to miss Steele, of Bury, Suffolk.

Vol. XLIX.

PROMOTIONS in the Year ISO?.

Jan.2. The rev. II. Bishop, M. A. late of St. John's College, Cambridge,to the vicarage of Ardleigh in Essex, vacated by the resignation of the rev. Dr. Kelly.

The. rev. John Edgar, M. A. formerly of Jesus College, and one of the domestic chaplains to the prince of Wales, to the rectory of Spcxall in Suffolk.

The rev. N.Simons, M. A. chapIain to the archbishop of Canterbury, to the rectory of St. Margaret's church, in that city, vacated by the resignation of the rev. If. W. Champucys.

9. The rev. John Wooll, master of the school at Midhurst in Sussex, and fellow of New-College, Oxford, to the mastership of Rugby school.

The rev. J. Davis, chaplain to the government chapel at Portsmouth, to the living of King's Langley, in Hertfordshire.

The rer. J. Parker, M. A. to the prebend of Uircall in the cathedral of York, vacant by the death of the rev. John Preston.

The rev. W. Alleyne Barker, of Swanington, Norfolk, cxaminingchaplain to the late bishop of St. David's, to the mastership of Woodbridge grammar school.

10. Gen. Hugh duke of Northumberland, K. G. to be colonel of the royal regiment of hor«e guards, rice field-marshal the duke of Richmond, deceased.

13. The rev. Charles Moss, D. D. to be bishop of Oxford, vice John late bp. translated to the see of Bangor.

14. Alexander Straton, esq. to be envoy extraordinary and minis, ter plenipotentiary at the court of Stockholm.

"M m \Vm

Wm. Wellesley Pole, osq. to be secretary of embassy at the sublime Ottoman Porte.

17. Charles duke of Norfolk, E.M. to be lord lieut. of the county of Sussex.

23. lv v. 11. Dods, M. A. to the rectory of Fleet, in Lincolnshire, on the presentation of his father, vacated by the death of the rev. James Ashley.

Rev. T. E. Rogers, of Trinity, to the rectory of Lackford, in Suffolk, on the presentation of sir

C. Kent, bart. •

30. Iter. T. Creswell, B. D. senior fellow and tutor of Clare Hall, to the rectory of Wal. dingficld Magna, Suffolk, vacated by the death of the Tct. T. Boyce.

Rev. John Brooke, M. A. fellow and tutor of Jesus College, to the vicarage of Whittlcsford.

Rev. G. Gordon, B. D. precentor of Exeter, and formerly of St. John's, to the vicarage of Horbling, in Lincolnshire.

The rev. Thomas Milnes, late a fellow.commoner of Christ's College, has been instituted to the valuable living of Agnes Burton, with Harpham annexed, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on the presentation of his father, the rev. Dr. Milnes, of Newark, and vacated by the death of the rev. Dr. Dade.

Feb. 4. Rev- H. K. Bonney, M. A. of Christ's, has been collated by the lord bishop of Lincoln to the prebendal stall of Nassington in that cathedral, vacated by the death of the rev. J. Lodington.

14. Rev. Charles Henry Hall,

D. D. to be regius professor of divinity in the university of Oxford, and canon of Christ Church in the said university, properly belonging

to the regius professor of the said university, both rice Dr. John Ran. dolph, bishop of Bangor, resigned.

Rev. William Douglas, M. A. appointed prebendary of St. Peter, Westminster, vice rer. Thoron Hughes, resigned.

18. Rev. F. J. H. Wolliston. B. D. Jacksonian . professor, and formerly mathematical lecturer ot Sidney College, Cambridge, to be master of that college, in tit room of the late Dr. EHiston.

March 14. Sir Edmund Stanlej, to be recorder of his majesty's court of judicature in Prince of Wsles'i Island, in the East-Indies.

Right lion Thomas, carl of Elfin and Kincardine, to be his majesty's lieutenant and sheriff-principal of Fifeshire.

14. Francis Kienitz, esq. t» be his majesty's consul in the di. chy of Courland.

21. John Paterson, esq. to be treasurer to the governors of the bounty of queen Anne.

25. John earl of Westmorland. K. G. to be keeper of the privy seal.

Right hon. Robert Banks lord Hawkesbury, the right lion. Robert Stewart (commonly called viscoust Castlereagh), and the right hon. George Canning, to be his majestj'i principal secretaries of state.

26. John Jefferies earl Camdta, K. G. to be lord president of tie privy council.

Right hon. Spencer Perceval, chancellor and muler-treasurer of his majesty's exchequer, and tii« right hou. Robert Dundas, sworn of the privy council.

Henry carl Bathurst, to be president of the committee of privy conntil appointed for the consideration of all matters relating to trade and to foreign plantations.

38. Archibald Colquhoun, esq. advocate, appointed his majesty's -Locate in Scotland.

George earl of Galloway, to be lieutenant and sherilf.principal of the. shire of Wigtown; and Thomas earl of Selkirk, of the stewartry of Kirkcudbright, in Scotland.

30. Right hon. George Rose, in the absence of carl Bathurst, to be president of the committee of privy council appointed for the consideration of all matters rela. ting to trade and foreign plantations.

31. His grace William Henry duke of Portland, K. G. the right hon. Spencer Perceval, William henry Cavendish Scot Bentiuck, «q. ("Commonly called marquis of Ticbfield), the hon. William Eliot, and William Sturgcs Bourne, esq. to becomaaissioners for executing tieoffice of treasurer of his majesty's ^chequer.

Right hon. Spencer Perceval, to be chancellor and under treasurer of his majesty's exchequer.

LieuUgen. John earl of Chatham, K. G. appointed master-general of his majesty's ordnance of the united kingdom.

The hon. William Wellcsley Pule to be clerk, Mark Singleton, no,, storekeeper, and the hon. Cropley Ashley to be clerk of the deliveries of the orclatice of the snited kingdom.

Kight hon. lieut.-gen. sir James Faltcncy, bart. appointed his ma. J«ty's secretary at war.

31. William Smyth, esq. of Peter-house College, Cambridge, »ppoiuted professor of modern

history in that university, tice Symonds, deceased.

April 1. Right hon. John lord Eldon, sworn lord high chancellor of Great Britain.

His grace Charles duke of Richmond, sworn of the privy council, and declared lieutenant-general and general-governor of that part of the united kingdom called Ireland.

3 Joseph Hunt, esq. to be treasurer of the ordnancp.

Rt. hon. William viscount Low. ther, created carl of Lonsdale, co. Westmoreland.

His grace James duke of Montrose, K. T. to be master of the horse to his majesty.

Right hon. Henry baron MuL grave; Jame-* Gambier, esq. admiral of the blue ; sir Richard Bickerton, bart. vice-admiral of the white: William.Johnstone Hope, and Robert Ward, esqrs.; the right hon. Henry-John viscount Palmcrston; and James Buller, esq. ; appointed his majesty's commissioners for executing the office of high admiral of the united kingdom ef Great Britain and Ireland, and the do. minions, islands, and territories thereunto belonging.

Right hon. Robert Dundas; right hon. John JcfTeries earl Camden, K. G. president of his majesty's council; right hon. Robert Banks lord llawkesbury ; right hon. Henry Robert Stewart (commonly called viscount Castlcreagh) ; and the right hon. George Canning ; his majesty's three principal secretaries of state; his grace William Henry-Cavendish duke of Portland, K. G. first commissioner of his majesty's treasury: right hon. Spencer Perceval, chancellor and undcr.treasurer of his nisjesty's exchequer; George Percy, esq. (commocly called lurd LoAinS va'me);

vaine); right' hon. John baron majesty's plenipotentiary at the Teignmouth; right hon. Thomas Court of Vienna. Wallace; and George Johustone, Thomas Plomer, esq. his majes esq. ; to be his majesty's commission. ty's solicitor-general, knighted ers for the management of the af. 16. Admiral Jord Collingwood fairs of India.

and his descendants, permitted 7. Charles Brisbane, esq. captain bear, in commemoration of the glo in the royal navy, knighted by let. rious victory off Cape Trafalgar, i terspatent under the great seal, which his lordship was second i

10. Hogh Elliot, esg, to be cap- command, the following honourabl tain-general and governor-in-chief augmentation to the arms of th of the island of Barbadoes, in Ame fainily of Collingwood, viz. A rica; William Lukin, esq. captain. chief wivy; thereon a lion passan general and governor-in-chief of the gardant and rarally crowned, wit island of Dominica ; sir James Cock the word Trafalgar ; and also, it burn, bart, governor and comman. addition to the family crest, the der in chief of the island of 'Cura. crest following, viz. The stero a çoa; and John Holloway, esq. vices a man of war, representing that admiral of the red, governor and the Royal Sovereign (being the shi commander-in-chief of the island of which bore his lordship's flag in the Newfoundland.

said brilliant action), between 11. Right hon. Charles William branch of laurel and a branch ofoak Montagu Scoit (commonly called 22. Jonathan Miles, esq. ani earl of Dalkeith), summoned to the James Branscomb, esq. koighted house of peers, by the style and ti. 23. Right hon. sir Arthur Paget tle of baron Tynedale, of Tynerale, K. B. to be his majesty's plenipo. co. Northumberland ; and the right tentiary at the Sublime Porte. hon. George Gorrion (commonly cal. 25. Righthon Francis lord Napier led marquis of lluntley) by the style to be his mjesty's high commission and title of baron Gordon of Hunt. er to the general assembly of th les, co. Gloncester.

church of Scotland. His grace Alexander duke of May 9. David Boyle, esq. adro Gordon. K. T. tube kecper of the cate, to be his majesty's solicitor-ge great seal of Scotland.

neral in Scotland. Right hon: George Rose,, to be 13. Jonah Barrington, esq. LLD treasurer of his majesty's navy. judge of the high court of admiralt

11. Right hon. Granville Leveson in Irela:nd, knighted. Gower (commonly called lord Gran. 23. Right hon. George earl ville Leveson Gower), to be his man Crawford, to be lieutenant and she jesty's ambassador extraordinary ritl principal of Fifeshirt, and plenipotentiary at the court of 30. Right rev. Dr. John Fisher St. Petersburg.

bishop of Exeter, trapslated to th 14. Sir Thomas Manners Sutton, see of Salisbury, rice Douglas, dec knt. one of the barons of his majes. June 1. Right hon. J. Hookhan ty's court of exchequer, created ba. Frere, to be his majesty's euror er ron Manners of Foston, co. Lincolo. traordinary and miuister plening

15. The earl of Pembroke and tentiary to the court of Prussia 2onomery, k. G. appointed his and George Jackson, esq. to be hill


majesty's secretary of legation at iliat court.

27. IIou. William Wellesley Pole, appointed by the lords cummissiuncrs of the admiralty, their tirst secretary, vice William Marsden, esq. retired.

July il. Right reT. Dr. George Pelham, bishop of Bristol, translate to the see of Exeter, rice l)r, Fisher, promoted to that of Salisbury.

Ji.IIon. Cropley Ashley Cooper, to be clerk of the ordnance of the united kingdom ; and Thomas Thornton, esq. clerk of deliveries of the ordnance.

Aug. 4. Rev. Edward Christo. pher Dowdeswell, D.D.and rector of Matidford-Rivers. co. Essex, to the rectory of Langham, in the said county, roid by the translation of Dr. Fisher, bishup of Exeter, to the see of Salisbury.

II. Right hon. James earl of Malmesbury, R. B. to be lord-lieutenant of the county of Southampton, and of the town of Southampton ind county of the same; and James t'dward Harris, esq. (commonly called viscount Fits-Harris), to begorrrnor and captain of the Isle of ^ight, and governor of Carisbrook wle, in the said isle, all rice lord io'too, dec.

lj. Rev. John Luxmorc, D. D. Iran of Gloucester, recommended* IJtmtgJ ciV/irc, to be elected bishop •f Bristol, -tee bp. Pelham, translaed to the see of Exeter.

H'. Lieut.-gen. sir James Henry -raig, R. B. to be captain.general ad governor-in-chief of the pro'i»ce» of Upper and Lower Canada, fova Scotia, New Brunswick, and he islands of Prince Edward and -ape Breton.

Hight bon. Henry lord MulgraYC,

to be lord lieutenant of the East Ri. of the county of York.

Uii. Harford Jones, esq. of Boul. tibrookc, co. Hereford, created a baronet.

Sept. 5. Sir John Stuart, bart. to be one of the barons of his majesty's court of Exchequer in Scotland, vice sir John Dalrymple, bart. resigned.

15. His grace William Henry Cavendish, duke of Portland, R. G. the right hon. Spencer Perce,. Tal; the right hon. John Foster, chancellor of his majesty's exchequer of Ireland; the hon. William Eliot; William Sturges Bourne, esq.; and the hon. Richard Ryder, appointed commissioners for execu.. tins; the office of. treasurer of his majesty's exchequer.

15. A. M. liolilsworth, esq. to be governor of Dartmouth castle-, vice Arthur Holdsnorth, esq. dec.

16'. George Collier, esq. captain in the royal navy, knighted.

22. Gen. Gerard lord Lake, io be governor of Plymouth, lice the' earl of Chatham, promoted to the government of Jersey, vice marquis Townsheml, dec.

Lieut.-gen. William Loftus, of the 24tti light dragoons, to be governor of Dumbarton, vice lord Lake.

Oct. 2. Captains John Hunter, esq.; Francis Pender, esq.; William Albany Otway, esq.; George Lums. <t.tine, esq.; sir Samuel llood.R.B.; Henry Nichols, esq. Herbert Sawyer, esq.; Davidge Gould, esq.; and Richard Goodwin Reals, esq.; to be rear-admirals of the blue squadron of his majesty's fleet.

3. Joseph-Charles Mellish, esq. to be his majesty's secretary of legation at the court of his Sicilian majesty.

0. NV illiam Lechtncrc.and Thomas

M m 3 F'oley,

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