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Thought provoking but not as well researched as Edward M. Shorter's "A History of Psychiatry."
If you are only going to read one book on the history of psychiatry it should be Shorter's. I agree
with the reviewer who noted that Whitaker's book will get you "all riled up"; as it does seem to be geared toward that conspiracy seeking audience. Given that, it will probably not come as any great surprise to you that Robert Whitaker (Farliegh Dickinson University, N.J.) is featured in the anti-psychiatry film "Psychiatry: Industry of Death." If you don't know the film it is financed, produced, and distributed by who else but the Church of Scientology; and we all know how they feel about psychiatry.
As you dive into Whitaker keep in mind that he is extremely critical of Psychiatry. I really think you should Edward M. Shorter instead...

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Important to remember that this had been taking place for nearly 20 years prior to this date.

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