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Portugal.Additional Edictal, or proclamation, issued by the prince

Regent, previous to his Embarkation 778

Danish State Paper 779

Imperial Decree ib.

Circular Letter, addressed by the Minister of the Interior to the Chamber

of Commerce 780

Decrees of Buonaparte. ■ • • • •. 782

Westphalian constitution 7S3


Memoirs of the late Right Rev. Dr. John Douglas, Bishop of Salisbury - 785

Some account of the late most reverend Dr. William Markham, Lord Archbishop ofJfork, primate of England, Lord High Almoner to the

King, and Visitor of Queen's College, Oxford • 739

Character and Talents of the late Mr. Pitt ~. • .« 750

Another cltaracter of Mr. Pitt, written by the Right Honourable George

Canning, and intended to accompany a Bust 795

Character and Talents of the late Mr. Fox 796

Fxtracts from Memoirs of Samuel Foote, esq. by William Cooke, esq. 802

Narrative of the Death of Lord Aelson. By Wm. Beatty, M. D. [Late

Surgeon of the Victory, now physician of Itis Majesty's Channel

Fleet.] 807

Some Account of the late John Charnock, esq. 813

Memoirs of the great Dr. Bentley, and his Family • 815

Fall and character of Llewelyn, the last sovereign Prince of Wales-. 821

Memoirs of the late cardinal York, the last, in a direct line, of the Royal

House of Stuart 825


A Botanical and Economical Account of Bassia Butyracea, or East India Butter Tree. By W. Roxburgh, M. D 833

A List of Plants in Bloom, at Market Bosworth, inLeictstershire, and its Vicinity, from the ist to the blst of January, 1807 .' demonstrative of the remarkable mildness of that Season 837

Usefulness of Ladybirds 840

The Bohun Upas.The following Account of the celebrated Poison Tree of Java, which has been the Subject of so mucli dispute among Naturalists, is translated from a Memoir written by M. Foeresch, a Man of Letters, and a Surgeon in the Service of the Dutch East India Company 841

The French Eagle.The French papers have given the following Account

-of an Eagle, in the Menagerie, at Paris • 843


On the Stratagems of Apes and Monkies, in a wild State, and in Capti-
vity. By the Rev. Mr. Bingley t*.

Ornithology S50

Comets ib.


list of Patents for Intentions, Ss'c. granted in the year IS07 852

Aceount of a Method of cultivating Carrots, and applying than a* Food

for Cattle. By John Christian Curwen, Esq. of Workington-Hall,

in Cumberland 860

Method of preserving Turnips in the Winter Season. By Mr. Jmrnn

Dean, of Exeter 862

On the Culture of Spring Wheat. By Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. S03

A plan for improving the Growth of Tares. By Mr.^Thomas Herod, of
North Creek, Norfolk -• S6t>

Account of the Improvement of a Tract of barren Ground covered with
Heath, in an elevated Situation in the County of Peebles. By Mr.
James Allan $67

Mtthod of curing damp Walls, by the Application of a Composition in-
vented by Air. Charles Wilson, of Worcester-street, near L'nies
Hall, Borough 86g

Method of cleansing Silk, Woollen, and Cotton Goods, without Damage

to the Texture or Colour. By Mrs. Anne Morris, of Union-street,

near Middlesex Hospital 870

Miscellaneous Hints ik.


A History of Somerset-House, from the Commencement of its Erection, in

] 549. By Samuel Pegge, Esq. F. S. A. 874

Extract from a Journal, during the late Campaign in Egypt. By Cap-

tain C. B. Burr "■ 884

Narrative of a New Discovery of Christian Churches, at Travancore, in
India S8Q

Antiquities at Soddington, Worcestershire. By Mr. J. Milner • • • • S$7

Origin of placing Holly in Churches at Christmas S<W

Loss of the Sidney • • 907

Sufferings from Savages 910

Singular Adventure of « British Soldier, in a Campaign in North

America 9 • 2

New Discoveries 915

Description of St. David's Islands, in the Passage to China. By Captain

Barclay. Published for general Information 916

A brief Account of the Brazils • yi J

Anecdotes of the Grand Siguier, Selim III. 920

Russian Soldiers characterized • 925

Buonaparte and the Duchess of Weimar 926

Capture of the late Captain Wright and Sir Sidney Smith 929

Dr. Moselei/'s Account of a singular case of Hydrophobia ........ 931

Report of the Royal College of Physicians of London, on Vaccination.

Presented to the House of Commons 533

Small-Pox Inoculation 93S

Founding of Downing College, Cambridge 939

Anecdote of' his Mttfesty 941

Customs of the CoiCular, near Coimbetore 942

Account of the Goalas, or cow-keepers, of Madhwgiri 948


Ode for the Neic-Year, 1807. By Henry James Pye, Esq. PoetLaureat * 955

Ode for his Majesty's Birth-Day, 18Q7. By Henry James Pye, Esq. Poet-Laureat 956

On the Death of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox •' 958

An Address for the Anniversary of the Literary Fund, April 18, 1807By Henry James Pye, Esq. Poet-Laureat 96O

An Address for the Anniversary of the Literary Fund, at Freemasons' Hall, April 18, I807. Written and recited by William-Thomas FitzGerald, Esq. 962

The Horologe of the Fields. 'Addressed to a Young Lady, on seeing at the House ofun Acquaintance, a magnificent French Time-piece • • • • 9^5

Divine Love. From the Rev. Henry Moore's Poems 967

Faith. From the same 968

Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. From short pieces in Verse, by Clericus iff.

Lachin y Gair. From Lord Byron's Hours of Idleness 973

Donald Macdonald: a Loyal Song. Frqm James Hogg's Mountain Bard • • 975

The Gallic Bantam, and British Mastiff. From the Literary Panorama 977

Buonaparte. From All the Talents • 979



The Horrors of War: A Poetical Translation of a Letter of a certam Great Personage to the King of Prussia. Front Dr. Thornton's Temple of Flora »

The Lake of the Dismal Swamp: a Ballad. By Mr. Moore, the Translator of Anacreon 983

To a Lady, on her asking the Author "What is Love?" From David Carey's Poems • qg^

To Miss * • *. From the same 085

To Mary. From the same j(.

Lines descriptive of Domestic Happiness, and the Decline of Life. From Cooke's " Conversation: a Didactic Poem." 987

To the Primrose. By Mr. John Mayne 988

Master Mowbray. By the same • 989

A Tribute, of Affection to the Memory of Christum, Wife of the Rev. S. H. White. By the Rev. S. White 990

Translation of an Italian Sonnet. By Leucippo Egineo. On the Death of General Paoli 991

Misconception: a Tale. From Anthologia i>.

Lines sent by the unfortunate Joseph Gerrald, with a Bouquet, to a Ladv. From the same 99$

Britain's Genius Triumphant. A Lyric Essay »4.

An Appeal to the Spirit of the Land. By W. T. Fitzgerald, Esq. . • Q#


Caledonia: or, an Account, Historical and Topographical, of North Britain; from the most Antient, to the Present Times; with a Dictionary of Places, Chronographical and Philological. In 4 Vols. Us. Vol. I. pp. y03. By George Chalmers, F. R. S.and S. A; with a Map, and other Engravings. Price Three Guineas 998

Dissertations on Man, Philosophical, Physiological, and Political; ro Answer to Mr. Mallhus's Essay on the Principle of Population 1010

Travels in Scotland by an unusual Route: with a Trip to the Orkneys and Hebrides. Embellished with Views of striking Objects. By the Rev. James Hall, A. M. • 1015



Pige 14, coJ. I. line 8 from bottom, for "5000" read « 500.*

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