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ted (concubuissc) for a iiivcn time with his wife, to have been incapacitated by infirmity or other cause, or that he was in such ill health that he could not be the father, ut generare rton possit."

In another passage, he seems to consider certain cases of improbability. I think, therefore, upon these authorities, that if a foundation is laid that there is a natural impossibility arising from age, or from infirmity of health, or arising likewise from non.acccssrthat thehusband should be parent ot the child, then the illegitimacy of a child born after espousals may be proved. If, then, any circumstances can be resorted to for proof of impossibility, we may certainly refer to snch a natural cause as will not embark into it any question of nice probability, but which involves an absolute impossibility of the husband being the father. It is so in the present case. It may be said, that we may be driven to nice proof of physical improbability. But that never need be so; because the pre

sumption that the husband is the father, will be infinitely strong, unless there is an evident and clear impossibility that he is not. I therefore contend, that in addition to the cases put of impnberty and infirmity, which last is rather an improbability than otherwise, we may repel the presumption of legitimacy by evidence of non-accru during the greater part of the actual period of gestation.—-As to the raof the queen v. Murray, lord Hardwickc repudiates the uoctrine that the now-acccsf must continue dnriiij the whole period, and gives no countenance to it. Without, therefore, disturbing any of the rules of evidence upon this most important subject, and without weakening any of the bonds of marriage, »e think that the presumption that a!i children born in marriage arc legitimate, may be shewn to be contrary to fact. 1 do not mean in cases of marriage arising after a gestation commenced, but as to childrea born after non-access.—The order affirmed.


On a Monument lately erected in Hohsley-down C'hchch, in


"Here lie the bodies

Of Thomas Bond and Mary his wife.

She was temperate, chaste, and charitable;


She was proud, peevish, and passionate.
She was an affectionate wife, and a tender mother;


Her husband and child, whom she loved,

Seldom saw her countenance without a disgusting frown.

Whilst she received visitors, whom she despised, with an endearing smile.

Her behaviour was discreet towards strangers j


Imprudent in her family.
Abroad, her conduct was influenced by good breeding;


At home, by ill-temper.
She was a professed enemy to flattery,
And was seldom known to praise or commend;

The talents in which she principally excelled,
Were difference of opinion, and discovering flaws and in perfections.

She was an admirable economist,

And, without prodigality,
Dispensed plenty to every person in her family ;


Would sacrifice their eyes to a farthing candle.
She sometimes made her husband happy with her good qualities;

Much more frequently miserable-with her many failings :
Insomuch that in thirty years cohabitation he often lamented

That, maugre all her virtues,
He had not, in the whole, enjoyed two years of matrimonial comfort.

Finding that she had lost the affections of her husband,

As well as the regard of her neighbours,
Family disputes having been divulged by servants,
She died of vexation, July 20, 1768,

- Aged 48 years.
ller worn-out husband survived her four months and two days,

And departed this life Nov. 28, 1768,

In the 54th year of his age.
WILLIAM Bond,brother to the deceased, erected this stone,
As a weekly monitor to the surviving wives of this parish,

That they may avoid the infamy
Of having their memories handed to posterity

With a patch-work character.”


24. The countess of Enniskillen,

a son and heir. BIRTHS in the Year 1807. 25. Mrs. W. B. Ellis, of Pick.

worth, two sons and a daughter, Jan. 1. The lady of John Paine 29. The right hon. Jady Grey, a Todway, esq. a daughter,

3. The right hon. viscountess An. Feb. 2. Her grace the duchess of ton, a daughter.

Montrose, a son. 15.Viscountess Templetown, a son. 3. The lady of the hop. sir Ar.

16. The lady of Charles Wat- thur Wellesley, a son and heir. kin Williams Wynne, esq. M. P. 8. The lady of sir John Trol. a daughter.

lope, a daughter. The right hon, marchioners Corn. 10. Her grace the duchess of wallis, a daughter.

Bedford, a son.

13. The

13. The right hon. the countess of Moira, a son.

March 8. Lady Graves,a daughter.

10. The right hon. lady Amherst, a son.

The right hon. viscountess Bantry, a son.

Viscountess Fitzharris, a son.

April 3. The right hon. viscountess. Andover, a daughter.

Countess Conyngham, a son.

Lady Dunboyne, a son.

27. Lady Gertrude Sloane, a son. 30. The right hon. countess

Berkeley, a daughter.

May 2. Lady Stanley, a daughter.

5.Lady Ann Ashler Cooper,a son.

7. Lady Jane Buchanan, a son. 10. Lady Catharine .Forester, a


17. The lady of the right hon. Spencer Perceval, a son.

Si. Her grace the duchess of Castries, a son

26. The right hon. lady Kcnyon, a daughter.

The lady of si* George Barlow, a son.

28. Mrs. D. Cameron, two daughters and a son.

June 10". Right hon. countess Banbury, a daughter.

21. The queen of Sweden a princess.

Countess Barde, a son.

20. Ker grace the duchess of Rutland, a son and heir.

July 4. The hon. Mrs. Ramsay, a daughter.

8. The right hon. countess of Northcsk, a son.

12. Right hon. lady Milton, a daughter.

16. The right hon. the countess Mansfield, a daughter.

Right hon. viscountess Marsham, a daughter.

30. Viscountess Ashbrooke, a daughter.

Aug. 5. Right hon. lady Le Dcspenser, a son.

9. Right hon. viscountess Arbutknot, a daughter.

The lady of Francis Frceling, esq. a son.

11. Lady C. Lamb, a son.

22. Lady Caroline Wrott«sl«y, a son.

Lady Grantham, a son and heir.

Sept. 3. The lady of sir Walter Brisco, a son.

Lady Mary Hay, a daughter.

11. The right hon. viscountw Stuart, a son and heir.

Lady Charlotte Hope, a son.

The right hon. couutess of Shannon, a daughter.

23. Thelady of sir S. R.Glynnc, ason.

25. Lady Ancram, a daughter. Oct. 4. Hon. Mrs. BucUanan, a daughter.

10. Lady Charlotte Drummond, a son

20. The countess of Dalhousie, a ion.

24. Lady Fftley, a daughter.
2y. Lady Frances Bentinck,a son.
Nov. 4. The lady of sir Chri •

tophcr Baynes, a son.

C. Lady Caroline Douglas, a daughter.

8. Marchioness of Waterford, a daughter.

16. Lady C. Duncombe, a daughter.

19/. Right hon. viscountess Hereford, a son and heir.

25. The lady of sir William Frascr, a daughter; her sixteenth child.

Dec. 1. The lady of sir Wm. Call, bart. a daughter.

5. The lady of sir George Nugent, a son.

9. The lady of sir James Duff, a 30. S. T. Gallon, esq. to miss Janjhter. Dam in.

13. The lady of sir T. S. M. April 4. William Phillimorc, esq.

Stanley, a daughter. to miss Thornton.

23. The right hoii. couutess of 13. Major Fraser, to miss Ro. Galloway, a son. land.

•27. The lady of William Henry 17. The hon. G. Ponsonby, to

Hoarc, esq. a son. miss Glcdstau6s.

30. The lady of Rowland Bar- 23. R. Stephenson, esq. to miss

ion, esq. a daughter. Stephenson.

The lady of sir Arthur Wclleslcy, 27. Hon. George Wynn, to miss

K. B. a son. E. M. Majendic.

29. F. D. Temple, esq. to miss


MARRIAGES in tie Year 1S07. May 1. Robert Hcathcote, esq.

to miss Searle.

Jan. 1. Robert Paley, M. D. 5. The hon. colonel Crewe, to

of Halifax, to miss Paley. miss Hungerford.

8. Marmaduke Constable, esq. S. Robert Eraser, esq. to lady

to miss Octavia Hale. Ann Alaitland.

IJ. John Lees, esq. to the conn- 10. The right hon. viscount

less Anrerslcy. Chartley, to miss Gardiner.

20. The hon. col. Ponsonby, to 19. Rev. J. Bayland, to miss

the hon. miss Fitzroy. Clarke.

Henry Hallam, esq. to miss Elton. 22. D. R. Remington, esq. to

24. G. L. Ilollinsworth, esq. to miss Copland.

miss Stoke?. 23. Robert Townley, esq. to

Feb. 3. Robert Inglis, esq. to miss Xewing. miss Biscoc. June 1. The right rev. lord Ro

5. Sir Daniel Le Fleming, bart. bcrt Tottenham, bishop of Killaloe, to miss Lc Fleming. to the hon. Alicia Maude.

10. W. H. Hoare, esq. to miss 4. Richard Chambers, esq. to Noel. miss Harriet Newman.

The hon. and rev. John Taylor, 9- Col. Aylmcr, to miss llarri

to miss St. Legcr. son.

1". The right hon. lord Bagot, 11 John Thornton, esq. to miss

to lady Louisa Legge. Eliza Parry.

18. T. Paget, esq. to miss Pares. 17- Rev. Alexander Cotton, to

March 9. E. B. Lusada, esq. to miss Houblon.

aiss Goldsmid. 28. Henry Drummond, esq. to

Hon. Henry Augustus Dillon, to lady Henrietta Hay.

miss Brown. July 1. Rev. Herbert Marsh, to

10. Charles Combe, esq. to miss miss M". E. C. Lecarricre.

P. Georges. 8. Hon. F. G. Upton, to mils

17. Capr. Stuart, to miss Anson. Howard.

18. Philip Gibbs, «»q, to miss 13- Hon. L. M. Burncl, to miss Knipe. Daniell

16. Hon.

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16. Hon. D. G. Hallyburton, to Bliss Leslie.

His grace the duke of Newcastle, to miss Munday.

William Caveddish, esq. to the hon. miss O'Callagan.

19. Sir David Dundas, K. B. to miss Delancy.

A. H. Hpldsworth, esq. M. P. to miss C, H. Eastabrooke.

At New Providence, major Darling, to miss Cameron.

22. E. Webb, esq. to miss Guise.

29. Rev. Robert Cox, to miss Leicester.

Aug. 11. Hon. J. W. Grimstone, to lady C. Jcnkinson.

17. Lieut, col. Leigh, to the hon. miss Byron.

G. French, esq. to miss I. Currie.

Sir I. W. S. Gardiner, bart. to missMoseley.

25. Major-gen. Murray, to hon. miss Phipps.

I. Greenhill, esq. to miss Bovct. Lord Grantown, to miss Macuamara.

26. George Moore, esq. to miss Louisa Brown.

H. Broughton, esq. to the hon. miss Pigot.

Earl of Abingdon, to miss Emily Gage.

27. Wb, Touko, esq. to miss Amelia Sheen.

29. Viscount Pollington, to lady Ann Vorke.

Sir James Innes Ker, bart. to . miss II. Charlewood.

Sept. 15. Win. Domvillc, esq. to mbs Maria Solly.

24. Ca'pt. Bettesworth, R. N. to lady Hannah Grey.

G. Fleming, e<q. to lady Leigh.

26. Captain Stuart, R. N. to miss Sullivan.

Oct. 2. P. Duigenan, esq. LL. D. to Mrs. Heptenstall.

8. Rev. G. Holmes, to miss C. I. Williams.

12. Hon. James Wantesford But. ler, to Grace Louisa, daughter of the right lion. John Staple*.

15. Sir John Lewis, bart. to miss Kirkpatrick.

Hon. and rev. Frederick Powis, to miss Gould.

The right hon. lord Rancliffe, to lady Elizabeth Mary Forbes.

17. Major.gcn. Gordon Drunmond, to miss M. Russel.

Sir Thomas Windsor Hunloke, bart. to miss Ecclcston.

19. Robert Shaw, esq. to Alice, the fifth daughter of Jonathan Eade, esq.

20. Hon. Peter Robert BnrreJk to the hon. miss Drummond.

Thomas William Satton, esq. to miss E. Gray.

24. William Holmes, esq. to hdy Strange.

Captain II. Soams, to Mrs. Lcich.

28. Thomas Crawley Bocvey, esq. to miss A. Page.

Thomas Bruce, esq, to miss CIc. mentina Dundas.

30. Lord Monson, to lady Sara* Saville.

Nov. 12. John Harrison, esq. to Lucy Henrietta, second .daughter of sir Charles Price, bart.

14. John Brent, jun. esq. to Sosannah, third daughter of the ret. Sampson Kingsford, of Starrey.

25. Edward Sampson, esq. to Joanna, youngest daughter of the late George Daubenny.

The oarl of Selkirk", to miss Wed. derburn.

26. George Moore, esq. to mi« Browne.

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