The Medical World, Volume 4

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Roy Jackson., 1886 - Medicine

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Page 158 - They braced my aunt against a board, To make her straight and tall; They laced her up, they starved her down, To make her light and small; They pinched her feet, they singed her hair, They screwed it up with pins;— O never mortal suffered more In penance for her sins.
Page 160 - It should not be given to complete anaesthesia except for operations, convulsions or spasms of the cervix, and then one person should devote his entire attention to it. 4. The inhalation should be stopped directly the pulse becomes weak or the respiration irregular. 5. Do not give it if there be grounds to fear a fatty or enfeebled cardiac wall.
Page 93 - There's a skin without and a skin within, A covering skin and a lining skin ; But the skin within is the skin without Doubled inwards, and carried completely throughout. The palate, the nostrils, the windpipe, and throat Are all of them lined with this inner coat; Which through every part is made to extend— Lungs, liver, and bowels, from end to end. The outside skin is a...
Page 88 - His apprenticeship ended, the half-educated lad returned to his native town to assume the practice and to follow in the footsteps of his father. There as years went by he grew in popularity and wealth. His genial face, his engaging manners, his hearty laugh, the twinkle with which he inquired of the blacksmith when the next boy was expected, the sincerity with which he asked after the health of the carpenter's daughter, the interest he took in the family of the poorest laborer, the good-nature with...
Page 162 - Typho-malarial fever is not a specific or distinct type of disease, but the term may be conveniently applied to the compound forms of fever which result from the combined influence of the causes of the malarious fevers and of typhoid fever.
Page 49 - Three faces wears the doctor ; when first sought, An angel's— and a god's the cure half wrought ; But when that cure complete, he seeks his fee. The devil looks less terrible than he.
Page 195 - Take equal parts of tincture of cayenne, tincture of opium, tincture of rhubarb, essence of peppermint, and spirits of camphor. Mix well. Dose fifteen to thirty drops in a wine-glass of water, according to age and violence of the attack. Repeat every fifteen or twenty minutes until relief is obtained.
Page 221 - ... its class as a bromide, and is greatly preferred, as compared with the bromide of potassium, on account of the greater toxic or poisonous effect of potassium salts, upon the human organism, as compared with those in which sodium is the base. In the vast majority of cases in which the bromides are used the vigor of nutrition is already lowered. It is, therefore, a matter of very considerable consequence to select that particular member of this important group of therapeutic agents that, while...
Page 127 - I opened the blinds ; the day was bright, And God gave Mrs. Rogers some light. I opened the window ; the day was fair, And God gave Mrs. Rogers some air. Bottles and blisters, powders and pills, Catnip, boneset, sirups, and squills : Drugs and medicines, high and low, I threw them as far as I could throw. "What are you doing?" my patient cried ; " Frightening Death,
Page 26 - In normal posture the head is flexed on the chest, arms folded on the chest, legs flexed on the thighs and the thighs on the abdomen, and the fetus presents an ovoid shape. LABOR. contradistinction to "dystocia,

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