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serpent in the wilderness. “Yes, the life, that every believer in him, sir; but that is not the promise, who shall be alive and remain unto Mr. Cadogan speaks of: the words his coming, shall never die; he draw all men unto me, do not come shall not sleep ini death, even as in at that place." I can only say, to his body, as do those who bave that I purposely tried the experi- gone before, but he shall be changed. ment with an intelligent child, but He shall undergo that change explifound it not $0 easy as I thought citly mentioned, I Cor. xy, 51, to explicate Mr. Cadogan's remark: &c.; and 1 Thess. iv. 15, &c.; the analogy between metaphorical which is analogous to the blessed exaltation and literal elevation, like resurrection of the righteous dead, the serpent, or our Lord's, cruci- By this interpretation, the passage fixion, I saw diờ not satisfy his seems divested of the obscurity or mind. I could not convince him indistinct combination of ideas gethat "the promise" is what Mr. nerally attached to it; and by which Cadogan says it is: nor is it so, the last clause is made to express except analogically, or figuratively; little or nothing more than what is but what do uninstructed persons contained in the preceding. Marunderstand of theological analogies tha, having specified the last day, and figures ?

it may be supposed that the anSIMPLEX.

swer would refer to the event of that day to believers in general;

the believing dead and the believNOTE ON JOHN xi. 25, 26. ing living. The passage may be

thus paraphrased: "I am the Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. resurrection and the life. As the

resurrection, he that believeth in I VENTURE to present to your read- me, though he were dead, yet shall ers the words of our Lord to Martha, he live; his body shall be raised in a view, as it respects the last again, and he shall live, body and clause, not usually taken of them, soul re-united, in everlasting life. bụt which appears to me to convey And, as the life, whosoever shall be their plain meaning. Martha, hav- found alive at my second coming, ing expressed her confidence as to and believing in me, shall never the future resurrection of Lazarus, die; he shall not sleep, as havę

"I know that he shall rise again in others, but he shall be changed; the resurrection at the last day,” and so shall he ever be with me." our Lord returned, I am the resur

J. M. rection, and the life : he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yjet shall he live : and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die." MR. IRVING ON THE DOCTRINE OF After the declaration of the future resurrection of every believer who shall die in the Lord, may not the Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer, subsequent expression, and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, refer Mr. Irving is no trimmer, and his to those believers who shall be talents are equal to his courage : so found living on the earth when the that where he is right, he is nobly Lord shall come again ? Our Lord right; and where wrong, proportionappears to assure Martha, first, in ably wrong. He gives no quarter reference to his being the resurrec

to any man of

any party; he gration, that every believer in him, duates only for the extremes of heat though he die as to the body, yet and cold, frost and fever ; all mea

shall live; he shall be raised again: sure, all qualification he instinctively and then, in reference to his being rejects. Hence his voluines are & CHRIST. OBSERY. No. 329.

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strange tissue of opposites: a reso? graph by paragraph, and often line distinction to be at the foundation the synagogue of Satan,) do 290 Mr. Irving on the Doctrine of Assurance. [May,

. pertory of anomalies ; e a 'magazine, in the imputed righteousness of of splendid good ånd splendid (never Christ, the assurance of which, intentional) evils : your alternatively we also allow,, must commence the smile and frown in every page; all Christian's work, and sanctification are pleased with some, and none through faith in the Holy Spirit,with all; and to analyze and pro- the former, an act, tbe latter a nounce an opinion upon the whole, work,they give little or no heed you must give an estimate, para. to whatever : although I believe this by line,

of all sound doctrine, and not withThese observations occur to my out the loss of both truths to be mind in reading the following pas. confounded."

confounded."...." This infection sage upon the doctrine of assurance; runs like wildfire: this seed springs and which I cite, without note or, up like . Jonah's gourd ; and like comment, for the benefit of all whom Jonah's gourd it will perish, affordit may concern. It

may furnish an ing no shelter to a man's soul in the appropriate sequel to the discussion strong beat of the sun. One canin your pages on the subject. not but love their zeal, and admire

" Besides these forms," says Mr. 'the ringlets of their childish beauty,
"Irving, “which the revival of the and the freshness of their downy
last fifty years has assumed, there is cheek; but, ah! what shall these
another engendering by the subtlety avail in the day of fierce and fiery
of Satan, which to delineate and ex controversy, when man must brave
pose aright may be of great profit the battle's edge, and snatch the
to the Christian church : for it hath martyr's crown from the midst of
not yet settled into the chronical the fire ? I also love them as I love
state of a sect and party. The my sweet children, and delight my-
Arminian spirit of preaching expe- self with their soft and yielding
rience, and registering experience, spirits; but when I speak to them
which is nothing different from the as men, straightway they are of-
confessions and good works of the fended. God knows how I suffer
Papists, bath at length begun to daily in my heart, when I behold
alarm many with apprehensions for these, and many other exemplifica-
the honour of Christ : who, (not tions around me, of this thinness of
comprehending the proper position soil, perceiving how we shall be
from which to contend, through their broken upon the first onset of the
ignorance of the true visible church, enemy, which the Lord for the pre-
which they see only in our Arminian sent restraineth, and which may he
and Pelagian formalists, who call long restrain ! for who could look
themselves churchmen, but are of upon the tents of Israel scattered,
forth in their own single strength, discomfited ?"--Rev. E. Irving on
and preach the assurance of faith, the the Parable of the Sower, Lecture
immediate and instant assurance of II. pp.

our salvation through Christ Jesus. As I have promised to cite with-
They preach Christ, as they term out note or comment, I must leave.
it; that is, the liberty of salvation the eccentric author to pat the
through his merits; and they say, downy cheeks” of his Malaniste
believe that


are saved ? friends on the one hand, and to skirAnd if you say “yes,' they call upon mish on the other with more sturdy you to rejoice, to go on and prosper. opponents, who certainly will not And on they go at full gallop, rush- admit his assertion that.“ preaching ing against every sober-minded and registering experience” is “noChristian, and upbraiding him as thing different from Popery." I, howthey pass. Our good old distinc- ever, fully concur with him in opinion


known to the pure faith of the Gos- comes to this, "a tree is known by

that the doctrine of assurance with ness to;" and therefore, view the out evidence is a sickly exotic, un inatter as

we may, in the end it

pel; for, as has been weltremarked, its fruits, and faith without works is
“the Holy Spirit beats witness; but a dead."
witness must have something to wit-



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the divine art of contentment, to

be content with the things that you Tothe Editorofthe ChristianObserver. have: check discontent in the bud:

To live in love, and in the constant The accompanying specimen of the exercise of charity. To do good simple piety of former times, I have and communicate forget not. Be thought may not be uninteresting much in prayer and praises : address or unedifying to your readers. It yourselves in a child-like frame, is a document subjoined to the Will with humility and godliness, eyeing of a pious ancestor of mine, and God as a Father of mercies, and all shews a solicitude for the spiritual in the name of Jesus Christ. Above welfare of his posterity, worthy of all, keep your hearts : let not vain praise and imitation. I do not sup- thoughts lodge or find entertainment pose many such Wills are to be within you: lay not yourselves down found in Doctors'. Commons; but to sleep with the allowance of any it

contains sentiments and direc- known sin. Unrepented sin is the tions most worthy of a Christian worst companion you

can have. parent. I need not apologize for Walk not abroad in the morning, the simplicity or even quaintness of nor engage in any worldly business thought and style, which are cha- till you have first conversed with racteristic of the age in which it was

God; and stir not without your written.

breast-plate-a good conscience, An Appendix to my last Will; which will keep you from assaults, or a Bequest of some Legacies 'spi. and be as a continual feast. I have ritual, which I, James K-, the found by experience my indisposedaged, bequeath to my son, James ness, for that morning, to converse K-, and to my daughter Su- with God, when I have first consannah.

versed with men on business. “ Imprimis, I bequeath to them“ Frequently converse with your my blessing; and a parent's blessing own hearts; and often ask your is not to be despised; and with and hearts these three or four short, upon my blessing do leave with serious questions :- First, am I a them these few instructions, often child of God, or a hypocrite ; one to read, to learn, to meditate upon, of the wise or the foolish virgins ? and to practise.

Secondly, what are the truest and “ To set the Lord alway before strongest grounds of my being a you, and to live in his fear all the child of God? Thirdly, with which day long, for that is the first begin- of the godly men and women menning to be wise: To put your trust tioned in the Holy Scriptures, can in God, as a God all-sufficient in I compare? Fourthly, what is my all times, cases, and conditions ; chief and master sin; and what for he never fails those that trust in power hath it in my soul, or I over him, and walk uprightly: To learn it?

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SA Det spirit
, which
, in

the holiness
attainida, 7

been t




admin minate

Forme 23 apg

Duke withst

divine give E execu ackn


goats or sheep, sin du

“ Matt. iii. 29. There are but two hairs be found in the way of righplaces of reception-heaven andhell; teousness. Live in the constant and but two sorts of persons-wise expectation of changes, alterations, or foolish virgins, godly or wicked, lossés, crosses, and afflictions, yea,

or hypo- and of death; and then they will crites.

be tess grievous, and easier borne. “Let patience be your chiefest Content not yourselves with the

inflamed with love to and in the knowledge of Lord Lord : we with ease and delight and Saviour Jesus Christ: if ye do

on what we love. David these things, and continue and
said, I will go to God, my ex- abound in the practise of these,
ceeding joy, and will praise him as saith the holy Apostle, ye shall
long as I live.

Learn that divine never fail.
skill of numbering your days, that - The chief end of God's putting
you may apply your hearts unto it into my heart to commit to writ-
true wisdom. To this purpose, keeping these brief bequests and memo-
a note-book or diary of all special randums, is that you may continue
providences : God keeps his note- in well-doing, and increase therein
book, and so should we. Fre- unto the end ; for, though begin-
quently read the Holy Scriptures, nings in grace and holiness, are
and otlier good books; and hear lovely, amiable, and commendable,
the word read and preached with yet it is endings and conclusions
delight and diligence, to increase in grace, and faith, and holiness,
in faith and lioliness. Have for that crown the work; and therefore
your helmet the hope of salvation, it is written, Be thou faithful
and pitch that within the veil, thát, unto death, and I will give thee á
though Satan may darken or cloud crown of life. And also, that there
your faith, yet let him never weá- may be written over the seed of
ken or unfix your hope. Let your the righteous, the words of King Le-
companionship and delight be chiefly muel, The prophecies which his
in such as fear God. Come, not mother taught him.' Whereáš, over
within the dwelling of the wicked. too many in this age may be written,
If you would not be numbered not the prophecies, but the profane-
among the goats at Christ's left ness, the oaths, the lies, the scoffs,
hand, at the day of judgment, then the oppression, the slandering, the
number not yourselves among them uncleanness, that their parents
here. Consider wliat a sweet word taught them.
was that which the angel brought “Lastly, I shall only add, that
to Daniel : 0 Daniel, thou art you may be kind, loving, and af
greatly beloved of God.' Surely fectionate to each other. And to
we would give a thousand worlds if have a fair, free, and friendly car-
we had them, to receive such a riage towards all persons.”
message as this; but if we live

Appended to this document is a
soberly, righteously, and godly, the memorandum by James K—, the
time will shortly come when Christ son of the above,

of will say that to us, and much more. sixty-six, and being sensible of my

“ If God bless you with children, approaching dissolution,” recomdedicate them to him betimes, and mending his grand-children to conimitate the example of Abraham, sider and practise the above rules Hannah, David, Lois, and Eunice, and to leave it in charge to their to instruct them in the way of holi- children's children to do the same. ness betimes. If God bless you Who then can say how great a blessing with long life, see that your grey to successive. generations may have

Henr in the cludefelon, Whec ands


It is happ

wher struc the

ent with

at the age

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1829.] Sacrament to Criminals-- Ecclesiastical Statistics-- Tracts. - 293 been the devout wishes of one sim. I would earnestly entreat a reply to ple-hearted, pious ancestor ? the following questions.

H.S. C. H. 1. What clerical superintendence

is exercised over one thousand four

hundred and nine parishes, in which ON ADMINISTERING THE SACRA it is officially stated that there are MENT TO CRIMINALS.

no churches

2. To what extent is clerical Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. superintendence esercised over the

six thousand eight hundred and CAN any


your readers inform me four parishes *, of which the inhow long it has been the custom to cumbents are non-resident ? administer the sacrament indiscri 3. What is the number of clergyminately to condemned criminals? men,whether incumbents or curates, Formerly this was not the practice, whose time is devoted to the inas appears in the instance of the struction of pupils ? and especially, Duke of Monmouth; to whom, not- what is the number of such clergywithstanding his high rank, the men having the duties of two divines who visited him would not parishes? give the sacred elements before his 4. What is the number of parishes execution, because he would not supplied merely on the Sunday by acknowledge the sinfulness of his a clergyman residing, and having conduct in his connexion with Lady sufficient clerical occupation during Henrietta Wentworth. And if not the week, in another parish ? in the case of a duke, we may con 5. What is the number of parishes clude, not in the case of an ordinary supplied by ministers who perforın felon, dying evidently unrepentant. the duties of two or more other When then commenced the practice, parishes ? and what forbidsits being abolished? 6. What is the number of country

PHILIPPUS. parishes served by clergymen having

duty in cathedral towns, and by clerical tutors, &c. &c. in the uni

versities? ECCLESIASTICAL STATISTICS. I have made no deduction for any

who may be indolent, inattentive, T'othe Editorofthe Christian Observer. irreligious, or invalided; but even

upon the most flattering view of the It is often remarked, “ How un. case, how many thousands, even in happy would be a country destitute in this highly favoured country are of a religious establishment, and almost destitute of efficient pastoral where the supply of religious in- superintendence! struction should be left simply to

J. H. L. the public demand! and how differ: ent the condition of England, which with a population of eleven millions, is divided into eleven thousand parishes, and thus provides on an Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. average the superintendence of a religious instructor for every thou- I would respectfully suggest to our sand of its population !"

Bible and Tract Societies, whether Admitting the general truth of the plan of broad-sheet tracts might this calculation, I still doubt whether not be advantageously carried much one-half of the eleven millions of the farther than at present in use.

As population enjoy any sort of effective an illustration, I would recommend clerical superintendence. Should this appear an exaggerated remark, * This was the official return for 1814.

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