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Capture, and subsequent Evacuation, by the English, of Alexandria.
Unauthorized Expedition against Buenos Ayres.General Miranda*
Expedition to Caraccas.Capture of Monte Vidro by General Sir S.
Auckmvty.Disastrous and disgraceful Attempt for the Recapture if
Buenos Ayres, and Surrender of Monte Video to the Spaniard* by
General John Whitelocke. Trial and Sentence of General White-
locke I5<>



Address to his Majesty, moved by Mr. Canning (in lieu of that proposed
by the Hon. Mr. Lambe, and ultimately carried) in Answer to the Speech
from the Throne, Dec. 19, 1$06 6l3

Resolutions of Finance mooed by Lord Henry Petty, in the House of
Commons, Jan. 29, 1807 6l7

Finance plan, as described in an official paper, published by the Mi-

nister's 620

Copy of a Letter from the Right Hon. Lord Grenville, to lite Secretary of
the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge 6'24

An Address of several of his Majesty's Roman-Catholic Subjects to their
Protestant Fellow-Subjects 6'26

Finance Report ■ 631

Mr. Paull and Sir Francis Burdett's recent Duel.Mr. Cooper's State-

ment 633

Second Ascension, by Night, of M. Garnerin 639

Surrender of Buenos Ayres • • 640

3X4 Capture
Capture ef Cura^oa \ 645

Account of a signal Victory gained by the .Russians over the French 64Q

Capture of a Dutch squadron 650

Capture of Monte Video 652

Gallant Enterprise.Leila- from Captain Sayer, of his Majesty's thif

Galatea 656

Raising of the Siege of Stralsttnd, end the subsequent Expulsion of the
French Forces from Swedish Pomerania: transmitted to Mr. Secretary

Canning, by Baron Rehausen, his Swedish Majesty's Minister Pleni-

potentiary at this Court 657

Particulars from Sir J. Duckworth to Lord Collingwood, relative to the

Affairs of the Dardanelles, on the 1 ()lh and 27th of February, and 3d

of March 659

Surrender of Alexandria.A Dispatch, dated Alexandria, 25th March.

1807, addressed to the Right Hon. W. Windham 665

Action at Rasetta %/0

Destruction of the Enemy's Ships at Batavia. Letter from Rear-Admiral

Sir E. Pellew, Bart. Commander-in-Chirf of his Majesty's Ships end

Vessels in the East Indies, to W. Marsden, Esq. dated on board his

Majesty's ship Culloden, Batavia Roads, November 28, 1S06 •• *672

Further Particulars from Egypt *675

Proceedings before Copenhagen *6S1

Capture of Heligoland *6s6

Evacuation of South America by the British Forces *687

Capture of Copenhagen - 602

. Dispatch from Admiral Gambier, Commander-in-chief of his Majesty's

Ships and Vessels in the Baltic; addressed to the Hon. William Wel-

lesley Pole, Secretary to the Admiralty; dated Prince of Wales.

Copenhagen Road, Jlh September, 1807 '• "696

Gallant Action.Letter from Captain Mundy, of his Majesty's ship

Hydra, addressed to Vice-admiral Lord Collingwood '70S

Extract of a Dispatch received from Lieutenant-general the Right Hon.
Lord Caiheart, K. T. addressed to Lord Viscount Casllereagh, dated on

board the Africaine, Oct. 21 */09

A Dispatch this Day received from Jjord Viscount Strangford, his Ma-
jesty's Minister plenipotentiary at the court of Lisbon, by the Right
Hon. George Canning, his Majesty's principal secretary of state Jot

Foreign Affairs *71S

A General Bill of Christenings and Buruds from Dec. 16", 180(i, to Dec.

15,1807 *7»9

Current prices in the London Markets, from January 4, to Dec. 20,

1807' •'••• *720

Table of the Number of Bankruptcies in England, from Dec. 180<> to

Nov. 1807 inclusive *72S

Price of stocks for 1S07 *..... »723

Supplies granted to Parliament for the Year 1807 "724

Ways and Means for raising the supply - *7S I

India Accounts • •/M


The following public Bills received the Royal Assent in the First and
only session of the Third Parliament of the United Kingdom of Or at
Britain and Ireland, commencing on the XQth day of December, 18'W,
and ending April 2.9, 1807 • *735

Public Bills of the. First Session of the Fourth Parliament of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and. Ireland- -•-• *737


The King of Prussia's Proclamation, respecting the occupation, by his

Troops, of the Electorate of Hanover- -. 657

Revolution in St. Domingo. Narrative of the Haytian Campaign against

Tyranny, from the 13th to the l6th of October, 1806 658

Address of the Government of Hayti to the Commerce of Neutral Na-
tions 660

Revolution in St. Domingo. Address of the Army of Hayti to the Gene-
ral in Chief, Henry Christophe 66l

Address of Kosciusko to the Poles 664 *

Proclamation issued by the Emperor of Russia • 666 ff

Proclamation of his Prussian Majesty to the Inhabitants of Silesia- 667

Proclamation of the King of Prussia 668 ..

British Order of Council 671^ A

French Declaration • 6"0

Treaty of Peace between his Majesty the Emperor of the French, King of

Italy, and his Serene Highness the Elector of Saxony 072

Message of the American President 673

House of Representatives, Dec. 3 679

Volunteers *- ib.

Eist of Papers presented relative to communications with Foreign Powers,

on the Subject of the Slare Trade 680

Lord Henry Petly's plan of Finance ib.

Lord Castlereagh's plan of Finance 684

Sir James Pulteney's plan of Finance in the House of Commons, March

3,1807 • 690

America.Burr's Conspiracy.Message of the President; containing a

Developement of the Conspiracy 691

Message from the President of the United States, transmitting further

Information to Congress, touching Burr's Conspiracy 695

Message of Buonaparte to the French Senate 702

His Majesty's Speech, (delivered by Commission) on the prorogation of

parliament, April 27, 1807 704

Constitution of the State of Hayti 705

His Majesty's Speech (delivered by Commission) on the Meeting of the

New Parliament 709

Circular Note from the Court of Vienna to the Belligerent Powers- • 710

Ansicer of the Court of France 712


Treaty of Peace and Amity between His Britannic Majesty and the King

of Prussia. Signed at Memel, January 28, 1807 712

Treaty between Prussia and France.—Conditions of peace between Wu
Majesty the Emperor of the French and King of Italy, and His lit-

\jesty the King of Prussia '**

Proclamation of the American President • • 718

Treaty of Peace between his Majesty the Emperor of the French, King of

Italy, and His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias 720

[From the German.]—Note of Mr. Canning, English Secretary of Stats
for Foreign Affairs, to Prince Stahremberg, the Austrian Ambassador

at London ■*, *2*

His Majesty's Speech, (delivered by commission) on the prorogation of the

parliament, Friday, Aug^ 14- • • - 725

Conference between the King of Sweden and General Brum 727

Answer of the Prussian Court to. the Austrian offer of Mediation.'- 730

Order of council w.

Danish proclamation 731

Proclamation issued on thasixtcenth of August, At Zealand, by Admiral
Gambicr and Lord Cathcart, commanders in chief of his Majesty's

Forces by Sea and Land, employed in the Expedition 732

At a court at the Queen's Palace, 2d September, 1807, presint the King's

Most Excellent Mujesty in Council 733

Danish Declaration ik.

British Declaration .• 735

Danish Decree 737

Decree of his Imperial Majesty of all the Russias, issued from the Senate

at St. Petersburgh '■ 738

Proclamation for excluding the English from the ports of Prussia-739
Letter from (he King of Prussia to the Magistracy and present Autho-
rities of Berlin, dated Memel, August 8, 1807 740

Treaty of Armistice between Russia and the Ottoman Porte 7-*l

. Declaration of War against Denmark 7*4

y Orders in council » 7*5

• ^ Order in council 746

French Manifesto 750

Decree of the King of Spain 752

Second Decree of the King of Spain 753

)^ New Orders of council 754

Declaration of the Emperor of Russia 761

Message of the president of the United States of America, to both Houses

of Congress, delivered Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1807 765

■y. Order in council 767

Spanish Order referred to in the Speech of the president of America 768

British Declaration 760

•JL Order in council 774

Proclamation of the Prince Regent of Portugal •••■ 775

Extract from the Minute-Book of the Office of Secretary of State • • 777


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