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said than that they are the food and duty, exactly and absolutely coinciraiment upon which you subsist till dent; no possibility and no fear of your inheritance is ready for you, falling from your high estate of and you for your inheritance. If blessedness. There, in short,“ with you make more than this of them; angels and archangels, and all the if

you take them for your portion to company of heaven," with Abrarejoice in, it can only be because ham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all the you think meanly of the true riches saints of God, and all your dear which God hath prepared to be your friends who have died in the faith portion in eternity ; or else that before you, you shall be before the you believe not that God is able throne of God, and he that sitteth and willing to bestow the eternal upon the throne shall dwell among wealth upon you. But either of you.” You shall see him face to these is very insulting to the Divine face, and “be like him,” be made wisdom, faithfulness, and love. Do capable of supreme enjoyment, and not “think scorn," either of God's have all the enjoyments of which promises, or of him through whom you are capable, and that for ever. they are made to you; and who says, This is the hope of Christians, and

go to prepare a place for you; surely the foundation of it is such and if I go and prepare a place for as makes it sure. You are not you, I will come again and receive called to rejoice in the hope of eteryou unto myself, that where I am nal life because God has promised there ye may be also.” Consider it to such as of themselves can find what is included in this promise. their way to it; or to such as by Is it not something better worth their own meritorious deeds have thinking about, and fitter to be re earned it; or to such as, by their joiced in, than such poor things as own endeavours, can make them. usually occupy men's minds? In selves fit for it; or to such as can that place there is “no more sor deliver themselves from the conrow, nor crying, nor pain.” There demnation for sin which hath already “ the Lord God hath wiped away doomed them to the forfeiture of all tears from all faces.” There it; but because “ of God, Jesus “the wicked cease from troubling, Christ,” his own Son, “is made and there the weary are at rest unto you wisdom and righteousfor ever.

In that place there shall ness, and sanctification, and redempbe no jarring of interests, no strife, tion." Because he hath earned it, no contention, nið temptation to hurt and paid for it, and prepared it for others in order to enrich yourselves, you, and is ready to prepare you for and no fear that others will serve it. Because he hath borne your themselves by injuring you. In that sins in his own body on the tree,” place there will be no conflict with and having been " delivered for those around you; no envying, but your offences, hath been raised all harmony and union, and every again for your justification;" and, one the richer and the happier for having ascended to his Father's his brother's happiness. And no right hand, hath received for you conflict with sin, no conflict with the gift of the Holy Ghost, and unsatisfied longings and appetites, ever lives to plead for you.

And no care to watch a traitor in your because in him, and in whatsoever own bosoms; no obligation to a he does, and in all persons for whom burdensome service, no call to self- he undertakes, God is well pleased denial; but employment which always. shall be your delight; a service Then be your rejoicing this: that which shall be perfect freedom; an eternal weight of glory hath been enjoyment which shall leave you purchased for you by Jesus Christ. nothing to covet; your desires and This hope will not make


ashamyour possessions, your will and your ed, or disappoint you; and having

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this hope in you, it will be as afflictions to come upon you. They
effectual to sanctify as to comfort are for chastisements; they are to
you. Your treasure is in heaven: do you good: they are proofs, not
if there your hearts were also, what of God's anger, nor of his unmind-
should you have to do with sinning, fulness of what you suffer, but of
or fiercely fighting and contending, his faithfulness and zeal for your
as so many poor creatures do, to well-being. "I will be a father
obtain the world?


shall be my sons
However, though God hath “or- and daughters, saith the Lord Al-
dained peace” for you even here, mighty."
will walk in the way of

Now hear the language of a son, peace; and joy, too, if you will be- of one who knew his interest in his lieve his word; it is nevertheless heavenly Father's love: “It is good declared by our Lord to his disci- for me to be afflicted, that I might ples, “In the world ye shall have learn thy statutes." tribulation.” And there is no in cross that comes upon you as the consistency in this. He can build “minister of God for good," -as joy upon tribulation, and bring ad- sent to humble you, to prove you, vantage out of it, if he pleases, and to wean you from the world, to turn let the tribulation remain at the same your regards from the vain creature time, and be felt for what it is. to the all-sufficient Creator, to set

II. Look now, therefore, to the you upon taking God for your trust next precept of the text, “ Patient and your portion; as ordered for in tribulation.” “ Ye have need of the best in infinite love and perfect · patience, and you will have need wisdom ; and as your own Father's of it to the end ; but if you can choice for you; and thus taking it, “rejoice in hope," through Christ, you will love God better, and give you will find the duty itself to be him thanks for every thing, and be as practicable as the discharge of it broken of your self-will more and will prove consolatory. If you look more, and be fitter to leave this back upon those afflictions of your world, where you cannot, under any lives which are past, you will see at event, stay long - be enabled to once that the grief would have been leave it without leaving your heart lessened, and the burden have been or your treasure behind you, and be far more tolerable, if you had had wiser for the future than


have more patience. This is one of those been for the past -- happier whilst self-evident truths which there can you stay, and not cut off from combe no need to dwell upon in the fort, but released from toil, way of proof. It follows, that if brought to the true riches, when you would fare better for the time you go. to come, you must cultivate this One precept more, however, reuseful grace; and if you shall domains to be attended to, or nothing this effectually, you will surely find will be done either for your better that increase of patience is a better consolation or for your growth in thing than diminution of sorrow grace. could be, inasmuch as sanctified III. “Continue instant in prayer." affliction is a better thing than un Prayer must be taken here in sanctified rest and ease.

the most extensive meaning of the But the question is, how may you word, or at least for all the parts of attain to patience, or what ground direct religious worship--for conis laid for it to Christians? No fession, supplication, thanksgiving, doubt, like joy in things hoped for, intercession. To “ continue init must have its root in the faith of stant” in prayer, means first, to the Gospel.

Therefore, hear God's hold actual converse with God, or testimony: believe his word, and actually to address him in those understand his meaning in suffering several ways at very frequent in

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tervals, regularly and without inter- have your necessities, your ignomission : but it means further, to rance, your weakness, your inability be, in onesense, always praying; that to help yourselves, ever before you. is, to be always in that temper or state And set the Lord God continually of mind which is requisite for a right before you. *Understand that he is discharge of the duty of actual ever present, ever at hand, ever prayer ;-to have babitually those able, and ever willing to help you, views of God, of ourselves, and of and to do you good for the sake of others, which the several parts of Jesus Christ ; that his eye is always prayer suppose or imply.

upon you, that he orders all things you will look back, I think you in heaven and earth; that he loves will find upon consideration, at least you, that you are safe under bis if you

have been used to meditate protection, that you can do or enseriously upon your soul's concerns, dure all things with him, nothing that to remissness in actual prayer, without him. Be continually lookor to defect of this spirit of prayer, ing up to him as a Father, as reor praying frame of mind, more than conciled in Jesus Christ, as coveto any other single and assignable nanted and pledged to you, whilst cause, have been owing your past you wait upon him, to save you from failures and miscarriages and sins, sin and danger'; to guide you by and your impatience under crosses, his counsel whilst

your and fretfulness, and discomforts, and way unto him, and afterwards to disappointments.

receive you to glory for Christ's These things therefore do: sake. Know that you are never

1. First examine yourselves. — alone if you belong to Christ, beCompare your lives with the law of cause your Father is with you. God, and make actual confession Always depend upon him, always to him of all your sins with all their confide in him ; hope in his word ; circumstances and aggravations, as refer every thing to him, and do far as you can recollect or see them, everything for him ; and act just and make something of this a part as if you were always in his comof every day's duty. Strive to pany and under his care, for so you “have your sin ever before you ;" surely are; and deem this to be to be habitually as sinners in your privilege, and portion, and happiown sight; to be always viewing ness enough for you in this world, yourselves as creatures having no let what will be against you; for so claim of right upon God's kindness it surely is. And, as unworthy to gather up the 3. Therefore next "continue in: crumbs under his table, and there- stant” in thanksgiving. If you are fore subsisting wholly upon his to recollect your sins every day to mere grace, and without hope or confess them, and your wants every refuge from any other quarter. In day to entreat for the supply of a word, be, what your confession them, can there be a reason why teaches you you ought to be," Be you should any less recollect, every clothed with humility.”

day, God's mercies which he hath 2. In the next place, "continue so freely and so profusely poured instant” in supplication, or prayer, upon you, to give thanks for them? properly so called ; that is, whatso- Well would it be for you, could you ever you know yourselves to need, be brought to be in this duty as be continually asking it of God in persevering, and as explicit and Christ's name.

And remember, particular as perhaps you will adalso, that this likewise supposes and mit you ought to be in the others. requires a correspondent habit of Greatly would it conduce to the mind; and see that the babit abides confirmation of your faith and hope, with you. Accordingly, strive, as to the increase of your love and to have your sin, so likewise to zeal for God, to the support in your

« Set your

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souls of a joy in the Lord which ed, to all in temptation of any sort,
would prove your strength. If to the whole Christian world, to the
self-knowledge be necessary and whole heathen world ;--and no man
good for you, can the knowledge of does his duty by his fellow-creatures
God and of his dispositions towards who omits it.
you be less so?, But how may he And now put all these things to-
so well be known, or be understood gether, and your profiting shall
so practically and so effectually, as appear unto all men.
through habitual recognition and affection on things above." Re-
constant special commemoration ceive affliction as sent by God for
of his great and continual boun- good ; live in perpetual communion
ties? See with what long-suffering with your Maker through. Jesus
they are still extended to those who Christ, coming to him for all you
make so light of them. Make ex want for yourselves or others; ac-
plicit acknowledgment of this, and knowledging him as the author of
hear the Psalmist « Bless the all you have or hope for; and be-
Lord, O my soul, and all that is lieving yourselves the objects of his
within me bless his holy name. good will in Christ, at the same time
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and that you see yourselves to be wor-
forget not all his benefits: who thy of nothing but his displeasure.
forgiveth all thine iniquities, and Fly to him in all troubles, pour out
healeth all thy diseases; who re: your hearts before him, be continu-
deemeth thy life from destruction, ally thinking of him, ever seeking
and crowneth thee with loving, his favour as the one thing needful :
kindnesses and tender mercies.” You and then-though I cannot tell you
can have no religion at all, if God that you shall live long, or live
is not habitually upon your thoughts without great afflictions, yet I can
in this manner, and you can have assure you, that if you live and
no enjoyment of his good creatures meet with such afflictions,


shall which can do you any thing else have cause to bless God for them, but mischief.

and have his comforts to refresh 4. But I hasten to the last par: your souls under the endurance of ticular. Continue instant also them. And if

you in intercession. Remember, that rity, you shall have cause to bless "none of us liveth to himself God for that, and have his grace to alone;" that " we are every one keep you humble, and to save you members one of another,' and from its snares,

And I can assure therefore pray for others no less you, too, in the name of the Lord, than for yourselves. Every day of that you shall be better kept from your lives remember those around sin than you have been, and that you you at the throne of God's grace. shall grow in grace and in the knowPray that God's “way may be ledge of Jesus Christ; and though known

upon earth, and his saving you shall be nearer death, you shall health among all nations :” that all also be nearer life, nearer to glory, men may have grace, and that the and honour, and immortality, souls of all may be “ fed, with food convenient for them," and their bodies supplied with all necessary comforts. Consider it a part of your duty to all who are near and dear to you, to pray for them--a duty it is to Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer. your parents, to your children, your husbands or wives, and to all your

THERE appears to

me to be an households : to the ministers of unnecessary scruple in the minds God's word, to all your rulers in of some excellent persons against church and state, to all the distress the use of the term “ virtue," in

live in prospe

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theology. I admit that, from our, misapplications of Scripture ; but I early classical 'habits on the one cannot think the instance he has hand, and the vernacular English adduced perfectly applicable to his of our authorised translation of the argument. He quotes Mr. CadoScriptures on the other, it is, in gan'as saying, “ Exalt Jesus," and general, better to avoid words which the promise is, “ I, if I be lifted up, remind us of the former, and to will draw all men unto me :" choose those which have been em- which he remarks, that “exalt." ployed in the latter. I should, means to magnify ; whereas, in the therefore, in general prefer, and text alluded to by Mr. Cadogan, almost without exception in ser- "lifted up

crucifixion. mons, the word God to Deity, holi- This is true ; but Mr. Cadogan ness to virtue, godliness to piety, seems also to have had in his mind and sin to vice; and, indeed, Saxon an allusion to Moses “ lifting up words in most instances to those the serpent in the wilderness; and derived from the Latin : but still though this was typical of crucithe scruple is often carried too far; fixion, yet it was primarily an eleso that many a pious clergyman has vation and exhibition; the junction been set down as a very heathen, of all which ideas is implied in Mr. for using one of the latter class of Cadogan's remark. The successive words, when he by no means in- steps are, that the lifting up of the tended in so doing to mutilate the serpent in the wilderness prefigured force of scriptural ideas. The word the sacrifice of Christ upon the “virtue," for example, even in our cross; that Moses was to lift up vernacular translation, is sometimes the serpent, and the Israelites were used, as Cruden well expresses it, to look at it that they might live;

“the generical word that con and that thus, under the Gospel, tains all moral and Christian virtues the Christian minister exh under it:" as in Phil. iv. 8, “ If Christ to mankind. There is, howthere be any virtue, think on these ever, a little quaintness or technithings." It is used in the same cality in such condensed expresmanner in our Prayer-book. Let sions; and they suppose the hearer us not, then, make a man an of- competent to trace the latent anafender for a word, or infer that logy; but I see not that they are he is of necessity preaching mere so exceptionable as your corremorals, because he may happen, spondent supposes. The chief obfrom long habit, to employ, not jection to them is, that they are perhaps wisely, terms used in deficient in simplicity. Try the moral science, to express ideas of experiment in a Sunday school or scriptural divinity. The mere sound village circle. First read Mr. Cado: is of little consequence, if the mean gan's sentence, and then ask, What ing be clearly defined: the chief is meant by “exalting Jesus? evil is, that where these words are

The answer

will, perhaps, be, used, the meaning is too often de. “Preaching Christ as our Prophet, fective.

Priest, and King ; making Him the great subject of every discourse." “Where is the promise which Mr.

Cadogan mentions, that if we thus VERBAL MISAPPLICATION OF preach Christ we shall draw men

to him ? ” A pause; you quote the

passage referred to, but find your Tothe Editorofthe Christian Observer, auditors not satisfied: "No, sir :

that promise was not about preachI ADMIT, with your correspondent ing Christ, but about his cruciG. (p. 166), that it is desirable to fixion.” “Well, but you remember avoid verbal, as well as substantial, what is said about lifting up the

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